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This is BBC World News Today with me, Geeta Guru-Murthy.


The man who some say led the UK out of the EU is now out


Boris Johnson shocks the country, pulling out of the race to be


the next British Prime Minister - its thought he didn't enough


-- it is thought he did not have enough backing for the top job.


Having consulted colleagues, I have concluded that


Five people have put their names forward.


Among them are Mr Johnson's former colleague in the Leave


Another contender - UK Home Secretary Theresa May warns that


Also coming up...The Governor of the Bank of England hints that


interest rates in the UK are likely to be cut,


caused by Brexit could weigh on economic prospects for some


All this uncertainty, the three components together,


has contributed to a form of economic post-traumatic


stress disorder amongst households and businesses.


of the Battle of the Somme, the centenary of the start


In which more than 1 million people were wounded or killed.


It's been another breathtaking day of drama for British politics.


Who will lead the Conservative party - and the country?


The most surprising in a day of astonishing twists and turns,


the decision by the leading voice in the Leave campaign,


Boris Johnson, to rule himself out of the race.


He stunned a press conference by declaring the best person


Having consulted colleagues and in view of the circumstances in


Parliament, I have concluded that person cannot be me. My role Will


Beatty give every possible support to the next Conservative


administration, to make sure that we properly fulfil the mandate of the


people and champion the agenda that I believe them. -- believe in.


Boris Johnson had seemed one of the most likely successors


to David Cameron, until a surprise move earlier today by his fellow


Leave campaigner Michael Gove who said Mr Johnson


wasn't up to the job and he himself would stand.


The UK's Home Secretary Theresa May who campaigned


to stay in the European Union also announced she would be


I know I am not a showy politician, I don't gossip about people over


lunch or go drinking in Parliament 's bars, I don't often wear my heart


on my sleeve, I just get on with the job in front of me.


Stephen Crabb, current Work and Pensions Secretary and a Remain


campaigner, former defence secretary Liam Fox and Energy


Minister Andrea Leadsom, both of whom campaigned


Well as we said, one of the big surprises to come out


of today was Justice Secretary and Leave campaigner, Michael Gove,


throwing his hat in the ring for the conservative leadership.


Many thought he would give his support to Boris Johnson.


He sat down with the BBC's Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg,


