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It is the deadliest bombing in Iraq this year.


More than 125 people have been killed.


One attack took place near a Shia mosque in KarrAda district.


Explosives on a truck were detonated in an area full of people


as they were breaking their fast during Ramadan.


A second bomb went off later in the north of the city.


The group has been losing territory in recent months including the city


of Falluja recaptured from IS a week ago.


Haider al-Abadi was met by a furious crowds - who pelted his car


with rocks and bottles as he tried to visit the area.


Here's our Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen sent


The bombs and the fires consumed so many lives.


It's supposed to be a sacred and festive season.


The last few days of the holy month of Ramadan.


The attack happened at around 1am in the morning.


The streets were full and the shops were open.


This was the so-called Islamic State's latest gift


The people who gathered there during the day were furious


that the jihadist so-called Islamic State seem to be able


So when the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi came to inspect the damage


and pay his respects, they forced him to make


He says that Iraqis are like sheep among wolves.


Everyone is coming to eat their flesh.


Islamic State Sunni extremists said they were targeting Shia Muslims.


Sectarian war started in the chaos and violence that was unleashed


by the American and British invasion of Iraq in 2003.


It still continues and it's about power more than religion.


The main reason why IS attacked was the defeat they've just


It means they've lost a stronghold less than an hour's


All the destruction and killing add up to a clear message


from the jihadists of so-called Islamic State.


That they may be defeated on the battlefield,


but they are still able to hit back where it hurts most,


by killing civilians in the heart of this capital city


Iraq has not had a day of real peace since the invasion in 2003.


This coming week, Britain publishes its official


Plenty of Iraqis have already made up their minds.


That the invaders pushed them into an agony without an end.


I spoke to Martin Navias from the Centre for Defence Studies


about his reading of the attack and what it tells us


Iraqi government has been trying to create a secure perimeter around


Baghdad for years, but Islamic State appears able to penetrate it with


ease and this attack is one of a stream of attacks where they are


trying to exacerbate the sectarian tensions that you mention, undermine


confidence in the government, and demonstrate, as the reporter says,


that they are still in the game. There have been a number of setbacks


on the battlefield but the fact remains that the Islamic State


remain with significant territory, important power bases and can put up


a strong fight. What they demonstrated today is that while


they have lost Falluja, they can take the battle into the heart of


the Iraqi capital and create devastating damage. This is a


terrible week in terms of terrorism, there has been an attack on Istanbul


and Bangladesh, is the group focusing on international terrorism


as well as their targets at home? The group has a panoply of targets,


number one it is retreating somewhat in the face of the pressure of the


Iraqi army and the Kurds, in Syria, it is under pressure also from the


Kurds and the Syrian government. But nevertheless it retains the


capability to strike terror, both within Iraq and Syria and throughout


the world. Yes they are trying to demonstrate that they remain a


credible force. Now, the Iraqi government has said under this


president that he wishes to destroy the Islamic State, in Mosul, is


capital, Iraq this year. The Americans have disabused him of that


notion, they are saying that Iraqis are not ready for that at time


being. The Islamic State is still a powerful force with tens of


thousands of fighters and an ability to project these fighters into South


Asia, throughout the Middle East and to Europe as well. I don't believe,


that despite these setbacks, that they are facing the end in the near


future. I don't believe that is the case. If you look at the battles


that have taken place. They are retreating, they're not fighting to


the last man in each city, the Iraqi army to meet doesn't look capable


sophisticated attacks, they are destroying these places in order to


save them and so sectarian tensions are exacerbating, Islamic State


remains in place, and a long battle remains in the future.


The Pakistan Indian governments have dispatched their military


to help in a rescue operation, after flash flooding


The worst hit district in Pakistan is ChitRal, in the north.


Officials in India say at least thirty people have been killed


in the states of Uttara-khand and Arunchal Pradesh.


A Turkish ship carrying humanitarian aid for Gaza has arrived


It's the first aid ship sent by Turkey since the two countries


agreed last week to restore relations after a six-year rift.


The dispute was caused by an Israeli raid on an aid flotilla to Gaza that


Now the fight is on to become Britain's next Prime Minister.


And three of the leading candidates - have agreed that there SHOULD be


But they've laid out quite different plans -


on how quickly the country should leave the EU.


Here's our political correspondent Ben Wright


on the surface, this stretch of Conservative England appears Serena.


But in Buckinghamshire Garden this afternoon, a hot topic to discuss.


The key thing that we need at the moment is a leader


and a statesman and that's the kind of thing that will drive


They are weighing up Theresa May, one of the five Tory leadership


candidates and the current favourite.


Today, the Home Secretary said if she won, she would not


We have got this huge issue of negotiating Brexit.


