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The headlines: Bangladeshi police says militants have attacked a cafe


in the capital and are holding a number of hostages.


Residents say they heard sustained gun fire -


police have sealed off an affluent district in Dhaka.


Commemorations have been taking place in Britain and northern France


to remember the fall of hundreds of thousands of troops


The British government has scrapped a pledge to cut the budget surplus


by 2020. It said country cannot afford it.


These are the lucky ones - Welsh fans gather in Lille ahead


of their crucial Euro 2016 match against Belgium but hundreds of less


fortunate supporters have been held up on the wrong side of the Channel


We start with breaking news and we're hearing of a gun battle


in the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka.


The head of Bangladesh's elite police force says militants have


attacked a cafe in the capital Dhaka and are holding


Some reports suggest foreigners are among those being held.


The cafe is in the affluent district of Gulshan


and is popular with expatriates and middle-class families.


Residents said they'd heard sustained gunfire shortly before


There's been a spate of murders in Bangladesh recently,


which have been blamed on Islamist militant groups, but high-profile


Police have sealed off the area and say at least three


people have been injured, two of them police officers.


Three men have been killed. And we are getting more information and


want to go to our correspondent. Akbar Hussain joines


me now from Dhaka. This is a serious situation. What do


we know? It is a very serious situation here in Dhaka and police


say a group of men entered the restaurant at night and took a


number of people hostage. When they entered the restaurant, they started


firing indiscriminately and police told us that they believed a number


of foreigners are being held hostage inside this area. The elite force,


the police chief has told the journalist that they are trying to


negotiate with the criminals, and they might belong to a hardline


Islamist group and the manager of the restaurant and edge to escape


and he told the local media that he heard there are at least 20


foreigners being kept hostage by the gunman and maybe some of them tried


to escape but they could not manage. Release are trying to negotiate with


the gunmen to avoid further bloodshed and locals say they could


hear sustained gunshots for more than one hour and both police and


tourists exchanged hundreds of rounds in that area. A very scary


situation. The restaurant is situated in one of the most affluent


areas which is also a dramatic career and also, all the foreign


ambassadors in Dhaka are located there. It is a very compact area.


