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This is BBC World News Today, with me, James Menendez.


Radovan Karadzic is found guilty of genocide and crimes


against humanity, during the Bosnia war of the 1990s.


A UN tribunal sentences the former Bosnian Serb leader


The Chamber hereby sentences you, Radovan Karadzic, to a single


sentence of 40 - four zero - years of imprisonment.


Salah Abdeslam, the Paris attacks suspect captured in Brussels,


says he will no longer fight extradition to France.


Also coming up, we celebrate the astonishing skills of Dutch


footballing genius Johan Cruyff, who has died at the age of 68.


And we look at why the Pope is more popular than any political


Guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity -


the verdict on the former Bosnian Serb leader


Radovan Karadzic, who was today sentenced to 40 years in prison


by the international tribunal in the Hague.


The genocide was the massacre of thousands of Muslim men and boys


at Srebrenica - a deliberate policy of extermination,


And among the other war crimes, the murderous siege of Sarajevo that


Allan Little covered the Bosnian War extensively for the BBC


and was at the Hague to hear the verdict.


It is the most symbolically-charged war crimes verdict in Europe


since the Nuremberg Trials after World War II.


Radovan Karadzic had presented himself through the trial as a man


In Sarajevo, the judge said, his forces, called the SRK,


deliberately sniped at and bombarded civilians.


They fired at children playing in the street.


Karadzic knew about it and bore individual criminal


The chamber is convinced that the SRK conducted a campaign


of sniping and shelling inside Sarajevo with intention to,


among other things, terrorise the civilian population there.


Elsewhere, hundreds of thousands of non-Serbs were forcibly


expelled from their homes in a campaign cleansing to carve out


Thousands of men were held in camps in deplorable conditions.


There were mass murders, beatings, rapes.


It was organised and systematic extermination.


A crime against humanity, the judge said.


In July 1995, his forces murdered 8,000 Bosnian Muslims.


It was an attempt, the judge said, at


Karadzic agreed to the killings and, for this, he was guilty of genocide.


The accused shared the intent that every able-bodied


Bosnian Muslim male be killed, which the chamber finds amounts


to the intent to destroy Bosnian Muslims there, as such.


Among the many victims of those killings were the father,


the mother and the younger brother of Hassan.


He survived only because he worked as a translator for the Dutch


He was in court today to hear the verdict.


The genocide ruling is important for the


prevention of any potential future genocide.


Either in that region or in the world.


It is the best way to prevent future genocide,


through international justice and to have


For the bereaved, who live their lives in the shadow


of the crime, the sentence did not seem appropriate to their loss.


TRANSLATION: I do not think anything.


There has been killing and I have been left alone


without anyone in this world. I am speechless.


21 years after he was first indicted, Radovan Karadzic finally


Count five, murder, a crime against humanity.


Quarter of a century ago, he seemed above


accountability, acting with impunity.


Tonight, he knows he is likely to spend


Earlier, I spoke to Alan Little, who is still in The Hague,


analyst who lives in Belgrade. What has the reaction been near? So far,


there has been no official reaction. The only reaction we have here is


from people. There has been to rallies in the city, one against the


verdict and one in favour of it. We await government reaction tomorrow.