We have got concerns about stability in the economy


and the future of the UK, and I think if we were to


have an early general election it would just introduce another


I don't think it would be good for the economy


Theresa May campaigned for Britain to stay in the EU,


unlike Michael Gove, who clawed his way into the race


after abandoning his former Leave campaign ally Boris Johnson,


the man he had recommended as a potential Prime Minister.


I took the decision very late on Wednesday evening.


I went to bed at 1:30am in the morning.


I reflected on it, I woke up early in the morning and decided...


I decided in conscience I could not make that recommendation.


It is Tory party members, around 140,000 of them,


who will choose between two candidates short listed


by Conservative MPs, so their views matter.


Gove has shot himself in the foot, that's the end of him.


I think she's a good level-headed person.


I think she probably has the least enemies.


Something these days in the Conservative Party!


But I also found fans of Andrea Leadsom, who campaigned


She knows what needs to be done, she's a woman with conviction.


Today, Andrea Leadsom tried to brush off remarks she had made three years


ago suggesting that the UK should be in the EU and in her view


the next Prime Minister had to have voted for Brexit.


Somebody who says I've been told vote for Leave with no enthusiasm


is very different to someone who sees the sunlit uplands


of leaving the EU, the prospects for our children, our grandchildren,


our business, of being open to the world.


These are some of the people who will pick the next Tory


There is disagreement over who that person should be but everybody


recognises the next Prime Minister has a really tough job uniting


Ben Wright, BBC News, Taplow in Buckinghamshire.


Well that contest was triggered by the UK's vote to leave the EU


and more than a week on - it continues to send


While German politicians are warning that Britain won't be


given special treatment - farmers and other businesses


are worried about future trading relationships.


Here's our Berlin Correspondent Jenny Hill.


Expect Germany to drive a hard bargain.


Too early to say here whether Brexit will be bad for business.


TRANSLATION: If Britain doesn't want to stay in the EU,


The negotiations must benefit the EU.


To give Britain concessions again is completely out of the question.


German farmers have problems of their own.


The price of milk, red tape and a relationship with Brussels


There is throughout Germany a sadness at Britain's


departure, and a concern, too, about the impact of Brexit.


But overwhelmingly now, the focus is shifting


to the future and how to reshape the EU without Britain.


And on that note, Germany's voice carries.


For its farmers, here at their annual meeting,


there is a trading relationship to protect.


Britain is Germany's third largest export market.


I know the European Union and the UK want to be good neighbours,


and the single market is a base on which we could do that.


But I want to assure farmers in the United Kingdom that


their benefits and their payments and their schemes will


continue until such time as the negotiations are complete.


Angela Merkel is likely to be central to those talks.


Like other EU leaders, she faces Euroscepticism,


not to mention a general election next year.


One point must be clear, there will be no cherry picking,


so as we always said, if Great Britain leaves


the European Union, it's not possible to stay in some terms


within the European Union, for instance, concerning


It's not what Germany wanted, it's not what Germany expected,


but Brexit is already changing Europe's political landscape.


Stay with us on BBC World News, still to come:


And the truth is still out there ...we link up with World's UFO


festival in where else...Roswell New Mexico.


here are the world headlines. New fears over Iraq security after two


blast in Baghdad kill more than 125 people.


Let's go to Bangladesh where the authorities are insisting -


I.S militants were NOT responsible for an attack on a cafe in Dhaka


That's despite a claim made by the group -


who released photos of the alleged attackers posing with an I.S flag.


Ministers say the gunmen were well-educated and came


One suspect who survived - is being interrogated by police.


A candlelit tribute to those who died in a terrifying attack.


Flowers placed at the lane leading to the cafe where it took place.


Some of the victims were Bangladeshi.


Foreigners, mostly from Japan and Italy would come here to work.


Back home, their families are trying to come to terms with their loss.


This is so unbearable as a parent, he said I'm leaving now and I said


to be careful and that was the last conversation I had on the telephone.


Dhaka is now in a heightened state of alert but for


Mourning the victims of its worst ever terrorist attack,


but the focus is also shifting to the seven men who carried it out.


Alarming details have emerged on who they were and what motivated


The question they are asking is how they managed to get into such


a secure and protected neighbourhood, virtually


Eyewitnesses say they were heavily armed.


One account described them as well trained and very sure


The authorities now say that all seven attackers,


one of whom was arrested, were local Bangladeshis


with no links to the so-called Islamic State.


They are said to be from affluent families who went to the country's


leading private schools and colleges, not from Islamic


seminaries from where militant groups often control recruits.


Japanese reporters at the crime scene, family victims are due


to arrive in a special plane later today.