First of all, days ago, you were backing Boris Johnson, running his


campaign. What changed your mind? I thought it was right, following the


decision of the British people last week, we should have someone needing


the Conservative Party and country who believed in the heart and soul


that Britain was better off outside the EU. I thought Boris Johnson was


someone who could ensure the government and follow the


instructions of the British people, and build and ignite a team around


him in order to lead the country forward. Boris is an amazing and


impressive person but I have realised in the last few days that


he is not capable of building that team and providing that unity. I


came reluctantly but firmly to the conclusion that as someone who argue


from the start that we should leave the EU and as someone who wanted to


ensure a bold and positive vision for our future was implemented, that


I had to stand for the leadership of the Conservative Party. What changed


your mind? You've known Boris Johnson for a very long time. It


can't be the case that you've only just realised his attributes and


faults, or a lack of ability in certain areas? Here's a big


character with great abilities, I enjoyed working with him during the


referendum campaign. He brings great energy and enthusiasm but there is


something special about leading a party and country, I had the


opportunity in the last few days to assess whether or not Boris could


lead that team and build that unity. I came reluctantly but firmly to the


conclusion that while he has many talents and attributes, he was not


capable of building that team. There were a number of people who said to


me during the course of the week that it should be me. I reflected on


those comments and on the individuals who made that case, and


last night I came, as I say, with a degree of hesitation but ultimately


believing this was absolutely the right thing to do, I came to the


conclusion it was necessary to put myself forward. We need someone with


experience at the highest reaches of government, and someone who believes


in the British people's verdict that they delivered last week. We need


someone who can appeal to and unite individuals who argued we should


leave, and who also believed that we should remain in the EU. Already


today, I've had support from colleagues across the spectrum, and


indeed from outside of politics, confirming my belief that I was


right to stand and offer myself up for election, and I leave it to my


colleagues in the Conservative Party to make a judgment as to whether or


not it is right I should lead. What kind of primaries to which you make,


what are your priorities gritter mocha would be captain of a strong


team, the first thing to recognise is that we have all of these talents


-- priorities? . I want to lead a government in which people with wise


heads and generous hearts work together in order to ensure the


decision of the British people made on the EU is honoured. We had to


take this country out of the EU and into the world, and restore


Parliamentary control of our orders, taxes and laws. We had to build a


more dynamic economy and fairer society. When people voted to leave


the EU last week they were voting for change. There are far too many


people in this country who felt that recent economic growth and renewed


prosperity has not touched their lives. There are far too many people


in this country who felt left behind and overlooked as the world moves


forward at a faster pace. I want to govern for everyone in this country,


heal and unite, and above all I want to ensure that Britain is a country


that others look to with admiration because we are the home of


admiration and creativity, and a warm and compassionate place that


everyone is proud to call home. Michael Gove, thank you very much


indeed. Two reasons, the first is a question


of personality, some Conservative MPs perhaps thought that the former


was too colourful and the electorate had had too much excitement for this


year. The second reason is more ideological, some in the


Conservative Party were committed to Britain leaving the EU and do not


entirely trust Boris to go through with it. It throws up another point


where a lot of people had said Boris Johnson was not that much of a


Eurosceptic, he had thrown his lot in with Brexiteers to become


primaries to and it has all come to this. It was a personal ambition,


potentially at an end? Michael Gove, passionately Eurosceptic but liberal


in his outlook in other areas? Absolutely but I think the problem


Michael Gove will have is that yes, he is seen as a purist by those in


the Conservative Party, does not like the EU, but on the other hand


he was very much what you would call a love him or hate him politician,


is seen as ideological by opponents. That, of course, present problems.


Theresa May pointed out something many people have thought over the


last few days, that politics is not a game, that is how it has failed to


some of those who have been part of the Conservative Party over the last


few days? Her pitch is, the men have messed it up. Time for a proper


woman. She campaigned for remain but says that she is steady, no-frills,


we had a bit of it there, reliable and knows what she's doing, we have


two sort of a relationship with Europe and respond to those who


voted for exit. That is what it will come down to, are the backers right


in thinking the country has had enough excitement for the last year


or so? Let me add one quick thing, bearing in mind what has happened


over the last few weeks, it seems to be that as long as some winter is


not defy the laws of physics and thermodynamics, it could always


happen. -- something. It has been astonishing just today, never mind


the last week. The Conservative Party is not the


only one facing a leadership battle, Jeremy Corbyn is expecting to face a


leadership The leader of Britain's main


opposition Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, is expected to face


