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Save the Children says a maternity hospital in Syria has been bombed.


The air strikes happened in a rebel-held district of Idlib in the


north-west. At least two people are reported dead.


The staff at the hospital contacted us and they confirmed that the town


where the hospital is based has been hit by seven air strikes. There


Florida confirms its first cases of the Zika virus contracted by local


moss key toes. And, the day after the night before, Hillary Clinton


gets down to work as the race for the White House begins for real.


We start in Syria where a maternity hospital has been hit


by an airstrike according to the charity Save the Children


Two people are reported to have died and a number of patients and staff


were injured in the bombing which happened in a rebel-held


Meanwhile, the United Nations' Syrian envoy has backed Russian


proposals for humanitarian corridors to be set up to allow civilians


in the besieged city of Aleppo to leave.


Footage shows the forces trying to take control of the city.


Russia has been an allie in this fight. Now it says it wants to give


people a way out of rebel-held parts of Aleppo.


Leaflets were dropped showing a map of corridors for civilians to leave.


TRANSLATION: I'm not sure I will go out. The Government's directions of


surrender are humiliating as it is. If they are already humiliating us,


how about when we actually arrive to the areas that they control?


Russia's said it also plans to allow rebel fighters to leave.


Two days ago, the Syrian Government had said all supply lines to rebel


held areas had been cut off. Around a quarter of a million civilians


lived there. Hospitals have been bombed and the UN's warned that food


stocks will only last three weeks. The UN wants to be involved in


Russia's plan. Our suggestion is to Russia to


actually leave the corridors being established at their initiative to


us. The UN and the humanitarian


partners, as you know, know what to do. They have an experience. That's


our job. The UN's also asked for a ceasefire


to give people a chance for a safe exit. For four years, Aleppo has


seen bloodshed and violence. Whether or not people choose to leave the


city if they are given a way out will depend on how the plan will


work. Perhaps just as important is how quickly can it all be carried


out because, for hundreds of thousands of people in rebel-held


areas off Aleppo, each day is a struggle to survive.


A doctor working with Save the Children who has visited


the maternity hospital in the past said equipment and generators


The staff of the hospital contacted us and confirmed that the town where


the hospital is based has been hit by seven air strikes. Three of these


hit the surrounding area of the hospital while one air strike hit


the entrance of the hospital killing at least two people and one another


injured person, he's in a serious condition. For other people we don't


have the exact information about the number of injuries, but the hospital


staff are talking about at least ten people that have got injured. The


medical staff in the facilities went to the ground floor, so all the


medical staff they are safe except for one midwife. She was doing a


delivery at that point and she got injured because of the damage caused


by this air strike. The hospital itself was affected badly because


some equipment was being damaged by this air strike, including the


generators running through the city and this hospital because in Syria


now there's no stable electricity and some other equipment, including


the incubators for newborns. Florida has confirmed its first


cases of the Zika infection that were most likely contracted


from local mosquitos. The state governor has said two


sites were responsible for four cases, but that no one had been


admitted to hospital. The Florida cases raise the chance


that US mosquitoes can So far, cases outside


of Latin America and the Caribbean have been spread by travel to that


region or sexual transmission. It's causing concern but it's not


entirely unexpected. The Centre for Disease control and others have been


warning for several months now that the possibility of locally borne


Zika transmitting in the United States is very high. Now, there have


been 1600 cases in the States alone, most of them from people travelling


to infected areas and coming back. As you mentioned, this is the first


time it's come from a mosquito itself. Now, it is in a very small


area, about two kilometres squared and the mosquito which transmits


this virus can only travel a small area. So that is where they're


concentrating on in that area of Miami at the moment to look and see


what they can do. I've just been listening to a call from the Centre


for Disease control and they say they're very impressd by the


measures being taken in Florida, they include getting rid of stagnant


water where mosquitoes might be born. They are also spraying any


areas where they are prevalent and they are also ensuring and telling


local women especially to cover up during the night when those areas


mosquitoes could be biting. Let's take a look at


some other stories. Criminal charges have been filed


against six state employees in Michigan over the contamination of


drinking water in the city of Flint. The em-Politics Show eyes at the


environmental departments are accused of misconduct in office,


neglect and conspiracy disturbance - employees.


