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I'm Karin Giannone, this is BBC World News.


Europe tries to persuade Turkey to take back some migrants,


while Turkey presents the EU with a new proposal on how to stem


Will prevent illegal migration and we will encourage legal migration


through resettlement of the European Union.


These people have made it as far as Greece -


but could a new plan mean they will soon be returning


Tunisian security forces have killed 28 militants after they launched


We hear what it takes to be Australia's


Turkey has asked for an extra 3 billion euros from the European


Union to tackle the migrant crisis. Cathy Auster and 2 million migrants,


and many want to leave for Europe, creating the worst monetary crisis


since World War II. Our Europe editor Katya Adler has


the latest from Brussels. Today is about stopping this, and


this, and this. Or at least trying to, add yet another emergency summit


here in Brussels. The aim of the meeting neatly summed up this


morning by the arriving Belgian Prime Minister. TRANSLATION: We must


stop irregular migration, pure and simple. The's migrant crisis is


destroying the EU's reputation, ripping apart member countries


politically and geographically as borders are slammed shut. With the


EU overwhelmed, Nato is now wading into help, with a new mission aimed


at stopping people smugglers. The British Royal Navy is taking part.


It is important that we help continent of Europe to secure its


external border, but in our interests, and that's why we are


sending British ships to do just that. But this does underline the


special status we have in this organisation, because of course we


are not in the no Borders zone, we keep a run strong borders, so


migrants come to Europe are not able to come to the UK. If any one


country holds the key to alleviating this crisis, it is tacky. Not an EU


nation, although it wants to be, the Turkish Prime Minister is argued


with the most watched leader at the summit. The EU wants Turkey to stop


people smugglers on speeches and take back all migrants the EU judges


to be not in need of its protection. But the EU warns that might break


international humanitarian law, so even if the Turkey agrees, how high


will the price be? The Turkish by Mr Kim did today's meeting sounding


amenable. Challenges will be solved through cooperation, and Turkey is


ready to work with the EU. Even when agreements are made on migration at


the summit, the track record of keeping to them is not great. In


May, EU countries agreed to spread out the number of arriving so silent


sea is more evenly. 160,000 people were supposed to be relocated, but


only 900 have actually been moved. In June, the EU told Greece to set


up registration centres to properly identified migrants. But Greece has


only now started that process properly. In the meantime, tens of


thousands of undocumented migrants walked out of Greece and into the


rest of Europe. Agreed in November, the EU hoped the Turkish government


to stop boatloads of migrants leaving Turkey in the first place,


but there has been little evidence of that so far. The EU is trying


hard to woo Turkey, including offers of more money. If it fails, Greece


believes it has the most to lose. Fields and city squares like this in


Athens are now filling with migrants. Greece is appealing to


anyone who will listen at the summit not to abandon it, letting it become


the refugee camp for the continent. Well, as EU leaders are mulling over


Turkey's new proposals, the Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu


went for a meeting with Speaking a short while ago,


he says Turkey's proposals to the EU are aimed at rescuing refugees


and discouraging human traffickers. We will try to discourage those who


want to come to cross Turkish borders. And we will be having a


very effective coordination with all of the concerned parties to rescue


these refugees before they cross Turkish border and also to


coordinate with Greek authorities when they reach so that we will


prevent illegal migration and we will encourage legal migration


through resettlement of the European Union.


Our Europe correspondent Damian Grammaticas is in Brussels.


What is the word on how long talks by:? We know the Turks have


presented their ideas, these plans were announced earlier in the day,


leaders met to discuss them, and they are now engaged in a dinner


with the Europeans on one side, the Turks on the other, but this could


go on for a long time. This is an entirely new set of bands that


leaders are discussing, and Turkey is asking a pretty high price from


the EU for its cooperation here to stop those boats coming over with


people. It is not clear whether all EU countries will agree. Many of


them have concerns about the deal they are being asked to pay,


particularly the 3 billion euros cost. Also Turkey's demands for


quicker speeding up of talks to join the EU, speeding up of visa


liberalisation to allow Turks to visit the EU, all difficult things


to achieve. In the last few seconds there are reports that EU leaders


are concerned. Why would they be so concerned? There is a draft document


circling that talks about this possible plan that could be one of


the things they will try to agree which will be where refugees


crossing over from Turkey in boats to Greece, there is talk of


returning them directly to Turkey, and in return Turkey taking us back,


the EU would resettle one Syrian refugee for each person returned to


Turkey and take them into Europe. The problem with that potentially is


a legal one. Humanitarian law, which obliges countries like Greece and


all EU countries are obliged either this to take in refugees who come


and hear their cases properly, decide whether they are worthy of


international protection, and a Ford that to them if they are. Taking


people on board is straight back across the sea to Turkey could be in


breach of international law. There has been concern about that already


since the idea was floated earlier. My colleague Christian Fraser has


been broadcasting live from Idomeni on the Greek-Macedonia


border all day. Thousands of people are trapped


here as Macedonia is only letting Even the weather tonight is showing


how miserable the situation is. It is just desperate. It was


miserable this morning in the sunshine. It was built for 2000


people, there are 14,000 migrants here at the last count. We had


everything thrown at us. It is windy, torrential rain, thunder and


lightning, and these people are just under a light canvas behind me


trying to keep dry. It is an impossible task because the water is


coming from underneath. The rivers of water pouring through the camp.


