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This is BBC World News Today, broadcasting in the UK


The mother of a dead US Muslim soldier has hit back


It's after the Republican presidential hopeful


questioned her silence during a speech her husband made


when I was standing there, all of America felt my pain without seeing


a single word. Please, Mr Trump, feel that pain and you will be


better. With just five days to go,


Organisers of the Rio Games still don't know which Russian


athletes will take part. It is a shame it was not so the day


before the games started. We fully support the strongest sanctions for


athletes found to be cheating. The rest of the sports news,


including victory for this man. Lewis Hamiliton is on a roll


The German Grand Prix. We begin with the mother


of an American Muslim soldier She has accused Donald Trump of "not


knowing what sacrifice means". It's after the Republican


presidential hopeful mocked her for standing


silent next to her husband while he delivered an emotional


speech about their son Mr Trump said Mrs Khan had been


forbidden from speaking. Here's Mary Bruce from ABC


News with the story. Donald Trump is sparking outrage


and disgust with his response We are honoured to stand


here as parents of the captain. It was the most raw and emotional


moment of the campaign. Khizr Khan had a searing


rebuke of Donald Trump. Their son died serving his


nation in Iraq. Let me ask you, have you even read


the United States Constitution? I think I have made a lot


of sacrifices, I work very hard. I have created thousands


and thousands of jobs, tens of thousands of jobs,


built great structures, Pointing a finger at Humayun Khan's


mother, suggesting she did not speak because she was forbidden


by her faith. If you look at his wife,


she was standing there, she had nothing to say,


maybe she was not allowed. The real reason was


all-consuming grief. When I was standing there,


all America felt my pain. Ghazala Khan ending that


report from ABC News. Well, as you saw there,


the couple have been Our Washington correspondent


David Willis told me further details Ghazala Khan has gone on record now


as saying that she was simply too emotional to speak at the Democratic


Convention last week. She said seeing pictures of her son displayed


on big screens around the auditorium was too much for her. She couldn't


rely on herself to speak about him without breaking down. She has


accused Donald Trump of having a dark soul, saying that he was


ignorant of Islam, ignorant of sacrifice. She also said he believed


-- she believed he was totally unfit to lead the country. Mr Trump, for


his part, has gone back somewhat. He has called her son and hero and


sort, through his campaign team, to re-focus the issue somewhat. By


dwelling more on the issue of Islamic terrorism, the people who


claimed the lives of Humayun Khan. But he promised the courts would


come off after the criticism he attracted at last week laws-mac


Democratic convention and clearly he is not in the mid-to back down, even


in the face of criticism from people in his own party on issues such as


this. -- in the mood. There has been criticism from within


the Republican Party. What has their reaction been generally in the US to


these comments from Donald Trump? It is interesting. John Keswick, who


was also running for the Republican nomination, criticise Donald Trump.


So have other members of the Republican Party. Hillary Clinton


and Bill Clinton have also criticised. But this is the sort of


thing which Donald Trump doesn't tend to back down from. Those who


are perhaps expecting to do so on this occasion, even though it has


been the convention in the past for leaders to only speak well of those


who have suffered in battle, Donald Trump is not the sort of man, it


seems, to back down. If there is any suggestion that he might on this


occasion, you just have to look at his response today to Mr Khan's


remarks. He said that Mr Khan has no right, as he put it, to stand in


front of millions of people and make baseless accusations against them.