Hillary Clinton has been speaking at a rally in Philadelphia this


evening, following her closing speech at the Democratic National


She's made history by becoming the first female Presidential


candidate for the Democrats - but she divides party opinion


on whether she is the right person for the job.


And of course Donald Trump was a controversial choice


Laura Trevelyan is at the White House for us. Both are out on the


campaign trail today. Hillary Clinton is in Pennsylvania, a key


swing state, and Donald Trump himself is in Colorado, which


flipped from the Republican column last time. Good news from Mr Trump,


the audience for Hillary Clinton's speech last night in prime time


television was a few million less than the audience for his speech in


prime time a week ago, so I'm sure that he will make the most of that.


However, I should also say that the audiences overall for the democratic


convention night by night were higher than for the Republicans, so


make of that what you will and I'm sure both sides will have their own


take from that. Now it's all about the race for the White House, all


about the electoral map and there they are.


What sense did we get of what is the flavour of things to come? You can


see from Trump's convention that that was about what he sees is wrong


with America that, this is a difficult time that people are


scared about the threat of terrorism. They feel economically


insecure, they're worried about their jobs, they don't trust Hillary


Clinton. So his was definitely and his aide said it was a Nick Nixonian


campaign, based on appealing to people's fears saying he'll be the


strong man and make it better. Democrats, while taunting Mr Trump


at every possible turn it should be said, tried to be more positive and


strike the theme that America is great, trump au slogan is make


America great again. You have two extremely different views. In the


States where this election is going to be decided which is Ohio,


Pennsylvania, they're former manufacturing centres where the jobs


haven't been replaced by new jobs, the message is going to be about who


is going to bring our jobs back and how is that going to happen. Hillary


Clinton saying she'll do it through infrastructure and investment,


Donald Trump saying he'll renegotiate the Free Trade


Agreements. Pope Francis has walked in silence


around Auschwitz-Birkenau, as a mark of respect to the more


than one million people, mostly Jews, who were killed


at the Nazi death camp. Our correspondent


Tom Burridge reports. To a place which exposes


the inadequacy of words. Where more than one million,


mainly Jewish, people Pope Francis spoke with some


of the few who survived that horror. at the wall where Nazi firing


squads executed thousands. Then a prayer in a cell,


where a Catholic priest volunteered human beings were locked


up here like animals. Silence was the response


of the Catholic Church when Nazi Germany


demonised Jewish people and then attempted


to eradicate Jews from Europe. Another visit by a Pope reminds us


about the evil perpetrated But questions remain


for the Catholic Church about what it knew at the time


of the Nazi death camps and the systematic


programme of genocide. A psalm sung by a priest


from a Polish village Tom Burridge,


BBC News, in Auschwitz. Stay with us on BBC


World News, still to come: All the sports news, including, as


more athletes arrive in Rio, Russia's entire weightlifting team


is banned from the Olympics in the wake of the doping scandal.


NASA has ordered an investigation after confirmation that astronauts


were cleared to fly while drunk. The last foot patrol in south Armargh.


Once an every day part of the soldier's lot, drudgery and danger.


Now no more after almost four decades.


In a private house not doing any harm to anyone, I don't see why all


these people should wander in and say "you are doing something wrong".


Six rare white lion cubs are on the prowl and have been met with a roar


of approval by visitors. Really sweet and cute.


The headlines: An air strike hits a maternity hospital in north-western


Syria and reportedly kills two people, as well as wounding others.


