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The headlines: Turkey is rocked by a second suicide-bombing


Foreign nationals are among those killed in the attack on the heart


The Paris attacks suspect captured in Belgium tells investigators


he wanted to blow himself up, but changed his mind.


The Salah Abdeslam today told Belgian investigators that he plans


to blow himself up but backed out. Russian officials say the passenger


plane which crashed killing everyone on board had been trying to land in


near hurricane force winds. Also coming up, India beat Pakistan


in one of the world's great sporting showdowns at the Twenty


20 Cricket World Cup. We start in Turkey's


largest city Istanbul, where a bomb attack claimed


the lives of at least 5 people Istanbul is a major tourist


hotspot for the country. And the explosion took


place on Istiklal Avenue, close to Taksim Square,


a location popular with tourists Turkey's Prime Minister has


condemned the suicide attack that killed at least five people


in an area of Istanbul At least two of those who died


are known to be Israeli. Reports say an Iranian


national was also killed. Daniel Boettcher has


more from Istanbul: Saturday morning on Istanbul's most


popular shopping street. Seconds after these images


there is an explosion. There were fears this


city could be a target. Terrified residents running


from the scene. And ambulances arriving to care


for the casualties. Among those injured,


at least 12 foreign nationals. TRANSLATION: This shopkeeper heard


the explosion, you said he knew Another told me, people


were expecting this, there had been rumours


of an imminent attack. Police have sealed off the entire


area, armed officers These scenes are becoming


all too familiar in Turkey. This attack struck at


the very heart of Istanbul. Authorities here have been unable


to put a stop to these suicide bombings and Turkey is under threat


on several different fronts. Kurdish militants linked to the PKK


said they carried out two car bomb attacks in Ankara in less


than a month in which more And so-called Islamic State


were blamed for suicide bombings in the capital last October,


and in Istanbul earlier this year. It isn't clear who was behind


today's attack, as investigations continue, streets that


would normally be bustling Many here are wondering


where this will end. Joining me is the London bureau


chief for the Turkish newspaper Zaman. How do you react to this


Kevin this is the fourth major attack? Turkey is going through


catastrophic days. People are frightened and trying to understand


what is happening, because it has not witnessed this sort of attack


previously before so this is the first time in Turkey in five months


the fifth attack, so people are trying to understand and they really


don't know and are worried as to what will happen next. Nobody has


claimed responsibility yet but who's the finger of blame pointed at?


Nobody has taken responsibility but all the signs shall that it is


suicide bombers related to Isil. There are reports the suicide


bombers were training in Syria and came from Syria. The examples are


taken and those compatible with bombers who came from Syria. There


is a media blackout, or it has just been lifted, why was that? Why does


it impose these blackouts? It has been routine in Turkey. All the


events which are not seen as good for the ruling party, the watchdog


imposes ban is on media coverage, so I think they don't want people to


learn details of the attacks. They want to cover up something. That is


the reason. What is the culture in Turkey? You work for a newspaper


that has been taken over by the government. What is the mood? It


becomes like hell. I am a journalist and most of my colleagues as you may


follow from the news, the paper is seized already and taken over by the


government. Brutally raided by riot police. Not only the newspaper but


the other journalists are under immense pressure in Turkey, we get


oppression and everything, so it is not secure. Not only journalists but


all the critical voices are under threat, under harassment. Thank you.


French prosecutors say Salah Abdeslam wanted to blow


himself up at the Stade de France during the Paris attacks -


He has been charged with involvement in terrorist murder and being part


of a terrorist group - along with a second man Monir Ahmed


Here's Ben Wright with the latest from Brussels.


Caught after four months on the run, shot in the leg during his capture.


This morning Salah Abdeslam was transferred from hospital


to here, police headquarters, where he has been charged and questioned.


He spoke to his lawyer for about ten minutes.


He is collaborating with Belgian justice and we will refuse


After the Paris attacks, a French judge issued a European


arrest warrant for Salah Abdeslam, a legal process


Later in the day, first details of what he said to investigators. Salah


Abdeslam today told Belgian investigators that he plans to blow


himself up but backed out. However, we need to take these first


statements from him with caution. Yesterday, he lost his hiding place.


Dragged out by police after a massive manhunt.


This morning, windows smashed in the raid were crudely boarded up


and the mood was edgy and disbelieving.


I couldn't sleep all night, this neighbour said,


the idea of Europe's most wanted man next to me


A local Imam told me he was very happy Salah Abdeslam


These people are parasites, he told me.


It is extraordinary that Salah Abdeslam was found right here.


In the days after the Paris attacks, police raided a house just


The family home is a five-minute walk from here but he was eventually


The question now, how long is he here, who is protecting him


and what if anything is he going to reveal to police?


Others didn't want to talk and there is a sense that this has


Let's take a look at some other stories now.


Egypt's interior ministry says 13 members of the security forces have


been killed in a mortar attack in the Sinai Peninsula.


