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This is BBC World News Today with me, Chris Rogers.


The European Union has been warned it is not cracking down on illegal


migrants. I truly believe in equality. I


believe in embracing diversity. And the Canadian prime minister


arrives in Fort McMurray - the town devastated by a raging


wildfire that forced the evacuation The European mission


to stop migrant smuggling in the Mediterranean is failing -


that's the verdict from a group Hundreds of migrants have arrived


in Europe from Libya in the past 48 hours and the report says there's


little prospect of stopping more. That's in contrast to the route


via Turkey that has seen a dramatic fall -


mainly due to the EU's deal with Turkey to stem the number


of Syrians making the crossing. It's the Libyan route however that's


causing most concern for officials. The lack of a stable government


in Libya is allowing more and more boats to make the treacherous


crossing to Italy. This is new migrants, cargo. A


record year. Why do they come? This man said this was the only escape


from the horrors of Libya. Very hard conditions? You told me you were


beat? Yes, it is once in a day. He is lucky to be alive, we found them


two days ago, drifting in this rubber boat. The people smugglers


pack them in and gave just enough fuel to leave Libyan waters. An hour


after this rescue, a storm blowing, and this is what happens when the


waves get bigger. The boats fold and sink.


This is the moment that they dreamt of.


The moment that many of them had risked it all for.


Their first steps onto European soil.


232 here, 801 in Messina, over 1000 migrants just today.


Among those also leaving today were 51 young men under the age


Here is one from Guinea-Bissau.


It is a lonely world for a boy so young.


One proposed solution is to send Europe's navies into Libya's


waters but to do that, you need a Government


The inescapable truth is: so long as there is money to be made


from this dirty business of people trafficking, they will come.


Migrants heading to Europe from Libya.


By contrast, there are signs the efforts to stop


the flow of migrants into Europe from Turkey -


are beginning to have a significant impact.


Numbers arriving from Turkey onto the Greek islands are down


around 90 per cent in April compared with the previous month


following a deal struck between the EU and Turkey.


But as our chief correspondent Gavin Hewitt now reports from Izmir,


political pressures mean the deal is looking increasingly vulnerable.


These are the Turkey beaches from where tens of thousands


of refugees left for their perilous journey to Europe.


Almost no refugees are making the crossing to Greece.


But the deal between Turkey and the EU to solve the migrant


The deal signed in March has all but blocked the migrant trade.


TRANSLATION: The sea border with Greece is now closed


and if someone wants to go to Europe, they cannot.


The Turkish Coast Guard patrols are much more rigorous.


Just two months ago, 8,000 refugees crossed


So far this month, the numbers are around 300.


And for those who make it to Greece, the route through the Balkans


is lined with fences and riot police.


There is no possibility to move further from Greece and in Greece,


the movement from the islands to the mainland became impossible now.


So, in Turkey, the tables where the smugglers did their deals


are almost empty and the shops cannot sell air life jackets.


The Turkish government says it has honoured its part of the deal.


TRANSLATION: If the refugees go outside the cities


where they are registered, they are told to go back.


If they try to reach the coast and escape,


The easing of the refugee crisis depends on a controversial deal


Turkey, clamping down on the migrants, in exchange


for visa-free travel to much of Europe.


But the European Parliament is insisting that first, Turkey must


Turkey says it has done enough and the whole


So there is a risk of a migrant crisis returning.


The developments are being followed closely in Germany, where most


of the previous refugees went and by the referendum


World football's governing body, FIFA, has served notice that radical


changes are intended for the organisation by making


a surprise appointment of a new Secretary General.


FIFA president Gianni Infantino told the organization's annual congress


in Mexico City that Senegalese UN diplomat Fatma Samoura is the first


female secretary general in the history of the male-dominated


She is working since 21 years in the United Nations.


She is a great person, she is used to managing big


organisations and she will bring a fresh wind to Fifa.


Somebody from outside, not somebody from inside.


Not somebody from the past but somebody new.


We will have all the latest on that new appointment. Our sport editor


has more background on Fatma Samoura's appointment.


We're getting reports of an attack on a supporters club of the football


As many as 15 people are reported to have been killed in the shooting


which happened in the predominately Shia town of Balad - about 130


IS said in a statement that they were targeting Shias, not football


fans. He insists that he was the rightful


winner, the opening ceremony this week.


The US Secret Service has said it will investigate the former butler


of the Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump,


over Facebook posts calling for President Obama to be killed.


Anthony Senecal, who's 84, and served as Mr Trump's butler


until 2009, confirmed he wrote the posts, some last year,


A spokeswoman for Mr Trump distanced his campaign


Thousands of people have turned out in Beirut for the funeral of one


of Hezbollah's top leaders, Mustafa Badreddine.


