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This is BBC world News today. This is a headline. Gun battle in the


Bangladeshi capital. Gunman holding hostages in a restaurant. White


House report saying up to 116 civilians have been killed by


American drone strikes since President Obama took office.


Commemorations Beverage serving held to remember


the fall of hundreds of thousands of troops. And we will have the latest


from Euro 2016 as Belgium take on Wales has they aim for the


semifinals. Calm men have stormed a popular cafe


in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka Mack, a number of people are being


held hostage, among them several foreigners. The battle is taking


place in a district which is known as the diplomatic area of the city.


Police have sealed off the area and said at least three people have been


injured, two of them police officers. In the last half an hour,


the Islamic state militant group says it is behind the attack. One


woman who lives next to the building talks. TRANSLATION: I heard at


around 10pm local time people shouting for them to come out, maybe


they were shouting at the terrorists, after that we heard a


lot of sounds from police operations. My driver told me


something was going on outside, the later said don't leave, there is


firing going on. Next I heard a loud noise in my living room, I saw the


glass in my living room shattered, I heard continuous gunshots. My


daughter and all of us started crying, terrorising situation. We


have been hearing continuous gunshots after 9pm, too much to


take. My auntie, and daughters and others have gone to break the


Ramadan fast and we cannot even check where they are. Let us speak


to somebody who is in the studios, this appears to be a very serious


attack, IS has claimed responsibility, what more do we


know? We understand at the moment that there had been a great deal of


shooting and now it has gone quiet and dark. Police are very much


focused on trying to negotiate the release of the hostages. Police


have-nots confirmed how many people are inside. But one person has


talked about, there were eight young men armed with knives and guns and


he said that quite a lot of foreigners were inside and he thinks


that they may be hostages. This comes off the back of a very serious


series of incidences in Bangladesh. This seems to be a serious


development? Very much so, were not absolutely certain behind this. But


if it were the Islamic State militant group involved in this this


would be a very definite escalation of their violence in Bangladesh. We


have seen a whole series of targeted killings, mostly on religious


minorities, secular writers. But nothing on this scale and in fact


this is pretty much unprecedented for Dhaka. Well we can speak to a


South Asia expert at the Chatham House think tank. Thank you for


being with us, so Islamic state appeared to have taken


responsibility for this attack. Can you tell us what the presence of


this group is inside the country? It is hard to tell, as we all know,


there have been numerous incursions reports about the plotting of a


major attack for about a year now and the Bangladeshi government did


not take much notice. And the Bangladeshi government, has pinned


down the responsibility for extremist attacks thus far, at the


hands of home-grown militant groups. And also, pinned down the blame to


the opposition party which is the Bangladesh National party. In a


sense, not much has been investigated so far on the presence


and activities of IS, although intelligence agencies within the


region are aware, that there is a faction fight to a growing dispute


over control between Al-Qaeda and Islamic State has been on for a


while. Across the region. But as far as activities in Bangladesh are


concerned, this is news. It is a worrying development, because


previous attacks have taken place on minorities, but this is an attack


involving several hostages, several foreign hostages in fact. What are


your thoughts on that? Most certainly, this is a very rapid


escalation of what is a pretty bad situation in Bangladesh. As you


rightly pointed out, this is the first time that a hostagetaking


incident has arisen. This is predominantly a target on Western


presence is within Bangladesh and no attempt has been made to conceal the


responsibilities. There has been a claim of responsibility but also as


we look at what is happening within Bangladesh at this moment, we


mustn't lose sight on what has happened over the last decade. The


fact that there has been complete impunity for attacks, whether they


were by groups that are home-grown or external is not the point, the


government has not reacted, there has been a spate of attacks against


those who are bloggers and others who ups upheld secular bloggers, or


were journalists and writers. And nothing was done. In fact very


little has been done in terms of investigation and prosecution. There


is also a climate of the extreme political infighting within


Bangladesh and the responsibility has always been laid on the door of


the opposition party. No responsibility has been taken by the


party in power. As we examine what has been happening at this moment,


we have to look at what has happened in the past. Thank you very much for


joining us. Up to 116 civilians had been killed


by American drone strikes since President Barack Obama took office


according to a new White House report. The civilians were killed


outside of war zones in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia between 2009 and


2015. The report comes as the Obama administration claims to place a


greater emphasis on protecting civilians during operations. We can


go to the BBC Washington correspondent. Gary seems that the


bomber at ministries have been meaning to release these figures for


some time, but why have they decided to release them now? As you say they


have promised to do this for some time, they have come under a lot of


pressure to do this not least from human rights groups. It is really to


address the question is, the controversial policies that they


have had. In terms of hitting people outside of normal combat areas.


Outside areas of war basically and as you said, we are looking at


things like the tribal areas of Pakistan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen.