How much more nationalist sentiment support is therefore Radovan


Karadzic? There are two kinds of support. There is the focal one, we


have thousands of people came out on the street, but also the quieter


one, which I believe is the position of the Serbian government. The Prime


Minister was in support of Radovan Karadzic when he was arrested eight


years ago. There has been no official reaction yet. Not yet. Some


people are saying that the failure to issue any statement as a quiet


measure of support for Radovan Karadzic. The end of the war was


also marked to the? Yes, this marks the start of the Needle bombing


which ended the Kosovo war. We had the big commemoration, together with


representations from other regions and the reaction from the Prime


Minister was, whatever the reaction or alleviate it will be, it will not


undermine the Republic of CRB. The UN's Special Envoy


for Syria Staffan de Mistura says there is common ground


between the Syrian Government and the opposition at


peace talks in Geneva. He was speaking as the process goes


into a scheduled recess. Mr de Mistura said there had been no


walk-outs and no breakdowns at this He said he hoped that


when the indirect talks resume in April, the sides would begin


to tackle the difficult question The main Syrian opposition group


said the ground had been prepared for that discussion, but it urged


Russia to use its leverage The two sides are deeply


divided on the future of the Syrian President


Bashar al-Assad. It is a case clearly interfered for


90 days. What has been achieved that is, I believe, nothing. It has been


an exercise in showing off political and military power, which is


shameful. This is regrettable. However, the people in general want


to have some sort of level of each so that they are not viewed as being


dependent on them. For the very latest note on the


attacks in bail jumper, we can no join Ben Barone. In the centre of


the city, you can see people coming here to express their grief and


anger. You can see the display behind me.


Police in Belgium are still piecing together the evidence


There are reports that there may now be two suspects on the run.


EU ministers have been meeting in the city for emergency security


talks amidst some criticism of intelligence agencies in Belgium.


This has added to this year from some people that there could be


other attacks, but we have held that the threat level has been lowered.


The state broadcaster is saying that Salah Abdeslam who was wanted in


connection with the attacks in France and is in custody at the


moment, they are seen he is no longer planning -- was planning a


powerless stale attack with other accomplices. That is the claim from


the state broadcaster. Taylor and served with silence. Even


today, in this day of mourning, the Prime Minister was being offered


resignations. He refused but promised a full investigation. The


government will do absolutely everything it can to shed light on


the attacks and everything which may have contributed to them. There's a


twin challenge. The country is still in mourning, but he has to also


oversee an ongoing investigation. Most of all, could more have been


done to stop the men who did this carrying out the deadly attacks? At


least one of the men had been linked to the attacks had the Europe


weighed arrest warrant out on him. The first piece of new information


contains the attack in the metro station. Police are noticing the


other looking for a second unidentified man carrying a large


bank since speaking to him just before the blast. They are still


searching one of the airport attackers. They have identified one


of the other attackers, one on the left, who the bill me the bombs


which were used in friends. This was the aftermath five years ago in a


raid in which he shot a policeman in the leg. He served prison time, but


brokers brought conditions to travel to the Middle East. Turkey


brokers brought conditions to travel well-informed that he had been


detained at the border, but the Belgian government decided to take


no further action. I Belgian government decided to take


resignation. The Prime Minister has refused. The one man who couldn't


answer many questions, Salah Abdeslam, will not cooperate with


the police, according to his lawyer. Abdeslam, will not cooperate with


He wants to go to France, Abdeslam, will not cooperate with


will explain himself, he says. In Abdeslam, will not cooperate with


the meantime, Abdeslam, will not cooperate with


have been done to prevent Abdeslam, will not cooperate with


atrocities and put him in still at large straight again?


Here, interior ministers from the European Union have been meeting in


emergency session to try and talk about ways to respond to what


emergency session to try and talk happened here. They want to improve


cooperation between the various European intelligence agencies and


police forces of the European Union states and whether they need to do


more to tighten borders. In terms of the interior minister and the


justice minister here, they have admitted that mistakes were made by


the security forces in the run-up to both the attacks in France and


Belgium. They both offer to resign, but the resignations were rejected


by the Prime Minister. The death toll still stands at 31, but some 60


are still in intensive care in a hospital. There has been warnings


that the death number could rise. Among the first to hear Marks story


of survival was the Belgian king. Among the first to hear Marks story


his home in Brussels, he said that few seconds of chaos had left him


with concussion, vertical and memory loss. I remember shaking the hand of


a friend to say goodbye and that is the last thing I can remember. I


have one static image of me coaching on some Steelers covered in dust.


While being treated on the ground who say, he said rumours of a new


threat began to sweep through the injured commuters. A bystander was


helping me and said, get up and run. I got up with them and simply ran in


the other direction. Other stories ended very differently. Dozens were


killed or injured in the attacks. Sebastien is a former basketball


player who was caught in the explosion at the airport. He said


his initial injury is actually helped him survive. My hip exploded.