-- against him. Well, let's go to Rio,


because there's just five days to go until the start of the Olympics


and organisers are yet to decide which Russian


athletes will compete. Last week, the International Olympic


Committee said it would be up But this week it's


all change and a new three-member panel


will have the final say. In response, the IOC


president has denied the credibility of the organisation


has been damaged. Russia's fencing squad may already


be here in Rio today collecting their accreditation


at the athletes college, but many do not know


if they will be able to take part. These are among the 250 Russians


cleared to participate in the wake The International Olympic


Committee has now said it This afternoon, the president


remained defiant. How much damage to the


credibility of these games has this caused


in the I do not think in the end these


will be damaging, because people will realise that we have to take


these decisions now. Imagine the situation


if we would not have taken a decision, what then


the limbo would be. I trust the people that they realise


the difficulties we are in. Despite a damning report


into state-sponsored doping that sabotaged events


like the Sochi Winter Games, the IOC resisted demands of


a blanket ban of the Russian team. More than 100 athletes


have been banned under but there was a third Russian


swimmer who appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport


against the exclusion today, This is the Russian handball team


and despite the fact that we are just five days away


from the start of the Rio games, they are in limbo like so many


of their colleagues. They do not know whether or not


the IOC will allow them to compete. TRANSLATION: Of course it is not


easy, the most difficult thing For those who are not doping,


it is not fair. British athletes meanwhile


are continuing their preparations Some waiting to find out


whether the competition will include It is not unsettling for us,


it is a shame it was not sorted out earlier, before


the games got started. We fully support the strongest


sanctions for athletes but for us it is just


about focusing on our own game. These games have already had


a troubled build-up, but the IOC's handling of the crisis


has ensured the controversy will continue even once


the action begins. Now a look at some more


top stories this hour. Turkey says a German ban -


preventing President Erdogan from addressing a rally


of supporters in Cologne - Germany is home to the largest


population of Turks And there are concerns such


video messages could stoke political tensions


following Turkey's failed coup. In a separate development,


President Erdogan today tightened his grip on power


by bringing the army chief and intelligence agency


under his control. The Indian government says it's


providing food rations to thousands of Indian workers in Saudi Arabia


who have lost their jobs. The workers are mostly employed


by Saudi construction companies which have suffered badly


because of a drop in oil prices. Many workers haven't been paid


for months. Heavy monsoon rains are continuing


to flood large parts On Saturday alone, lightning


is reported to have killed thirty-six people


in India's Orissa state. In Mumbai at least seven


died when a building Overall, nearly 200


people have been killed. Senate Democrats have called


for Congress to end its recess and immediately approve emergency


funds for combating The calls come after Florida


reported its first cases In the UK, the Government has even


suggested the 50,000 British holidaymakers currently in Florida


should avoid unprotected sex. It was always a question of when,


not if, and now the Zika virus Health officials are going


house-to-house to take samples. People are warning people how


to avoid getting bitten. A major concern is for pregnant


women because of the link to babies The door-to-door urine request has


allowed the state of Florida to make the determination that ongoing


mosquito transmission is happening When I was in the US territory


of Puerto Rico earlier this year, where there has been huge flare-up


in cases, health officials told me infections and that they would


probably start in Florida. There have so far been


more than 1600 cases of Zika on the mainland US,


but almost all those people There have been a handful


of sexually transmitted A different number travelled back


to Florida with more than 300 travel There is a risk of seeing


locally transmitted cases because the mosquito which spreads


Zika already lives here. Investigations into how Zika


arrived here are underway, but it is likely to have


come in with a traveller who returned to the States


from an area badly hit by the virus. A bloodsucking mosquito,


like one of these, probably infected a person or a few people


and they brought it back with them, then


they were bitten by a local mosquito in Florida and that


creature managed to start US health officials do not expect


widespread cases in mainland US, but the advice to British people


heading for the Sunshine State is to take precautions to avoid


getting bitten by mosquitoes. Pregnant women are being advised


to change their travel plans. What the Games' tough copyright


rules mean you can and can't say. The US Space Agency Nasa has ordered


an investigation after confirmation today that astronauts were cleared


to fly while drunk. The last foot patrol inside Armagh.


Once an everyday part of the soldier's plot, drudgery and danger


now know more after almost four decades.


If you're in a private house, not doing any harm to anyone, I don't


see why people should wander in and say, you're doing something wrong.


Six rare white lion cubs are on the prowl at Worcestershire Park and


already they have been met with a roar of approval by visitors. They


were cute. This is BBC World News Today. Here


are the latest headlines. The Republican presidential candidate


Donald Trump attracts outrage by knocking the mother of a dead Muslim


American soldier. Five days to go until the real Olympics and the IOC


has yet to decide which Russians can take part. -- the real Olympics.


As we've been hearing, the Olympic Games gets


Like any major sporting event, huge sums of money are being invested


in Rio 2016 by corporate sponsors - over a billion dollars in fact.


Earlier this week, a rule into force restricting how brands that are not


official sponsors of the Games can advertise.


The rule - named Rule 40 - means personal sponsors such as kit


suppliers are not allowed to re-tweet athletes or use any


Many words such as "gold", "summer" and "victory" -


or even a picture of a medal - cannot be used by non-approved


sponsors in any sort of advertising or in posts on social media.


Let's get more than this. Charles Taylor is Professor of marketing at


Villanova University of business in Pennsylvania. This is a complete


minefield, isn't it? What you have is a situation where the sponsors


invest an enormous amount of money to be associated with the Olympic


games. You have other companies that try to attach themselves to the


Olympics in interesting ways sometimes. The motivation for Rule


40, which has been around for a long time, is good. The question becomes


the execution. And when you start getting into what athletes can see


on social media, this is where the controversy comes in. So what will


happen if these terms are actually used by non-approved sponsors? Is


the athletes and involved, the penalties could even involve taking


away medals. I think it would be extremely unlikely that that would


happen. It is much more likely that it would be an issue of fines.


Frankly, in the past, a lot of the ambush marketers or nonofficial


sponsors that have tried to link themselves to the Olympics, without


paying money for the sponsorships, have largely gone away with it.


