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This is BBC World News Today with me, Ben Brown,


Belgian prosecutors say they've identified two of the three suicide


bombers who carried out Tuesday's attacks in Brussels.


Two of them are said to be brothers - both Belgian nationals -


police are still hunting a third man seen in these airport images.


The names and nationalities of victims are starting to emerge.


The first fatality to be confirmed - a Peruvian woman -


In other news: Senator Ted Cruz is endorsed by Jeb Bush,


in a last-ditch attempt to try to stop Donald Trump getting


the Republican nomination in the US presidential election.


And changing the look of the British countryside forever -


fears that the Ash tree is just years away from extinction.


The people of Belgium are observing three days of national mourning


as the investigation into Tuesday's attacks


Two of the suspected suicide bombers have been named by Belgian


shown here on the left - targeted the Maelbeek metro station


while Brahim el-Bakraoui struck at the airport.


Meanwhile a massive manhunt is still underway for a key suspect


And we crossed live to Brussels to Ben Brown. We are at Place de la


Bourse. This is where people have been paying the respect of the dead


and holding the Belgian flag and laying flowers and we had one


minute's silence earlier. We had also chanting slogans and symbols of


the finds from the Belgian people who say that life has to go on and


on their words the terrorists cannot be allowed to win. A similar


reaction perhaps to what we saw in Paris after the Charlie Heddle


attacks. --Hebdo. There were three explosions and there were CCTV


images of three suspects going into the airport before the explosions


there. One of those men pictured in the CCTV image is still on the run


according to the Belgian federal prosecutor and as I wanted man. They


have named two of the bombers who died in the attack. They have been


named as brothers, Khalid and Brahim el-Bakraoui. 31 people, it is now


known, died though that death toll could rise because of the very


serious nature of some of the injuries to victims who are being


treated in hospitals around Brussels today. 260 injured altogether, that


is the latest we're giving. The other main development of the last


three hours is at midday local time here in Belgium that was a minute's


silence observed here in Place de la Bourse and around the city of


Brussels as people remember the dead and after the minute's salads there


was a spontaneous round of applause to show that life does go on. We are


beginning to get the names of some of those who died in the attacks.


The first to be confirmed dead was a Peruvian woman aged 37 and the


mother of young when girls, Adelma Tapia Ruiz. -- when. --Twin. As you


here behind me and other spontaneous round of applause with people


affirming the right to live in freedom and without fear here in the


Belgian capital. But first, here's Katya Adler


on the day's events. Silence spoke far louder


than words in Brussels today. In sadness for the victims


of yesterday's bombings. In fear that there


will be a next time. And that next time,


it could be them. But there is a strong sense


here of defiance, too. Long live Belgium,


these people shouted. And on a massive manhunt


for all those linked to this, yesterday's devastating


bombing at Brussels Airport Police say they are


looking for this man. There is confusion about his


identity, but it is believed he could have raised


the casualty count even higher. TRANSLATION: The third suspect,


wearing a light-coloured coat and hat is on the run,


he left a large bag and departed His bag contained the biggest


explosive device. Shortly after the arrival


of the bomb disposal unit, the bag was detonated


because of the volatility The other two men in this photo


were suicide bombers. In the middle, you see Brahim


el-Bakraoui, a Belgian national. Police have found a note


in which he writes that he is under pressure and on the run


to avoid arrest. Belgian media said he had recently


been linked to the Paris This is his brother Khalid,


the metro suicide bomber. Today, Belgium's Prime Minister


accompanied the country's king and queen to visit some


of the 260 injured yesterday. Julian Firkin was one


of the lucky ones. He and his girlfriend emerged


unscathed, physically at least. The second explosion happened,


and at that point I jumped on top of her and grabbed her suitcase


and kind of held that over the top of both of us just to protect


us from the ceiling, The commotion died down a little


bit, but there was lots of screaming and people running around,


and then the airport staff came running and screaming and shouting


at everyone to get out of the building, evacuate, evacuate,


as quickly as you can. This city is still digesting


the full horror of yesterday's attacks, but on the surface


at least, there is a sense of life It is not that commuters here have


forgotten about the attacks one day on, or that they don't care


they are unaware of the warnings But this is a gritty,


down-to-earth city. The attitude here it is,


life has to go on. People are grateful


for the extra security. Maybe it is not in Brussels,


maybe it is another country. TRANSLATION: There is a risk,


but keeping our jobs mean taking trains, and at least


there are more police here now. More police, more soldiers,


more security checks at train Most people here tell


you they refuse to be scared, I want to give you a sense of the


atmosphere as you rejoin as live in Place de la Bourse because it is


absolutely packed with people who are singing songs and have been


chanting slogans. They had a minute's silence earlier on which


was very sombre, minute's silence earlier on which


of young people here. You're just trying to show that they will


defeated by terrorism, just as the people of Paris showed that in


November. I'm joined by a couple of the people here.