What the Obama administration is trying to do is to explain how they


go about choosing these terrorist targets as they put it, in those


areas and what safeguards they put in place before and after to make


sure that the only hit the people that they are intending to hit. This


number, they issued a pretty stark health warning with these numbers


anyway, they say it is impossible to be sure about the numbers


particularly in areas where they cannot verify afterwards but also


there is a lot of scepticism from some of the groups like Amnesty


International, saying, that Howard County is that you have killed a lot


more civilians. There is a disagreement between administration


and the groups that modern these attacks. Significantly they can


seems to leave out people killed in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq and


therefore we're not getting overall picture? Tick elite in Syria and


Iraq, the coalition does publish estimates of civilians killed in


those areas as well, the reason they are doing this is because in these


nonhostile environments, they come under this pressure and they say


that they only try and go after people in these areas if there is


near certainty that they can't kill civilians at the same time. Thank


you very much. Let us go back to our main story,


and we can go to Akbar Hussain. You are very close to where this gun


battle is taking place, tell me what you know? Now, I am in, the area, it


is literally one of the most secure areas in the country. You can see


the hind me, this road leads to wear the restaurant is located. This


restaurant is managed by an Italian manager, and he told us, a group of


gunmen entered the restaurant with a knife when people were having dinner


at the time. And the gun men, they took the people and made them


hostage. So when police received the news, they weren't at the location


and tried to dismantle them, but the attackers started firing


indiscriminately. They also exploded some crackers. Some people, we have


talked to them, local people, the rest room manager and another


person, they manage to get out of the rest room. What they told us, at


least 20 foreigners are still being trapped inside the restaurant. And


they are being taken hostage by the gunman. This restaurant is a very


popular destination for European and American citizens living in Dakar.


The area where I am standing now, this is a well protected area


compare to other parts of the city so people this area very surprised


to see the way that the gunmen breach the security system of the


area. If you see the road behind me. You can see, the police are not


allowing anyone to get inside the area, now, they are waiting to get


response from the criminals. The elite police force, the chief of it


told us, that they are thinking, that they are trying to negotiate


with the gunman to avoid further bloodshed because so far, the news


we have received. One police officer was shot dead by the militants and


another 50 police officers received bullet injuries, and they're now


treated in a local hospital. So that they can avoid further bloodshed. It


is now going on here and police are saying, that all of the preparation,


will avoid further bloodshed. In the last half an hour Islamic state has


claimed responsibility for this attack, do we know how many


militants are involved? What police have said is that at least eight to


nine militants that took part in the whole operation, this is such a


coordinated attack, and they were carrying heavy weapons and they were


firing indiscriminately. You say that Islamic State claimed the


responsibility but the Bangladesh government has long denied the


presence of Islamic State inside the country. They always say that some


home-grown jihadis groups, I involved with militant activities.


Because we have seen at least 45 people had been killed in manga dash


in the last half year. They include secular brothers and writers,


especially Hindus and Christians are being targeted. But the government


said there is no existence of this Islamic state. So now, their main


focal point is that, they are trying to save the lives of foreigners who


are being trapped inside the restaurant. Akbar Hussain from


Dhaka, where the attack is taking place, thank you very much indeed.


Stay with us on BBC world News, still to come. Struggling Serena,


the number one seed comes from behind to reach the third round in


Wimbledon, Novak Djokovic's position is even more precarious.


China mark is first day of rule in Hong Kong with a series of


spectacular celebrations, huge fireworks display was held in the


former colony, the Chinese president said that unification was the start


of a new era for Hong Kong. The world's first clone has been


produced in an adult mammal, scientists in Scotland have produced


a sheep called body that was cloned using a cell from another sheep. For


the first time in 20 is Russian and American spacecraft have docked in


orbit in the sign of a new cooperation in space.


Challenger powered past the lighthouse at almost 50 knots


shattering the record that had stood for 34 years, there was no hiding


the sheer elation of Richard Branson and his crew.


Is this BBC world News today, I am your newsreader. Gunmen have


attacked a cafe in Dhaka in an affluent cafe, reports say that as


many as 20 foreigners may have been taken captive. American drone


strikes have killed 116 civilians since President Obama has been in


office according to an official US report. Events have been held in


Britain and France, for the same two free of the Battle of the Somme. It


was the bloodiest in the British Armed Forces and came to define the


brutality and horror of the First World War. The ceremony was held in


the shadow of the famous memorial, in northern France. It bears the


names 72,000 British and South African troops who bodies were never


found. The Prince of Wales, David Cameron and President Hollande were


among those who took part in the presence of hundreds of descendants


of those who fought. As our special correspondent Little reports. It is


the largest First World War memorial anywhere comic scare was


commensurate with the loss of life. It is a memorial to the missing of


the Somme. The names of 72,000 men with no known graves are carved


here. Its plea to posterity, to ask, is plain. Never forget. Heads of


state and government, present and future, listened to Clive as he read


the words of his father. Who fought and survived. You did a job out


there, and I never realised there was anything unusual about it.


There was a job to be done and you just got on and did it.


