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This is BBC News. I'm Gavin Grey.


At least 16 people are feared dead as a hot air balloon catches fire.


It sounded like a gun going off. I looked up over there and the next


thing I knew, we saw a big fireball going off. Russia claims dozens of


families have left Aleppo. Florida insists it is still safe for


tourists after the first confirmed cases of Zika virus locally.


England's ban on plastic bags sees drop but Walker -- what more can we


do? Hello and welcome. Investigators say


it is unlikely there were any survivors after a hot-air balloon


carrying at least 16 police pull crashed and caught fire. It came


down early on Saturday around 60 kilometres south of Austen.


From clear skies above the Texas plains, the horror had unfolded in


seconds. Such was the intensity of the explosion and fire which


engulfed the balloon basket, there was little left of the crash scene.


Two of the balloons gas cylinders were still visible on the black and


past year. Emergency services were called by a witness who heard the


initial explosion. I stepped out on the porch, I heard one pop before I


stepped out and then I heard another pop and I looked around to see who


was shooting occurs it sounded like a gun going off, and I looked up


over there, and I saw a big fireball going up. It was just praying that


whoever was there got away in time. The balloon thought to be operated


by the balloon company was believed to be carrying an organised tour


group. Although it came down beneath power lines, it was unclear whether


it had developed a problem at high altitude. It is like a crime scene,


you only get one chance, we want to make sure we do everything


correctly. Thanks to all the agencies behind me, we have been


able to start on the right foot. Leaves are trying to establish the


identities of those who died. This will bring fresh calls to tighten


regulations covering more than 100 US operators.


US officials insist it is still safe to visit Florida, despite the state


becoming the first in the US mainland to confirm cases of the


Zika virus. The British government has advised pregnant women to


consider postponing any non-essential trips to the state.


Not that nothing is known as the sunshine state. Miami's beaches are


a magnet for British tourists. Now, pregnant women are being urged to


reconsider their travel plans, all because of mosque eaters carrying


the Zika virus which has been linked to severe rain defects in newborns.


Florida has become the first state in the US to con firm cases.


Previous cases have been largely confined to people who caught the


virus abroad. Now that Florida has been the first day to have a local


transmission, we will continue to put every resource available to


fight the care in our state. Experts described the risk to British


holiday-makers as medium. They haven't advised not to go. This is a


very limited outbreak, we are talking about Florida, not the rest


of the USA. They will have to speak to their travel health adviser,


their GP or the travel clinic they go to. The World Health Organisation


has described the Zika virus is a global public-health emergency and


whilst officials here aren't expecting a widespread outbreak of


the disease, they are gearing up to combat small clusters of cases. The


Zika virus has particularly affected Brazil where the Olympics get under


way in just six days' time. Top stars, including golf's quarry


Michael Roy are staying away because of the risk. -- Rory McIlroy. None


of the cases has been admitted to hospital but with no vaccine on


treatment, the emphasis and the stage is caution.


Russia says citizens have left Aleppo after humanitarian corridors


were opened but opposition activists have denied that claims. 300,000


people are trapped in the east of Aleppo. Russia announced it would


allow civilians and rebel fighters to leave parts of the city.


These are people leaving rebel-held parts of Aleppo, according to


serious state television. It claims they are using safe passages opened


by the government. We are relaxed now because we are under the


protection of the Army, may God protect them. We suffered a lot in


order to be able to come here. On Thursday, leaflets had been dropped


in Aleppo showing maps of the humanitarian corridors that would be


opened with support from Russia. Three exit routes for civilians and


a fourfold rebel fighters who want a way out. Russia claims that along


with civilians, nearly 70 rebel fighters have also come out. Syrian


TV says these are some of them. But opposition activists have called it


all a lie. They have released this video which they claim is from the


same area in which the state says a humanitarian corridor has been


opened. This is not true. The regime is making false propaganda. This


street has been closed for more than five years and the destruction you


can see those not allow anyone to get out. Civilians are not. Cars


cannot move anywhere around. Aleppo is a battle ground between


government led forces and rebel groups. For four years, it has seen


bombs and bloodshed. It is a big price for either side. But with no


food supplies going into rebel-held parts of the city, for a quarter of


a million people who live there, each day is a struggle.