Florida confirms its first cases of infection from Zika was contracted


from local mosquitoes. Russia's entire weightlifting


team has been barred from competing at the Rio Olympics


by the sport's governing body. Some of their ten possible


competitors had been named in a report which exposed


Russian state-sponsored doping. Only track and field has had


a similar blanket ban. The IOC gave governing bodies


the jurisdiction over whether to allow Russian competitors


in their discipline. Archery, triathlon, shooting


and table tennis are among those to have given the go-ahead,


while five sports are There's plenty of toing and froing


at the top of the leaderboard on day two of golf's final major


of the year the USPGA but the early clubhouse leader at Baltusrol


is the Open Champion Henrik Stenson. The Swede shot a 3-under par second


round of 67 including an eagle. He's alongside Overnight leader


Jimmy Walker on 6-under Patrick Reed is the big mover of the day so far


five under for his round alongside England's Andy Sullivan


and the Argentine Emiliano Grillo is out in front on 7-under midway


through his round. A full scorecard can be found


on the BBC Sport website. It's been fairly wet on day two


of the Women's British Open at Woburn as well, but not enough


to keep the layers off the course... South Korea's Mirim Lee hasn't


matched her course record ten-under yesterday,


struggled a bit this morning. She carded 71 in her


second round but remains German midfielder Bastian


Schweinsteiger could be the most high profile casualty


of Jose Mourinho's mass clearout of the Manchester United squad,


if the media speculation is anything Perhaps a coincidence,


but Schweinsteiger announced his retirement from international


football on Friday. It comes thre weeks after Germany


were knocked out of the Euros The 31-year-old World Cup winner


only joined United last year from Bayern Munich for a fee


of around $8.5 million Lewis Hamilton may be leading


the Formula One title race but his teammate Nico Rosberg sent


a timely reminder that he won't be easy to beat, by topping


the timesheets in both First and Second Practice ahead


of his home Grand Prix All eyes are on Rosberg ahead of the


German Grand Prix as we wait the see if he can stop the Lewis Hamilton


juggernaut. Hamilton's won five of the last six Grand Prix including


last weekend in Hungary and he's now leading the World Championship for


the first time. What has Rosberg got left in the tank? He has shown so


far today he's still fighting. He was fastest in both of today's


practise sessions including being 0. .4 of a second faster than Lewis


Hamilton. It's only in qualitifying tomorrow that we'll really find out


if his challenge has any depth to it. Off track, it's been been busy.


The race director clarified lots of issues today, including specifying


that the halo, the much-publicised head protection, is now not going to


be introduced in 2017, it's being delayed until 2018, also changes to


yellow flags, track limits and all sorts but none of that is going to


make any difference to the racing at the front. It's all about Rosberg v


Hamilton this weekend. They're way quicker than any other drivers here


at Hockenheim. Can Rosberg stop Hamilton?


Australia need 185 to win their first test against Sri Lanka


in Pellekele on what's been another weather affected day having bowled


Sri Lanka out for 353 earlier on Friday.


Kusal Mendis was finally dismissed for 176.


Australia were 83-3 when rain and bad light brought


The yank banking authority's published the results of its 2016


stress tests on 51 European banks, the Italian bank, that's the world's


oldest bank, been in business since 1472, by far the worst performer in


the test. The results seem to indicate that it would collapse


entirely if the stress tests were replicated in the real world. It,


along with other major yawn banks, including Deutsche Bank, RBS,


Barclays and the Bank of Ireland, was one of the worst responses to a


series of adviser scenarios, including a major fall in GDP. More


on that soon. Now, why are schools in Kenya being set on fire, it's the


question many are struggling to understand, as two more schools were


burnt overnegotiate. Kenya has been dealing with a wave of arson


attacks. We have been to central Kenya, one of the worst affected


regions. Scenes like this have become an


almost daily occurrence in Kenya. School after school going up in


flames at an unprecedented rate. On Friday morning, two more schools


were torched. This is the latest school to suffer the arson attacks.


