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This is BBC World News Today with me Philippa Thomas.


France is hit by a wave of industrial action.


16 people are arrested as protestors and police clash in Paris.


Motorways are blocked and flights delayed.


Incredible scenes in the Mediterranean Sea as the Italian


coast guard saves 4000 migrants in just one day.


The Associated Press delegate count has him finally totting up enough


support to win the Republican Party nomination for the presidency


Revved up and ready to go - we talk Top Gear with the show's


Hello and welcome. France is in a mess today. Thousands of petrol


stations running dry, let's delayed, tries that, riot police clashing


with protesters on the streets. It is fallout from the Government's


controversial labour reforms which trade unionists are determined to


push back in a dispute that has already run for two months. The


reform is end funds's cherished 35 hour working week leading companies


negotiate working weeks of up to 46 hours and also give bosses powers to


reduce pay and shed jobs. Lucy Williamson send us report.


Centuries ago, they marched for liberty, equality.


Today it was for overtime wages and the 35-hour week.


Unions here say the government is trying to boost the economy


The government says it's simply trying to create more


jobs for young people, like these two young women.


If we just start to give away our rights, what would it be next?


We have to say we are not agree and we will fight until the end.


We want our rights to be equal, our future generation,


our generation, the former generation, we all need these


Many in France accept the need for a more flexible economy,


but among the unions there is a sense of anger


and betrayal that a socialist government could be the one


Hours after the government said it would consider modifications


to its labour reforms, this is the response of the unions:


more demonstrations, more strikes, more disruption.


With petrol stations running out of fuel,


oil tankers wait outside French ports, sitting out the strikes.


The protesters may be a minority, but they drive France's trains,


work its nuclear plants and process its oil.


With strikes beginning to bite, the prime minister has hinted


TRANSLATION: It's out of the question to change


the framework of the labour reform, but there can always be some


But union leaders say that unless the law is scrapped,


Because this dispute - over pay, working hours,


and the role of the unions - is also the battle between two


The Italian coast guard says some 4000 migrants have been rescued


from the Mediterranean Sea today in 22 separate operations.


It follows yesterday's dramatic pictures of a boat capsizing


off the coast of Libya, with at least five deaths but more


than 500 migrants being rescued from the Mediterranean


James Reynolds is in Porto Empedocle in Sicily.


Italy's navy approaches the migrants' overcrowded boat.


On deck, the migrants are desperate to see the rescuers.


They crowd forward causing the boat to tilt.


A handful find refuge on the overturned hull.


They try to reach the rescue boats in front of them.


The Navy has just minutes to save hundreds from drowning.


The captain of the rescue ship orders his sailors to throw life


The Navy dispatches a smaller rescue boat.


He is too exhausted to show any relief.


More make it onto the overturned hull.


In the end, the Navy rescues almost everyone it finds.


This afternoon, the rescue ship arrived here in Sicily.


The survivors of the shipwreck are lucky to be alive.


They will believe that they owed their lives to the Italian rescuers


who picked them from the sea, and who have now brought


I asked him to describe what happened.


We needed to throw into the water as much as we could,


whatever was able to float, we sent it into the water,


so people were able to catch it and grab on it and stay alive.


Italy will question the survivors further.


Who, if anyone, was steering the migrant boat, and might


The country's Navy is still at work in the Mediterranean.


These pictures, shot earlier today, show migrants waving for their lives


James Reynolds, BBC News, Sicily.


The UK's latest migration figures have been seized on by the Leave


campaign in the EU referendum debate to bolster their argument that


Net migration to the UK - that's the difference


between the numbers coming and leaving -


That's the second highest level ever recorded.


More than half - 184,000 - came from inside the EU.


The Government says this figure is too high, but it insists it's


sticking to its aim of getting the number down below


Our political correspondent Rob Watson is in Boston


in Eastern England, home to a high number of European migrant workers.


We asked him for more on the fallout from these figures.