The attack occurred at a checkpoint close to the town of el-Arish.


The area has seen a rise in clashes in recent years between the Egyptian


There are reports that the so-called Islamic State has claimed


responsibility for the attack on several websites.


Reports from Syria say air strikes on the city of Raqqa have


killed at least 39 people, including women and children.


It's not clear if Russian or Syrian government planes carried out


the attack in the city which is the main IS


And a new video has appeared online apparently showing British hostage


John Cantlie, who was taken hostage by the so-called Islamic State


The unverified video shows him walking near a bomb-damaged building


It's the first new footage to emerge of him in a year.


Russian officials say the passenger plane which crashed in southern


Russia was trying to land in near-hurricane force winds.


The plane was travelling from Dubai to Rostov-on-Don when it nose-dived


into the runway on its second attempt to land.


All 62 passengers and crew on board were killed.


Our correspondent Olga Ivshina is at the crash scene.


The airport will remain closed at least until Monday morning.


Behind my back, you can see a memorial to the victims


of the tragedy and people keep coming here.


They are bringing flowers and leaving candles and praying


Rostov is quite a big city of nearly 1 million people and it seems


here are deeply shocked by what has happened.


People told us that nobody was expecting such a thing


to happen, and of course the next few days will be particularly hard


for people and especially relatives of the victims.


Investigations have stopped overnight but will resume


People are hoping that the investigation will find out


Up to now, the main version is harsh weather conditions.


The weather has changed dramatically a few times with heavy rain


and strong winds and now it is snowing quite heavily.


It is changing quite quickly but this was the main reason


of the crash and investigation, we will find out.


Three people have been arrested after protestors in Arizona blocked


a major highway leading to a campaign rally by Republican


Police say a few dozen protestors drove their vehicles across the road


after most Trump supporters had already arrived at the rally venue.


They unfurled banners with anti-Trump slogans.


Donald Trump eventually made it to the rally along with one


of his key supporters, local Sheriff Joe Arpaio,


who admitted the disruption caused a 'little problem'.


We had a little problem, some demonstrators were trying


to disrupt - because of them we had to get a little more sunshine


And three of them are in jail, so if they think they're


going to intimidate you, and the next president


of the United States, it's not going to happen.


Not in this town, I'll tell you right now.


Pope Francis has launched an Instagram account,


to spread his message through images on the popular photo-sharing site.


The Vatican says the initiative came from the pontiff himself,


who believes a picture can tell a thousand words.


Within hours, his first post had attracted 800,000 followers.


This is how seriously Pope Francis takes social media, a solemn launch


ceremony at the Vatican attended by a histogram's chief executive. I am


beginning a new journey to walk with you along the path of mercy and the


tenderness of God. His username is his name in Latin. His first post


accompanied by a caption in nine languages asking users to pray for


him. The account instantly attracted hundreds of thousands of followers


and he can expect many more. The fact he is gaining followers at a


very rapid rate says to me that he has a platform to speak to each and


every one of the 400 million people who use instead of around the world,


and the fact that images transcend languages and cultures means he can


speak to each and every person equally and it is very exciting.


That view was shared by tourists and Saint Peters Square. In my opinion,


he needs to be close to the people, close to believers, and above all to


Young believers who may have their faith, so I think this is a good


choice. If his message evolves by using social media channels which


are the most commonly used communication tools, why not?


Between them, his Twitter accounts and nine languages have more than 26


million followers. The accounts are all run by the Vatican social media


department. Pope Francis himself has admitted he doesn't know how to use


a computer. Stay with us on BBC


World News, still to come. How this one returns every year


to visit the man who saved his life. and disappointed" by the resignation


of Iain Duncan Smith The Work and Pensions Secretary


stepped down last night in protest over proposals to cut some


disability benefits. He described them as "indefensible"


in a Budget that "benefited higher He's been replaced by Stephen Crabb,


who was previously Speaking shortly after his


appointment was announced, Mr Crabb said he was honoured


to be taking on the role, despite the timing of it,


and said the department still faced I was sad to see him resign and the


circumstances in which he dead but there is commitment to our mission


of welfare reform and we have to carry on making good decisions.


strong decisions, to get this country back to a situation of sound


public finances, and that work will carry on.


The latest headlines. Turkey is hit by a second suicide bombing within a


week, this time at the heart of Istanbul's shopping district. The


Paris attacks suspect captured in Belgium tells investigators he plans


to blow himself up but changed his mind.


Cuba is preparing for one of the most historic visits


It's been almost 90 years since a sitting US leader visited


Sunday's arrival has taken months of diplomacy.


While most Cubans welcome the prospect of a new start


with the US, others have reservations about embracing


Very soon, President Obama's motorcade will be rolling down


Once potholed and broken, his route around the city


is being resurfaced in a last-ditch effort to prepare for this most


The national baseball stadium too has been a hive of activity.


