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This is BBC World News Today with me, Karin Giannone.


Countdown to the Rio Olympics - but how safe are the waters


for the rowers, sailors and open swimmers?


A new report highlights concern about raw human sewage.


And visitors are warned about pollution on Rio's


I'm Babita Sharma live in Rio - stay with us on World News Today


We will be finding out, is this city ready to play host?


The United States has carried out air strikes in Libya targeting


the Islamic State group in the city of Sirte.


A Russian military helicopter is shot down in Syria,


Moscow says it was on a humanitarian mission.


And ten more cases of Zika are identified in Florida.


So, we're almost there - the Olympic Games open at the end


A political crisis in Brazil, the Russian doping scandal,


The Russians expect the final decision tomorrow,


Meanwhile, a report commissioned by the Associated Press


suggests Rio's waterways are as filthy as ever.


Babita Sharma is live for us in Rio.


Does this feel like more than the usual last-minute jitters? It


depends who you are talking to. We were down at the beach last night,


fielding error where thousands on the beach where super excited about


the Olympics. -- filming of Eire, where thousands. It's the first time


they have come to South America, let's celebrate it, we have no


concerns. And then here, in a lot of critics are saying they have major


concerns. The venues, the waterways are not fit for purpose. There is a


report out in a few hours ago telling us that after a 16 month


long investigation, they believe that Guanabara Bay and another


error, two main areas hosting sailing and canoeing, that they have


dangerously high contamination. Where the health of athletes can be


at risk. That's not the news that officials want to be hearing just a


few days before the Olympics begin. The opening ceremony takes place on


Friday. What they want us to do is concentrate on what we can see


behind us. This tells a completely different story as well. This is


going to be our home for the next weeks. It is the Olympic Park.


Pristine, brand-new, gleaming and ready for business. Just there in


the centre of your screen, you can see the tennis centre. Behind that,


the aquatic Centre. And then we have three buildings that will be held to


the judo, boxing, wrestling, handball offence. Then the


gymnastics area in the official Olympics stadium. Finally, the


second of the Aquatics buildings here. That is the stadium home to


diving, supplies dimming and water polo. -- diving Matt synchronised


swimming. This picture tells a different story, that Rio is open


full business and they are going to do it. Two things happened today


that hadn't happened before in this city. Olympic lanes came into effect


for the first time. Roads are painted green and what they are


designed to do is ease the congestion, allowing all the


authorised vehicles and athletes to proceed as normal. So far, it is


only day one. What we can tell is that they seem to be working. The


second thing is that a Metro system is now underway, connecting the


south zone, the centre of Rio to the West zone of the Olympic Park.


Again, that seems to be working. Passengers numbers, we are expecting


500,000 visitors to be coming here in the coming week. Whether or not


the infrastructure will be able to cope remains to be seen. People are


saying, who is going to benefit from these Olympics? It has cost a lot of


money. There are reports that 65,000 local people from the poorer


communities that had to be evicted to create what you can see behind


me. We have been doing a bit of digging around, trying to find out


who the winners and losers are going to be. Here is the report.


Rio is a city transformed by the Olympic Games.


Billions have been spent on investment in new sports venues,


But critics say it's money that should have gone to other,


If cities want to prioritise the needs of their citizens,


basic education, safety, access to water, food,


things that make a good life, the Olympics is clearly not part


What the Olympics are about is winners and losers.


Few have lost as much as local residents like Dona Maria da Penha.


There's nothing left here now, she says, gazing through a fence


to a corporate car park where the homes of almost


She was bloodied in the battle to save the favela, next


to the Olympic Park, but deemed an intolerable eyesore


for this global mega-event and bulldozed to the ground.


Putting on this showpiece has almost bankrupted the local government.


The impact can be seen and smelled everywhere.


Cleaning up its chronically polluted waters was another key promise Rio


made when it was chosen to host the Games.


But it's a pledge that simply hasn't been kept.


Guanabara Bay is full of solid waste, sewage and


A commitment to treat 80% of the sewage entering this bay


has long since been abandoned, the very waters


But officials say there will be a legacy, and spending is tight.


The Games in Brazil and Rio represent a new model for the Games,


a model of games that are more lean, with reduced costs, under control.


We have spent less public money to do 20 venues than London spent


These Games will be unique because Rio is a unique city,


rich and poor living cheek by jowl, but not all reaping the same benefit


Days away from the official start of the Olympic games. Aside from all


the other issues, people want us to remember that the events, the


competition is taking place. We have thousands of athletes descended upon


this incredible city. They are already in training, we saw them


yesterday in Guanabara Bay. Lots of athletes sightseeing at Christ the


Redeemer, catching some time before they get their training underway. In


their sites will be winning a medal. Joining me here in Rio is the man


that is involved in managing the medal making process.