Even new buildings reduced to shell an a stark reminder of the events


here in past days. This is the second dormitory to be


burnt down in this school in the space of one week. The fire is


believed to have been started at around that corner at seven at


night. The fire raged on and firefighters quickly came in, and


together with students, they desperately tried to save their


belongings. As you can see, there is not much left of all their personal


belongings and their bedding has been destroyed. We have tracked down


one of the students who were in the school when this started. He


requested to hide his identity for fear of being connected to those who


burnt his school. He's uncertain about his final examinations later


this year and worried. The banning of school started in


western Kenya and spread to other regions. So far, more than 100


schools have been affected -- the burning started. This is a worried


parent. Her daughter Wes supposed to sit her final exams this year, but


is now home after their school was closed following a failed attempt to


burn it down. I feel really, really bad. Looking for school fees is


hard. This butchering work is not easy. I'm very, very worried for


her. The reasons for the attacks remain very unclear. Teachers blame


the Government, the Government blames exam sheets. Teachers' unions


have threatened to go on a national strike if the Government doesn't


close all schools immediately to tackle the crisis. But the


Government has rejected the calls. There is no school that is going to


be closed. Learning must continue. All our children must be in school.


We will deal with the criminals and crooks that are working on


undermining the reforms that we are putting in place and trying to


blackmail Government. The burnling of schools is not a new phenomena,


but the sheer scale and frequency of the attacks has now raised fears and


concerns about the uncertain future now facing thousands of students.


We told you about the results of the stress tests carried out on European


banks a few minutes ago. We were bringing you the results. Let's


discuss this more. Theo Legislate is here. What have we discoverd? The


European banking authority modelled a big economic shock something as


severe as we saw in 2008 to see how the banks would stoned when their


bad loans would rise and their profits would fall and whether they


had enough in the way of capital buffers, money set aside, to deal


with that. It's rigid scenarios that they have put in place. There's no


pass or fail, but it's clear some banks have come out of this exercise


a lot better than others. The world's oldest bank, Italy's third


largest bank, performed very badly indeed. It would basically be wiped


out, losing all its capital reserves if such a snarl grow were to happen,


now we know. Bank of Ireland, another Italian bank, Uni Credit,


performed not particularly well -- scenario.


The situation for Italian banks is particularly acute. Given that Italy


is in the eurozone, how much worry does this cause the wider European


community? It's well known that there is a significant problem with


Italy's banks, not just the six that were inClauded in the stress tests


but a lot of smaller banks as well. Several of them have got into


trouble over the past year, some have been bailed out by the


Government. The Government was really anxious not to have to bail


out a big bank because in Italy many people who've bought bank bonds,


investors, are ordinary people and if the Government bails them out,


under Euro law, the investors lose their money. If you can imagine the


effect of tens of thousands of ordinary investors losing their


savings, what that would do to the Government in Italy would have


severe repercussions across the rest of Europe as well. We are seeing a


very concerted effort by the Italian government to get something in place


tonight or over the weekend to sew that they have the situation in


hand. Thank you.


Brazil's former President will face trial on charges of obstructing


justice. Documents seen in fedical reports in Brazil show he has been


charged along with six others. He's been under investigation as part of


so-called Operation car wash which is looking into a sprawling


corruption scandal focussed on the state-run oil company. The former


President denies the allegations. There are several lines coming in


from Turkey because the President has said the countries who worry


over the fate of the coup plotters instead of Turkey's democracy cannot


be its friend. The Turkish President says he'll withdraw all lawsuits for


insulting him as a one-off gesture. More lines comeling through after


that attempted coup two weeks exactly since we saw that attempted


coup take place in Turkey. Let's just go back to a reminder of the


main news: The charity Save the Children says a maternity hospital


it supports in rebel held area of the Syrian province of Idlib has


been sit by an air strike. We believe two people have been killed


and potentially staff and people in the hospital injured -- been hit by


an air strike. More on that as soon as we get it on BBC World News.


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