Three for people to each tent, young families, this one over here, they


have a light inside and the message is written large. Help us, it's


cold. No fires to light because it is impossible to light a fire in


these conditions and impossible to stay dry. People have been walking


down this road but only to go to the food station at the bottom. They


have been standing for an hour in just normal clothes without reindeer


just for a cup of soup and a bread roll. It is truly dismal. Let me


introduce you to a man I met earlier. You are from Syria,


herewith your young family full stop three children. What will it be like


tonight in the tent? I don't know. As you see, the weather is so bad,


and heavy rain, it is very difficult situation for all families, I'm not


just picking about my family. I hope it will be a good decision for the


situation after the meeting. The meeting in Brussels. Tell us about


conditions in the camp. I've seen people trying to get into the tent


by taking off their shoes, there are three or four people in there, they


are clambering over each other. It is impossible, isn't it? It is a


very difficult situation for our family. With four kids to live in a


small tent, the water goes inside, because it is not so good protected,


and the blankets will get wet in the morning. Even if there is no rain,


the tent gets wet every morning, and that makes all the kids get sick. I


can say 90% of kids have a cold and fever, and a lot of diseases. And


here there is not enough medical care to serve more than 10,000


people here. I know you wet as I'm. When you wake up wet in the morning,


is there somewhere to go and get washed, is their warm water? No,


that is not possible. There is no warm water here. Maybe before ten


days there is many places that they have hot water, but right now all of


them are not working, and people are washing their hands and taking a


bath using cold water. Just quickly, I know you're watching the summit in


Brussels. If the route through the Western Balkans is closed, what will


you do? Generally we don't have a lot of options. For all Syrians,


they still have hope to go through this road to reach their


destination. Netherlands or Sweden or Germany, so I hope the border


will open and if there is no option, please try to find a good solution


for this situation. Syria is a really bad situation and miserable


life here. Ahmed, thank you very much, we wish you luck. Ahmed from


Syria. Many people gathered in Turkey at the moment think they're


coming to the promised land. I wonder what they would say if they


could see conditions here Greece tonight. Let's cross to Turkey, our


correspondent says there. Ever been made in Europe at the moment to try


to slow the flow of migrants. Is it making any difference? It is not


making any difference at the moment, Kristian. When you speak to refugees


here today just five miles from the Greek island, they say they are


getting news from the use that they're going to close borders,


they're going to try to reduce the number going to the European Union,


but when you speak to them they say that will not make any difference,


they are going to try to make that journey because they are still


fleeing the Taliban or so-called Islamic State, so what it comes down


to, how do you crush the dreams of those who still believe that Europe


will afford them a better life? Turkey is blowing hard all in


Brussels, it wants double the amount of money originally promised, it was


an earlier date for visas for trucks travelling to the youth, and once


more refugees and migrants already settled here to be resettled in


Europe in order for some of the illegal migrants to come back to


Turkey. It is still a difficult bargaining process, all aimed at


trying to reduce the numbers of migrants like those I have been


speaking to. You can see fragments of clothes and


rubbish everywhere, remnants of abandoned lives. The drawing


Turkey's border is the key to stemming the flow, but the coastline


is 4500 miles long, smugglers using new routes and preying the


desperate. And there are still plenty of them. Every day like this


family from Syria. Try do is keep happening, and yet


the migrants keep coming. That is why Turkey holds the cards. It is


your's gatekeeper. Ankara knows the EU will turn a blind eye to other


problems here with human rights and an increasingly authoritarian


government. Freedom of expression is being crushed. Protests over the


government's takeover of Turkey's largest newspaper ended in this.


Russell is criticised for being too migrant focused to speak out. The


dream of sanction realise just five miles across the Aegean. Many could


be sent back, Turkey becoming Europe's refugee camp. But for those


fleeing war, hope still outweighs the risk.


There is not much hope in this camp in Idomeni. The rules are pretty


spurious for crossing the border. Pakistanis and Afghans have been


turned around, Iraqis and Syrians, some, are allowed to cross. We are


hearing anecdotal stories that Syrians from Damascus are rejected,


Syrians from Aluko might be allowed through they have the right papers.


It is difficult to tell what the policy is from the Macedonian side,


and that makes it more difficult for Greece cos it is becoming a holding


pen for the refugees trying to get to Europe.


The Tunisian president says authorities are now in control


of a situation in southern Tunisia, where army and police bases


At least 45 people were killed in the operation in the town


of Ben Gardane most of them were militants.


Our correspondent, Rana Jawad, reports now from Tunis.


The dusty, sleepy border town of Ben Gardane is tense. Residents woke up


to scenes of some of the deadliest clashes witnessed in the country to


date. Street battles between security forces and militants


erupted after two simultaneous attacks on army and police bases.