November. I'm joined by a couple of flowers. Just for peace and love. To


show solidarity and spread some light and love in these dark and


dreadful times. What happened here yesterday was a terrible event.


dreadful times. What happened here has done to the of Brussels, do you


think? I think it has shocked a lot of people but it is most important


to simply rise and not let it crush her spirits. So you're trying to


raise everybody's spirits but are you nervous that could be more


attacks like the one yesterday? I do not think the next moment now. Not


even Brussels. Maybe another place. -- not here in Brussels. Do you


think it is important as a message against the terrorists that you hand


out flowers? Yes, simply to spread a positive vibe. That is all that


matters. Thank you very much. Spreading a message of light and


love. During the day some of the names of the victims of the attacks


yesterday began to edge and the arm from many different nationalities.


The Foreign Ministry has been seeing as many of the mag as 40 different


nationalities among the dead and injured and the first to be named


today was a 37-year-old Peruvian woman by the name of Adelma Tapia


Ruiz was tragically the mother of four-year-old twin girls. She died


in the airport explosions. Lucy Williamson has been following the


stories of some of the victims. Among the questions left


by Tuesday's attacks is this one. What happened to British IT


contractor David Dixon? After two days searching


the hospitals here, his partner David left for work


yesterday as usual. Maelbeek station was not


far from his office. After the explosion there at 9am,


Charlotte tried to reach him. 270 people from dozens of countries


are now known to have been injured Inside this hospital,


two British survivors lie While their relatives wait for news,


in a separate part of the hospital, other families of other victims


begin the grim process Among the first deaths to be


confirmed was 20-year-old Leopold A law student at Saint Louis


University here in Brussels. And Peruvian Adelma Tapia Ruiz


who died during the airport attack. Her four-year-old twin girls


survived the blast because they ran Her brother described it


as incomprehensible. TRANSLATION: She had twins called


Maureen and Elondra. They were in the


Brussels airport too. They were connecting


through to New York to meet She also planned to come


back to Peru this year, Tonight in Brussels there


is solidarity in Europe's anger But terrorism's toughest


challenge is private. For some, these were not just


attacks on their home or values but on the people


they love the most. There has been a lot of criticism of


the Belgian security agencies both in the aftermath of the Paris


attacks and now in the aftermath of the Brussels attacks as well. A lot


of claims they could have done more. We have had today claims from the


Turkish president that Turkey gave warning to the Belgian authorities


about one of the suicide bombers involved yesterday,


Brahim el-Bakraoui who blew himself up at the airport. The president


made these claims in a press conference and said that Brahim


el-Bakraoui had been detained in the south of the country near the Syrian


border in June of last year. He had then been deported to the


Netherlands and was briefly heard in Belgium before being freed. The


president said both the Dutch and Belgian authorities had been warned


by Turkey but he said that Belgium had ignored that warning and he said


that despite warnings that this person was a foreign terrorist


fighter Belgium could not establish any links with terrorism. Belgian


prosecutors have confirmed the two brothers, Khalid and Brahim


el-Bakraoui did have a criminal record for armed robbery but they


say that there was nothing unrelated to terrorism and Belgian authorities


have not confirmed or denied and have not commented on these claims


by the President of Turkey. Turkey is of course itself a country in a


high state of alert at the moment after four suicide bombings in its


two cities this year alone. The most recent was five days ago in Istanbul


in which four people were killed. Turkish authorities have said they


have detained three people on suspicion of planning a further


attack in Istanbul and those arrests are based on information from both


Turkish and German intelligence, they say. Thank you, Daniel. A


sombre mood this evening in the heart of Brussels where you can see


all the candles that have been let in memory of the 31 people who died


here yesterday both in those exposed yesterday at International Airport


and on the Metro at Maelbeek station. I warning from the health


ministry in Belgium today that they expect this death toll to rise in


the coming days because many of the tune and 60 people injured in the


biggest blasts are critically well and fighting for their lives and may


not survive. The injured are being treated in a number of hospitals.


The overwhelming message I think for people here today -- from people


here today who have paid their respects is not just one of morning


but also defiance as the people of Paris after the attacks there should


defiance, people in Brussels want to show defiance and they have been


singing songs today and cheering and chanting slogans against Islamic


State as well and the King of Belgium has said that the people


here in Belgium must respond to what he called audience attacks with 40


sheep, calm and dignity and I think discourtesy that he and the centre


of Brussels today that is exactly what they have been doing.


And of course there's more analysis and reporting on the attacks


in Brussels on our website - bbc dot come forward slash news.


And you can also get everything on your mobile using the BBC


And all the latest developments will be on our Twitter account,


The Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo has indicated


that her government will not take in its share of migrants under an EU


plan - because of the Brussels attacks.


the Belgian Embassy in Warsaw she said that the government now had


to look after the security of its citizens and could not take


on any immigrants under the present circumstances.


