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This is BBC World News Today with me, Ben Bland.


The headlines: Turkey's government says Islamic State group


are to blame for the attack on Istanbul's airport.


41 people died more than 200 were injured.


Walked around the corner into the main terminal,


just a sea of people screaming, running, tripping, police


I'm Ros Atkins live in Brussels where 27 EU leaders have


held their first summit without the UK for


As the Brexit fallout continues, opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn


continues to feel the squeeze from his own party


It might be in my party's interest for him to sit there, but it's not


The number of dead and injured has been rising by the hour in Istanbul


after terror returned to Turkey with a vengeance last night.


The country, already reeling from a series of bloody attacks


in the past 12 months, once again targeted by


The location - Istanbul's Ataturk Airport, Europe's third largest


The latest casualty figures - 41 dead, 239 injured.


Let's show you where exactly this took place.


Three suicide bombers carried out the attack just


A warning - there are distressing images from the start of this report


from our security correspondent, Frank Gardner.


Europe's third busiest airport, late evening.


Passengers rushed through Istanbul's international terminal,


Here, an attacker is caught by CCTV, floored by shots from


Wounded, he drops his rifle and it slides across the floor.


The policeman approaches him, then spots his suicide belt


and runs, just before the gunman detonates the device.


Dozens were killed, many more wounded, taken to nearby hospitals.


A coordinated attack on one of the world's busiest hubs,


As soon as we came out, we really saw the full extent of it.


Lawrence Cameron landed on a flight from Latvia


As he walked through the arrivals area, the horror became clear.


I walked around the corner, into the main terminal,


and just a sea of people screaming, running, tripping, police


I started taking a few pictures but then the police started pushing


us back into the back of the terminal and it became clear


that something nasty had happened and this was not a drill or a hoax


They worked through the night to repair the area, windows


shattered, ceilings destroyed by automatic gunfire


A futile attempt to return to normality.


The airport reopened quickly and attempts to reassure passengers,


but this is a profoundly shaken country, Turkey's image once again


And with the wave of bombings across Turkey showing no signs


of abating, there will be big questions about how


to increase security at the most vulnerable points.


The three attackers were driven in by taxi, the car not checked


There were worries it was a soft target.


The government says all signs point to the Islamic State group,


the latest in a spate of attacks by IS cells here.


At the hospital, emotional scenes as families fought


between themselves, a desperate search for who was to blame.


Others waited for news of loved ones caught up in a situation


The first now being laid to rest, passengers, police, airport staff,


lives ripped apart in a country that once felt safe.


The BBC's Richard Galpin is at Ataturk Airport.


The latest line we are hearing is this from the Prime Minister saying


one suicide bomber blew himself up in two others got inside. What are


you hearing from your end? That is what we understand, that at least


two people involved were able to get inside the building. They opened


fire, they had automatic weapons with them and at least one of them,


possibly two, detonated their bombs inside the building and a few yards


away from here, you can see the damage caused by the debtor nation


about suicide bomb this time yesterday. What is intriguing is


that there are now more and more people using this airport, arriving


and leaving. It's quite busy. I was looking around the area. People are


coming through, it is bordered off, greeted by relatives and friends, it


feels reasonably normal, the cafes are open, a lot of people are around


using the separate again. That is an encouraging sign. Is there any sign


that security has been stepped up the? Yes, there is a visible


security presence here. We have seen a lot of policemen wandering along,


some carrying automatic weapons pistols. Police motorbikes as well.


Security has been stepped up. You would expect that. This was a very


serious attack. This is the worst attacks so far this year with 41


people killed. We have details on the nationalities of those killed.


The vast majority Turkish but there are also a lot of people from the


Middle East, one from Teheran and one from Ukraine and one from China.


This is one of the busiest airports in the region. Have you spoken to


any people travelling through it about whether they had any


hesitation about going ahead with their travel plans? People certainly


seem to be relaxed actually. It does feel a very normal atmosphere. There


are large numbers pouring in and out by the time. It seems people are


willing... I am sure people will be aware of what has happened, and you


can see it clearly, shattered glass and these are areas that have been


boarded up, but people I tried to get on as normal and take the


flights they need to to get where they need to get to.


US President Barrack Obama has just spoken about the attack in Istanbul,


reiterating efforts to defeat terrorist groups.


They will be defeated in Syria, Iraq, there will be on the run where


ever they hide. We will not rest until they have dismantled these


networks that have had an impact on the entire civilised world.


With me now is Cem Isik, the Chief of Mission


I just wonder if you could shed any light on why Turkey is becoming such


a target. This is potentially the fourth attack suspected to be


carried out by EIS this year. The deputy head of mission, actually.


Yes, as you have reported, 41 people have lost their lives than 239 had


been wounded. We are observing a day of mourning. The investigation


continues. The preliminary indications pointers towards Dyas.


