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Donald Trump sacks his controversial campaign manager.


Corey Lewandowski was by Mr Trump's side from the start -


why was he dropped at such a critical point?


Authorities in Florida release details of conversations they had


with the Orlando gunman during his attack on a nightclub.


Also coming up, the UK parliament pays tribute to the MP Jo Cox,


who was killed in her constituency last week.


Just three days left before the UK votes to decide whether or not


The US Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, has dropped


Corey Lewandowski had been working for Mr Trump ever


since the wealthy New York developer began his White House


The exact reason for his departure isn't clear yet.


But a spokesman for Mr Trump's campaign said they were grateful


for his "hard work and dedication" and "wished him


The decision comes as Mr Trump faces strong resistance from senior


members in his own party over his strident tone


Let's get more from our correspondent in Washington,


What does this say about the direction the campaign is taking? On


the one hand, it is not unusual to have people that are very involved


in one phase of the campaign to have a lesser role when you move to a new


phase, which is the general election. It is a bit unusual for


this very abrupt notice that Corey Lewandowski has been fired as he was


so close to Donald Trump and he has come to his defence many times in


the past. But what we have seen is that as Donald Trump was trying to


make this transition from the primary is to the general election


where you have to court the party, get more donors, face Hilary Clinton


's world machine, this approach that Lewandowski was operating from was


not appropriate. He brought in advisers to help him make that shift


and there was a power struggle within the campaign that was making


it quite dysfunctional and then in the last week the campaign had a


really bad week. Trump made a number of statements that saw his figures


dropping the polls. His own family members are involved in the campaign


and they came to him and said you have to get rid of Corey Lewandowski


and focus on the new advisers that are going to get us through the


general election. It is the most public admission so far from Donald


Trump at his campaign was in trouble and that he is trying to move


towards a more conventional campaign. Briefly, tell us more


about Corey Lewandowski and his more memorable moments during his time


with Donald Trump. He has always been a controversial figure. Quite


an aggressive approach, at one point he was charged with mild battery for


grabbing onto a female correspondent, although those


charges were dropped later. He was able to push Donald Trump forward


but at the same time, he made a lot of enemies and he has just been on


television now defending himself. He said that he was proud of his work


in the primaries and achieving what I been achieved and he would still


be supporting Donald Trump and downplayed all the criticism and


speculation. He said this was a transition in the campaign and it


was natural for the focus to go elsewhere. Staying in the United


States. Transcripts of phone calls have been


released between police and the Orlando gunman Omar Mateen


who killed 49 people in a nightclub. Mateen spoke in Arabic and called


himself an Islamic soldier. The FBI said he had spoken


in a chilling, calm manner and appeared to have been


radicalised within together in its grief, more


information is coming to light about the horrific events that led to so


much loss of life at the nightclub. The night of the attack, it is now


known police were negotiating for nearly half an hour over three


different phone calls with the killer. Omar Mateen. The FBI has


released partial transcript of those calls. He identifies himself as an


Islamic soldier, saying America had to stop bombing Iraq and Syria. As


one battered one point, you says he has a suicide vest and threatens to


detonate explosives in a vehicle outside the club. Not releasing the


audio but I can tell you that while the killer made these murderous


statements, he did so in a chilling, calm and deliberate manner. The FBI


says it is still looking into the motives of the killer, including


issues surrounding his mental health, his own sexual orientation


and the means by which he may have been radicalised.


The husband and two young children of the murdered British MP, Jo Cox,


were invited to the British parliament on Monday to hear


tributes to her from a packed House of Commons, which had been recalled


On her empty seat on the famous green benches - two roses -


a red one representing the Labour party and a white one for her home


Our Deputy Political Editor, John Pienaar, was there.


Two roses - white for Yorkshire and Labour red either side.


For a single unforgettable hour, Parliament was no place


One young MP's shocking death had moved many.


With a rose on every chest, MPs high and low hoped that Jo Cox


would leave a better politics behind.


We need a kinder and gentler politics.


We all have a responsibility in this House and beyond not to whip up


David Cameron caught the mood, too.


Most politicians try to improve lives.


Jo Cox and her work for refugees had saved them.


A passionate and brilliant campaigner whose grit


and determination to fight for justice saw her time and time


again driving issues up the agenda and making people listen,


Quite simply, there are people on our planet today only


But it was the closest friends who hit home.


I remember worrying I had drunk too much wine earlier in the evening


when I remembered it was the boat that was swaying and not me!


To combat and guard against hatred, intolerance and injustice.


To serve others with dignity and love.


And that's the best way we can remember her and all she stood for.


Her constituency will go on to elect a new MP but no-one


And this was a loss felt across party lines.


A Conservative not widely thought of as soft-centred


Making common cause with a crusty old Tory, she and I became co-chairs


There was just one moment more political.


Another friend voiced what he believed would be Jo Cox's


feeling about the Ukip anti-mass-migration poster.


She would have responded with outrage and about the calculated


narrative of cynicism and despair that it represents,


because she understood that rhetoric has consequences.


