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Terror strikes in the heart of Belgium.


At least 31 people are dead and dozens more injured in a series


Two blasts ripped through the city's airport soon after eight


This was the scene in the departure hall just moments afterwards.


I heard a gunshot and what sounded like Arabic, then I heard boom,


An hour later at least 20 people were killed when a third bomb went


off on an underground train during the rush hour.


Are these the men responsible for the carnage?


The Belgian authorities are hunting the man wearing a hat on the right


The other two are thought to have blown themselves up.


Belgian's Prime Minister says it's a "black moment" for his country,


as the so-called Islamic State claims responsibility.


President Obama and the British Prime Minister are among world


These were attacks in Belgium, they could just be attacks,


just as well be attacks in Britain, or France or Germany


In Paris tonight the Eiffel Tower is lit up in the colours


of the Belgian flag, while in Rome, the Trevi Fountain is also shining


in red, yellow and black, in solidarity with the victims.


Good evening, I am here live outside Brussels International Airport Wales


Today's attacks began with two explosions killing at least 11


people and injuring dozens of others. Then about an hour later


there was an attack on the Brussels metal at the heart of the city.


Tonight there is a series of police raids in operation in Brussels as


police and security forces try to find accomplices of those who


carried out today's attacks. The king of Belgium has just been


speaking and we will bring you that in just a moment. Let's first recap


the day's events as we have them. They were a series of bomb attacks


in Brussels today and they began at Brussels airport this morning at


around 8am local time. A very busy time at the airport and at least 11


people dry, one explosion and then others ran from that explosion


towards the exits and there was a second explosion killing many


others. Then around an hour later there was a explosion on the


Brussels Metro at the heart of the city. It was rush-hour and at least


20 people were killed and many others injured. The devastating


attacks today have come just four days after the arrest of 26 she


ruled Salah Abdeslam, the man wanted in connection with the Paris terror


attacks that left many dead and it is. Today's -- today's attacks could


be a response to the arrest, or even fears among his accomplices that the


police services may be onto him. Let's hear no from the King of


Belgium who has been talking to his people and a special address.


For each one of us, 22nd March will no longer be a day


The broken lives, the deep wounds, our whole country bears this


The Queen and I share your pain - you, who have lost someone


close to you, or who have been


injured by the cowardly and despicable attacks today.


We give our support to the members of the emergency


Our gratitude also goes to all those who offer their help spontaneously.