a leadership challenge after rejecting calls


from many of his own MPs Our deputy political editor


John Peinaar reports. Jeremy Corbyn's home is normally


mobbed by the media. Today, as rival Cabinet Ministers


jostled and bumped each other off in the power struggle for Britain,


he set off in peace. No-one's even asking


what Labour thinks anymore. First launching a plan to stamp out


racism in the party, he upset critics by mentioning


Israel and the so-called Islamic Our Jewish friends are no more


responsible for the actions of Israel or the Netanyahu Government


than our Muslim friends are for those various self-styled


Islamic States or organisations. A pro-Corbyn activist who'd handed


out a statement saying rebel MPs should be sacked as candidates


turned on a Jewish MP for what he So you can see who's


working hand-in-hand. The MP, Ruth Smeeth


walked out in disgust. And under enormous pressure to stand


down, facing an imminent leadership I am the leader of the party


and I'm doing that. What do you say to those many


members and most of your MPs who will never follow your


leadership no matter what you say And is the break-up of the Labour


Party a price worth paying I'm sorry, John,


I am going to cut in. There will be plenty of time


in the months ahead Mr Corbyn made a message


to the Labour Party. He headed back to Westminster


where his MPs are competing to see Mr Corbyn, is the break-up


of your party a price worth paying? And where once loyal MPs are telling


me privately they think he should stand down too to prevent a


right-wing takeover. Jeremy Corbyn's left-wing


faith goes back decades. New members helped elect him


with far-left backing all hostile to most Labour MPs


and behind his loyal hard core support who are determined


he cut and won't give in. He absolutely has my support


and the support of the majority I think he's a man who's shown


immense courage and leadership this week as MPs have tried to take a


coup out against him. I believe he is the right man


to lead the Labour Party. Angela Eagle, a former


Shadow Cabinet Minister's ready But Owen Smith fancies


a challenge too. They are both holding back to decide


which one has the best chance And there's another reason


a challenge has been put on hold. Many MPs are becoming convinced


Jeremy Corbyn's determination to fight on may be


weakening under pressure. This morning, more than 500 Labour


councillors joined the chorus There's talk of his trade


union support softening. They say his base of support is


strong enough to see off all-comers. The Governor of the Bank


of England Mark Carney has signalled that interest rates


could be cut over the summer. He warned that economic growth


could be hit for some time Mr Carney said more cash might also


need to be pumped into the economy. Here's our Business


Editor Simon Jack. As the Vote Leave


campaign punched the air in victory last week,


?1.8 trillion was wiped off shares worldwide in a


single day, the city and the country seemed rudderless.


The Bank of England had described Brexit is the


biggest risk to the economy and the governor had


the economy and the governor had not changed his tune today.


In my view, and I'm not prejudging the views of


other independent members of the MPC, the economic outlook has


deteriorated and some monetary policy easing will likely be


That could mean lower interest rates, more


money printing or both, to deal with a new economic reality.


The material slowing in growth that the MPC had


identified as a risk associated with the referendum now looks likely


Out in the real economy there is some early


One thing we have noticed is four potential


contracts in the pipeline have pulled back,


international client is


looking to invest in the UK and until we know if Britain


is in the single market or not they will be a


period of uncertainties and that is unsettling


for people looking to invest here, for jobs and


That the biggest losers this week have been banks.


HSBC and JP Morgan have warned jobs in the UK could go to Europe but to


date the Barclays chief told the BBC that UK jobs were not under threat.


We want to be involved in the capital markets globally.


Right now the best way to do that is to be


anchored in London and New York as we are.


You might have to increase your presence in another location


that does not necessarily mean you are decreasing your present here.


This is not an economic crisis, this is very


In the city, some financial markets have roared


back, helped in part by the


Governor's hint of an imminent interest rate cut.


It is still early days in the post Brexit journey but


today the Bank of England made it clear it thinks the sky has


Now a look at some of the day's other news.


The US has lifted its ban on transgender soldiers serving


Transgender individuals will be allowed to enlist,


and those already serving will no longer be forced to leave based


The American Defence Secretary Ash Carter said the change


was the "right right thing to do for our people and for the force".


Our mission is to defend this country. We do not want barriers


unrelated to a person-macro 's qualification to serve preventing


asked from recruiting or retaining a soldier, sailor, or Marine who can


best accomplish a mission -- person's. We want to be able to


recruit the most highly qualified and to retain them.


More now from Gary O'Donoghue who joins us from Washington.


Has this been a real problem for the military? Is this a problem they


have with a lot of individuals who are transgender coming up against


previous rules of the military? Not so much a question of numbers,


indeed numbers are actually quite small. These are estimates, that it


is possibly something between 2500-7000 people in a force of 1.3


million who will be transgender. Numbers are very small but there


have been significant social changes in the US. Elsewhere these issues


have come to the top of the agenda in many ways in civilian life, now


the military has to confront them as well. This is implementing a


decision made one year ago by the defence Department. They had been


looking at it ever since, conducting studies. Surface chiefs asked for


extra time for it to be implemented -- service. About one and a half


months. As of today, you will be able to declare yourself as


transgender in the military and it will not be a bar to promotion, and


you will not be sent out of the military, sacked from the military


for that any more. Over the next 12 months they will set out a bunch of


guidance for doctors etc and a year from today you will be able to apply


to join the US services, air force, army or navy, as a transgender


individual, providing, this is a big providing, that you have been stable


in your preferred gender for around 18 months and certified by a doctor.


They are significant changes and it is the US military catching up with


what is happening elsewhere in society. Gary O'Donoghue, thanks.


Now a look at some of the day's other news.


A Palestinian has stabbed to death a thirteen-year-old


Israeli girl at her home in a West Bank settlement.