This is very strange to see, how the attackers managed to get inside the


restaurant and hold hostages. Where many foreigners are believed to have


been trapped. Tell us more about this area. It is the diplomat --


diplomatic quarter. Any indication if any diplomats or ambassadors are


being held hostage? This restaurant is a very popular destination for


foreigners living in ten three. Basically, European and American


citizens frequently visited this restaurant but we have not received


any information that they are trapped inside. The information we


have, the people who managed to escape say that there are around 20


foreigners being held hostage. They are basically European and some from


that in America. There are no diplomats trapped. The information


so far we're getting is that the militants have taken a very strong


hold on the restaurant and were firing towards the police, police


tried at one stage to get inside the restaurant but later decided it was


better not to go inside and rather it was better to go see it with the


terrorists because they need to avoid further bloodshed and many


foreigners are trapped inside. Thank you very much for that update. The


US State Department is holding its briefing and a spokesman said it was


much too early to say who was involved in this attack. Mr Kirby


said that he had accounted for all Americans working for the chief of


mission authority in Dhaka and the situation was very fluid and live


stop. Our South Asia Editor,


Jill McGivering, is here with me. months. We still do not know who was


behind this but the suggestion is it could be Islamist militants and if


they are the kind of people involved in this spate of targeted killings


we have been seeing in Bangladesh, that would be unprecedented, that


would be a real step up any sort of attacks they have been involved in


but you are right, there has been growing concern about the security


standard were in Bangladesh throughout the last year with an


increasing number of targeted attacks often hitting religious


minorities, liberals and some gay activists and nobody is quite sure


who is involved. Some suggestion that the Islamic State group says it


has been involved but the Bangladesh government has been quick to say


they think that these are home-grown groups and they do not accept the


idea that this has to do with any international terrorist network. We


are looking at pictures coming in from Dhaka, it looks at very fluid


situation. No deaths, as we know it yet. Do we know that these are


hostages whether these are people just trapped in the building 's? It


is very confused. One issue is that police are clearly still trying to


get control of the situation. They have sealed off the area but they


are outside the building, trying to negotiate with people inside but


they have confirmed that people are being held hostage and my colleagues


in the language services spoke to a woman who lives nearby and she says


she knows two female relatives and two of their friends still inside so


clearly this is ongoing and there is a lot of concern for the safety of


the people inside. Thank you. Events have been held


to mark the centenary of the Battle of the Somme,


which started 100 years ago today. It was the bloodiest battle


in the history of the British armed forces and came to define


the brutality and horror The ceremony was held in the shadow


of the famous memorial It bears the names of 72,000 British


and South African troops whose The Prince of Wales,


David Cameron and President Hollande were among those who took part


in the presence of hundreds of descendants of those who fought,


as our special correspondent It is the largest First World War


memorial anywhere, its scale commensurate with the loss of life


in these fields. It is a memorial to


the missing of the Somme. The names of 72,000 men with no


known graves are carved here. Its plea to posterity, to us,


is plain - never forget. Heads of state and government,


present and future, listened to Clive Adlam as he read


the words of his father, Lieutenant Tom Adlam,


who fought and survived. You did a job out there and I never


realised that there was There was a job to be done


and you just got on and did it. I was more frightened


going up to the trenches, I was very frightened then,


very frightened indeed. We were taught we had to be


an example to our men and that, if we went forward,


they would go with you, you see. And you'd sort of lose


your sense of fear, The nurse Olive Dent


treated the wounded. Here, her words described that first


week on the Somme. I am too tired to sleep,


too tired to shut out of sight and mind the passionate


appeal of two dying eyes and the low faint whisper of,


"Sister, am I going to die?" A week after Britain voted


to leave the European Union, David Cameron took his place beneath


the memorial to the enduring alliance between the UK and France,


and described a moment of mutual respect between enemies as a British


major risked his life to rescue a wounded soldier


from no man's land. He walked as though


he was on parade. The Germans never fired a shot


at him as he went. They never fired a shot


as he went back. And they cheered him as he lifted


the man onto his shoulders. The poppy and, in France,


the blue cornflower are the emblems of the sorrow of war marked


in two minutes of silence. In these moments of remembrance,


the dead cry out their warning In the words of the poet


Siegfried Sassoon, recited here today, "Do you ever stop


and ask, 'Will it all happen again?' Look down and swear


by the slain of the war that There's been a significant


development here for the UK economy. Chancellor George Osborne has


abandoned his key economic target of restoring government finances


to a surplus by 2020. It's been one of his long cherished


plans but he now says the UK must be realistic in light of the country's


vote to leave the EU. Here's our Economics


Editor, Kamal Ahmed. We will fix the roof


when the sun is shining. We are going to fix the roof when


the sun shines. Fixing the roof when


the sun is shining. Repairing the public


finances while the economy Today, a very different tone,


many predict the post-Brexit sunshine will be weaker


for the UK economy. It's incredibly important


we maintain fiscal credibility, that we are tough on the deficit


while being realistic about achieving the surplus


by the end of the decade. That is exactly what our fiscal