President Obama is due to watch a game between the Tampa Bay Rays


and the Cuban national side while in Havana and he might even


Beyond the new coats of paint and symbolism,


there is something very significant behind this trip.


It's been months, even years, in the making and comes


after President Obama and Raul Castro chose to put decades


Many Cubans welcome the new relationship with Washington


but some of the old guard, contemporaries of Fidel Castro,


have residual doubts about diving into a friendship


I think all the people in Cuba may say certain words


because the history of Cuba with the United States was a very


long, stormy and complicated history.


Some of the generation of the original revolutionaries


might have their doubts about the new relationship with


But most young people on the island simply want to see the pace


of change continue to quicken and they hope this historic visit


by President Obama is just the beginning of an exciting


President Obama will come bearing gifts.


He's relaxed the rules on travel and trade


Young people hope those changes will mean more opportunities


Most Cubans know Obama is making things right.


Obama is looking for a new approach to Cuba.


That approach that we embrace, it doesn't mean we are doing


concessions or that we are changing the way we think.


It just means we think different but can also be neighbours


Recently 200,000 people turned out for a free concert by the American


dance music group Major Laser in a plaza outside the US Embassy.


A sight synonymous with Government-run demonstrations


against Washington, these people were there not to protest,


President Obama is expected to address the young people


when he's on the island and urge them to throw off the narrow mindset


But no matter what he says, Cuba's youth is already feeling more


Hosts India revived their World Twenty20 hopes by beating fierce


On a difficult surface, in a rain-affected match of 18 overs


a side, Virat Kohli's unbeaten 55 took India to their target of 119


The horns are being beat here this evening, with a sense of relief and


that will echo across India. Cricket matches between India and Pakistan


are question of placed each, but in this to ornament, there was the


issue for India of just staying in. When I started bawling, the spinners


were producing unplayable deliveries and it was the recovery for Pakistan


to get to 180. Chasing the small total, the attackers as good as any


nation's. Virat Kohli showed all the composure you need any situation


like that. On a night like this, the stars are supposed to shine and that


is exactly what he dead. His unbeaten half-century got in the


home with a few overs to spare. Now to football and Leicester's


title dreams are edging ever closer. They're now 8 points clear


at the top of the Premier League, after beating Crystal Palace


by a goal to nil today. After missing an early chance,


that man Riyad Mahrez turned in Jamie Vardy's cross,


to send the City fans into raptures. This team started the season to be


saved, and now it is to fight for something nobody could think could


happen! We are working so well and so hard during all the season and we


have to carry on and become and enjoy and be focused as well


tonight. You have to take your hat off to the defending tonight. They


really worked at the races and didn't covers a lot of chances. We


had to try to create everything we dead and no mistakes on their part.


They were good today, particularly first half and we struggled to stay


with them but overall, it was a decent performance from us.


Leicester City fans will like the look of this,


they've opened up an impressive league over Tottenham.


The Premier League continues on Sunday, with the Manchester derby


Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone says the sport's new qualifying


format should be changed in time for the next race.


The new elimination rules have been strongly criticised after being


used for the first time at the Australian Grand Prix.


It meant Lewis Hamilton took his 50th pole several minutes


It's an all-Mercedes front row with Nico Rosberg


alongside his teammate, ahead of the Ferraris.


Just really take my hat off to this team, what they have done to raise


the bar once more in the third year, and it is just inspiring for me and


it motivates me. I enjoyed driving the car today at qualifying. We


still have high hopes for the race and it is going to be a long year


and we know the car has a lot of potential saw as a starting point,


third and fourth, it is a good achievement, and the team is pushing


very hard, so as I said we have long year ahead of us. And that is all


the sport for now. Now when a retired Brazilian


bricklayer found a lost penguin washed up on the beach


near his home, he probably didn't expect the close friendship that


blossomed between them. This is the beach on a small island


off the coast of Brazil. Back in 2011, this man found the Penguin


covered in oil lying on the sand. He cleaned it up and every now and then


the bird comes back to see him. I love the Penguin like it is my own


child, he says. He is a South American Magellanic Penguin. He


disappears for weeks or months on end. But he keeps coming back to


visit the 71-year-old, a retired bricklayer. One zoologist has


theorised that the Penguin may believe the human as part of his


family, but he says the bird has become a member of heads. Another


expert suggests that because he claims his visits for breeding


season he may have more on his mind than just the fish. Either way he


has no problems about meeting the rest of the colony, boosting the


population to 1301! Residents say he has become their mascot and he is


willing to take advantage of the hospitality on offer. Magellanic


penguins are not unknown in the waters of Brazil but those who


commented people's homes to take a shower or something availability.


What a sweet story, and a reminder of menus. A suicide bomb attack at a


busy shopping area in Istanbul has killed at least five people. Two


Israelis, two Americans and an Iranian are said to have died.


Another 36 were injured in the blast near a government building. That's


all from the programme, from me and the rest of the team, goodbye.


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