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Hillary Clinton is questioned by the FBI about her use of personal


The US Presidential contender says she's done nothing wrong.


The FBI's deciding whether Mrs Clinton mishandled


Bangladesh's Prime Minister says the country will stand up


to terror, after 20 people - most of them foreigners -


The way they carried out the killings cannot be tolerated. It


shows signs of extreme hatred and anger and killing sprees flowing


through them. With more than three-quarters


of the votes counted in Australia's general election,


latest projections suggest that none of the parties will win


an outright majority. In a huge upset at Wimbledon,


the American Sam Query knocks out the defending champion


Novak Djokovic in the third round. Hillary Clinton has been questioned


by the FBI about her use of personal emails while she was US


Secretary of State. A spokesman for the presumptive


Democratic presidential candidate said she gave the


interview voluntarily. The Bureau is investigating


whether Mrs Clinton, her aides or anyone else broke


the law by setting up a private server for her use during the time


she was at the State Department. We can speak to her now. What is


likely to come out of this interview? Will discontinue


throughout the presidential campaign? We are unclear as to where


the FBI are in their investigations. Perhaps this is the final interview


in the process. We have not heard from the FBI if it is. She was


questioned for three and a half hours over the years of her private


e-mail account while she was Secretary of State. She had to


e-mail accounts, one on her or e-mail server and one on her work


account. The work account was protected, but a whole account was


not. She has said that she wishes she had done things differently. She


apologised for the way it has been handled. She says and continues to


say that she has done nothing wrong. Legal experts believe that perhaps


charges in this case are unlikely, they are possible but legal experts


say they are unlikely. What is likely is the political fallout from


this. Republican opponents have already said that the crew she is


untrustworthy. Donald Trump has stood up and said, she is crooked,


look at how is she has used her e-mails. When it comes to the


political fallout, that is where perhaps Hillary Clinton will wish


you can put this behind her. You told us about the political


perception, but what are the public perceptions? Does this play into the


their perception of her, that she is not trustworthy? One of the first


Democratic debates, Bernie Sanders stood up and said he was sick of


talking about her e-mails and tried to draw a line under it. But they


will play into a's hands. They have had time to drip feed the public


with this kind of image of her being untrustworthy. Was this a


misjudgement on her part? They say at the worst cheapo classified


information at risk. It does not do her favours. Especially when she


becomes the Democratic nominee. The Bangladeshi Prime Minister has


pleaded with Islamic extremists to stop killing in the name


of religion, after 20 people, including nine Italians,


were murdered in Dhaka. Foreign nationals were specificially


targeted at a cafe last night. Six militants were killed,


with 13 hostages freed. From Dhaka, Sanjoy


Majumdar reports. The moment when Bangladeshi special


forces began storming the cafe, after a stand-off that lasted 12


hours, they moved onto the roof of the building and then inside,


as shown in these pictures taken This Japanese journalist was able


to contact someone at the scene. But it was clear that something


terrifying was taking place. Some of the hostages were eventually


rescued, but many others Foreigners were isolated


and then singled out. TRANSLATION: During the operation,


we saved the lives of 13 people, including one Japanese and two


Sri Lankan citizens. Six of the attackers were killed


and one was arrested. After the operation,


when we searched the building, Most were killed mercilessly,


with sharp weapons. The Holey Artisan cafe and bakery


is popular among wealthy Many of them were dining


there when the gunmen stormed in. These police have taken up


position across the street They're not letting anyone through,


except the people who live there. But more than anything else,


there is a sense of utter disbelief at the nature of the attack,


at the brutality of it. TRANSLATION: The way they have


carried out the killings It shows signs of extreme hatred,


anger and killing sprees How can a normal human being attack


another in such a way and that also There has been a wave of recent


killings in Bangladesh, blamed on local Islamists,


but nothing quite on this scale. Tonight, this Muslim-majority nation


is trying to make sense Stay with us for more analysis


on Bangladesh's islamic militants - that's coming up a little later


in the programme. In Australia, more than 75 per cent


of the votes have been counted in the country's general election -


with the result too close to call. So far the polls are forecasting


a swing away from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's governing


