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The former First Lady of the United States Nancy Reagan


A suicide attack in Iraq kills at least 47 people.


Islamic State group claim responsiblity.


At least 25 people have died after a boat carrying migrants


capsized while crossing from Turkey to Greece.


A billionaire Iranian businessman who helped Tehran get around


sanctions has been sentenced to death.


The wife of the former US President Ronald Reagan has died.


Nancy Reagan was 94 and passed away from congestive heart failure.


She met her husband when they were both Hollywood actors.


And they shared more than five decades of marriage before


Nancy's support was a strong influence throughout her husbands


-- Nancy's support was a strong influence throughout her husband's


political career from Governor of California until he


Nancy Reagan died at her home in Los Angeles,


She had been my First Lady since long before the White House.


It was a marriage made for the silver screen,


the partnership portrayed here in a political campaign


The romance began in Hollywood, they met as minor actors


But by the time her husband became President, he had served eight years


Nancy Reagan was ready for her starring role.


The adoring gaze a symbol of her loyalty and devotion.


Nancy Reagan's time as First Lady was controversial,


as she redecorated the White House and splurged on gowns and banquets.


She was accused of interfering in staff matters and was ridiculed


for consulting an astrologer, apparently to decide


But she was driven by something much more down to earth.


A determination to protect our husband.


It could make her look overbearing, like this prompt when he lost his


(Doing everything we can.) Doing everything we can.


But when it turned out that Ronald Reagan's memory was was due


-- But when it turned out that Ronald Reagan's memory was due


to illness, sinking slowly into the darkness of Altzheimer's,


the nation began to understand and sympathise.


Each day brings another reminder of this very long goodbye.


At President Reagan's state funeral in 2004,


it felt like the world was intruding on a poignant, private farewell.


Nancy Reagan will be buried next to her husband,


here at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California.


A short time ago, her step-son released this message.


"Nancy," he said, "is once again with the man she loved."


A short time ago I spoke to Robert McFarlane.


He worked with Ronald Reagan and knew Nancy well.


She was a woman of grace and, but with absolute devotion to her


husband and our country's principles. A great help to him and


in political settings, foreign or domestic, a real charmer, a


beautiful woman, with phenomenal rise -- pays and at the end of the


day, it was asking what she could do, to be more supportive. She was a


profound influence on President Reagan, his eight years and


supporting him under any and all circumstances, but a significant


source of strength. I visited Tower four months ago and


her spirit was fighting after ten years of wandering, morning has loss


-- on the ring has loss. She was ready to join them. -- she was ready


to join hemmer. President Obama has been leading


tributes to the former First Lady. In a statement, he acknowledged her


charitable work on Alzheimer's disease, from which her husband


suffered, and says "she had Former US President,


George Bush says his wife and he "are saddened by the loss


and that her influence on the White House was


complete and lasting." Former US President Jimmy Carter,


from whom Ronald Reagan took over in the White House, says "America


and the Reagan family have lost Other US political figures have been


giving their reaction on twitter. Republican Presidential candidate,


Donald Trump, called her "an amazing woman and the wife of


a truly great President." His rival, Ted Cruz,


says "she will be remembered for her deep passion for the nation


and love for her husband, Former Republican Presidential


candidate, Mitt Romney, says that with her passing,


"we say a final goodbye This couple reminded us


of the greatness and the endurance A look back at the life


of Nancy Reagan who has died In Iraq, a suicide bombing


at a crowded checkpoint has killed The "Islamic State" group has


claimed responsibility. It happened near the city of Hilla


which is about 100 kilometres south Iraqi security officials say a fuel


tanker blew up at a checkpoint Our correspondent Jonathan


Beale is in Baghdad. From what we can see, it looks like


a suicide truck bomb, and some reports say it was a fuel tanker,


set off at about lunchtime locally and as you can see, it caused huge


devastation. It would have been a time of day when cars were


bumper-to-bumper at checkpoints. It completely destroyed that


checkpoint, killing a number of Iraqi security forces they are doing


the checks but also civilians, including, as we understand, a baby.


This is a tactic being used by Islamic State, who have claimed


responsibility for this attack. This is not an area where they hold


ground. What we think they -- what we think is calling on is that as


Islamic State feels the pressure from Iraqi security forces and the


coalition here strikes, they will go for a softer targets and


particularly the will call for areas trying to deliberately kill


civilians. That seems to have been what happened here. It brings


attention to their cause and it is a witty for Islamic -- Iraqi security


forces here who believe they are making progress coming gaining


cloned, but it is very difficult to combat this kind of attack.


At least 25 people have died after a boat carrying migrants


capsized while crossing from Turkey to Greece.