Turkey is an active member of the coalition. We have opened up our


airbases and we participate in the coalition. So, this is why Turkey is


a target. You mentioned about the suspicion that Islamic State is


behind this attack. The group has not yet claimed responsibility. What


is it that need to be investigators to believe it could be them? As I


say, investigations are continuing. It would be premature for me to say,


go into operational details, but everything so far to this our


pointers in that direction. We are observing the holy month of Ramadan


and this horrible attack took place against innocent men, women and


children using suicide vests and AK-47 assault rifles. It goes to


show that terrorism does not is respect any values whatsoever,


including religion, and up to nothing. What has Turkey been doing


to address the situation, given the number of attacks? Turkey, it has


declared it a terrorist organisation. It has prescribed it


since 2005 under different names and unfortunately Turkey has to deal


with more than one terrorist organisation at the same time but we


unfortunately for a long time about the deal with. Security is tight.


All reports so far we have seen indicate to a strong security at the


airport but unfortunately this attack did happen and all of this I


believe needs us to once again highlight the importance of


increasing cooperation, the effectiveness of it and to deepen it


in the international community. EU leaders meeting today have told


Britain it cannot expect access to the European single market


without accepting the free Welcome to Brussels. We have had yet


another day of extraordinary events. There have been one after another


ever since the UK chose to lead the EU. Today's have come in the form of


the first high-level meeting in over 40 years which did not feature the


UK, featuring all the other members of the EU who will be left inside


when it leaves. If there was one key message that all the leaders wanted


to communicate to the UK Government, it was that there has any


aspirations of being within the single market, the free trade and


within the EU, once as left the EU, it will need to accept freedom of


movement, freedom of movement the capital, good services and people.


Here is the story of the day. But no British Prime Minister


stepped out of a shiny black car The UK was locked out today


for the first time 40 years. A glaring absence but matched


here by a definite I think it is not about him today,


today is about us. But by him she meant David Cameron,


and by us she meant But the referendum he called


was their focus of debate today. How to deal with the Brexit process


and how to heal the EU with an intentional show of unity


after the UK voted out and the fear When it came to talks of future


trade deals with the UK EU leaders One by one, they ruled out


the possibility that Britain could have good access to the single


market and stop EU migration. There will be no single market


a la cart. President Juncker, will


the UK find an accord There will be no negotiations


without notification. No negotiation without


notification, he said. The EU wants the UK to trigger


formal Brexit talks with them Of course, when the EU leaders


insist there will be no flexibility on a UK deal now,


that does not mean there won't be After all, Brussels is known


as the capital of compromise. The truth is, no one knows,


not the leaders, not No country has ever


left the EU before. Plots, plans and rumours fly around,


but certain is only this, This year, the single market is a


major one for those left within the European Union but another is the


timetable. There is a desire for Britain as quickly as possible to


trigger article 50 and begin the formal process of exiting the


European Union. Late last night inside the European Council, I spoke


to Jean-Claude Juncker. I wanted to talk to him about the timetable and


whether he was frustrated at the pace at which things are happening.


I'm a little bit surprised, not by the fact that the Remain camp


wants to meditate the result the British put into our hands


but that the Leave camp now is asking that they would


If you are advocating the Leave scenario, I would have thought that


you would know exactly what will happen the day after.


OK, the Remain camp has to reflect on this but the Leave camp knew


If they don't know what to do now, that's proof that they didn't


reflect on the consequences of their campaign.


How long will you wait before Britain starts this process?


I mean, David Cameron made it perfectly clear the other day


in London that it's up to the next British Prime Minister to take


the decision on when and how to trigger Article 50.


So we have to wait for the decision of the then British Prime Minister.


If the Prime Minister is coming from the Remain


If the Prime Minister is coming from the Leave camp,


And in terms of free movement, which was one of the biggest issues


of the campaign in the UK, do you think you will be prepared


to cut a deal on trade between the UK and the EU


which doesn't involve the same free movement terms


Expand on that for our viewers, please.


If you are in, you can try to change the rules.


In the framework of the deal we have concluded with David Cameron,


there were indications about how these things could be changed.


Earlier in the European Council, there were leaders giving


simultaneous press conferences in different rooms around the Council


building. One of them was held by Francois Hollande. I was sitting a


few rows back from where he was speaking and he emphasised with the


leaders understand Britain needs a new Prime Minister to oversee this


process but one that has a new leader, they urgently want Britain


to begin the process and they will be patient until September. Beyond


though, they will not be. We will talk about who might take over in a


moment, but there is a question mark over who will lead the Conservatives


and the official opposition, the Labour Party in the long term,


because this huge pressure on Jeremy Corbyn, 80% of his MPs called for


him to go yesterday. He is showing no signs of doing that. Today the


Prime Minister got involved in that campaign.