Conservative Coalition party. The current vote tally is showing


the Australian Labour Party The magic number is 76 -


that's how many seats either party Right now though the polls


are indicating neither will win that many -


meaning there could potentially Turnbull has just finished


addressing the party faithful here add his election party. It was an


enthusiastic crowd but quite small. Mr Turnbull conceded


that he was not in a position to be able to claim


an absolute victory. He said that counting would go one


for several But when speaking to


the crowd here he did say that he thought he would be able


to form a majority government. Tonight, my friends,


I can report that based on the advice I have


from the party officials,


we can have every confidence coalition majority government


in the next Parliament. Down in Melbourne, the Labour Party


leader was also addressing his supporters


and he acknowledged to that we would not get a result tonight


and that it would take some time to count


the votes, but he was also


saying it was a good Three years after the


Liberals came to power in a landslide, they have


lost their mandate. And Mr Turnbull's economic plan,


such as it was, has been rejected That was Australian Labor leader


Bill Shorten speaking there. And you can keep up-to-date


with the latest on the Australian election by visiting


the BBC website. Simply go to bbc.com/news


where you will find reports, Plus the latest results


in what is proving to be The new leader of the Aghan Taliban


says his group would consider negotiating a peace settlement,


if the government in Kabul severs Maulawi Haibatullah Akhundzada


said the Taliban was not He also said that the presence


of the US and allied forces in Afghanistan would not weaken


the group. Officials investigating the crash


of an EgyptAir plane say the cockpit voice recorder is in a good enough


condition to be examined 66 people were killed


when the aircraft plunged Investigators have confirmed


there was smoke in the cabin shortly before the plane crashed,


but the source of the smoke isn't A gunman in Serbia has


shot dead five people - including his wife -


in a village cafe. Three children were among 20 people


who were injured in the shooting. The attack happened in the early


hours of Saturday near the north-eastern city of Zrenyanin,


about 50 kilometres Tens of thousands of people have


taken part in a rally in London to demonstrate against Britain's


decision to leave Many said they were there to voice


discontent with the Some Leave voters said


the rally was "undemocratic". Our correspondent,


Sangita Myska, reports. The streets of the capital thick


with protesters, good-natured but passionate and


desperate to be heard. Hands up everyone


who wants to remain! They had responded to a


single invitation on social It was a very slim majority,


it potentially will give us serious financial harm


in the future, it could lead to the break-up


of the United Kingdom and it could rob


so many opportunities From Hyde Park, families,


the young, those fearful of the impact of Brexit,


marched to Parliament Square. They questioned the very


validity of a referendum What would you say


to the 17 million who voted that Britain


should exit the EU? A lot of people voted


because they thought 350 million Here at the heart of the rally,


everyone is united about one thing - that Britain has made


the wrong decision to leave But ask them what they want


done next and there You know, Farage was reported,


before the vote, to have said, "Well, if it's a really narrow


margin, I think we'll And you know, we can't


descend to that. Around the corner, these men -


one voted Brexit, one voted Remain -


shared a dim view of the protest. It is done now, and


that is it finished. You get this in London,


but you wouldn't get it in Barnsley or Leeds or the East


Coast or Newcastle Sunderland. The police have yet to confirm final


numbers, but this is the biggest protest against the referendum


outcome to date. A Jewish writer has died at the age


of 87. He wrote about his imprisonment in NATFHE camps,


including one based on his experiences in Auschwitz. He was


awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986 for his role in speaking out


against violence, oppression and racism.


Caroline Ahern has died at the age of 52. We will be looking at her


achievements later. Hillary Clinton has been questioned


by the FTIR about her use of an insecure personal e-mail account


when she was Secretary of State. Bangladesh is holding two days


of national mourning after twenty hostages were killed in an attack


by the Islamic State group. Dr Ali Riaz is from Illinois


State University, US. He specialises on South Asian


politics and Political Islam. Thank you for joining us. I want to


ask you about the government's reaction to this latest attack,


because in the past be specific attacks by Islamic militants the


government has accused the opposition rather than admitting


there are elements in Bangladeshi society that need to be examined.


Has the government changed its response? I have not seen that. The


Prime Minister's speech does not reflect that. An attack of this


magnitude needs to change the government and society itself. I


hope there will be a re-examination of the situation have to this


attack, a welcome or donated attack. It has the hallmarks of


international terrorism. Why do you think the police has been


unsuccessful in arresting the people you might be planning these kind of


attacks? In most cases there are two elements. Firstly there is a


capacity issue with the Bangladeshi priest is not have the capacity to


deal with this. -- the Bangladeshi police. The second element is the


political will and direction. If it is coming from the government, from


the ruling party, that it is time to change something, it becomes


difficult for the police to pursue a proper investigation. They should


have been brought to justice. It should not be different whether they


are political opposition or not. Those who have committed crimes


should be apprehended and put to trial, but that has not happened


shoes to the absence of the political will. -- this has not


happened because of the absence of political will. Have you noticed any


shift in Bangladeshi culture that might be encouraging these attacks?