These figures are very bad news indeed for those campaigning


for Britain to remain, led by David Cameron.


The Prime Minister had promised to reduce net migration to the tens


of thousands annually, but I think more broadly


than that we can say there clearly is concern across the UK


about the levels of immigration, in particular from the


European Union and beyond as well, so this is undoubtedly


a very sticky moment, a bad day for those campaigning


There is undoubtedly a lot of tension here, and I think


that is because the change has been on such a large-scale, and so rapid.


A few years ago, less than a decade ago, you would probably find no EU


migrants here, and now it is 15, 20, maybe even more,


I think one has to be incredibly careful, though,


to say that this is rather atypical, it is that the top of the migration


table, but having said that, even parts of the UK


where immigration levels haven't been so high,


But I'll just throw this point out there.


The Remain campaigners know this is a very sticky,


What of course, they are hoping for, is that on June 23,


the day of the referendum, voters won't be thinking so much


about immigration, but other issues that help them,


such as the economy and security, those things which they think


The US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has reached


the number of delegates needed to secure the party's


presidential nomination, according to the Associated Press


news agency, whose count we've been following since this process began.


The last few delegates to put Mr Trump over the top


were so-called unbound delegates, including state party officials,


who have now told the AP they will support Mr Trump


Let's get more from the BBC's Anthony Zurcher in Washington.


So, do we now say Donald Trump is the delegate numbers, he has done it


and we are thinking how mighty face, let's see, Hillary Clinton in


November? I think it is safe to say he has the numbers but we knew that


before it was only a matter of time before he hit that magic 1237


number. He would have done it by winning California in a few weeks.


