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This is BBC World News Today with me Tim Willcox.


After nearly a fortnight's searching, a signal


But will the recorder eventually reveal the truth behind the loss


The mystery of the 40 dead tiger cubs found in a freezer


at a controversial Thai Buddhist temple accused of involvement


One of the UK's most prolific paedophiles admits to more than 70


charges of child sexual abuse in South East Asia.


And a new high-speed rail-link across Europe.


At more than 55 kilometres, the world's longest and deepest rail


We start with the Egyptair flight, which went missing


French investigators say they have detected signals from one


of the black box flight recorders from the Airbus A320,


and now face the challenge of retrieving it before it stops


The airliner left Paris in the evening for Cairo


It vanished from radar screens north of the Egyptian coast


Debris has since been recovered 290km north of Alexandria.


The Greek Defence Minister said the plane's last movements included


a 90 degree turn to the left, followed by a 360 degree turn


to the right - a claim the Egyptian authorities have disputed.


The plane is believed to lie at a possible depth of 3,000 metres


A specialist vessel carrying robots, able to dive to this depth,


They'll be searching underwater for the black box.


It could either be the device holding technical data or the one


Until the black box is recovered, any chance of discovering exactly


what happened to the plane remains slim.


Our correspondent in Cairo, Orla Guerin, has


For the country, it's been a great tragedy.


There has been a real sense of loss across this country,


keenly felt by families in many different areas.


There have been many poignant stories about the Egyptians


who were on that plane, why they were taking the flight.


For example, one woman who had been receiving cancer treatment in Paris


who had actually managed to beat the disease and who was on her way


home with her husband to her three small children, who were waiting


Both she and her husband were among the victims.


Initially, in the very early stages after the crash, the authorities


here said that a terrorist attack was more likely


Since then, officials have appeared to back away a bit from that line.


They are saying that all theories are still being investigated.


All possibilities are being considered.


We actually know what this point is that there are indications


of smoke and of a possible fire on board.


We don't know what started that experts stressing that


while the black boxes should provide some answers, they may have two rule


things out like, for example, a bomb or an attempt


They may not provide all of the answers that


We can get more now from aviation expert David Learmount,


who's a consulting editor at Flight Global.


She was stressing the point that maybe not all the data from this


light box will be there. But what sort of things will be here? --


light box. -- will we here? If there's an explosion, even if it


blows the aeroplane apart, you will hear the beginning of it. There will


a pulse of sound or pressure and then everything goes dead. I don't


think we've got enough information at this point, which is why we so


desperately need the recorders, to know what happens. We don't know


whether there was a fire started by sabotage or whether it was a


straightforward electrical faults caused by maintenance, and oversight


of maintenance, or design. It's been discovered now within a


fortnight. The race is on to retrieve it from the sea bed, a long


way down. Is there a risk that this data recorder might have nothing on


it? The very same risk, but we've got


some pretty good information which suggests there is a good chance


it'll be working because the same team, the French investigation team,


back in 2009 started searching for thousand metres down in the South


Atlantic for the Air France aircraft that went missing. It took them two


years to find both the flight recorders and they both worked


completely. So, not only does this prove two things. First, they are


extremely good at finding these things. Secondly, they are quite


likely to tell us a lot. Do the electronics need to be dried


out, or is it in a watertight Capshaw which means once you've


retrieved it you can get that information?


-- capsule. It depends how much damage was done,


impact with is not much more gentle than impacting the surface of the


Earth. High-speed water is very, very hard. But they shouldn't need


drying out. If they do need trying out, they cancel be made to work.


It's quite remarkable what agencies like the EEA can find out.


Thus far, we have only found this more body parts and luggage, but not


the main fuselage of this aircraft. Would that be intact?


Well, we don't know. This is the thing, it's amazing how little we


know. I have a suspicion that more is known by the Egyptian authorities


than there are inclined to release at the moment. They haven't released


anything, for example, about the spread of the wreckage on the


surface. If the aircraft breaks up in the sky because of sabotage, the


wreckage is spread very widely and it's a good early indicator. But


they haven't said anything about how the wreckage that they have found


has been spread. I think they know more than they're saying.


Thank you for joining us. The University of California's Los


Angeles campus is on lockdown, Police are searching


university buildings, We don't know whether those victims


have been shot dead or injured. It is a large campus just outside Los


Angeles. Joining me now with more on this


story is our correspondent What is the latest information?


We first heard reports about one hour ago that there have been a


shooting at his university campus just to the west of the city of Los


Angeles. At this stage, we don't know a great deal of concrete


information. There were reports that two people had been injured although


I spoke to the LAPD about 20 minutes ago and they said they could not


confirm those reports. That doesn't necessarily mean that they're not


true. A spokesman at the scene may have been talking to local media.