And when insecurity, fear and anger are used to light a fuse,


Perhaps most moving, an MP who was another


Children are being killed on their way to school.


One in three children have grown up knowing nothing but fear and war.


Those children have been exposed to things nobody should witness


and I know I would risk life and limb to get my


Applause is against the rules but they did it anyway.


Every eye on Jo Cox's two children and her family who had watched it


Afterwards, in Parliament Square, her parents, Gordon and Jean,


The man charged with murdering Jo Cox, Thomas Mair,


appeared before a judge at the Old Bailey in London


on Monday, via videolink from the top security


Belmarsh prison. The 52-year-old was


He is charged murder, grievous bodily harm and possession


He is due to appear before the same court for a preliminary


After a pause in campaigning ahead of Thursday's EU referendum,


following the death of Jo Cox, both sides have been back out


Ukip leader, Nigel Farage, accused Prime Minister David Cameron


and Chancellor George Osborne of implying that there was a link


between the killing of the MP and the Leave campaign.


Mr Farage said there was a "clear implication" from their remarks


that the Leave campaign was responsible for creating


Here's our political correspondent Alex Forsyth.


A loss that left a country numb, an event so awful, it forced a pause


Both sides called for more respect, left venom.


But as the tributes keep coming, so too did the accusations.


The political truce set aside, with one figure claiming rivals


are making political capital out of tragedy.


The Remain camp are using awful circumstances to try to say


that the motives of one deranged, dangerous individual was similar


of half the country, perhaps more, who believe we should leave the EU.


Provoking reaction is no rare thing for Nigel Farage.


This, the poster about immigration that caused such controversy.


His latest accusations have been flatly denied by the Remain campaign


and called for some, the tone for those arguing


for Leave, for them to rethink and back Remain.


Unfortunately, those of us at the outset with that very clear,


inclusive, moderate vision for Brexit have, over


time, been taken over by a message which is


divisive, inward-looking, xenophobic.


Unfortunately, it is creating deep divide and hate on our streets.


The official Leave campaign maintains its message


Today, invoking past battles for Britain, making


the case of sovreignty with Second World War servicemen.


We welcome them, we would love to have a union but built


on a proper structure, not pencil pushers and


This is a very different fight from the ones these veterans knew


but the country's future is still on the line


and with so much at stake, Leave campaigners say it is no time


The public voicing their concerns and anxieties around not


being in control of our immigration policy, about the impact


of immigration on our public services and it is right that


politicians of the day find the right ways in which to


How does that make you feel when you are being accused


as a campaigner of sowing the seeds of division and hatred?


Well, that is not the situation or the position of Vote Leave.


We have been clear during this campaign in terms of the case


we have been making to the British public.


Our case is about democracy, taking back control,


when it comes to decision-making, away from those institutions


of the European Union and putting power back in the hands


The campaign teams know that with just a few days to go,


there is a limit to the impact facts and figures will have.


They are now appealing to emotion, to people's sense of national


identity, to what they see as the UK's place in the world


and that is why the tone is so important.


And as this turbulent campaign takes off again for its crucial,


final push, some fear of what has been said by both sides


would be forgotten, even after Thursday's vote.


British Prime Minister David Cameron has told the BBC he won't hold back


He insisted he'd fought a positive campaign, despite


On the campaign trail on Monday, he said he didn't want to wake up


on Friday having not warned people of the risks, as our Political


It's easier to get around when police motorbikes clear the way.


But the Prime Minister's path has not been as smooth


It's a race helped by some Labour faces.


Does he have any time he can repeat the mantras?


I think we put a very clear argument, a positive argument


There's nothing more positive than having a strong


economy and more jobs, and that's the heart of our case.


But has it been positive to tell pensioners they might


To say that the leader of so-called Islamic State would be happy


if we used our democratic right to leave?


I don't want to be the Prime Minister who wakes up on 24th June,


having not warned people of the risks of leaving


Do you think this debate has gone too far?


You've been calling colleagues liars.


Today we have Nigel Farage accusing you of using the terrible death


I would defend the points I've made about the Leave campaign's leaflets


because I'm very concerned people are being asked to leave


the European Union and the single market, costing jobs,


and they are being asked to do that on the basis of some


He is not so keen to sell you a car but very keen to sell


you the single market, with this going from one factory,


to another, to another, and then going around the Continent.


The question you are being asked, stay or go, is not just


Even in the EU, we can't put a cap on immigration.


But we can make sure people are free to go and work in France, Germany,


Italy, and EU nationals are able to come and work here,


If people come here and can't support themselves, we can ask


But it is true to say if somebody doesn't break the law


and they are not making a claim on the state,


they can come here in as many numbers as they want


from the EU, we cannot limit it?


There are 2 million Britons who live abroad and whose


If Europeans want to come and live here, they can.


And let's celebrate that there are 50,000 EU nationals working


Do you wish you had made a more positive case for immigration?


I feel we have made a positive case for our country being in.


This last dash is for his future, too.


Every mile and every minute still matters.


This is about our future, our families' futures.