And you can keep up-to-date with all the latest news on the Syrian


conflict including expert analysis on why the city of Aleppo is on the


brink of a humanitarian crisis, go to our website. Or download the BBC


News app. Let's look at Moscow stories this


hour. Police in Belgium have charged one of two brothers arrested on


suspicion of planning a terror attack in the country. The two men


were arrested after raids on seven houses. The 33-year-old is accused


of attempting to commit a terrorist murder and participation in the


activities of a terrorist organisation. His brother has been


released without charge. The Army in Turkey says they have


killed 35 people who tried to storm and Army base. The Turkish monetary


is battling an insurgency in the region since the breakdown of the


ceasefire between the Turkish army and the outlawed PKK a year ago.


Officials in Armenia say a police officer has been shot set out in a


stand-off. The policeman is the second law enforcement officer to


die since the group of armed men do police station almost two weeks ago.


The group are demanding the release of jailed opposition leader.


Let's return to one of our main stories on the Zika outbreak in


Florida. We can speak to an assistant professor of paediatrics.


Any -- he has produced Kiwi search on the Zika virus. Thank you for


joining us. We are hearing advice from Florida, St people can travel


there. The British government is telling pregnant women to not go.


What is the correct advice? Watch people do? I think we should look at


the situation. In the past week there were cases of what is believed


to be local transmission. These four individuals have not travelled to


foreign areas that were endemic with Zika virus, nor had they contracted


it with sexual contact. We believe there may be mosquitoes carrying the


mosque -- the Zika virus in North Miami. Local officials are currently


examining the area to try to find mosquitoes that harbour the Zika


virus. Until that has been con firmed, it is not known whether it


is prevalent within this area. Nonetheless, individuals should take


precautions when they do travel to Florida or areas. Until there is


confirmation of proved Zika transition within the local area,


people should nonetheless still take precautionary measures. I would


imagine that a lot of women and men who are either looking to have


children or women who are pregnant, they will say, I'm not going to take


the risk. And that is certainly a good precautionary measure to take.


There are two particular groups that you highlighted, pregnant women and


men and women thinking about pregnancy. If they do travel to


these areas, the CDC, as well as the Florida government health agencies


have recommended they wear long sleeves and use mosquito repellent


and add avoid areas where there are high areas of mosquito prevalence.


They have found these local mosquitoes that are carrying the


virus in Florida, is there a chance this could spread? Could the


mosquitoes travelled to other states? How widespread the crisis


become? Currently, the mosque eater that is transmitting the virus, it


is found in small areas, and small pockets certainly within the


Southeast United dates. The other mosquito has not been shown to


transmit Zika virus, that is the more aggressive basket as species in


the south-east United States. It certainly has the possible at each


spreading and certainly the CDC are anticipating additional cases to


occur in the 90s states in the next coming weeks. Thank you very much


for your time. Details there, as you see it on the Zika virus.


Stay with us, still to come, we will from the US PGA tempi and ship --


championship, where there is no play at the moment because of the threat


of lightning. This is BBC World News Today. The


latest headlines. Up to 16 people are feared dead after a large


hot-air balloon caught fire and crashed in Texas.


The Syrian government says dozens of families have left Aleppo through a


safe corridor opened by the government.