Hezbollah announced earlier today that he'd been killed in Syria


where he was reportedly the movement's senior commander.


His funeral is taking place in the southern suburbs of Beirut


Rami Ruhayem is there and describes the atmosphere.


Yes, we are in the middle of the funeral procession


As you can see it is a very crowded funeral procession.


Just a few minutes ago, Hezbollah supporters


were firing their guns in the air and there was quite an emotional


scene as the body of Mustafa Badreddine, the Hezbollah


military commander went past us, along this street on to the cemetery


As you mentioned, it is not clear at all whom Hezbollah


They issued two statements this morning, where they announced that


The first contains very little detail, only an implicit reference


that the assassination took place in Syria.


The second one contained a little bit more detail.


It said he was killed in a large explosion close to the Damascus


International Airport, and they said in the statement


that the explosion could have been caused by an air strike,


or by artillery fire, or by a missile attack,


so that leaves the door open for many different possibilities,


including an assassination by the Israelis, especially


But there are also other possibilities.


Just a few minutes ago, before the funeral procession,


the deputy leader of Hezbollah was speaking, and he said, that


Hezbollah, within the next few hour, will make an announcement


about who they think is behind the assassination,


and will take whatever action they choose to take depending


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is visiting the fire-ravaged


town of Fort McMurray - meeting people who have


been on the front lines of the devastating blaze.


The efforts have been hampered by high temperatures


Our correspondent Rajini Vaidyanathan has more.


Canada's prime Minster is meeting with some of the firefighters


and rescue workers who helped battle those wildfires.


He will be meeting them in Fort big muddy itself.


It was devastated by those powerful wildfires.


The worst of those fires have moved away from the residential areas


but people still are not able to enter the area apart


from contractors and some of the workers who were helping


We were given access yesterday to Fort McMurray and it really


was shocking to see how powerful those wildfires really well.


was shocking to see how powerful those wildfires really well -- were.


You walked along some streets where houses on one side


were perfectly intact and you just had to turn around to see a family


home produced to just the foundations, ash and cinder.


It was like a children's book just left in the remaining rubble.


We saw cars that have been left as burnt out shells and green grass


which is now black soot in large parts of Fort McMurray.


90,000 people were forced to flee their homes.


It is remarkable when you see those pictures of those atrocious flames


There are tens of thousands of people without a home.


Many do not know what has happened to their houses because about 80%


of Fort McMurray was indeed saved but it will take some time


for people to be able to move back into the area.


That is a question that people will have four the Prime Minister.


How long will it take before they can go back home?


You want to know what has happened to their homes in the first place.


There is a legal stand-off in North Carolina over the controversial new


laws that only allows people to use public toilets based on the


biological sex. Going to a public bad Tim is generally a simple act.


This has caused America's transgendered community in the


middle of the political row. North Carolina introduced the bathroom


bill, meaning people can only use a public toilet or changing room


matched to the birth certificate, rather than the gender they identify


with. They say it will prevent women and girls from sexual predators. The


law has sparked anger, and many entertainers have boycotted the


state. The Justice Department filed a lawsuit against North Carolina


saying it violates the rights of transgender people. This law


inflicts further indignity on a population that has already suffered


far more than its fair share. This law provides no benefit to society


and all it does is harm innocent Americans. The Obama administration


Nye says that public schools must allow transgender students access to


facilities consistent with the gender identity. If schools are


vying to be discriminatory, they could lose out on government funds.


The Texas Lieutenant Governor has cold the blackmail. He has said a


policy in place that will divide the country not along political lines,


but along family values. And school districts. No signs of letup this


fierce debate over transgender riots. The toilet door, know


something of a symbol, in the latest of America's culture wars. To stay


with us. The millennium Balkan has landed in a quiet corner in Northern


Ireland! -- millennium Balkan. The Pope has been shot, but will


live. The mild they call the butcher of Leon went on trial today in the


French town where he was the Gestapo chief in the Second World War.


Winnie Mandela never looked like a women just sentenced to six years in


jail. The judge told her there was no indication cheaper even the


slightest remorse. The Chinese government has cold for an all out


effort to help the victims of a powerful earthquake. The computer


deep blue has tonight Triumph over the world chess champion Garry


Kasparov. It is the first time the machine has defeated reigning world


champion in the classical chess match. America's first legal


same-sex marriages have been taking place in Massachusetts.


The headlines: a British inquiry highlights Europe's failure


to stop people smuggling across the Mediterranean.


Peter has elected its first ever female official...


The Supreme Court in South Africa has given the right for thousands of


miners in South Africa to sue for damages.