Let's speak now to Victor Hugo Berbert.


Alongside him, Beatrice from the press team. There is a method to my


madness here. I need a glove, not necessarily to shake my hands, but


you have done something wonderful. Bringing in some very special


medals. I can't touch them, right? I have to have this instead. Yes.


August through what we're going to look at. This is the Bronze one. --


talk us through. It has a 0.5 kilograms weight. This is the


initial design with the goddess. On the back, the iconic emblem which we


have seen all around the city, Rio 2016. I'm not just holding any other


bronze medal, and I? If a particular one? It is 100 metres running. The


100 metres men's running, possibly the most celebrated race in the


world. I don't know if you can see that on the camera, but it is


actually etched in right there, men's 100 metres. Beatrice, I'm


pleased to say that you haven't just brought me the bronze. Let us take


on the other ones as well. We have silver here, which is just coming


out. As you take it out of the box, tell me a bit about how it came to


fruition, this design and the process of getting this right here.


The committee chose the design, then present it to the Brazilian team. We


scoped that on clay. And then we started engraving it. I don't want


to cling to it too much. They are a little bit heavy. This is the one


that we love. Thank you for letting me hold it, I am so excited! This is


gold. 100 metres men's gold. I'm holding it! See you later! Can I go?


This is what it looks like. What happens if I walked off right now?


Don't walk off, don't walk off! So, these are the ones that means so


much to the winners. But they do have an economic value of sorts?


It's good to calculate this, because it is a lot of work on it, a lot of


material. But is a lot of art on it. It's a sculptor. -- it's difficult


to calculate. We have a lot of artists that draw, design, scoped


and transport into the metal matrix and only strike them. It's an object


of art. It really is. It feels like such an honour to hold it. So, we


thinking, Blake for Jamaica for the bronze? America for the silver? And


you same bolt looking for their third win. I think I look pretty


good in it! -- and Bolt looking. Beatrice turned up with these medals


in very official manner. Can you show videos? She walked here, up the


left, holding a plastic bag with no security. -- can you show the


viewers. If you see pitches walking along, stand near to her! I feel so


privileged. -- if you see pitches. The design is beautiful. I might


keep a hold of this one. What do you think? Doesn't look fetching on me?


Can you do the hundred metres just as fast as Bolt? Don't think I need


to. I have my hands on it now. Just move away quietly, we will lead you


to it! Thank you very much. Lots more from the rear of the next few


weeks. -- lots more from Brazil. A Russian helicopter has


been shot down in Syria, killing all five members


of the military who were on board. The Defence Ministry said the crew


were returning to their base after delivering humanitarian aid


to the city of Aleppo. It is not clear which group brought


the helicopter down. Our security correspondent


Frank Gardner reports. Shot down over Syria's Idlib


province, this rebel footage shows Moscow says all five of those


on board were killed - after it said they were


delivering aid to Aleppo. For those still trapped in that


northern Syrian city, Pro-government forces have been


pushing back a rebel advance The rebels are trying to break


the government siege But Syrian troops, backed by Russian


air strikes, appear determined For it's quarter of a million


inhabitants, the humanitarian Can you consider displacing people


from their homes is Of course, people could run away


from Aleppo before, besieging it, but they decided to stay


because this is their home, this is their land,


they want to stay here. The Syrian government says it's


opened corridors of free passage for civilians trying


to flee the fighting and for any rebels


prepared to surrender, but so far only a trickle of people


have taken up the offer. And a British surgeon who has been


working with local doctors accuses In 2012, the Assad regime


actually passed a law to say that it was legitimate


to target hospitals, to target doctors,


to target civilians. In fact, to target anybody that


wasn't involved positively So they made it legal


to actually bomb hospitals. Amongst the latest victims


of Syria's endless civil war, a 14-year-old child star of a local


sitcom set in the ruins of Aleppo. He was killed by a missile


as he tried to flee the city The Pentagon says the US has carried


out air strikes in Libya against the stronghold


of the so-called The airstrikes followed a request


by the Libyan government. That is the GNA, the internationally


recognised government. This specific targets


will be precision targets. These are targets that the GNA has


indicated, has already made


progress on the ground, significant progress


on the But the precision targets


that they have asked for our assistance with in which they have


had more trouble. These are targets for example I can


detail today, was one of the targets It is that kind of


precision location, precision target that we will be


targeting that the GNA at this point felt like that would be a helpful


support for their efforts. The BBC's Aleem Maqbool


told us more about what They certainly say that they will


continue to support the Libyan They are saying this is at


the request of the government of It's also been


confirmed by the Prime Minister there, who said there had


been significant casualties in Sirte Which they requested


to support the gains that the government forces have made


around the city in recent weeks. But yes, the Pentagon


is saying it is consistent with their


policies of the past. Of course, they were heavily


criticised in not doing enough sooner when it came to fighting


Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. That's where they have been