Rallies have been held in cities across Australia following


allegations that boys in juvenile detention centres were abused. Many


of them aboriginal children. Protesters gathered to express their


shock at TV footage which appeared to show children being


mistreated. Demonstrators around Australia said


the treatment of young detainees in the Northern Territory


shamed the nation. In Sydney, protesters insisted


they had little faith the royal commission would change what they've


described as a juvenile justice system that was inherently


oppressive to aboriginal people. This is one of the most brutal,


racist attacks on our young people that we have seen in the recent


history of this country. This week, a TV documentary showed


a 13-year-old boy held in isolation The same detainee is also tied


to a mechanical restraint chair A group of teenagers is then


seen to be tear-gassed Activists want the royal commission


to investigate juvenile detention I'm going to tell


you this right now. If you want to call this a country


to live in, stop this now. Demand that all institutions


holding our children be But the Australian Prime Minister,


Malcolm Turnbull, has rejected calls for the royal commission


to have a broader national mandate. He's also brushed aside criticism


that he didn't consult with the indigenous leaders


on the terms of reference for the inquiry, which he believes


will be effective. Aboriginal people make up about 3%


of Australia's population, but they make up more than a quarter


of those in prison and 94% of juvenile inmates


in the Northern Territory. The Pope has urged those to pray for


those suffering in Syria. The prayer vigil is part of a five-day visit


the Pope is making to Poland to mark the anniversary of the country's


adoption of Christianity. Possibly a million, maybe even 3


million people over the course of the next few hours into tomorrow


heading in this direction, crack off behind us, into the distance as a


large field and Pope Francis will hold a vigil there this evening and


a huge mass with the biggest crowd tomorrow. Once the preview, a line


possibly coming out of his speech this evening, Pope Francis is going


to call on young people to watch the TV less, go on the internet less,


and go out in their communities to do good in the world. The real


message of this festival is of mercy in the face of suffering. These are


young Catholics from all over the world. It is a truly international


festival, a real celebration, and, obviously, Pope Francis doesn't shy


away from controversy. He will tackle issues like the migrant


crisis and extremism, he says the world is at war, but not a religious


war. An absolutely huge mass will be held on Sunday.


Plastic bag use has cropped. Users have to pay 5p. Over half a billion


bags were used in the first six months after the charge was


introduced, a drop of around 80%. Earlier this month, France as


Morocco also introduced plastic bag bans. Every year, 220 million tonnes


of plastic produced globally. For every plastic bag produced, it takes


up to 150 years to disintegrate. Rustic bag causes the death of


marine mammals and sea birds. Earlier, we spoke to someone from


the organisation of plastic change and he explained


more about how plastic damages our environment. It is staggering


effects that we see on marine wildlife but also, we can take the


problem home to ourselves and our plates on the dining table because


what we know is that plastic is ending on the consumers table and


being a part of our food. It is definitely quite a challenge for us


in the future to be able to create a sustainable way of living with


plastics in the future and the levy, the charge that we see in rustic


bags is, as I see, the first step as we start to control and create a


system that we can actually control the way that we use plastic in our


everyday lives. We really have to, as consumers, ask our politicians


and industry to create a sustainable way of living. It can be that we


need a plastic super pipe with a deposit on it so that we can reuse


it. With renewable energy in a closed loop system, it can be that


plastic is also a part of the future, but we just have lost


control, we haven't created the system that can control it. So we


need to start thinking and use those levies, use that money that has


created by these fees in a clever way to create more innovation around


how to control plastic in the future in the way that we live with it.


Let's go to Tim Hague for all the sport.


At the final men's major of the year, the PGA championship, the


leaders, Jimmy Walker and Robert strap up on nine under par. There


were due to tee off half an hour ago but the threat of lightning has seen


play suspended. Here is how the leaderboard looked when they went.


-- went off. The Thailand player holds a two shot


lead after a third-round score of 66. She didn't drop a shop all day


and made six birdies. She scored 19 under par.


-- that type player -- the player from Thailand, Jutanugarn.


For the second week running, Lewis Hamilton will line up behind Nico


Rosberg, the German claimed pole and victory will see him retain the lead


in the title race. Plenty of football friendlies,


Celtic were beaten 3-1 by Barcelona. Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez were


playing. Chelsea are playing Real Madrid in


America right now. It is 3-0 about 15 minutes into the second half.


Carl Frampton will put his unbeaten record on the line against Leo Santa


Cruz tomorrow. He is confident his boxing will do the talking.


Historically, Madison Square Garden was always the home of big-time


boxing in this fight Man City. Now, the top fights take place at the


Berkeley Centre in Brooklyn. You don't seem to be feeling any


pressure. There is no pressure on me, all the pressure is on this guy.


He's the one that the have as favourite. I know I'm going to upset


then all. I'm feeling super-confident. I've made the wait,


I'm full of energy and they are going to see the best performance.


How could this fight changed your life? It could make me a superstar.


I want to be known, I want to be remembered for a long time. He has a


lot of support here, a lot of people will watch me. People will come here


and there will be a great atmosphere and I think this fight will pull a


lot of fans. Russia will appeal the decision to


ban its weightlifting team from the Rio Olympics. The Olympic weight


very -- there were allegations of state-sponsored doping. An appeal


will be made to the Court of Arbitration for Sport this weekend.


Mike and Bob Bryan, the men's double tennis champions have pulled out of


the Rio games citing health consoles. They said their family's


health was there top priority. They did not make direct reference to the


Zika virus. Zika is linked to birth defects in newborn babies.


That is all the sports are now. Now to China where they have been


celebrating in style the birth date of arguably the country's most


famous triplets. The world's only living and triplets. It is their


second birthdays. They were treated to a bamboo style birthday cake


before settling down to some entertainment. That is all for the


programme. From me and the rest of the team, see you soon.


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