If we walk out of that exit door, there is no way back in.


It is not a decision for five or ten years,


And I am really concerned we get it right.


Our children are old enough to talk about it and Nancy stole some


In badges to take them into school for the In campaign.


But will the results surprise him on Thursday?


Of course we've got lots more on this story online.


Just go to bbc.com/eureferendum or download the BBC News App.


There we've got a special live page with all the latest


minute by minute updates, as well as background features


including one that looks at which European Union country has


the most British people living abroad there.


Now a look at some of the day's other news.


The number of people displaced by conflict is at the highest level


So says the United Nations refugee agency.


In a report to mark World Refugee Day, the agency said


the total is now 65 million people - that's more than the


It's an increase of nearly six million in just one year.


And it means one in every 113 people on the planet is now either


displaced, a refugee or asylum seeker, with half


of all refugees children. In Iraq, the ongoing war


on the so-called Islamic State displaced nearly 3.5 million people.


The battle for Fallujah alone has made at least 80,000 people


Many of these civilians have ended up in camps that lack basic


necessities like drinking water, electricity and sewerage.


Several camps have been subject to disease outbreaks in the past


like measles and cholera due to poor hygiene conditions.


The BBC's Ahmed Maher visited one camp in Baghdad


We are here in a camp for internally displaced Iraqis in southern


Baghdad. They escaped fighting, escaped with their lives and they


ended up in such tents and camps and they suffering is continuing because


of the shortage of food supplies, ranking water and medicine. Today in


Iraq there are more than 3 million people who have been displaced from


their homes in four main provinces. This man has lost his home. He


sought refuge two years ago in this tent along with his wife and their


six children. TRANSLATION:


We used to have a big house and a farm, with cattle and sheep but now


we have nothing. This is our future. Who can live like this? The United


Nations marks the world refugee Day through a concert by the Iraqi


musician. TRANSLATION:


We are here to send a message that anyone can be displaced from his or


her house because of the war and at any time, anyone, you and I, we


should feel more for the refugees. These children were leading normal


lives in their homes before being forced to flee for their lives with


their families. Today they are having a miserable living conditions


here in one of the camps for the displaced people and the refugees in


Iraq. At least 24 people have


died in separate bomb 14 Nepalese security guards


were killed in the capital, Kabul, when a suicide bomber


targeted their minibus. Hours later at least ten people died


in the northern province of Badakhshan when the main market


in Kishm was hit The spiritual leader


of Bahrain's Shia Muslim majority community has been stripped


of his citizenship, The Interior Ministry alleged


that the cleric, Sheikh Isa Qassim had promoted sectarianism and served


"foreign interests" - Campaigners for relatives of those


on the missing fight have released photos of personal effects. They


want the families to study the items to see if they recognise them. The


belongings include backpacks and purses. Experts warned they may be


nothing to do with the missing plane.


The Russian born actor, Anton Yelchin, best known


for playing Chekov in the recent Star Trek films has been


killed in a freak accident at his home in Los Angeles.


Police say Yelchin, who was 27, became pinned against a wall


when his car rolled towards him on his steep driveway.


2015 was the "most dangerous year on record" for people


around the world trying to protect their land


That's the conclusion of a new report from the campaign


It says Brazil was particularly badly affected, with at least 50


people killed protecting forests and land from illegal


From the Amazon, Wyre Davies reports.


Brazil's indigenous tribes are as diverse as they are numerous.


One thing they have in common today, perhaps above all else,


is the relentless, insatiable pressure on their land


The Ka'apor people of the eastern Amazon are fewer


The jungle is their home, source of food and they have minimal


But their lives and lands are under constant threat.


"This is our land and we will fight to defend it,"


says village chief Osmar Ka'apor, as the tribal council meets


Since 2008, six Ka'apor leaders have been killed for trying


to protect their land from illegal loggers and miners.


For the Ka'apor, maintaining a traditional way of life,


living in and off the forest, is what their existence is all about.


They are prepared to defend this at all costs.


But it puts them in direct conflict with others from the outside,


who want access to the Amazon's precious resources as well.


More than 5000 square kilometres of the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest


80% of that is thought to be illegally cut and exported timber.


Brazil's environmental agencies are fighting back


but they are often up against powerful and corrupt


TRANSLATION: We are facing a situation of organised crime,


well structured and supported by people with money,


using poor people to do their dirty work.


A new report says that at least 50 environmental defenders,


indigenous leaders and rural campaigners, were murdered


The perpetrators are rarely, if ever, caught.


The men who shot Dona Marina's husband have never been arrested.


She says everyone knows who they are.


A broken cross marks where Raimundo fell.


The family have since fled their home and their land.


"My life has no value now. Nothing," says Dona Marina.


"My husband was threatened day and night but refused


"I wanted to stay where he died but my son would not let me."


While threats and intimidation have forced some communities


to give up the struggle, it is not an option for the Ka'apor.


Small in number, with their own language and traditions,


this is more than a fight for their land.


If you want to get in touch with us here at BBC World News,


From me and the rest of the team, goodbye.


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