I travelled to Bangladesh recently and I'm from there. There have been


changes to the Society for decades. If you look at the rhetoric you see


there have been changes. These changes are not limited to one


segment of society. If you look at the attackers, they have come from


an upper middle-class background. The shift has been happening beneath


the surface for a long time. Despite these changes, the positive elements


is that there is still resistance and aspirations and an inclusive


Bangladesh. I am sorry, we could speak all day, but thank you for


your insights. We'll have news of that huge upset


at Wimbedon shortly - but let's start with football,


and third quarterfinal at Euro 2016. Germany are playing


Italy and they're into Not a classic this one so far,


between the two heavyweights. They are just approaching the end of the


first hour. The winners will face France


or Iceland in the semi-finals. We'll have news of the latest


quarterfinal at Euro 2016 shortly - but let's start with the shock news


from Wimbledon where The world number one was beaten


in four sets by the American Sam Querrey as their third round match


went into a second day - The world number one doesn't follow


many, both Sam has this privilege. Novak Djokovic was two sets down


when he was saved by the rain. Today was a fresh start and Novak Djokovic


knew what was needed and wasted no time doing it. We have learnt to


keep one eye on the sky above Wimbledon and it was not long before


the rain came back. He stop and start nature of proceedings seemed


to help Sam regain some impetus, but under the eye of Boris Becker Novak


Djokovic got back into the game. A builder weather would still play its


part, Novak Djokovic kept us guessing. He was lucky here and he


knew it. Time to pull out his best. When he went to break up in the


fourth set it seemed we would be heading for a decider. But Sam does


not follow the script and a break back put him in front until the


toughest opponents of all reminded everyone who was in charge. A chance


for Novak Djokovic to reorganise. He then held a server and Sam seemed


lose his nerve. The start of the lose his nerve. The start of the


tie-breaker look like you would not go his way, but as you seem to read


this match, Sam did not believe he was beaten. The defending champion,


the winner of the last four grand titles, is out. It is incredible to


do it here add Wimbledon, the biggest tournament in the world. I


am so happy and that is it. I played the break point surely well. Every


time I had a break point I was unable to manage a big serve and I


fought the tie-breaker and got some errors and that was it. He is so


amazing, arguably one of the best, so you know he was mentally tough.


How far can you go and Wimbledon? I am taking it one run at a time. I am


happy with this right now and I will look forward to the next round.


There were no such problems for Andy Murray.


The number two seed is through to the fourth


round after a straight sets win over the Australian John Millman.


There was a big upset in the Women's Singles, too.


The number ten seed and former champion Petra Kvitova is out.


She lost in straight sets to Ekaterina Makarova.


Lewis Hamilton has claimed pole position for tomorrow's


Austrian Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring.


He'll shared the front row of the grid with


Championship leader Nico Rosberg qualified in second place,


but he was given a five-place grid penalty, so he'll


There was a penalty, also, for Sebastian Vettel -


The actress and actor Caroline has died at the age of 52. Best known


for her character as Mrs Merton, she revealed two years ago she had lung


cancer. Our correspondent looks back at her career.


What first, Debbie, attracted you to the millionaire Paul Daniels?


Behind the perm lay a sharp comic brain.


Mrs Merton had started out as a spoof agony aunt


on the radio in Manchester - the TV chatshow made


I once saw David Copperfield and he made the Statue


I have seen your Paul do the same thing with the 8 of clubs.


And 20 years on, the success of Gogglebox owed much


BBC Two showed us some penguins having a rough time in Patagonia.


She'd started out performing on the Manchester comedy circuits.


If on Earth, you are ugly, in Heaven, you will be beautiful,


so it's great news for that girl there in the front.


Her character comedy was perfect for The Fast Show.


She won awards, but behind it all were many troubles.


She struggled with fame and had a lifelong battle with cancer.


My brother and I were born with cancer of the eyes, the retina.


And my mum told us only special people get cancer.


I must be very special, because I've had it in my lungs


How many times have you seen me ringing anyone?


Her masterpeiece, though, was The Royle Family.


That's all I wanted, was it to be like Nigella's.


Affectionate, funny and often moving.


Sue Johnston, who played her mum, said she was devastated,


She asked me to promise her that her


Caroline Aherne may have had her struggles,


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