rules provided for. They explicitly acknowledged


the impact of a significant The Chancellor insisted he wasn't


breaking his own budget rules. The austerity target


on cutting public spending It does mean there is now likely


to be an easing of the Government's Since 2010, the Government has cut


public spending by 10%. The amount the Government borrows


has fallen from ?137 billion a year to ?75 billion -


that's a lot of cuts and tax rises. Now the Chancellor has suggested


ending the Government's central target of balancing the books


by 2020, which could mean fewer cuts In some ways I'm pleased,


he's acknowledged the reality What we need now is a clear


investment programme so we can counter the recessionary trend


we have in the economy, but also, we can start investing in the areas


that felt left behind and therefore Pain deferred for the country


is not pain cancelled. Chancellors have choices


about what they do into the future, but it looks like we'll be borrowing


quite a lot more in 2020 That will have to be


paid down at some point. It may well be that we get more


austerity through the 2020s. It may not be just one decade, but


a decade-and-a-half of austerity. I think reality bit today


for the Chancellor and his officials An economic reality


and political reality. Few economists would want to be


raising taxes and cutting spending in the teeth of a possible


contraction in the economy. And politically, Theresa May,


the favourite to be the next Prime Minister, has already said


she wants to consign George Osborne's pledges on spending


to the waste paper basket. Frankly, George Osborne


had nowhere else to go. He's been the hard hat,


hi-vis Chancellor, warning of economic shock, but we haven't


had any post-referendum economic data yet and the markets have


recovered their pre-referendum mojo. Whatever happens, Mr Osborne


wants to be prepared Slovakia has now taken over


the rotating Presidency of the European Union and confirmed


that there will be no negotiations on Brexit before the UK triggers


the leaving procedure known Prime Minister Robert Fico said


there will not even be informal talks and that all the other 27 EU


member states had agreed on how to proceed at their meeting


earlier this week. He also stressed that he wanted


to make a breakthrough when the EU leaders meet in September


after saying he saw immigration as the biggest issue


the organisation faces. Austrians are heading back


to the polls after the country's highest court annulled the result


of the recent presidential election. Independent Green candidate


Alexander Van der Bellen won the May The Freedom Party candidate,


Norbert Hofer, lost That result was challenged


by the far-right Freedom Party, which is known


for its anti-immigration views. Today the Constitutional Court


ordered another election after finding irregularities


in the way postal Freedom Party leader


Heinz-Christian Strache has welcomed the news,


saying it's a win for democracy. TRANSLATION: I believe


that the Constitutional Court's election will hopefully also be


a healing shock so that something And so that the electoral law can be


optimised and improved. His victory may have been


short-lived, but Presidential candidate Alexander Van der Bellen


says he's very confident TRANSLATION: Of course I will stand


for the repetition of the election, The Constitutional Council


decided as it sees fit. And we will once again organise


a large citizen movement in Austria It's thought the re-run could be


held in September or October. Here's our correspondent,


Bethany Bell, from Vienna. The Freedom Party brought in a legal


challenge shortly after the result of this election was announced,


the election it so narrowly lost to the former Green Party leader


Alexander Van der Bellen. And the Constitutional Court has had


a number of hearings over the last few weeks where they have heard


testimony that there were widespread irregularities when it came


to the ways that postal votes Some of them were opened too early


and some were opened by people And because of this, the court has


ruled that the election They say they did not find


evidence of manipulation. What they needed to do


was to reintroduce trust In just under an hour's time,


Wales will play Belgium in the quarter finals of Euro


2016 in Lille. It is their biggest match


in almost 60 years. But there might be heartbreak


for some Welsh fans caught up Broadcaster and singer


Cerys Matthews was among those stuck at the Eurotunnel,


and called the situation a shambles in a series of tweets,


saying she faced five-hour delays. We have been here


personally since 11am. There hasn't been any particular


movement that we can see at all, even though we have been


promised that there is movement expected and with promises of more


trains this afternoon. But it is the afternoon


and the clock is ticking. As we could hear, very miserable


situation for the fans. She has made it, but what about others? She is


over there and has finally made it but she is one of thousands stuck at


the Eurotunnel, trying to get onto the Channel Tunnel to make the


journey of to Calais and France. Many of them were tweeting about the


chaotic situation at the terminals and they were not told there were


problems when they set out on the journey. They allow for plenty of


time but they were not planning on a one-hour queue just to get into the


terminal and after that, a five-hour wait on the terminal. And with the


clock ticking ahead of such a very big game, lots of worried faces and


people in tears and some begging other passengers who did not need to


go to sell their ticket. This is an astonishing moment for Wales. Very


depressing for the fans cannot make it. What was the problem? It started


yesterday evening. There was a train that broke down in the tunnel,


mechanical problems, around 500 passengers evacuated during the


night and that took several hours. That has caused knock-on problems


through the day because of was going to be a very busy day and Eurotunnel


needed full capacity but this train was out of service and others were


not in the right position. As a result, it was not until the


afternoon that they could run all of the trains they should have been but


by that stage, a huge backlog of thousands of people, including Wales


fans. Simon Jones, thank you. Let's concentrate on the game,


because whilst the Welsh fans might not have made it,


John Bennet, our reporter, has. This is a huge moment for Wales.