This allows us to really say he will be on the stage and he will be the


one where the balloons come down in the convention and accept the


nomination and start thinking about what a Donald Trump versus Hillary


Clinton face-off would look like. Hillary Clinton as well seems to be


any good position to lock up the nomination. She has a big lead over


Bernie Sanders. We are getting ready for the main event and we are


looking ahead to it. And yet even as you say it looks like Trump versus


Clinton, Bernie Sanders is not giving up on the left and I see that


he and Trump have both said they would be up to debate each other,


what is going on there? It happened on a late-night talk show last night


here in the States. Donald Trump was asked and apparently it was a


question planted by Bernie Sanders whether he would debate Bernie


Sanders because Bernie Sanders and wanted to debate Hillary Clinton and


she said no and Trump said yes, sure, if we don't bet -- donate the


money to charity, we will debate and Bernie Sanders said game on on


Twitter. It would be pretty dramatic television where two members of


different parties based off before they became the General Election


candidate of the weighty reports that Trump's people are saying it


was just a joke and he was having some fun, they aren't actually going


to face-off. An interesting parallel because this would be the clash of


the outsiders. These are the two men in the race we were saying the only


sub let you down. In a way they are both turning their fire on Mrs


Clinton. It would have been incredibly bad news by Hillary


Clinton. I think she wanted to avoid another face-off against Bernie


Sanders. She couldn't get anything out of it, she just wanted to ride


the wave and Seal up the nomination but she wasn't on that stage, Donald


Trump presenting himself as the republican nominee who can reach


across the aisle and maybe pick up some supporters on the other side by


taking a few swings at Bernie Sanders and we will put him on a


platform with the republican nominee, it would make him look like


he could face-off against Donald Trump and do away with some of these


ideas that he wasn't big enough to be able to handle that stage, it


would have been interesting to see. There are still three people on the


stage. Antony, thank you very much. Laws to protect and promote


breastfeeding especially for working mothers,


are rare - that's according to a recent report by


the World Health Organisation. In fact out of 194 countries


surveyed, only about a fifth have fully implemented WHO guidelines


for feeding babies. Its parliament has approved a law


that requires employers to provide breastfeeding


facilities at the work. BBC Africa's Health Correspondent


Anne Soy has been finding out how After breakfast, it's time


to prepare the baby for work. Grace is one of the few Kenyan women


who can This is a routine her six-month-old


is now used to. Grace has mastered


the art of juggling It's a balance she


credits her employer for When she gets to the


office, she first takes the baby to the creche and gives


instructions to the nannies. Both male and female


employees of the mobile service provider Safaricom can


bring their children to work. Nursing mothers take breaks


to feed their I can express when I work,


if I come with the baby I am I'm comfortable knowing we have


professionals handling my baby when I'm at work, because they are


professional nannies. Grace says she was able


to feed her baby with only breastmilk for six months before


introducing other foods. She intends to continue


breast-feeding until her She is following the World


Heath Organisation's The organisation


says it helps babies build immunity, hit milestones


on time and become more intelligent. The Kenyan parliament recently


approved a law requiring employers to provide breast-feeding


stations at the workplace. With the exceptions of Safaricom,


which had already implemented that, many


employers are arguing that it is not going to be practical


because it is expensive. A large part of our workforce,


three quarters, actually, 75, 80%,


is in the informal sector. This informal sector is supposed


to provide the same benefits as the formal sector


employer, so they should have a way of thinking about the cost sharing


element between government and employers, so that we need to be


objective without pushing the cost of doing business even higher


than what it already is. As it is, the employers


representatives say the law could make it harder for women


of reproductive age to get jobs, and that raises concerns


whether having laws to promote breast-feeding,


like in Kenya's case, is


ultimately beneficial. An Executive director at the leading


provider of insurance in west Africa provides us -- joins us. What is


your reaction to this law that has been passed in Kenya? Wow, I think


it is an amazing and fantastic four. Mothers being able to take their


kids to work and being able to have a safe and comfortable environment


to nurse their babies is fantastic. Do you think there is a problem at


the moment with women not going back to work soon enough or at all


because they have got infants? Oh, yes, I definitely think so. I think


that most mothers have to make a very hard choice when that baby


comes. I think if they haven't had any kids and you have your first


child, you have a hard choice when the baby comes because a lot of


organisations are not very friendly to nursing mothers. You are a


corporate Executive, that's what I wanted to ask you, do you think a


lot of businesses will say this is too much hassle, they don't like


this and they will be reluctant to provide the facilities in practice?


Well, OK, I think it will be have and that. I think with my policies


when they are enacted, I think people usually have a bit of an


issue trying to comply because it will take a bit of tweaking to


provide breast pumps for you to provide a place for mothers can


nurse, to provide a refrigerator, especially in a country where lights


apply is not constant but if it is enforced think people will do it.


When policies are enforced people don't have a choice but I think it


should be enforced because most mothers will probably find it easier


to work better and also come back to work. Are these the kind of


facilities that you provided your company? My company doesn't provide


all these facilities. We have a lot to learn from Kenya, obviously, but


we do try to provide some concessions for nursing mothers more


so than the law provides. But do you think Kenya is setting a precedent


that Nigeria for example could follow? Certainly, yes, I do. Thank


you for joining us from Lagos. Thank you.


For petrolheads the wait is nearly over.


Top Gear is back and Chris Evans is behind the wheel, leading a brand


The show is no stranger to controversy and while Clarkson,


Hammond and May have left, it's still been


In his only TV interview ahead of the new series,


Chris Evans told the BBC's Louise Minchin the truth behind


some of the rumours, including whether he'd really fallen


Are you excited to be part of this massive programme,


one of the most watched in the world?


For the last 11 months and two weeks, how long I have had the job,


people have said, you must be so excited.


That was the furthest emotion from my tummy because it was all


We have done it now and now I am excited.


My job, I have to make the programme, I have


to think about locations, which car to get, why can't I get


That means there is no room for the excitement.


Have you talked to the other side?


It is not the star in the reasonably priced car.


Hopefully it will be full of superstars as well.


