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The race for Ten Downing Street.


We have a result in the first of a series of ballots to find


Of the five candidates competing to take over from David Cameron -


the clear winner in this first round is Theresa May.


Liam Fox is placed last and withdraws.


An FBI investigation criticises Hillary Clinton for her "careless"


use of a private email account while Secretary of State -


but it says it will not recommend that criminal charges be


The Department of Justice makes the final decision on matters like this


but we are expressing the view that no charges are appropriate in this


case. A call for a major shake-up


in the French security A report says there were multiple


failures before last year's The acclaimed Iranian film-maker


and Palme d'Or winner, Abbas Kiarostami,


dies at the age of 76. Great Britain is one step closer to


having a new prime minister. The British Home Secretary,


Theresa May, has emerged with the most votes from the first


round of the Conservative party leadership contest


to succeed David Cameron. A former Defence Secretary,


Liam Fox, was the first of the five hopefuls to be eliminated


when the result of the ballot of Tory MPs was announced


just under an hour ago. The MPs will hold more votes


until there are just two candidates left,


who will then be voted An overwhelming victory for the Home


Secretary, Theresa May, with 165 votes. Well ahead of her nearest


rival, Andrea Leadsom, the energy minister who campaigned hard for


leaving the union with 66 votes. Just behind her, the Justice


Secretary, Michael Gove, on 48 votes. He was also on the Out


campaign. He put himself forward and pulled out of supporting Boris


Johnson. Stephen Crabb is next on 34 votes. He was on the Remain side. In


fifth place, Doctor Liam Fox, with just 16. He now drops out of the


contest. And his supporters will have to choose where they go next.


Laura Kuenssberg. That came in about half a narrow go live on the BBC.


Commenting on those results, Theresa May has made a statement and said, I


am pleased with this result and grateful to my colleagues for their


support. There is a big job to do to unite the party and country. He


says, I am the only candidate capable of delivering these things


as a prime Minister and the only one capable of drawing support from the


whole of the party. She says, I look forward to continuing the debate in


Parliament and across the country. She has said she does not want a


so-called coronation. She does want this to go to the membership. We


will get more on this with our correspondent on this whole


question. Let's catch up with the days news from around the world now.


The FBI Director has presented his conclusions


after a long investigation about the use of a private


email and classified information by Hilary Clinton.


James Comey said while they did not find clear evidence that Clinton


intended to violate laws - there is evidence that she was


careless with dealing with classified information.


He criticized the security culture at the state department -


but concluded there should be no prosecution.


There is evidence of potential violations of the statute regarding


classified information but our judgment is no reasonable prosecutor


would bring such a case. Prosecutors way up a number of factors before


deciding whether to bring charges. There are considerations like the


strength of evidence, regarding intent, responsible decisions and


the context of actions and how similar situations have been handled


in the past. In looking back at this investigation into the mishandling,


or removal of classified information, we cannot find a case


that would support bringing criminal charges on these facts.


However, Mr Comey did say Mrs Clinton had been extremely


careless and that he'd referred the investigation to


Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton, all


her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of is


about information, there is evidence they were extremely careless in


handling very sensitive and highly classified information. For example,


seven e-mail chains concerned matters which were classified at the


top secret special access programme at the time they were sent and


received. These chains involved Secretary Clinton sending e-mails


about these matters and receiving e-mails about the same matters.


There is evidence to support a conclusion that any reasonable


person in Secretary Clinton's position or in the position of those


with whom she was corresponding should have known that an


unclassified system was no place for that conversation. The highest


religious authorities in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran have


denounced the bombing. Four security officers were killed in the attack.


This is one of the holiest sites of Islam, visited I millions of


pilgrims every year. This mosque was crowded, but it was said the bomber


detonated his device at a building nearby. At around the same time a


second bomb struck at a mosque on the other side of the country. This


area has a large Shia community in a nation dominated by Sunni Muslims.