As for the threat we face, we will continue to respond together


That was the king of Belgium talking to his people a short time ago and


we also heard from the Belgian Prime Minister who said today's backpacks


were violent and cowardly. He said this was a black day for Belgium and


Barack Obama has condemned the attacks as cowardly and odious. The


security threat level has been raised even further from the levels


of the yet was previously. There had been a series of police raids


throughout the day in response to what happened and also the police


have issued an arrest notice for one of the men seen on CCTV footage


entering the airport building early today pushing trolleys. One of those


men is believed to have survived and the other two have blown themselves


up and dry but one is not to be on the run. Let's get a report on the


day's horrific events. When a shaky voice tries to sound


reassuring. When a shaky voice tries to sound


reassuring, crying out from clouds of smoke that it is OK,


out of the debris of devastation, Seconds before this mobile phone


footage was filmed, these suitcases were in the firm grasp of crowds


of travellers, queueing A busy morning for businessmen


and women and families setting off This evening Belgian police released


this from an airport CCTV camera. This man is a key suspect, they


said. Just past 8am, they set


of twin explosions here. At least one of them was detonated


by a suicide bomber, Watch this father grab his infant


before running for cover. Bags and belongings no longer


held any importance, just their nearest and dearest


and their own lives. And then there were


the selfless and the brave. This man is a baggage handler


at Brussels airport. TRANSLATION: I heard a gunshot


and what sounded like Arabic. Then I heard, boom,


an enormous explosion. Afterwards, people ran


to the lift of the escalators. Two old people who came


towards me, I saved them. I put them in the lift


but they did not want to let I could not take them with me,


there were too many people there. An incident has just


occurred on the line... While he was saving lives,


elsewhere in the city, another group of bombers


was trying to take them. A nightmare come true


for every train traveller. People here were in between Metro


stops when a bomb went off Panicked survivors had


to pick their way Only once they had clambered back


to daylight did the horror I saw an explosion,


a flash of light. The windows came in,


the doors opened, and everybody The dazed and the injured


covered the pavements here, usually trodden by stiffly


dressed civil stunts. This bombing took place


near European Union headquarters, minutes from the


European Parliament. Brussels has turned into a city


of sirens and a centre of fear. Unconfirmed reports


of casualties there are Questions for Belgium's security


apparatus, supposedly on high alert after perpetrators of last


year's Paris attacks So-called Islamic State says it


masterminded the attacks The presumed message


from the bombers today - no-one is safe, not here,


not anywhere in Europe. TRANSLATION: In this black


moment for our country, now, more than ever,


I call on everyone to show TRANSLATION: This attack has struck


Belgium, but it was Europe We have to realise the gravity


of this terrorist attack. Belgians are in no doubt


as to the gravity of Similar to Paris, after the attacks


there, people here in Brussels are determined not to give


into terror, they say. When we found out about the news,


our children were already at school. When they are not with you,


you really are scared, especially as the attack


was near our school. It was the airport and then


the Metro and you do not I think people are ready


for extreme measures, what ever it takes


to keep people safe. This man told me he would walk


everywhere from now on, He blamed the Belgian


state for today's attack, for lack of intelligence, he said,


and decisive action. As messages of support came


in from around the world, the people of Brussels are gathering


in the city centre this evening to show solidarity, support one


another and pray for better times. we are here at Brussels


International Airport being kept away, a crime scene with the huge


investigation going underway with a big forensic search underway for any


clues. It is thought that two of the three people seen entering the


airport have been killed and a third is now on the run. Let's show you


know the latest life pictures from Brussels city centre from Maelbeek


station where so many people dry. At least 20 it


station where so many people dry. At As many as 106 injured, many of them


seriously. The airport death toll is thought to be 11 with 81 entered, so


around about 200 injured altogether and today's attacks and 31 at least


killed. You can see you're the scene, this is really a virtual and


as was said, an opportunity for the people of Brussels to save the want


to show solidarity and kill the terrorists just as after Paris they


cannot wind, even if they strike at the very heart of Europe and of


Belgium as it was today. Our correspondent Stephen Sackur


is in Brussels city centre. He was actually in the city centre


this morning when that attack on the Underground station happened. That


is right, I wasn't very close because I was actually attending a


conference just a short distance away, and it was extraordinary to


see what happened, people on the smartphones got social media


messages saying that had been a bomb attack and then a second attack, the


room was filled with tension and consternation and as he went on to


lock down it was quite a high-level meeting. The building was cloud off


and surrounded by armed police and a few soldiers as well and for several


hours nobody could get in or get out and there was just one indication of


what has been happening in this city today. It has been a day of terror


and chaos and heartache as has become clear that so many people,


believed to be 31 but possibly higher, lost their lives. One at the


airport and the one just a few hundred metres from where I am


talking to you now in the Maelbeek Metro station. It is a very strange


neighbourhood because it is full of official buildings but there is also


a neighbourhood were the a lot of people who live in rather nice


terraced houses, a very quiet neighbourhood. One of them who lives


here I am going to introduce to you know, you are British citizen but


you have lived in Brussels for the last 20 years. You happen to be very


close to the scene of the Maelbeek bomb. Just tell me what you


experienced. I left the square two minutes away from the Maelbeek


station, it has three entrances. I came out of my house at about five


past nine and I didn't hear an explosion but I could smell smoke.


Immediately two police cars were racing by and the speed at which


they were moving I knew they were responding something and as I was


walking towards the station, I saw people streaming away from the


station. Panic stricken. On their phones, text thing and running in


disbelief and panic. Could you see any signs of injuries are


casualties? There are only few people who came out not seriously


quite bloody, one woman, her face was cut and they were in their 40s


or 50s, very upset. Someone stopped a card on the road, a complete


stranger, and asked to take her to the hospital and he obliged. The


emergency services were just arriving. I am just wondering if you


are able to stay long enough to see how quickly the security services,


who have been on high alert, how quickly did they respond? They


responded quickly. The place was locked down and I would say within


ten minutes it was completely cordoned off. They work, and those


in balaclavas and ambulances and police so they were pretty quick. I


am interested to know how you have been feeling over the last few weeks


because there has been so much focus on Brussels and we now know there


has been some sort of network of activists, terrorists, who are based


in Brussels, and so much security activity including Belgian and


French forces in the city over the last few weeks, the bigger nest last


Friday and now this. Have you been feeling apprehensive? Brussels is


generally a very peaceful place. Anxiety is in everyone's mind at the


moment, because you are kind of expecting something to happen, and


with these terrorists being in Maelbeek apparently you felt


something would happen and that it would happen it would happen in the


European area, so there has been a certain amount of caution and


anxiety. We have to leave it there but thank you for joining us. Really


a very sad day for the people of this country. On that sombre note I


will hand back to you at the airport.


