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The Headlines: Paris on high alert with the flood waters


of the River Seine due to peak in the coming hours.


The basements of two of Paris's world famous art galleries


are cleared as the River Seine rises to dangerous levels.


Nice work if you can get it - a Fifa investigation shows how


former President Sepp Blatter and two other senior officials


awarded themselves $80 million in bonuses over five years.


With some migrant routes closed, other - more dangerous ones - open.


The bodies of nearly 120 people are recovered


And reunited - the codebreakers who changed the course of World War II.


With the River Seine rising by the hour, Paris


is in emergency mode - the river at its highest


Fear of flooding has led to the closure of two of the city's


most famous museums, the Louvre and the Musee D'Orsay.


Staff are moving priceless artworks from basements to the safety


Flooding has affected swathes of France and Germany with a dozen


deaths reported and widespread disruption to transport and power.


This statue measures the height of the Seine. Brazilians measure how


high it has caused -- pregames measure how high it has risen. It


usually reaches his toes, but now it has reached almost his face. It is


crazy. It has started to be very dangerous in some places. The water


is everywhere. The Government is declaring a state of natural


disaster in flooded areas outside of Paris. Rescuers have moved more than


20,000 people from their homes. This week, we found a town cut into. The


only way across is by canoe. Or tractor. Floodwaters from some zones


flood towards the capital. You can see why Paris is worried. The Seine


has riven dramatically. The museum invited us to see its


emergency measures. It has stopped tourist from coming and moved these


boxes of antiquities from the basements to the ground floor, away


from potential floodwater. The Mona Lisa herself lives safely on the


first floor. The city now waits to see if the waters will receive. For


years, France was concerned about its economy going under. Now it has


the same worry about its capital. Well, joining me via Skype,


from the banks of the Seine in Paris, is local resident Walid


Haddad. I can see that you are indeed on the


banks of a very flooded looking river San. Tell me what it's like.


It is quite impressive, as you can see, because normally this space


near the trees is one of the major roads, one of the major access which


goes from the West to the east of Paris. Now it is completely flooded.


Generally, it happens every year, sometimes the roads are closed. But


I personally never saw this before and I guess an entire generation


never saw that because you are actually almost reaching the panels,


as you can see top for me, the principal attraction of Paris, those


two last days is the Seine and is not the Eiffel Tower.


We are reading reports that even at the centre, the water is getting


into basements. Yes, exactly. As you can see, Paris has some parts which


are... Many people live across the river, many people live in boats.


Those guys are already quite in trouble. Many people, those


buildings, they live across the Seine. They are starting to be


worried about their basements. Lots of Parisi buildings have basements.


Shame, we seem to have lost that picture. A local resident in Paris


joining us from what was very obviously the banks of a very


flooded Seine, just giving us his update of what he is experiencing in


the city, saying he has never seen the water level quite so high.


Iraqi troops are spacing heavy resistance from Islamic State


fighters as they try to fight their way towards the Legion. More than


1000 members of the Iraqi forces have been wounded since the start of


the operation, and the military have become increasingly reliant on air


power. The BBC has been given rare and exclusive access to the Iraqi


army's aviation wings over the loser.


This is what the war in Iraq looks like from above.


We are over a village north of Fallujah.


The Iraqi army have been told their target is


a building where more than 20 fighters from the Islamic State


If they were there, they aren't any more.


For these pilots, the fight to retake Fallujah has been a


24-hour-a-day full-time job and each day it is just getting harder.


There are roughly 50,000 civilians trapped


inside the city and many believe they are being used as human


The pilot on this helicopter told us, from the sky,


it's difficult now to know who is your enemy


For some, this battle is incredibly personal.


Mohammad was in London on


a training course when he heard that IS had taken over his neighbourhood


He couldn't get in touch with his family for four days.


TRANSLATION: I asked my neighbour to sneak into my home,


take our family photos and keep them safe.


He said he couldn't because Isis had already


been inside my house and had written on my walls that they would kill me.


I dropped the bomb that destroyed my house.


Mohammad said he will never return to Falluja, but he will keep


And IS are fighting back with everything they have.


Including anti-aircraft weapons, but this time they missed.


Unharmed, they are asked to help the injured.


The military believes they are facing up to 3000


IS fighters in Falluja, but right now, their biggest concern


TRANSLATION: The most difficult thing is making the distinction


We are taking our time to get it right.


Even if they are family members of an IS fighter,


Falluja cannot be retaken by air strikes alone, but it is an


For now, the city remains riddled with fighting and terrified


Lawyers for Fifa say three former high-ranking officials


including Sepp Blatter, awarded themselves pay rises


and bonuses totalling eighty million dollars between 2011 and 2015.


The evidence will be given to American and Swiss prosecutors


who are investigating corruption within Fifa.