The international spotlight is now Bangladesh, it has experienced


Islamist violence before but this now represents an altogether


Australia's Prime Minister says he remains confident his coalition


will emerge victorious - despite the country's


Most of the votes have been counted but the result


is still too close to call - and we may not have a clear


Well Australia has voted its general election but the country now faces


an anxious wait to find out who will form its next government. As it


stands around 80% of all though it had been counted but it is certainly


not clear yet who is going to win. Neither the governing conservative


coalition of the opposition Labour Party had been able to secure an


absolute majority. They are relatively neck and neck so


Australians as well as you and I will have the wait until all of the


votes are counted. That weight will be


longer than you might think. Counting when start-up in full until


Tuesday, why is that? Elections in most countries are a logistical


challenge and Australia is no different, it is not just about


counting votes, but think about all of the postal votes from those


Australians travelling into state will living overseas. Gathering them


take some time so Sunday and Monday will be spent carefully sorting,


verifying and packaging the huge number of postal votes sent in so


they can be added to the cad when it starts again on Tuesday. The


electoral commission are taking particular care this year after more


than 1000 ballots went missing in a state election in 2013. That forced


voters back to the polls again, so this time around they are taking


extra care not to lose a single vote. The election in Australia has


been tight and nail-biting so far but for now, all we can do is wait.


Let us get some sport for you and here is Damien Johnson.


France look to be heading into the last four of Euro 20-16.


They lead the tournament's surprise package Iceland x-x


to an early goal from Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud


their second shortly afterwards as they took complete control.


, West Ham's Dimitri Payet added a third.


They are into the second half and France lead 51, the second goal for


Olivier Giroud. French nmber 12 seed


Jo-Wilfried Tsonga beat American John Isner 19-17


in the fifth set of a gripping match Tsonga won after four hours and 24


minutes on court two. On the women's side, Serena Williams


won through to a fourth-round clash against Russian Svetlana Kuznetsova


- the number one seed demolished German Annika Beck as Alex Gulrajani


reports. Wimbledon ready opens its doors on a


Sunday, and those lucky to get in had their eyes on one match in


particular. After dropping three games in the


opening set, the second lasted barely 20


minutes. The match between John Isner and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, was


anything but a swift affair. Six years ago you will remember, John


Isner beat Nicolas Mahut in the longest match in history winning the


final set 70 games to 68, it was another marathon against Tsonga


though not quite as long. This time his know was the loser, 19-17 in the


final set. Pep Guardiola has been introduced to


Manchester city fans as their new manager. The former Boston and by


Munich boss was named as the successor back in favourite but


takes over this summer. Thank you for coming here, in of course you


house, it is my new house. I am so, so glad to be here, thank you to


Manchester city for giving me this amazing opportunity to live in


England. In Manchester, to be part of my job in the Premier League, I


am pretty sure we are going to enjoy it. I proved myself where I was born


in Barcelona, Catalonia, then I proved myself in Deutschland, in


Germany. And after, I want to prove myself here, with my people and with


my staff and of course with the amazing players. But at the end,


what I want after the game, after the season, the people, the


supporters, maybe the people who love football, can enjoy had to be


proud of what we did. That is in the end the most important thing. After


that, maybe we can achieve the titles. If the people are not proud


of us, there is nothing to do. One of my dreams would be to play her


like a football player, it is not possible but now my dream is come


true. I came here like a coach, like Liverpool player, of course the


atmosphere here is amazing. And I want to live that in life, and of


course, to prove myself if I'm able to be a good manager here in


England, that is the reason why. And to come here to learn.


Just time to tell you that Lewis Hamilton has won the Austrian Grand


Prix. That is all for now. Roswell in New Mexico USA was put


on the map in 1947 when aliens steering a UFO allegedly crashed


in their spacecraft. Since then, it's become something


of a shrine for paranormal fans - and this weekend it's hosting


the 2016 UFO Alien Festival - with Let's speak to a UFO investigative


that has been looking into the Roswell crash for fifteen


years. what do you think of UFO spotting,


is it as popular as it used to be? UFO spotting is more popular than


ever. Especially with the electronic devices that people have. They can


take photographs, videos on the spot, so yes, much more than in the


past. UFO spotting is certainly on the increase I would believe. But in


the 1950s, that Cold War era, there was a real flurry of the sightings


and that seems to have tailed off? For the modern age of UFOs did arise


in 1947, and it has basically continued unabated. As to why, it


appeared in 1947 as opposed to any other year, we don't know. We


suspect it had sunk to do with World War II, and the invention of atomic


weapons. But to answer your question, I don't think it has


tailed off. That is all I can tell you. There are more reports than


ever. I do have some statistics, from the UFO network, if you are


interested, but that is up to you. Could you tell me a bit about the


technology, and how it has moved on? Yes, back in the 1950s, we had no


cellphones, we had no video cameras, we just had eyewitness reports


verbatim. That was basically it, now you have absolute video in most


cases. So things moving about in the sky that we cannot explain. So it is


the video effect. That has really taken off, at least in my opinion


because I remember the 1950s. I'm so sorry to interrupt you, we have run


out of time I'm afraid. Don Carey from Roswell, thank you very much.


That is it from us and the programme. That is the world


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