Thank you. I was here on Friday when Salah Abdeslam was arrested and it


was interesting to see armed troops patrolling the streets of Brussels


as they have been doing for weeks ever since the Palace attacks, so


there was already a heightened sense of security around the city, and


people were always fearful there would be an attack like the one we


have seen today, but desperately hoping it wouldn't happen but today


all the worst fears came true. It started here at Brussels


International Airport, a really busy time of the day and people were


coming in and going to check in for various flights around Europe, and


there was an explosion and many of them ran towards the exit and then


there was a second even bigger explosion and at least 11 we gather


were killed. The suspects it is believed were seen entering the


terminal building, two of them were killed and one may be on the run.


Let's get this report from Ben Wright.


They arrived here for holidays and work.


As the shattered airport billowed smoke a survivors described


Yes, I was, because we were in the one with all the glass


So you saw glass falling down, and people were like


You do not know where to run, so you go on the ground.


The man who was with me was like looking, what is happening?


All morning we saw fire crews and ambulances and the police coming


Some of the injured were bussed away for treatment.


It is about three hours after the explosions


Emergency vehicles continue to go towards the terminal.


There is a constant stream of people coming the other way,


pulling bags - holiday-makers, commuters, airport workers,


who had a Tuesday morning up-ended in terror and chaos.


Can you tell me where you werewhat did you see?


I had a dog and because of my dog, they said to me, go


And there we were when it exploded behind us.


If we were at the check-in, we exploded, too.


Also at the airport were a basketball team from Antwerp


You think it happens only in other countries but now it is in Belgium.


We have to make the best of it and just stay calm,


This woman and her family were heading to Venice for a cruise.


Although suffering minor injuries, she is just relieved to be alive.


planned to be far from here sat with their bags,


As we were hearing earlier, the attack at the Metro station very


close to European rain institutions. These attacks mark another low by


the terrorists in the service of hatred and violence.


Well, Dr Stephen Wright joins us down the line from our Leeds studio.


He's an expert in commercial aviation at the University of Leeds.


Thank you for being with us. Is there anything that airports like


Brussels International Airport and other airports around the world can


do to prevent an attack like this, a terrorists simply walking into the


Department journey the up and setting off bombs. That is the $64


million question, can we prevent this? The issue is that level of


protection is driven by intelligence and the fact to events have


transpired within 40 minutes of each other suggests that in this


occurrence, intelligence just isn't there and it has not been possible


for security services to offer that level of protection that perhaps we


in the UK are more accustomed to. Would it have helped, some


in the UK are more accustomed to. UC scanners and body checks before


people go in. Is that a possibility that European airports should be


considering? That is an interesting question. The problem I suspect is


the European model was to have centralised transport hub so one


would expect to more than European airports to have trains, buses,


pedestrian access, car parking, and if you're going to start screening


absolutely everybody that is going to enter, weird as the screening


likely to take place? It doesn't quite fit the standard model, and I


know it exists in other parts of the world but they don't have an


international train station immediately underneath a brand-new


terminal, so I do not think that is likely. In other words, there could


be more attacks like today's attacks at airports anywhere in Europe or


around the world? Potentially, that is always the less, but the risk is


mitigated by heightened levels of security such as plainclothes


officers, armed officers, the deployment of troops. These would-be


items that perhaps we wouldn't naturally want to advertise but


would the risk to a more acceptable level. This thank you for being with


us, an aviation expert talking to us from Leeds. Let's bring you


up-to-date with the latest information we have, if you are just


joining us. In terms of the attack at the airport where I am, the death


toll currently standing at 11 with some 81 injured and there were two


explosions here, a third device was also found and made safe afterwords,


a Kalashnikov rifle, and that Maelbeek station, 20 dead at least


and 106 injured, so a deadly and horrific day at the heart of Europe


in Brussels.


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