I was more frightened going up to the trenches, sitting,


I was very frightened then, very frightened indeed.


We were taught we had to be an example to our men and that,


if we went forward, they would go with you, you see.


And you'd sort of lose your sense of fear, thinking


The nurse Olive Dent treated the wounded.


Here, her words described that first week on the Somme.


I am too tired to sleep, too tired to shut out of sight


and mind the passionate appeal of two dying eyes and the low faint


whisper of, "Sister, am I going to die?"


A week after Britain voted to leave the European Union, David Cameron


took his place beneath the memorial to the enduring alliance


between the UK and France, and described a moment of mutual


respect between enemies as a British major risked his life


to rescue a wounded soldier from no man's land.


He walked as though he was on parade.


The Germans never fired a shot at him as he went.


They never fired a shot as he went back.


And they cheered him as he lifted the man onto his shoulders.


The poppy and, in France, the blue cornflower are the emblems


of the sorrow of war marked in two minutes of silence.


In these moments of remembrance, the dead cry out their warning


In the words of the poet Siegfried Sassoon, recited


here today, "Do you ever stop and ask, 'Will it all happen


again?' Look down and swear by the slain of the war that


Austrians are heading back to the polls after the country's highest


court annulled the results of May 's presidential election. The


Independent Green candidate one, with 50.3% of the vote, the Freedom


party candidate lost by around 30,000 votes, that result was


challenged by the far right Freedom party today. The Constitutional


Court ordered another election after finding irregularities in the way


that postal votes were handled. The Freedom party leader says that it is


a win for democracy. Let us go to Hugh for some sport and an amazing


performance by Wales? 2-1. Yes Wales are leading, it is the biggest game


for them since the 1958 World Cup. Elche is the world number two side,


they were favourites for the match, so far it is very entertaining,


Belgium, took the lead with a stunning strike. That was the Wales


captain Ashley Williams heading in from a corner. Everything still to


play for with just under half the man left in the match. The winner


will go on to play Portugal in the last four. Zlatan Ibrahimovic


completed his transfer the image Premier League side Manchester


United on Friday on a free transfer. He left the French champions PSG at


the end of last season, having scored 156 goals in 180 appearances.


He is reunited with Jose Mourinho who he played under at Inter Milan.


I am super excited, super happy, there has been a lot of talks, but


this is the moment when everything is done. And now, we start, now the


hard work starts. So I am super happy. I am just waiting, to get to


know the guys, to train the first training and I am here in the


training facility. It looks that, it is a big club. A huge club. I am


excited. Wimbledon have announced that there will be play in the


middle Sunday of the tournament after rain affected the week in


south-west London, Catherine we weren't really expecting this news


to come at this time, what have Wimbledon said? Yes confirmation in


the last half-hour, that in the first time since 2004 there will be


play on the middle Sunday at Wimbledon, the first time, the


fourth time in the long illustrious history of this Championships. We


did quite know what it will mean for the schedule, we will get more


detail at one o'clock, but we do know that tickets went be available


for fans, you will have to buy them online. We will be live to a more


about that, it is an unusual turn of events in a Topsy, Turkey Day in


terms of the schedule. Also topsy-turvy in terms of some of the


tennis. Some really big stories from the day. Let me tell you them, a


shop development in another one court. Novak Djokovic. He has lost


the first set of his match against the American Sam Querrey, he lost


the first in a tie-break and then he lost the second 16-1 and then the


rain came, the was on the number one Court which doesn't have a roof.


There will be no further play on that court today so Novak Djokovic


gets to go home and get some rest but he has got to come back and do


it all tomorrow. Roger Federer, no such trouble for him against the


British number four, Dan Evans. He won through in straight sets, 6-4,


6-2, 6-2. Roger Federer is the seven times champion and he goes through


to the next round. Serena Williams, looking for the moment, she dropped


the first set against her compatriot Christina McHale 7-6. But she came


back 6-2, 6-4, but there were exchanges breaks of serve in that


match. Serena Williams did not look entirely comfortable either. Venus,


her sister, she also dropped a set on the way to beating somebody else.


She was at match point in fact when the rain came, they had to clear the


court there. Venus, came back to try and serve out that match. She didn't


manage to do that, and the last set went to 10-8, so Venus and Serena is


both through. Another big shot, the fourth seed and two times champion


Stan Wawrinka was out. He was beaten by Juan Martin del Potro the


Argentine in four sets. The former US Open champion of course but he


has had a couple of years out so stand Wawrinka was the real


favourite to win this. The number four seed is out. And Novak


Djokovic, the number one seed, the defending champion also struggling


and he has to come back tomorrow to see if he can come back from two


sets down. March to come at Wimbledon this year but you can see


more on those. -- much to come. Now let us return to the anniversary


at the start of the Battle of the Somme. We have a look back now at


some of the events that have marked the 100th anniversary today and


across Britain and France. just some of the poignant moments,


marking the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme. Now on BBC News


Channel, here is News watch.


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