Remnants on these streets sure the aftermath of bloody clashes that


lasted several hours. It is believed that up to 30 militants were killed.


The Canadian army and police also took heavy losses, and some


civilians are thought to have been killed in the crossfire. Tunisia's


president believes this was the work of militants of the so-called


Islamic State and that they are trying to expand their territorial


holding the region. TRANSLATION: Today's attacks on security forces


in Ben Gardane started at 5am was unprecedented. It was organised, and


the aim was probably too control the area and a new state. Reinforcements


were in place. We expected such an operation. Jay-Z is also the largest


exporter of jihadist in the region, fighting in Iraq, Syria and Libya.


At least 3000 have left this country in recent years. The chaos in Libya


has allowed members of IS to set up training camps in the country. June


is the's border crossings with Libya, one of them just a few


minutes drive from Ben Gardane have been shut down. Tunisian forces are


on high alert. They have set up checkpoints around Ben Gardane


entrances. They know they are facing a long-term threat and the battle


has only just begun perhaps. In the past hour the Pentagon has


said the US military carried out a drone strike over the weekend


targeting a training camp run A spokesman said the strike


was carried out north of capital The Swedish car maker Volvo


is about to start recruiting 100 ordinary people to commute to work


next year in a driverless car. The company eventually wants them


to do other things while sitting behind the wheel on a busy road -


such as read a book or send In the first of a series of reports


on the impact and future of the car, our Transport Correspondent,


Richard Westcott, was given special Gothenburg in Sweden, home of Volvo,


a place where drivers need to beware of the Elks. On a test track, the


company issuing me its unique experiment, and they will need


members of the public to help. They are going to ask 100 ordinary people


to commute in a car, but it is not an ordinary car. It is an autonomous


car. And then they will tell those people they are free to do anything


else instead. Perhaps send an e-mail. From the track to the


evening commute. Next year Gothenburg's volunteers will be


driverless on special roads with no cyclist or pedestrians. And daring


in mind it is Sweden, no snow. The computer needs to see the white


lines. About as hands-free as you can get. The man in charge of a


technology called me what would happen in an emergency. Something


unexpected happens, the card needs to be will to deal with that. We


cannot count on the driver to take over. The car will detect it. It


will not suddenly shot control back to the driver? No, the driver will


be sitting back and relax, reading. We cannot count on him to intervene


immediately, so the car has to do it. Things are different in the UK.


There are four projects. Imogen 's public transport pods will


eventually use the pavements to shuttle people between the shops and


the pavement. Would you share a pavement with one of those governed


by a computer? No, I wouldn't. It has to decide in an instant whether


it's got to stop her carry on, is the safety of who is in it or the


outside? You're not worried about bumping into you? No, because we can


move out the way. In the US, Google is leading the way in driverless


tests, 1 million miles and counting. They have just had a first crash


with a computer was at least partly to blame. Experts describe the


future out of a science fiction novel. We'll see this technology and


product trucks, imports, down mines. And that from me as interesting, but


this technology is not just about transport, but all things that move.


On the test track, time to dry a drama on the telly. It could still


take a decade or even two, but eventually children will marvel at


the idea that people actually use to drive their own cars.


Daniel Mcintyre is Australia's top shearer.


He won the National Shearing Championships for two consecutive


years - by shearing 12 sheep in 20 minutes and 47 seconds,


beating his next rival by a full three minutes.


So what does it take to be a shearing champion?


My name is Daniel McIntyre, and the current Australian national


champion. I started shearing sheep when I was 17. I grew up on a farm


and fell in love with that. The key to shearing, position, the way you


hold the sheep, technique, and also the gear. I need a wide selection,


so having a bag full of different combs is important. Before they can


you to start I take a deep breath and fill my lungs about their, and


try and relax. If you go in there tends the sheep will tense up. You


need this sheep in a relaxed state and you can start shearing


straightaway. We have a pattern on the sheep. We are trained to see the


flat surfaces of the sheep. Position the sheep in a way that the sheep


flattens out. You start with the belly, we want to the leg, up the


neck, and then down the other side. You have to find the right balance


between speed and quality. You cannot go all for speed. You have to


have quality as well. It perfectly shorn sheep would look like a


hard-boiled egg, no ridges, no cuts. Just although will completely


offered. When you get to the top, the feeling for yourself, it's more


about bettering yourself than beating the block beside you. It is


a sense of a compass and. It is something a I've worked hard for


since basically I left school. It fills you up inside, I guess.


Beautiful images caught last night here in the UK of the Northern


Their proper name is Aurora Borealis -


they happen when electrically-charged particles


from the Sun enter the Earth's atmosphere.


Here's some photos people have been sharing.


A reminder of our main news: Turkey has submitted a new proposal on how


to deal with the migrant crisis, at a summit with European Union


The president of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz,


says the Turkish government has asked for an extra 3 billion


In return, Turkey has offered to take back all non-Syrian migrants


who are denied asylum, and do more to patrol its own waters.


Talks are still going on and Brussels already working supper.


You can get in touch with me and some of the team via Twitter -


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