Top Gear has had the scent of a ferocious media storm.


I think with certain aspects of the media,


this was the perfect storm, you know?


With instantaneous 24-hour broadcasting, they have been dealt


out of a lot of stories because of the lead in time.


This is a story they can play with because it is not one happening


in Canada at 2am and they had no chance of getting to the party.


But the things they started with were so mad and so made up that


You will be sitting down calmly on Sunday watching this?


Well, I might not be sitting down watching it calmly because Matt


and I might be making another film in Norway but we don't find out


until half-an-hour from now, because that is how Top Gear is.


If we are not in Norway Matt and I will be together having...


Not hiding behind a sofa because we have seen it anyway.


we will take you now to the Donald Trump campaign rally in North Dakota


because he announced he has enough delegates to win the republican


nomination. As far as he is concerned it is official. Bill


Esterson. I have to say the IRS has been very professional and they


continue to be very professional... He is talking about his tax returns


which had been very controversial. I don't know what that's all about but


the IRS has been very professional and as we move along, as soon as it


is finished, hopefully it'll be before the election, I am fine with


that, OK? Do you pay some federal taxes? I do. Yes. In the wake of the


thing about Hillary Clinton's e-mails you said you have doubts


about whether she can stay in the race, are saying that she should


pull out of the race? I want to run against her. She has bad judgment.


This was bad judgment, probably illegal, we will have to find out


what the FBI says about it but it is bad judgment. I just read the


report. The report is devastating. It is devastating. There is no


reason for it. Skirting on the edge... He is referring to the State


Department report on Hillary Clinton's use of private e-mails.


Appointed by Democrats, Obama, done by Democrats, it is shocking to see


what she did. More than anything else it is bad judgment but that is


up to her whether she wants to continue running. You talk a lot


about uniting the republican party but I noticed in New Mexico you went


after the governor there. Does this change your approach at all? I think


it will. I haven't yet, I think I will but I haven't had the support


of the governor of New Mexico. Which is fine. That is everybody's right.


I imagine she will come over to my site. If you look at what has


happened, tremendous support from all over the country. Senators,


congressmen, we have governors all over the place and the vast


majority, I think the approval now is up to over 90%. That is


tremendous and where I started. A little while ago it was 62%. I won


the elections as landslides. A very important to say. We go to New York,


we were in almost 62% of the boat with three people running. Then


Pennsylvania which is going to be a state I think we will be amazingly


well. Hillary Clinton wants to put the coal miners out of business and


the steel mills out of business. I think I will will Pennsylvania


easily. I have tremendous support there. Mallon, Connecticut,


Delaware, Rhode Island, then as you know we had a tremendous success


when we went to Indiana, that was incredible. I helped in all fairness


but we are going to win Indiana I think very big. We will have


tremendous successes. The thing I think I am most proud of, not the


fact that I am watching Hillary instead of Hillary watching me, we


were supposed to be going into July and a lot of people said they would


be a new convention in August and here I am watching Hillary fight and


she can't close the deal. That should be such an easy deal to


close. But she is unable to close the deal so I am watching her and we


will see what happens. I was enquiring, are you planning on


recognising tribal sovereignty on a nation to nation basis based upon


the UN declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples which at the US


had endorsed. I will have to look at that individually and they will be


doing that. A number of people have asked me, I will be doing that, OK?


What is your message to republicans that haven't yet supported you,


people like Susanna Martinez, do you have something to say to her


directly? No. We have tremendous support from almost everybody and if


you look at Congress, support has been incredible. I spoke with Paul


Ryan last night and we had a good conversation. He is a good man. We


will see how that all works out. We had a very good talk. In that


article... I didn't think they covered politics. You're watching a


news conference from Donald Trump nudists aid security delegates to be


the republican party nominee. For viewers on BBC Four, thank you for


watching BBC World News Today. -- there is still a lot of


uncertainty about the Bank Holiday forecast but Thursday


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