I was knocked down to the ground. I think that is what saved me when the


second explosion went off. At the military hospital, people are


directed to specialist care. Roger came free consultation for the


shrapnel wound in his arm. He was at the airport with his sister Wendy


explosion happened. Both of them survived. We have the explosion at


his sister said, it is a home, run. I comfort. The military hospital are


starting to play a central role in the aftermath of the attacks. They


have experience of battlefield injuries. A centre for the relatives


has also been set up here. Many people see the frustrated about how


has also been set up here. Many difficult it is to get concrete


information about those wounded. Several of those in intensive care


and still to be identified and a family of one demanded access to


them. We are confident that the pavement, mother or father, could


identify if it is the Child. Three days on, many people here are still


waiting to know their loved one story, unsure if they are tales of


survival or death. People are still coming out to honour the dead until


late candles, as you can see. Many of them young people and children,


carrying flags of many different nations, showing international


solidarity with the victims. Although the terror threat level has


been lowered here, people are still nervous here, what a deal could be


more attacks, especially as the news came out that the police could still


be looking for two suspects who emerged alive from the attacks and


could still be on the run. It has been said that there


was football before and football after Johan Cruyff,


the great Dutch player and coach, He had been suffering


from lung cancer. His impact on the beautiful


game was, well, some say Three consecutive


European Cups with Ajax as a player, one with


Barcelona as a manager. Johan Cruyff Tournament football


owners head. He was remembered as a Johan Cruyff Tournament football


sporting revelation. Having levelled his skill on the streets of postwar


Amsterdam. He joined his local club. He enjoyed six titles with Ajax a


lead them to three European cup titles in a row. He joined Barcelona


in 1973. He guided them to the first domestic title in over a decade. The


word legend is sometimes used a bit loosely and sometimes even


flippantly. You become great when you score the odd goal, but there


are two legends and Johan Cruyff was certainly one of those. He never won


the ultimate prize, but he was part of the team which lit up the 1974


World Cup. In the end, they lost the final two West Germany 2-1. But they


were always remembered as the ultimate expression of total


football. The changed a sport stuck in defensive mindset. Having ended


his career as a player, he turned to the future. After spending many


years running, I want to know teach and give my ability on to younger


people. He led Barcelona to four league championships in their first


European cup in 1992. He was the best player in training, even though


he was past his sell by date is in terms of being a player. He was


extraordinarily talented. He was also a great visionary. He was a


heavy smoker during much of its life, but went on to campaign


against it in later life. But he will be remembered for his elegance.


He believed that football had to be played with the brain as well as the


feet. Pope Francis has washed the feet


of refugees at a shelter near Rome, to mark the start of the Catholic


Church's Easter celebrations. The ritual included 11 people


from seven countries - and were from Christian,


Hindu and Muslim backgrounds. The Pope said it was a "fraternal"


gesture, designed to contrast with Tuesday's attacks in Brussels,


which he called a "gesture of war" committed by people who "do not


want to live in peace". Pope Francis is more popular


than any political world leader, The poll put him 11% clear


of his closest rival, Here is a quick look


behind the numbers. to 40 years in prison


after being found guilty of genocide We can now get some further


reaction. What has been the further political reaction? I make the


placement of boys sneer at a banquet. Each of the major ethnic


groups have part of the presidency. banquet. Each of the major ethnic


He said it was a great day as far as he was


said that justice had been served. He said a message had been served


said that justice had been served. guilty of what happened. People


should no longer consider themselves responsible, because the real


culprits have been brought to account and sentenced. Has that been


the general sentiment amongst the people in Bosnia? Certainly, I spoke


to a survivor of one of the massacres who hid in the forest for


more than a month to make his escape. The reaction has been


positive. They have been waiting for this verdict for a long time.


Everyone knows that Bosnia as a country with a lot of problems.


Thank you for joining us. That was the reaction, 40 years in prison for


the former leader. That is up from me.


Good evening. The dry spell has come to an end. The weather over the


Easter weekend is set to be a lot more changeable.


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