Just to exercise some caution, we have heard reports that two people


may be "Down". We don't know whether that means they have been killed or


injured. What we do know is that the police are swarming around this


building. There has been a major response to this report of an active


shooter at the scene and authorities have responded very quickly. The


campus is in lockdown and people have been told to get to safety and


lock the door, do the usual things that people are told to do in


situations like this. At the moment, we have relatively little concrete


information on whether there is one shooter or more than one shooter.


Or, indeed, whether people have been injured.


There is always that campus alert system. We have heard a game that


police are telling everyone on campus to lock themselves inside


their rooms. -- heard the game. We believe this happened outside and


engineering campus. It is a big campus, tens of thousands of


students. There are 43,000 students studying


at the moment. It's a major international campus, a lots of


overseas students come to Los Angeles to study at UCLA. This is


happening close to the engineering building, we are told. But there are


many different disciplines. There is a large Medical School at UCLA. It


is a very densely populated area. It is somewhere between the city of Los


Angeles and Santa Monica which is on the coast. If you had West out of


Los Angeles, this is in the city of westward on the way to the coast. It


is a relatively small campus in that it is a concentrated area, lots of


winding roads around the campus to get to the various buildings. It is


really the major part of Westwood, the city revolves around the


university in this part of town. You can only imagine the chaos of the


police attention is causing today. Thank you very much.


Authorities in Thailand have discovered 40 dead tiger cubs


in a freezer during a raid on a temple accused of alleged


The temple is in Kanchanaburi province, to the west of Bangkok.


Known in English as "Tiger Temple", it had been suspected


Animal activists have long campaigned for its closure.


The gruesome discovery came during the ongoing operation


to remove more than 130 live tigers from the site.


A warning - the following report contains images which may


It was a raid to remove live tigers from a suspected animal trafficking


operation in Thailand's Kanchanabury province.


The last thing authorities expected was this shocking discovery.


Lined up, one by one, the 40 dead tiger cubs.


Some are believed to be just one or two days old.


They were found in a freezer at Tiger Temple on Wednesday.


TRANSLATION: We were told there are some remains of tiger


cubs in the freezer, so be asked to see them.


We found 40 dead cubs, horns, antlers


Tiger Temple has long been a tourist destination, making millions of


But 2001, authorities have been locked in a battle with those


who run the temple after allegations of wildlife trafficking


There's a question and a debate to have about how animals should be


kept in captivity and how they should be kept around tourists


But if this is being used as a facade for an illegal


trafficking business then that's very troubling.


The monks behind Tiger Temple have denied any wrongdoing.


A statement on their Facebook page says...


What is clear is that this once popular tourist attraction


faces a long road ahead, starting with the removal of the


remaining live tigers before authorities consider potential


It's the world's longest and deepest rail tunnel under the Swiss Alps,


and today it officially opened after almost two decades


Officials say the 35-mile Gotthard tunnel, a high-speed


link between northern and southern Europe,


will revolutionise freight transport, taking a million lorries


Today is the culmination of 20 years of hard graft.


The Swiss have been digging, blasting out enough rock to build


six Egyptian pyramids, all to provide a high speed rail link


through what are sometimes called Europe's biggest


through what are sometimes called Europe's biggest trade


Whether it's Italian olive oil going north,


or Scottish whisky going south, Europe's goods have got to get


In the middle ages, they were dragged up here by mule


Even today, much of Europe's freight relies on 19th-century railway


Until now, over 1 million heavy lorries a year have been


valleys with traffic, putting the fragile alpine


We have on biodiversity, every year, a loss of flora and fauna.


It's all a part of our policy that we have to protect not only


the atmosphere but also the Alpine region.


During test runs, trains have reached speeds of over 150 mph.


It will be hugely important to Europe's economy.


Hundreds of freight trains a day are expected to use it.


But it came with a hefty price tag for Switzerland.


At the Swiss believe if the new tunnel protects


the alpine environment, it will all have been worth it.


With me is Martin Knights, managing director of an international


You were there when the tunnel part was complete. The actual tunnelling


was done under 20 years? The hole in the ground was finished


in 2010. They spent the last six years kitting it out with railway


lines and safety equipment. It took just over ten years in a tunnelling


construction using four tunnel boring machines.


And that is pretty fast? Some of the rates of progress were


up to about 55 metres in one day. Generally, we are talking about 20


metres a day. That is 40 minutes a day if you are going in off the


directions. -- 40 metres a day. Excavating all the Rock, where does


that go? What the machine does is it churns


up the rock and then takes it to the back of the machine by conveyor out


onto a railway system which goes out into the open. There is lots of cut


and fill in order to form a high-speed railway anywhere. All


that is generally needed for recycling on the job.