There were no reports of casualties. In part because many people were


inside preparing to break the Ramadan fast. It was the third


attack in Saudi Arabia in a single day. The first was here. The


Interior Ministry said a suicide bomber blew himself up when


approached by security guards near the US consulate. This attack are


also died and two guards were slightly injured, according to the


ministry statement. It coincided with the American Independence Day


holiday and the consulate urged Americans to take extra cautions


when travelling through Saudi Arabia. Nobody has yet claimed


responsibility for the bombings. The pass two years have seen a string of


attacks in Saudi Arabia by so-called Islamic State.


Now a look at some of the day's other news.


A shopping centre has been attacked in Baghdad. The governor has been


critical of the checkpoints across the city and it is not clear if his


resignation will be accepted. Teachers, doctors and nurses have


gone on strike in Zimbabwe There is growing frustration


at the deteriorating economic situation in Zimbabwe,


caused partly by the country's worst Activists have called for a national


'shut down' starting on Wednesday. Dramatic pictures have emerged,


of a freak storm in Cuba, which created powerful waterspouts,


injuring 38 people. Reports say the waterspouts formed


on Saturday evening, near a beach in the south


of the country. More than 30 homes, offices


and shops were damaged. The head of a French inquiry


into last year's terrorist attacks in Paris has said that the events


highlighted several flaws in the country's intelligence


and security operations. The parliamentary inquiry said


all the French attackers had been known to authorities,


but that different, competing, agencies had not


communicated with each other. After the casualty


counts, the manhunts. Parliament's commissioners today set


out their version of what went wrong in France's handling


of last year's terrorist attacks. TRANSLATION: Our intelligence


services have failed, I say it clearly, and nobody can


pretend the contrary. All the terrorists,


all of them, the Bataclan attackers,


the Charlie Hebdo attackers, and the others, they were all known


to the security services. The inquiry found that as police


officers arrived to the Bataclan nightclub last


November, they ask a nearby military patrol to help them intervene


in the siege, or at least The story that then unfolded


in the commission's report was marked by confusion


and uncoordination, where elite counterterrorism unit sat idle


and general police were put in charge of special


forces on the ground. The same lack of coordination marked


the country's intelligence services,


the commissioner said, with suspects left unmonitored and


communication poor. What was needed, they said,


was a new national agency. TRANSLATION: Because of this,


I propose the creation of a counterterrorism agency directly


under the authority of the Prime Minister or the President and in


charge of analysis, strategy and A national director


of intelligence would be Last year's attacks,


carried out by a Jihadist network with links


to Belgium and France, also laid bare the flaws


in communication between Europe's


different national agencies, the commission said, including delays


in the transfer of information about key suspects in the hours


after the November attacks. Clearly Europe is not


up to up to the task in the fight against


terrorism, even if progress has been made


in the It is questionable whether Europe


can efficiently fight Paris is still coming to terms


with the new reality of its security More soldiers on the streets,


more flowers at key sites. It's old sense of


safety blown apart by of hours and is still a long way


from being repaired. Back to our top story. We have had


numbers in the first ballot of voters in the Conservative


leadership race. One MP has been eliminated. Theresa May winning the


overall majority with more than half the parliamentary party. More


reaction now from Ed Vaizey, who is supporting Michael Gove. Just to


clarify for the international viewers, you supported the Remain


and you supported Michael Gove, who was one of the Brexit cheerleaders.