Look, if he's looking for excuses about why the side he and I were


on about the referendum, frankly he should


And I have to say to the honourable gentleman, he talks about job


insecurity and my two months to go, it may be in my party's interest


for him to sit there, it's not in the national


interests and I would say, for heaven's sake, man, go.


Let's start with the Tories. Today, the nomination process began. Who


has been sending in a job application? The nomination process


was formally opened earlier this evening and the candidates have


until 12 noon tomorrow in the UK to get their nomination papers in. The


first to declare is Stephen Crabb, who was not somebody who may be


exactly a household name around the world of where you are speaking


from. The Work and Pensions Secretary. Relatively new face. But


the Conservative Party, he offers an alternative to the likes of Boris


Johnson and David Cameron. He is from an ordinary working-class


background, brought up on a council estate. He is backed up by the


Business Secretary. He is saying it is time to heal the wounds, put


behind the campaign is to remain or leave the EU, to unite the country


and get on with those all-important negotiations of taking Britain out


of the European Union but also expecting Lee, Liam Fox, expecting


him to throw his hat into billing. The two likely leading contenders


will be Theresa May and Boris Johnson, the former mayor of London,


a leading figure in that campaign to take Britain out of the European


Union. By noon tomorrow, we will know exactly who is there to succeed


David Cameron. This is a contest that will run over the summer and it


will not be until the 9th of September until we know who the next


leader of the Conservative Party is and therefore the next Prime


Minister to take on that very complex and difficult process of


negotiating Brexit. With regards to the opposition Labour Party, the


situation we have is that the majority Members of Parliament on


Jeremy Corbyn to go that he is insisting he has been elected not by


the MPs backed by the membership of the party and is not going anywhere.


We expect a leadership challenge to trigger a leadership contest. Jeremy


Corbyn are saying if there is another leadership contest, he will


enter. So who knows who we will end up with?


The leaders of the United States, Canada and Mexico are meeting


in Ottawa to discuss trade and globalisation.


The Canadian Prime Minister says, in a time of global instability,


working together is more important than ever.


The three nations are part of a North American Free Trade Agreement,


which Donald Trump has vowed to renegotiate or even


BBC's Rajini Vaidyanathan reports from Ottawa.


At a time when global partnerships are breaking down,


North American leaders are promoting the closeness of their ties.


Canada's Prime Minister hosted the Mexican President


He kicked off a Q with students by making a brief


We saw, from last week's vote in the UK, that young people


were slightly in a different place than the majority of the other


And that's because young people understand how important building


links across borders, creating partnerships,


Hours before preaching this message of inclusiveness,


Mr Trudeau announced that Canada was to lift visa


These two leaders will soon be joined by President Obama for talks.


As Mr Trudeau is pledging to be more welcoming the Mexicans,


one of Mr Obama's potential successors, Donald Trump,


At this language school just outside Ottawa,


Mexican students are taking short courses in English.


For many of them, the political rhetoric across the border in the US


makes Canada a far more appealing destination.


From what you hear, from what all the media,


all the social networks, all the things you hear


in the street when you talk to people, I think Canada


Which country do you think is more welcoming, Canada or America?


Immigration is a big issue is at home for these three leaders


but it will be hard for them to avoid discussing Brexit.


The Canadian government, which is close to signing a key


trade deal with the EU, says it's unclear how the UK


Our decision about the EU and its members is clear


and we think it's a great deal and we are looking


With regards to Britain, Britain really need to make clear


more of its choices for us to know how we will proceed.


For now, Canada's focused on strengthening ties


It's getting cosier with Mexico and America, but with the US


election round the corner, all that could change.


Rajini Vaidyanathan, BBC News, Ottawa.


Some of the day's other news: Dozens of militants from the so-called


Islamic State are reported to have been killed while trying to flee


Iraqi forces there have reopened the mayor's office three days


after the city was declared fully liberated from IS.


Falluja had been under IS control for more than two years.


The Italian navy has raised the wreck of a boat which sank


in the Mediterranean last year, killing up to 800 migrants.


It's thought that hundreds of passengers were trapped below


It will now be taken to Sicily, where experts will attempt


The largest rough diamond to be discovered for more than 100 years


The Lesedi La Rona, which is about the size


of a tennis ball, was found at a mine in Botswana.


It's expected to be sold for about $70 million


with the government in Botswana getting 60% of the profit.


Researchers in Switzerland have developed a robotic salamander


in a creative exercise to better understand neuroscience


The impressive creation can walk and swim, just like its inspiration.


The project was really about understanding the body


of the salamander, how the body of the salamander interacts


What's interesting in the salamander is the ability to swim and walk.


This is interesting because few robots can do that.


We want to have different versions of such a robot to do pollution


detection or search and rescue missions but here the goal was to do


science and understand how the real animal works.


Salamander really has no problem at all, so it's very light x-rays,


But for now, from me, Ben Bland, and the rest of the team, goodbye.


This disappointing run of weather is set to continue over the next


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