We're talking about a lot money here. This is why this rule has come


into force. How much money are we actually talking about? The rates of


actually went up recently. Panasonic just paid for an eight-year contract


to the tune of 350 million US dollars, giving them the right to


four Olympics. Historically, it was $100 million for a cycle of two


Olympics. But the going rate has gone up recently and the best


estimate right now are that it is $200 million to have a four-year


cycle when you have two Olympics as one of the global partners. It is


really a lot of money. It is incredible. In the world of social


media, how practical is this rule? You know, I don't think it is


terribly practical. Especially some of the types of what you mentioned,


like effort and victory. On the other hand, a reasonable person can


see why you don't want a nonofficial sponsor associating a word with


gold-medal, words like gold-medal or Olympic rings, with the company that


is not an official sponsor. A lot of the athletes have sponsorships for


both official sponsors and nonofficial sponsors. So it does


make it a little tricky for the athletes but they probably do know


the difference and I don't think it is that hard for them to abide by


some of the main terminology. Charles Taylor, professor of


marketing, thank you very much Thank you very much. Let's get on


sport for you. Lewis Hamilton can head off on holiday with a spring in


his step after winning the German Grand Prix. He started from second


behind his rival Nico Rosberg but the German made a poor getaway,


handing only to the Britain will slip into fourth place. Hamilton


clinched his sixth victory in seven races to extend his lead over Ross


Batty 19 points going into the four-week summer break. -- over Nico


Rosberg. The final round of the USPGA is under way but they are well


behind schedule after bad rain yesterday meant players had to take


on 36 holes on day four. He was a leaderboard. Jimmy Walker


is 11 under. Grace is one shot behind him. Last year's when I'm


Jason Day is having disappointing round. He has dropped two shots,


putting him three shots off the lead. This player held on to win the


women's British Open. She survived Apache -- she survived a patchy


final-round to win. The Olympics under way next week, and Great


Britain's swimmers are tipped for success. They were one of the few


disappointments at London 2012. Led by Adam Peaty, they have turned a


four man. Our correspondent got up with them at their training camp.


Heather Frost was history. The last time a British man won an award big


swimming title, Adam Peaty wasn't even born. Just 21, he is a new


start of a team that has gone from trailing to triumph. His three goals


in last year's World Championships make the man to beat in Rio de


Janeiro. If there is pressure, he is not exactly feeling it. You know, I


have never really been one of pressure. I don't really know how


you get it or whatever. I just see this as an opportunity to do the


best thing for my country and the best thing for these guys. Such


optimism seems a far cry from the last Olympics, where Becky Adlington


and Michael Jamieson were put in's only medallist in the swimming pool.


Four years ago in London, Britain's swimmers were one GB's few


disappointments. But a fresh approach has revived their fortunes


since then. Under Adlington's former coach, they won a record nine medals


at the World Championships. Results and morale transformed. The


challenge now is to reproduce those results when it really matters. But


after the frustration of London, this could finally be British


swimming's moment. Yes, we shall see about that. That


is all the sport for now. Thank you very much.


Let's go to a sporting legend. When Muhammad Ali died in June, the


world lost one of its most beloved and inspiring figures. Our


correspondent has been to the I Am The Greatest exhibition in London to


see how the Olympics encapsulated Muhammad Ali's fighting spirit in


and out of the ring. It is part of our new series, including interviews


and pictures not seen for over half a century.


For most sportsmen and women, and Olympic gold is the pinnacle,


But for one young man that gold was just a springboard


At 18 years of age at the Rome Olympics in 1960,


a light heavyweight boxer called Cassius Clay caught our attention.


It took him four bouts and just 11 rounds of boxing to win gold,


He was the undisputed star of the ring and of the games.


He only had three rounds to fight him, you have to think fast


and move fast and it can be overruled quick if you are not


careful, if you lose the first one, you have to win the second one


and if you win the second, you need the third and if you lose


There is a possibility of going onto the next heavyweight


champion, colourful, young, flashy, which I'm hip to.


That gold confirmed that he would be the greatest.


That is exactly what he told people, he was saying I am champion


This 18-year-old kid stepped away after winning the Olympics


His professional career lasted 20 years, as did his self belief


About 180 amateur fights, world Olympic gold winner in Rome


and Italy, two-time United States champion.


A world heavyweight and I am as pretty as you and


By 1996, Muhammad Ali was old and ill before his time.


The Olympics again provided him the stage, but in lighting the flame


in Atlanta, his fragility was there for all to see.


There he stands with that right arm shaking under the lights bravely.


He is everyone's sick grandfather to some people,


for others a father, a brother, a cousin,


a nephew and there is something extraordinarily


Muhammad Ali, one-time Olympic medallist, one-time world


heavyweight champion, all-time great.


Some fascinating insights of the legend, Muhammad Ali. We will end


the programme with these pictures from the US, whether daredevil


skydiver has become the first person to jump from a height of over seven,


those without deploying a parachute. -- seven kilometres. The 42-year-old


Luke Aikins jumped from a plane at a height of 25,000 feet. They broke


away at 5000 feet, leaving him to make the final descent alone. After


three following for two minutes, you landed on a giant net suspended 20


stories off the ground in a valley in California. To cheers and


applause, he walked over and hugged his wife, who was watching on the


ground with their four-year-old son. No doubt an extreme way nervous


watch there. -- and extremely nervous.


The mother of an American Muslim soldier killed in Iraq has accused


the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump


of being ignorant of Islam and sacrifice after he mocked her


appearance at Thursday's Democratic Party National Convention.


With just five days to go before the Olympics, Games' chiefs have


said they will have the final say over which Russians get to compete.


That's after previously saying the individual sports federations


That is it really in the team. Do enjoy the rest of your evening.


Goodbye for now. -- that visit from me and the team.


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