The announcement came on the back of yet another raid on Fifa


Pitch Conway from BBC sport is with me. Fever have called this a


co-ordinated attempt by these men to enrich themselves. Yes, staggering


figures. $80 million over the course of five years. Bonuses paid for


things like the success of a World Cup in South Africa in 2010 or


Brazil in 2014. For the Confederations Cup, the tournament


traditionally played the year before those, things like if all the teams


and games were completed, a winner awarded at the end, basic trigger


payments for these enormous sums of money. What fever's lawyers say,


they have conducted an internal investigation into this, they have


uncovered these secret contracts known to only a few people at the


very top of the organisation. They say that these contracts will now be


handed over to the US and Swiss authorities because some of the


provisions in those contracts,, goes to show the staggering sums of money


that were swilling around at the top end of fever between its leadership


in that period of time. Staggering indeed and talking of lawyers, we


have heard from the US lawyer of Sepp Blatter, the former president


of fever, involved in this scandal. He said that these compensation


payments received where, quote, proper, fair and in line with those


of the heads of other major professional sports leagues. The key


difference in us... He is trying to say on behalf of sent -- Sepp


Blatter, he was not the head of sports organisation, he was head of


fever. Their argument is of a proper levels of compensation for people in


those positions. It is one of those arguments that will be ongoing.


Fever's own lawyers are determined again to show that they are


reformed, that the organisation is serious about cleaning up its act.


Some of those amounts that Sepp Blatter signed off, perhaps are in


breach of Swiss law. That is where it becomes a serious problem and


where Sepp Blatter we will believe will have to answer questions. He is


already the subject of one criminal investigation and it will be


interesting to see how this was authorities view these latest


development. Thank you. It has been a particularly deadly


day for migrants attempting the dangerous crossing


of the Mediterranean. The bodies of at least 100


migrants have washed up Teams have been working to recover


the bodies which are coming ashore in the western Libyan


town of Zuwarah. We've been told that of the 117


victims that were found - According to the Red Cross,


little else is known For those that were washed ashore


on the coast of Libya in the last days, we don't know their country


of origin, although the majority of people that travel


through the Libya route towards Italy do come


from sub-Saharan Africa. But I think, in addition


to the incident that we've on the coast of Libya,


we're also seeing reports of further sinkings and further incidents


off the coast of Crete. So at present we're witnessing


the repeat of an unacceptable tragedy on a scale which we can't


continue to ignore. When I saw indication from my


colleagues of the Libyan Red Cross, having retrieved these bodies,


I myself was quite surprised to see that the larger proportion of people


in Libya were women. However, it's worth noting that


in addition to the bodies that were retrieved from the beaches


yesterday, as part of what Libyan Red Crescent do,


over 100 more bodies were seen at sea today by the Libyan coast


guard, according to reports. So I think at this early stage,


it's not possible to tell whether or not this is some type


of shift, but certainly, regardless, I think it's worth


viewing that these are people who are coming to seek hope,


coming to seek some safety, coming to seek dignity,


and until a change in the factors that cause these people to move,


we're going to continue to see people that are taking the difficult


choice to put themselves into boats It was a luckier outcome


for 340 migrants who have been rescued


off the coast of Crete. A large search operation is underway


to find any other survivors after a boat with hundreds


of migrants on board capsized. Four bodies have been


recovered so far. Most of the survivors are on board


a cargo vessel heading for Italy. It's unclear how many


people were on the boat. Thomas Fessy is in Agias Galinis,


a village in southern Crete. What more can you tell us? Just a


moment ago, a vessel from the Greek coastguard actually adopted here and


they are not allowed to speak to the media, so they couldn't tell us much


more. What they did tell us is that the sea is getting rough and that


the maritime weather forecast could hinder the effort. Just over 100


kilometres off the coast behind me. It has been a huge operation all


day, involving the Greek, the Italians, the Egyptian coast guards.