Chris Coleman, the manager, has big ambitions. What are their chances? A


very good chance, up against the Belgian side who have a lot of


individual stars like Eden Hazard and Lukaku, who are big players in


the Premier League. But Wales have proven that they can beat anyone on


their day. They have Gareth Bale, the star of Real Madrid and one of


the top five best players in the world and he is raising the level of


the other players and they have particularly good defence, they have


not given away a lot of goals. And they are proving to be very, very


tough opponents. The plastic atmosphere here in Lille, but to


150,000 Belgian fans have made the trip year, despite the fact that the


fan zone only holds 30,000 in the Stadium only holds 55,000 but were


only 25 kilometres away from the Belgian border so the Wales fans are


a little bit outnumbered, it has to be said! You said the Belgian fans


out there, Belgium must be the likely side to win this one is Mike


definitely. They are the big favourites going into this, the


pressure is on them. Officially, the most expensive squad at this


tournament if you can add up all of the transfer fees their players have


moved for in the past. Big individual talent coming from


Belgium. They are called the Golden generation, the pressure is all on


them and that could be the key factor. Wales, whatever happens they


will have a heroes welcome. The first time in a major tournament


since 1958 and back then they made it to the quarterfinals. That was


the World Cup. To be here at the quarterfinals right now is


incredible and to have a chance to go through to the last non-Ford


teams, that would be something so special for the nation, it would be


the biggest moment in Welsh history. Whatever happens, they will go home


as heroes but if they win this, they will go home as icons, their names


will never be forgotten in Wales. This is a massive moment in Welsh


football history. Thank you very much.


Researchers say they have found the first clear evidence


that the thinning in the ozone layer above Antarctica


The gains have been credited to the long-term phasing out


Scientists say that in September 2015 the hole was around 4 million


square kilometres smaller than it was in the year 2000.


That is an area roughly the size of India.


Our science correspondent Pallab Ghosh has this report.


30 years ago, a team of scientists discovered that


ozone, the atmosphere above the Antarctic, was thinning.


The layer shields the planet from the Sun's harmful ultraviolet rays.


Unchecked, skin cancer rates would increase.


And plants and animals would be harmed.


It posed one of the greatest environmental threats


The ozone was corroded by chemicals used in aerosols and refrigerators.


But in a triumph of international cooperation, these chemicals


And now the most in-depth study to date has found the clearest


evidence yet that the ozone hole, shown in blue, is beginning to heal.


Over the past 15 years, it shrunk by 40 million square


It probably will not go back to normal until mid-century


so we do not expect to see complete recovering until 2050 or 2060 or so,


but we are starting to see that in September, the ozone hole is not


But experts warn that there is still some way to go before


It is important to stress that there is still a big


It is early days and it is beginning to show signs of tentative recovery.


But worryingly, scientists are finding that illegal CFCs


are beginning to find their way back into the system again.


So there is certainly no room for complacency.


Even so, researchers are pleased that efforts to repair the ozone


And now for more on that gun battle at a cafe in the Bangladeshi capital


Dhaka. A little while ago the BBC Bangladeshi service spoke to Rashila


Rahim who lives in a building next to the cafe where the incident is


taking place. TRANSLATION: I heard at around 10pm police shouting


through the loudspeaker asking them to come out. They were maybe talking


to the terrorists, after that we heard a lot of signed from police


operations. When I tried to leave home at 8:30pm by Draper told me


something was going on and he said, do not leave, there was firing going


on. I heard a loud noise in my living room and the glass shattered.


I heard continuous gunshots. My daughter and... That visit from the-


bye for now. -- that visit from me. -- that is it.


Good evening. The weather has been far from ideal today and if we go


back exactly one year ago, the 1st


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