The Swiss had a referendum on this, didn't they?


They voted 84% in favour in 1994 because there was so much freight


traffic going through Switzerland on lorries. It was going between


Germany and Scandinavia perhaps. They voted for environmental reasons


and safety reasons in order to have something which was safer and


quicker. Switzerland is not a member of the


EU. It is not part of the trading agreement. Is this part of a


pan-European network? It is. There are two other tunnel is


now being planned between cheering and Leon -- Turin and Lyon. They are


now creating eastern and western Europe links. All to facilitate


trade. A bit like a modern-day silk Road.


Are there other projects internationally? Doesn't China want


some kind of tunnel would tie one? Absolutely. That is 150 kilometres.


It is stretching it, but the technology is there. The Norwegians


are also thinking about it. The technology has grown and the funding


is there. Everyone is behind these large tunnels.


Briefly, it's only for trains? Yes, trains only.


A 30-year-old man, believed to be one of the UK's


worst child abusers, is being sentenced


Richard Huckle has admitted 71 offences that he committed


His victims were aged between six months and 12 years old.


Richard Huckle sought out children in the poorest


But it's also the way he got close to this girl,


He took videos of me naked, and I told him I wanted


I didn't realise what he was doing because I was only three years old.


I don't want him to come back to Malaysia.


He targeted the vulnerable, getting to know them.


Staying in the slums for days on end.


Huckle was often at this woman's home.


But she says when her granddaughter was just 12,


To charities and orphanages where he helped out and targeted children.


That day he brought one of his victims.


But all too often it was a prelude to rape and abuse.


Tens of thousands of images and videos.


He then posted them in secret forums on the so-called "dark web".


Huckle also wrote a self-help guide for other would-be abusers,


It's not often that you get intimate access inside a police sting...


He was finally identified by police in Australia.


In one of the biggest ever investigations into sex offenders


Paul Griffiths is a former British detectives, now


How great a danger did he posed to children?


If he hadn't been arrested, if he hadn't have been


taken out of circulation, he would still be offending


He certainly struck me as the kind of person who would make


If he have the opportunity to offend against a child,


Huckle's victims are left traumatised.


Abused by a man who said he'd come to help them.


He used his face to seek them out and then betray them.


And update on the shooting at UCLA campus in Los Angeles. Police are


now confirming two victims at that shooting. The shooter is still at


large, according to police. SWAT teams are flooding the campus which


has tens of thousands of students just to the west of Los Angeles


itself. There are some reports suggesting this happened outside the


engineering building at the campus. The campus alert system has been


activated with police telling everyone to lock themselves inside


their rooms. One report describes the shooter as a white male around


six foot tall wearing a black jacket and black trousers. A lots of police


activity, as you can see. The campus is in lockdown. Police confirmed two


death in that shooting incident which still appears to be going on.


A young woman teacher who was set on fire by a group of men


The hospital where Maria Sadaqat died says 85% of her body


was burnt and she died of multiple organ failure.


Her aunt said she was attacked for refusing a man's


TRANSLATION: The girl was very intelligent.


The man's family sent in the proposal, but he was already


The goal's father rejected the proposal.


The man's family got angry and did this.


The BBC Urdu's reporter, Iram Abbasi, was at


when Maria's body was handed to her family.


The autopsy was conducted here in a local hospital,


40 kilometres away from the capital city of Islamabad.


There is a lot of anger and panic among the family and villagers.


Half of the villages or family members were gathered outside


the hospital when the autopsy was taking place.


Now that the procedure is done, the family is taking Maria's dead


When I spoke to his father, he told me that the incident


He alleges that a group of five men barged into their house,


locked Maria in the room and beat her up after she refused


According to him, after torching Maria, they took her to a ditch


and doused her in kerosene oil and set her on fire.


According to police, a case has been registered


The investigation is still undergoing.


French investigators have confirmed that one of their naval


vessels has detected signals from one of two flight recorders


belonging to the EgyptAir plane, which crashed last month


They say the signals had been picked up from the seabed


The Airbus 320, with 66 people on board,


came down two weeks ago during a flight from Paris to Cairo.


It vanished from Greek and Egyptian radar screens,


apparently without having sent a distress call.


Now, she's one of the most recognisable faces of the last


century and would have celebrated her 90th


A Hollywood actress and one of the most famous pin-up


Have you guessed who I'm talking about yet?


Marilyn Munro, who would have been 90.


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