Hundreds more have been rescued from other vessels trying to make


The latest deaths come as EU leaders prepare for major summit in Brussels


focusing on how to deal with the crisis.


From the Greek island of Lesbos our correspondent


Midway between Turkey and the Greek islands,


the coast guard is picking people up from small boats.


338 migrants, from many different nations.


We didn't eat no food for two days, two nights.


The fate of these people is once again going to be discussed


One suggestion is to only let Syrians proceed from here.


That could mean that in the near future these people


will basically be sorted, Syrians will be allowed some sort


of refuge, but everybody else will be set back across the water


to Turkey on a journey they have just risked their lives on.


The migrants at this hilltop camp nearby are non-Syrian.


Desperate people, making desperate threats.


If they try to make you go back to Turkey, what do you think


I will not go back, I will jump in the sea or hang


If they forced me to go back in Turkey or Pakistan,


I'm not going back because it is a matter of my life.


Back on the beach this afternoon, we found another raft arriving.


Doctors and other aid workers were quickly on the scene to get


Further south, a similar boat sank just off the Turkish coast.


There were a few survivors, but the death toll in the sea has


This sea is extremely dangerous, it has been perilous,


not just this year where over 400 people have lost their lives,


but in the last alone, in the Mediterranean, year,


It's an extremely taxing and shocking experience.


For many of them it is the first time they are in the sea.


For now, these people are ashore and safe in Europe.


The overtures from Brussels are all about somehow sending


many of them back to Turkey and closing down these routes.


Danny Savage, BBC News, Lesbos.


An Iranian court has convicted a businessman of corruption


Babak Zanjani was accused of embezzling nearly


His death sentence follows a crackdown on corruption ordered


A lawyer for Mr Zanjani says an appeal will be lodged


Amir Azimi from BBC Persian's been telling me more


Many people follow the news and the trial over the past few months.


Also, many expected a very harsh sentence because it has been the


case in the past we have had a few similar cases over the past few


decades that people have been tried and sentenced to death and some of


them have been hanged for the same accusations. Is this a fight against


corruption or an opportunity to settle political scores, do you


think? The government says this is a fate against corruption. This man


was arrested a day or two after the president announced the will be


tough on corruption and they will tackle the corruption that is a


major issue in UserLand. But every time the government goes out and a


new one comes in, they accuse the previous government of all sorts of


corruption and a few people who are not particularly connected to the


Iranian press -- politicians but have had relations with them are


tried and some of them are faced with a long prison sentence or even


death. Some people say it is political. Then if you see it as


tackling corruption. -- very few. Stay with us on BBC


World News, still to come: We'll have all the latest


from Sunday's English Premier League action as the race for


Champions League places tightens. The Conservative Mayor


of London Boris Johnson -- who's campaigning to leave the EU --


says reform on the key issue of sovereignty is not achievable


if Britain stays in. He told the BBC the government had


been unable to deliver fundamental change and he said he'd been happy


with a reform deal that would have returned powers of sovereignty


from Brussels to the UK. But he revealed government lawyers


considered that unworkable and said measures to bolster British courts


and the House of Commons were not Finally we had some language that


had bite, seemed to work. Went back to the


government lawyers. A suicide attack in Iraq


kills at least 47 people. The Islamic State group


claim responsibility. Wins for Liverpool and West Brom


in Sunday's English Premier League. Albion beat a 10 man


Manchester United at home in the league for the first


time in 32 years. The result is a blow to United's


hopes of a top four finish. They're sixth 3-points


of City in fourth. There is always discussion


afterwards. When you know the player, she never hurts a player.


It's always when you play ten against 11, it is more difficult and


we have to run a lot and we have to play the five -- four matches ending


90s and now the first. Next up for United are


bitter rivals Liverpool Liverpool will be on a high


after coming back from a goal down and a man down to beat


Crystal Palace 2-1 at Selhurst Park. Christian Benteke got


a controversial winner in injury Food policy a lot of things and


sometimes it's all about passion and I saw that today. -- football is a


lot of things. They defended with all the had and that is good to see.


Peyton Manning - the Denver Broncos quarterback -


one of the biggest names in US sport - will announce his retirement


from the National Football League tomorrow.


Manning is one of the most prolific passers in NFL history.


During an 18-year career he won two Super Bowl titles and five most


Manning, turns 40 later this month he and goes out on top


after winning his second Super Bowl with a victory over


Great Britain have beaten Japan to reach the quarter-finals


of the Davis Cup where they'll face Serbia and the world number one


Andy Murray's singles match went to five sets


He eventually came out on top to seal a 3-1 win for Great Britain,


sparing Dan Evans from playing a deciding rubber.