First of all, your response? Theresa May has more than half the


parliamentary party. She has been the favoured since this contest was


announced. She has been very well respected and a prominent


politician. Michael Gove and the others to some extent are fighting


for the other boats. I think Michael Gove has done very well. He has come


in third place but it is neck and neck and win the person coming


second and Michael Gove in third. There is everything to play for if


you supported Michael Gove as I do to be the next British Prime


Minister. Theresa May has said that she is the only person capable of


during support from the whole of the party. Would it be more dignified,


given what Michael Gove has done, for him to withdraw and unite around


the clear favourite? The nation needs leadership of doesn't it? It


does but I think what Theresa May has said is that it is important


that we have a run-off between the last two candidates. As you know and


your viewers might know it goes to the membership of the party, some


130,000 people will get to vote. I think Theresa May and Michael Gove


agree that there should be a debate because they have different visions


of the future. Everybody understands the outcome of the Referendum, that


Britain will be leaving the European Union. But there are other agendas


about the future. Some of the issues for example behind the Referendum,


the growing social divide where Michael Gove has proved in his


record in reforming schools and Theresa May in reforming prisons,


this is a high priority and it will appeal to Conservative MPs in the


next ballot and also members if Michael can be one of the two. He is


seen to have damaged his own standing in the party and the


country by being seen to have stabbed his friend David Cameron in


the back and stabbing Boris, effectively, as well. If he is


pushed out in the next round and there is a run-off between Theresa


May and Andrea Leadsom, where will his boats go? Who would you support?


I do not expect Michael Gove to be pushed out in the next round and I


am confident that he will be on the ballot as one of two people that


people can choose from. I reject the idea that he stabbed David Cameron


and Boris Johnson. He followed his principles. I campaigned to remain


and David Cameron made it clear individual ministers were free to


campaign on whatever side of the argument they felt was right. That


is what Michael did. He proved in self as somebody who lost against


Michael Gove and his team, he proved himself to be a resourceful and


convincing campaigner. Very quickly, Liam Fox had 16 votes and presumably


they will go to Andrea Leadsom and it will possibly tip that over and


push Michael Gove into last place. That is very unlikely. I think a lot


of them will go to Michael Gove and I think he has picked up support


throughout. It was not started in the best way possible but you have


seen a momentum building behind Michael Gove. We will have to leave


it there. Thank you for joining us. Our political correspondent,


Vicky Young, joins It has been a very interesting last


hour. What are people saying to you here? Everybody is trying to guess


how the numbers will fall. Liam Fox drops out. 16 votes. It is very hard


to work out where they will go. I think you can assume with most of


them they would go for somebody who backed Brexit. He was such a


forthright and Pena for the UK leaving the European Union. --


campaigner. Whether they go to Andrea Leadsom or Michael Gove I


think it is impossible to tell. Some people think they will go to Andrea


Letson and that will propel her into the top two. If you look at the


percentages, yes, Theresa May has got 50% of Tory MPs supporting her


in this all stop but it is not like other contests where it gets you


over the line and you go through automatically. It is about Tory MPs


whittling down a field of five down to the final two and they will then


go onto the ballot paper and they will be voted on by party members


who will be electing not only the leader of the party, but their prime


minister. That is one of the crucial things in this race. This person


will have to go straight in and become Prime Minister. No general


election is required. That is why very many of Theresa May's backers


are pointing to her experience. She has been in the Cabinet for several


years and has been the longest serving Home Secretary for a long


time and compare to Andrea Leadsom who has not been in the Cabinet, G


has experience outside Westminster, many MPs say they do not think she


is ready for the job yet. Just to clarify, we saw pictures of Andrea


Leadsom. Apparently she did not perform well last night in front of


MPs but she picked up quite a few boats. Is it possible we could still


have a correlation? Theresa May said she wanted it to go to the


membership and they are thought to be quite Eurosceptic in general. Is


it possible pressure is building up for Theresa May to be given the job?


I do not think that will happen. In the current climate, the


Conservative party are split over Brexit. I think it is unlikely


Theresa May would just be crowned and I think it would cause problems


later, and quite a lot of resentment. Even MPs supporting


Remain said they wanted a contest and they want it to be between


Theresa May and somebody from the Brexit 's side. At this stage I


cannot see that happening. Andrea Leadsom could creep a little bit


closer in the next round. And her supporters are saying this is as


much as Theresa May will get. She will not pick up any more. Even


though there is a lot of pressure from outside, because some people


have said we have voted to leave the European Union and we need to get on


with it and start thinking about how to go through the process, at the


moment I do not think the Conservative party fancies any kind


of correlation. Thanks very much indeed. We will go to Washington. We


have had a very interesting statement from the FBI on the


investigation into Hillary Clinton's e-mails. Barbara Platt is in


Washington. Bring us up to date. We have had an update from the White


House as well. Yes, we have got reaction from the Clinton campaign


and the Donald Trump campaign and the other Republicans. The Clinton


campaign say they welcome it and they are glad it can be resolved.