A landmark court ruling allowing mind workers to sue gold mining


firms. In an unprecedented case would set the stage for the biggest


class-action suit in South African history. The purest of the poor are


going up against some of the world's was powerful co-producers. In the


context of this case, class-action is the only realistic option through


which most mind workers can assess the claims effectively against the


mining companies. This is the only avenue to give them right up of


course guaranteed by the Constitution. Thousands of former


Mineworkers won compensation. They allege they contract with silicosis,


an incurable lung disease from years of working underground. After


decades of hard labour, many say they were sent to die, often without


compensation. I am still very, very happy. Before I left, we prayed so


that we would wind this. I am sure where they are now they will be


happy. This is a lesson to the employers of the mines because they


took us as toys. They didn't take care of us. The 32 mining companies


accused of failing to protect workers say today's findings do not


represent the view on the merits of the case brought by claimants. They


say they are in talks with lawyers representing the Mineworkers with


the view of seeking out fair unsuitable outcome. This is seen as


a wind for thousands of workers who helped gold mining companies make


billions of dollars while they suffered in poverty, but the legal


battle is far from over because this class-action suit to take up to ten


years to conclude. Let's catch up on the sport.


Our sport editor has more background on Fatma


Lizzie Greenwood Hughes joins us from the BBC Sport Centre.


We know that she's 54 years old and speaks for damages


and she spent most of her career working for the United Nations,


specialising in the development and working a lot in Africa.


We also know that she has never worked in football.


It is interesting because this is going to be the number two


In other news, Gibraltar will become as the 211 member of the world


football family. Spain has opposed Gibraltar getting membership. Serbia


also dry to block Kosovo, but Kosovo and Gibraltar can start preparations


for the new World Cup. Watford will have a new manager next season. The


case and says the is will be leaving at the end of the season. The


Spaniard led Watford to Premier League safety and an FA Cup


semifinal in his first season in England, but they have only won four


out of 20 league games and are currently 13th in the table going


into the final game against Sunderland on Sunday. Yesterday we


had a meeting with the club to make care resume of the season. After


that I concluded that me and the club don't have the same view about


the season. We don't have the necessary conditions to activate to


renew the contract. My contract finishes in June, then I will leave.


This is the consequence. Tomorrow, Real Madrid have won the last ten


games to bring them within a point behind the leaders, Barcelona, going


into the final games. Barcelona looked set a 24th league title, but


then Real Madrid put forward this amazing run of results. Zinedine


Zidane's side can snatch the crying if Real Madrid draw on loose. -- on


loose. TRANSLATION: the right of every player is to be everything one


can't defend the shirt you are wearing. Both Grenada and Barcelona


players will do everything in order to the game. They will want to wind


at home in front of the fans and we will want to wind the title. I think


it will be impossible to surpass our level of ambition. There was another


classic match today between Novak Djokovic on Rafael Nadal at the Rome


Masters. It was Novak Djokovic came through. Both men had their chances,


especially Rafael Nadal, but the Serbian went on to wind the advanced


to the last four for he will play either Dominic Keane or Kei


Nishikori. Also through is Andy Murray. He defeated David Goffin in


straight sets. The latest from the second round of


the players championship. It is a congested leaderboard with the world


number one, Jason Day, ahead by two shots from Jonas Blixt. There was a


great round of 64 from the world number three, Rory McIlroy, to move


him into contention. Harlequins are hoping to wind the fourth European


title this evening. They are up against Montpellier in the Challenge


Cup final. At the moment and is not going well, Montpellier winning


23-9, with around 23 minutes left on the clock.


Now to a remote corner of Ireland, where some residents are 'feeling


the force.' The filming of the next Star Wars film is rumoured to be


starting in the country's most northern point -


So could the wildly successful films mean a boom in tourism


Already as far north as you can go on the island of Ireland.


Strange visitors from other worlds have been arriving.


By which I mean the strange world of Hollywood.


There have been weeks of preparation near Malin Head but local people


have been sworn to secrecy about this shoot for


I can't give too much away because I don't know too much


about it and the little bit I do know they've asked me


Those agreements have not stop the speculation.


Many believe that the rocks along the rugged coastline,


this could be the Millennium Falcon or at the very least


It is the dramatic coastline which is the attraction.


And the cameras are due to head back south near to the historic monastic


retreat where filming took place the first time.


But for the minute, it is the most northerly tip where they are hoping


the power of the Force and this blockbuster film franchise


If you spot any Star Wars film in, get in touch! That is it, thanks for


watching. Over the past couple of weeks we


have seen some pre-monsoon thunderstorms across India and


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