Novak Djokovis beat Mikhail Kukushkin in five sets


to help Serbia on their way to an eventual win over Kazahkstan.


The world number one was recovering from an eye infection AND struggling


In Sunday's decisive rubber, Serbia's No 2 Viktor Troicki beat


USA have beaten Australia 3-1 in their Davis Cup qualifier,


after John Isner defeated Bernard Tomic.


But there are some bad vibes in the Aussie camp right now


with Tomic, overheard during a changeover questioning


Nick Kyrgios's excuse of being sick, and missing the tie.


Tomic was heard saying "that's twice he's done it" and "If he plays"


in the Indian Wells tournament this week, "then he's definitely lost


Australia squared their twenty twenty series with South Africa


by winning the second match off the very last ball.


South Africa set the Aussies 204 for victory


and they got most of the runs thanks to a T20 Aussie record partnership


of 161, between David Warner and Glenn Maxwell.


Mitchell Marsh and James Faulkner needed 11 off the final five balls


Family and friends of those on board the missing Malaysian Arirlines


flight MH370 have held a remembrance service to mark the second


They've urged the authorities not to give up the search


for the aircraft which vanished whilst travelling from


Another piece of debris that may have come from the plane was found


From Kuala Lumpur our South Asia correspondent Jonathan Head reports.


They didn't want this to be a sombre occasion.


Rather a celebration of the memories of those they have lost.


But there was a serious message but hides this event,


a plea to the authorities in Malaysia and


elsewhere not to stop looking for the missing plane.


The disappearance of MH370 is an astonishing mystery


with troubling implications for the aviation industry.


More than that it is a tragedy for the


families of those on board who have been unable to grieve,


And their great fear as the months passed by their plight will be


The search continues over a huge stretch of the southern


Indian Ocean where it is believed the missing airliner came down.


But that is due to end in three months' time.


So far the only trace of MH370 has-been this piece of a wing found


And possibly this fragment found off the coast of Mozambique.


It is flimsy evidence, suggesting the plane did crash


in the sea, but telling the families nothing about how and why it went


For the first year and a half I would always


expect to see my mother in the house, sitting


I still have those thoughts, those feelings, I still miss her.


But at the same time I have not come to an acceptance that I will never


They finished by releasing balloons carrying the names of each


Lifting into the sky their hope that one day they will find


Let's return to our top story now, Nancy Regan, the wife of former US


The former First Lady was an ambassador for


the Ronald Reagan Foundation and Library.


Joining me from the foundation is John Heubusch.


Despite her age, I understand she continued to campaign right up


Absolutely. You're right. At 94, she was a little frail. In the past


year, we haven't seen her as many public events but mentally she was a


joy because she was at 110%. I talk to ten days go on the phone and was


always a delight to talk to our. She was with her in that sense -- she


was with ours in that sense, right up until the end.


in work with Stem cell research, a decsion she didn't take lightly


and put her at odds with some in the Republican party.


Yes, it did. But she still in the face of some terrible diseases and


one that had a great effect on her husband, but also she took up many


causes, including press Qatar and other cancer researchers, so she


felt that if there was any clues were keys that could be fun to


listen the suffering of people with his dreaded diseases that we should


find ways to help them. Her views weren't always


on the side of public opinion. I'd have to say that she wasn't a


public policy maker in the United States. She did not advise President


Reagan on foreign policy or tax policy or things like that. Why


should we was was a solid power -- power of a spot -- power of support


for President Regan. I think she took the brunt of any criticism


involving public decision and he just stood by his side.


She'll be buried, next to her husband at the Foundation.


That is quite a question. But a little personal, but I have a bed of


that dreaded disease on my own I have been dating for three years and


my last phone call with horror was hardest trying to make me feel good


and bought me up about it and it was her typical pressing the foreword to


hang in there and she just displayed all sorts of warmth and grace, as


she always does and it was a privilege to be able to talk to are


as recently as I did. Will you be attending her funeral? Yes. I'm


involved in the planning of the event. There will be thousands of


people that would like to be there but they can't because they couldn't


all not fit them. The funeral will be by event -- invitation only.


Everyone that was to pay their respects will be able to do so in


the next few days. We will be making announcements as to when they can


come to the library and pay their respects.


What would be the few last word you had for her?" Britain you had your


eye lady, Margaret Thatcher, Nancy Reagan was never referred to as an


iron Lady. I would have to say to President Reagan, that really must


have been what she was to him in so many ways because there was no


greater protector, supporter or defender of the President Reagan.


I'm so sorry to interrupt but thank you for being with us on BBC world




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