They said Hillary Clinton all along said she made a mistake and had


apologised and would never do it again. They are hoping the fact that


there is almost certainly no legal threats to her campaign means they


can begin to put it behind them and get on with the rest of it. I think


the response from Republicans show politically they will try and keep


it alive. Donald Trump said that this is a rigged response,


essentially saying that she is above the law. That's the evidence was


damning and she was not, no charges were filed and other Republicans


have said similar things. That'll be the line of attack. That's the


Clintons play by different rules and they will try and keep it alive on


the campaign trail. Thank Jubilant scenes at mission control


in California after news came through that the Juno space probe


successfully dropped Instruments on board will now start


to investigate what lies beneath Here's our science


correspondent, Rebecca Morelle. a tense wait to learn the fate of


the billion-dollar spacecraft and then a signal.


The mood is pure elation here after more than a decade of work


and a 2.8 billion km journey through space.


Juno is the closest we have ever been to Jupiter.


The Nasa Juno spacecraft blasted off in Jun 2011.


We prepared a contingency communications procedure


Over the next 20 months, Juno will complete 37 orbits.


It will give us our best ever views of the giant red spot,


a vast storm which has raged for hundreds of years.


It will peer beneath the planet's thick swirl of


cloud to finally reveal what lies beneath.


Jupiter is so massive that 1,000 Earths could sit inside it.


As it spins every ten hours, it takes everything with it.


Jupiter's just lit up with a spectacular aurora.


Next month, the data begins to pull back,


The Iranian film director, Abbas Kiarostami, has


Hugely influential - he won the Palme d'Or at Cannes


He will be remembered for what he gained to world cinema. He died at


76. -- what he gave. He will be a member does one of the greatest ever


seen. Born in 1940, Kiarostami was a central figure in the new wave


cinema blossoming in the 1970s. He began by shooting his commercials


for Arabian television and he started making his own films for an


Institute he said it was a making of him as an artist. He spent almost


his entire career working in Iran. Even after the 1979 Islamic


revolution, when many of his contemporaries left the country.


Over 40 years he wrote and directed dozens of films and enjoyed early


success with a film about a boy lying and cheating to raise money so


he can go to a soccer match. He had a reputation for casting


non-professional actors in real life scenarios. He presented an image of


this country never before seen and his work explored religious


attitudes at the time. He said his country was central to his art. He


said, take a tree rooted in the ground and transfer it from one


place to another, it will no longer bear fruit. It was his seventh


feature in 1997 dragging him onto the world stage. His masterpiece


about a man looking for somebody to help him commit suicide was called


taste of Cherry and it won in Kalms. He said it was difficult to work in


Iran has political strife increased. He began filming abroad. His first


film in Europe still bed the visual hallmarks of his Iranian


masterpieces. It won the Best actress award in calm for Juliette


Binoche. She noted his compassionate character which made his work


pattern. He loves women. I think he is a feminine director. You can say


Martin Scorsese is more male orientated, there is a whole kind of


wanting to understand and understanding them. Also he raises


children by himself. After he divorced. He knows the dilemma of


working and taking care of children, which is very close to the women's


dilemma. Martin Scorsese has been one of many to pay tribute. He said


of his friends, he was a very special human being. Quiet, elegant,


modest, articular tan quite observant. He was a true gentleman


and truly one of our great artists. Tens of thousands of Icelanders have


welcomed back their national football team from France. They were


the big surprise of Euro 2016, getting all the way to the


quarterfinals before they were not out by Coast, France. -- knocked


out. -- hosts, France. Absolutely extraordinary. Amazing.


They made their way through the capital in an open topped bus


welcomed by drummers, wild cheering and the chance they use to cheer


their side. The knock-on from Brexit continues. Thanks for watching.


Goodbye. We have had building pressure taking


place. This high pressure is not really lasting much longer. As we go


through Wednesday we will start to see this Atlantic front moving into


the north-west of the British Isles bringing a change in the weather


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