The Israeli military says the Palestinian teenager


from a nearby village broke into the house and injured


a security guard before he was shot dead.


Turkey says three men who carried out a deadly suicide attack


on Istanbul's main airport were from Russia and


the Central Asian republics of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.


The Turkish government has blamed Islamic State militants


for the assault on Tuesday, which killed more


There has been a twin bomb attack on a convoy of buses transporting


police cadets on the outskirts of Afghan capital, Kabul.


At least 30 people have been killed and many more injured.


The newly graduated police cadets were returning from a training


centre when the suicide bombers struck. The first attacker was


reportedly on foot when he detonated the device. As the convoy reached


the outskirts of Kabul. People rushed to help the victims, but a


second bomber drove a car full of explosives at them. TRANSLATION:


When I got to be senile back you waited around 40-45 victims from the


bus with other people there -- I got to be seen, I evacuated.


My clothes were covered in blood so I went and changed. 2-mac civilians


from the area were also murdered. The Taliban claimed responsibility


for the attack which true criticism. -- two civilians. Firstly, let me


offer my condolences for the martyrdom of the police cadets. I


ask all people to stand against these rebels in one voice and one


policy. This is the latest in a series of strikes by the Taliban


this year. Up to 144 people have been killed in at least seven


attacks attribute it to the militants. The most recent was when


14 security guards from Nepal were killed in a suicide attack in Kabul.


The new President of the Philippines has been sworn into office.


Rodrigo Duterte is a controversial figure.


about rape and murder - and he's also insulted the Pope...


But it's his stance on crime, which includes saying that suspected


criminals should be killed, which helped win last


Friday marks the centenary of the Battle of the Somme,


a day that became the bloodiest in British military history,


killing almost 20,000 allied soldiers.


Many more sustained injuries that had never been seen


before on such a scale, and returned home to a society that


Sophie Raworth has been talking to a former British army captain


who lost both legs in Afghanistan about how different life


is for injured servicemen 100 years later.


The 31-year-old, who stepped on an improvised explosive device


in Helmand five years ago is hoping to go to the Paralympics and win


His great grandfather served in World War I, rescuing injured


I think I would find it incredibly difficult to even picture


what it was that they went through back in 1916,


1917, sitting in a trench filled with mud and dead bodies, rats,


It is very hard for me to imagine just how


100 years ago, the horror of war was compounded by the new weapons


Tanks were deployed for the first time at the Somme, and machine guns


The result was the largest number of casualties ever seen


This was very high velocity weaponry, large blast injuries,


So at the very heart of it, the wounds had changed.


They were blowing great bits out of people.


Around 40,000 soldiers returned home with missing limbs.


For the first time, the medical world had to come up with ways


of getting large numbers of amputees back into society.


I can't imagine trying to go back and do the things I'm doing now


And I look at this leg, and the only thing I could imagine


The historical evidence is that people tried it


for five or six years, and then really they went back home,


or went into a Star and Garter home, and simply weren't able to function.


And suddenly doctors had to deal with reconstructing the faces


Many never overcame the psychological impact


They are called hospital blues for the most obvious reasons.


They are a suit that was issued to pretty much all the military


It came to be something that but the public recognised,


so that if out of the corner of your eye you caught blue,


you knew immediately that there was somebody over


there was a military casualties, and that really increases


A century later, as Dave Henson prepares to compete on the world


stage, that sense of isolation is far from his reality.


This is something that has happened to me.


I lost my legs, and there is an interesting story behind it.


I am very proud of what I have done, and I'm so happy to share that


with people and display that in the form of these war wounds


I keep on show more less 99% of the time.


That was former British army captain Dave Henson finishing that report.


Another incredible day in British politics.


The most prominent figure in Britain's campaign


to leave the European Union, Boris Johnson, has ruled himself out


of the race to succeed David Cameron as prime minister.


The former mayor of London had been widely tipped for the post.


He withdrew after his fellow Leave campaigner, Michael Gove,


announced his own surprise bid for the leadership.


The Home Secretary, Theresa May, has also entered the race.


It is looking pretty unsettled on the weather front,


quite a mixed bag on the way for the next few days.


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