Her Conservative government had earlier agreed to welcome around


7,000 refugees over the next three years.


However, the EU's Commissioner for Migration said the union's


member states should be taking a very different message away


it is not a message it is a question. Do they really believe


that by following this line they will be successful and fighting


terrorism? The occurrences and the answer. -- give the answer. There is


only one road to follow witches cooperate more and exchange


information and develop more trust between us. Among member states.


The Presidents of the United States and Argentina have said they're


optimistic they can open a new chapter in relations


They have promised more co-operation on trade,


fighting the Zika virus and combating climate change.


Barack Obama's visit is the first official trip by a US head of state


That is a principal message that I have not only for Argentina but for


the entire hemisphere. I have a slick came Cuba and we have put a


great emphasis on making sure that some of the ideologies and disputes


of the past are frankly acknowledged that there be also able to look to


the future and not just behind us. Another day, another twist


in the thoroughly unpredictable twist in the race to be


the Republican candidate for US president - and Jeb Bush has


announced he's endorsing Senator Ted Cruz -


a last-ditch attempt to try and stop Donald Trump securing


the nomination. Mr Bush, who's the brother of one


former president and the son of another, dropped out


of the race last month. He said Ted Cruz was a consistent,


principled conservative who has demonstrated the ability to appeal


to voters and win primary contests. That news will come as some


consolation to Mr Cruz following Tuesday's


presidential primary results. He lost to Donald Trump in Arizona


but claimed first place in Utah. In the Democratic race,


the front runner Hilary Clinton took Arizona, but lost out in two other


contests to Bernie Sanders. Earlier I spoke to Anthony Zurcher


our North America reporter who has Ted Cruz has been running against


what it calls the Washington cartel but I do not think there is anybody


who embodies the Republican party in Washington are more than shared that


Bush. -- Jeb Bush. Will he add many delegates to the running total? He


does not really have any delegates to speak of and they did not win a


lot when he was running for president. He will not be able to


shift a lot of voters towards Ted Cruz but they could direct


fundraisers and the car she was able to amass and he has people in the


Bush family who are very prodigious fundraisers and could help Ted Cruz


and their other problem protect Cruz is not that he is lacking in money,


it is that he is lacking in votes to catch Donald Trump so it may help


little bit but I do not think it will be that big a deal. Is it too


late for Ted Cruz or could he unite the party? He was always been quite


a divisive figure in the publican party. He has been a very divisive


figure and he was not really a team player when he was elected to


Congress four years ago. He made a lot of waves in that he blocked the


leadership within the Senate and tried to torpedo deals between the


president and the congressional leadership which led to shut down of


the government for a while over health care plans so if people do


end up rallying behind it is only because they view Donald Champ is a


much greater threat but there is a very narrow window for him, if not


catch Donald Trump, keep him from getting the magic 1237 delegates. It


will be an eel biter coming right down to the end. In terms of the


Republican leadership, I be in full panic mode so far? I think that is a


very good way to describe it. They have been hoping and wishing


unbelieving that some point would see Donald Trump stumbling and he


would see something and people would turn their back on him but the poll


numbers showing enormous support from were enacted it, but Donald


Trump has been going on a steady march towards the nomination and one


will be close whether he actually gets before the convention, I do not


think anybody imagined this would be the result when this all started


about eight months ago. There are fears that one of the most


common trees in Europe, the Ash, could be wiped out


across the continent. Those fears are outlined in a study,


published today in the Journal of Ecology, which says the tree


faces two serious threats - one from a fungus


and one from a beetle. Our environment correspondent


Clare Marshall reports. This wood in Norfolk is where one


of the worst fears of tree lovers Ash die-back, a devastating fungal


disease, was in the wild. The leaves die first and the rest


of the tree follows. Today's report adds


to the bleak picture. Chalara, as it is also known,


will help to wipe out Ash is the second most common tree


in the UK. To lose all the trees


would be devastating. This wood in Somerset just waking up


from winter is filled with ash trees and, like thousands of others,


it is under threat, but it isn't The emerald ash borer like Ash


die-back is native to Asia. Its larvae go into the bark


and kill the tree. It isn't yet in the UK


but it is heading this way and the new research says it


could soon pose the greatest threat. Hundreds of species are dependent


on the ash tree and they are likely One small hope is that some ash


trees have shown resistance against the fungus, but that


will not protect them The aftermath of the attacks on


Brussels. This is the scene live in the centre of Brussels this evening.


As you can see hundreds of people have gathered laying flowers and


also candles to remember the victims of the attacks and the authorities


say 31 people have died. A couple of hundred have been injured, many of


them seriously and fears that that number of dead may rise but the mood


in Brussels as we've been hearing is defiant this evening. For now from


me and the rest of the team,


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