We are talking about patrol boats, but also helicopters, planes, and


what we know is that, crucial to this operation, has been the


presence of commercial ships, in the vicinity of the sinking. We


understand that a Norwegian gas tanker, a Norwegian owned gas tanker


was the closest and therefore the fastest to get to the scene, rescued


over 200 survivors and it is heading to Italy. Others are now on their


way to Malta or Turkey and Egypt. Obviously, the main question tonight


is, how many more? Is it dozens or hundreds or any at all that are


still to be rescued out there in the sea? We still don't know exactly how


many were on board and where they were headed to. Yes, exactly. We


don't know where they were coming from for a start and we don't know


where they were headed to. We don't know how many were on board. The


International organisation for migration says that the kind of


boats that were described as a large shipping boat could carry up to 700


people, but obviously this is speculation. We don't know how many


were on that boat. Hundreds for sure, but how many more have yet to


be rescued, remains a question. Where were they going? That is


another question. It is quite unusual to see migrant boats sinking


off the coast of Crete, but just in the last week we have seen a group


of a hundred Afghans landing. Whether it is more than flimsy


boats, carried away in the currents as they were trying for a much


longer journey and to the Italian coast, that is more likely. But we


don't know. Good to talk to you. Despite the many obstacles put


in their way, Europe's migrants are still travelling


through the Balkans. The deal between Turkey


and the EU was meant to close down the most popular -


and one of the most dangerous - routes used


by people-smugglers across the sea. But it's been quickly replaced


by others across land borders. Our correspondent Nick Thorpe


travelled to Bulgaria's capital Sofia and Vidin,


in the north-west, to explain why the country's become significant


for people trying Bulgaria's capital has become


an important staging post on the migrant route to Western


Europe. That's because the sea route


between Turkey and Greece has been largely closed down


and because the smugglers, who get people across even


the most fortified border, The migrants gather around


the Lions Bridge near the centre of Sofia, looking for the driver


who will get them to Serbia, We jump out the car


and walk in the jungle From there, you go back to Serbia


and the Serbian police catch us From Sofia, we journeyed


to northwest Bulgaria, to the city of Vidin,


a region of high One man agreed to speak,


but only on the phone. We have no way of verifying his


claims, but he told me there are around seven gangs


operating in Bulgaria. Last year, they smuggled


more than 60,000 people, and that he alone made 200,000 euros


in just three months. The magnificent Danube River in


Vidin points the way up into Europe. Smugglers keep migrants in abandoned


buildings, then direct them at night to others waiting


on the Serbian side. You won't find any migrants here,


the smuggler told me, In the Soviet era, borders


like these were kept Nowadays, the watchtowers


are abandoned. There are no border police around


and it's a perfect place for migrants to just walk


across the fields into Serbia. Back in Sofia, officials admit


the way out is less policed It will be very difficult to bring


the numbers any further down because organised crime over


the past several years now has These borders are very


long, there are forests, Like other transit routes, Bulgaria


has its dangers for migrants. Only the fittest or the


luckiest get through. The most vulnerable,


those most in need of Six days after he went missing


in a mountainous region of northern Japan, seven-year-old


Yamato Tanooka has been reunited He was found in an army training


base about four kilometres from the roadside in northern Japan


where his parents had left him It was a manhunt which involved


more than 200 soldiers, Seven-year-old Yamato Tanooka


was abandoned by his parents last Saturday in a densely forested area


on the northern island of Hokkaido. It was a punishment for throwing


stones at people and cars. Nearly a week later, just as many


people were starting to give up, He had managed to walk


to a military training base, TRANSLATION: One of our soldiers


was preparing for drills and unlocked the door


of a building, and there he was. When he asked, "Are you


Yamato?," the boy said yes. For Yamato's father, it had been


an agonising week, worrying about his son while being criticised


for what many saw as a punishment TRANSLATION: My excessive behaviour


caused such pain to my son. I deeply apologise for the burden


caused to the people involved in the search, and


the school faculty. With many accusing the parents


of neglect or even child abuse, the police may take


action against them. But for now, it is a happy ending


that not many had expected. The World War Two code


breakers of Bletchley Park, just outside London,


are rightly famous for But they also broke the Lorenz


cypher, known as Today the surviving team members,


many in their 90's have reunited -- Today the surviving team members,


many in their 90s, have reunited at the National Museum of Computing


for a re-enactment of how Hitler and his generals thought


their codes were unbreakable. Top secret signals encrypted


using Enigma machines were routinely deciphered at Bletchley Park,


but there was another German code, even more secret, known as Lorenz,


and that too was Today, wartime veterans reassembled


at the National Museum of Computing, where, for the first time,


all the equipment needed to encrypt and decrypt the signals has


been brought together. There is a teleprinter used


by the Germans for typing in the original message,


picked up for a tenner on eBay. There is a Lorenz cypher machine,


on loan from a museum in Norway, with its 12 wheels used


for encrypting messages. And there is a reconstruction


of the machine they built here, known as a tunny, which mimicked


the working of the Lorenz, Much of the work was done by Wrens,


who had little idea of the time of the significance


of what they were doing. Well, we realise we were working


codes, you had to be a fool not to realise,


but we weren't told very much. We certainly didn't know


we were working Hitler's codes Irene, like these Wrens,


worked on Colossus, arguably Colossus machines worked out


the Lorenz cypher's machine settings It took weeks by hand, but then


there were 1.6 million billion It is fascinating to think that this


is the world's first This building links the history


of the code breaking work And the pioneers that built


these machines weren't computer scientists -


the term hadn't been invented, but Post Office telephone


engineers, using standard The river Seine is that it has level


for 35 years, and fear of flooding has led to the closure of two of the


city's most famous museums, the Louvre and the new CD your say.


But for now, from me and the rest of the team, goodbye.


Hello. Friday was about a continuation of the themes we have


seen played out across the British Isles so far this week in that


western areas so the bulk of the sunshine and therefore the highest


of the temperatures. It was pretty cloudy yet again across eastern and


northern areas. Overnight, certainly England and Wales get


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