conducting air strikes until now. These are the first in Libya


against Islamic State. And they do, Islamic State,


have considerable presence in Sirte, but we are talking about


around 1500 to 2000 militants there. But they have carried out


atrocities, executions and so on. And this is a time


when the Government of National Accord


are And that's why I think


the Pentagon chose to act now. Now a look at some of


the day's other news. A compound housing foreign


contractors in the Afghan capital, Kabul, has come under attack


from Taliban fighters. A truck bomb went off at the gate


of the North Gate compound and then In the following gun battle,


one police officer and both A leading air crash investigator


says he's confident that flight MH370 was deliberately flown


into the sea. Larry Vance told an Australian news


programme that the erosion on recovered wing parts points


to a controlled landing. The plane disappeared with 239


people on board in March 2014. The mother-in-law of the Formula One


boss, Bernie Ecclestone has been freed in a police operation


following her abduction The kidnappers had demanded


a $36 million ransom Two suspects were arrested


and the victim was not injured. Turkey says it's captured 11


soldiers suspected of trying to seize the country's President


during the failed They are said to have been caught


in a forested area near the resort of Marmaris


after a two-week manhunt. Recep Tayyip Erdogan was on holiday


in Marmaris on the night of the coup attempt but fled after a tip-off,


just before his hotel was raided. More than two weeks after the coup,


the last of the renegade soldiers These 11 men are accused


of being part of the squad that was sent to seize


or kill President Erdogan. Tipped off the last minute,


he narrowly evaded Over the weekend, he has announced


a sweeping overhaul of the Armed Forces, placing them under


full civilian control for the first These measures will make our


military much stronger, he promised. They will also, inevitably make


the Turkish President even more The government still wants to uproot


the influence of this man, preacher Fethullah Gulen who lives


in the US and was once He is blamed for


instigating the coup. Thousands of his followers have


been arrested or sacked. The full ramifications


of a botched coup that killed more than 200 people,


many of them listed at this memorial, and stunned a country that


believe such things were no longer possible,


are still being felt here. No one knows how far president


Erdogan will go to pursue The raw emotions that have been


stirred up are badly straining Turkey's relations with its western


partners, who President Erdogan believes should have


given him more wholehearted The pro-government rally by Turks


in Cologne over the weekend has now provoked


a spat with Germany. The German authorities would not


allow an address by Mr Erdogan to be broadcast


to the crowd. Turkey has stubborn


and summoned a senior German


diplomat here to complain. There will be friction with the US,


too, over requests to extradite


Fethullah Gulen. The captured soldiers were jeered


by government supporters as The mood in Turkey


is angry and fearful. Previous coups have left deep


scars on this country. It's been another tough day


for the Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump,


as leading party members distance themselves from his attacks


on the family of a Muslim army In an exclusive interview,


the captain's father told our North America Editor Jon


Sopel he won't ask for an apology This is one fight that people


are telling Donald Trump he can't win, but for the moment


he isn't listening, media that he had been


the subject of a vicious attack Their speech at the Democratic


Convention about the death captain posthumously awarded


the Bronze Staff for heroism. I asked them if they had committed


an attack on Mr Trump. He can insult, he can disrespect


women, judges, even the members of his own party, yet


when an ordinary citizen of this country, a patriotic


American Muslim of this country, says anything about him,


he says he has been Ghazala Khan was derided by Mr Trump


for not having spoken Without saying a word,


I was sitting in their heart. So I was surprised that he


doesn't feel the pain. What type of person doesn't


feel the pain? You are attacking Mr Trump


over his behaviour, very openly. Isn't there a danger that you will


get attacked openly as well? In every person's life,


there comes a time when you choose to either say what is the call


of the time or shy away. I felt my family supported my stand,


they said, you should do that, and the burden,


we would equally bear. The normal law of politics is that


if you are in a hole, you stop digging, but that is not


Donald Trump's style. Not only over the Khan family,


this weekend he has got in a right tangle over policy towards Ukraine,


and having previously said he had a close relationship


with Vladimir Putin, he has now clarified


he has never met him. It has not been a great few days


for the Republican candidate. Jon Sopel, BBC News,


Washington. Health authorities in Florida have


advised pregnant women not to go to an area where ten more people have


been diagnosed with the Zika virus. Our reporter reports from Miami.


The tourism industry here in Florida is obviously


massive to this part of


the world, about 106 million visitors a year come here.


And of those, about 1.5 million are British.


At any one time, there are


A lot of them come to the southern part of Florida around


Of course, what we know is that Zika is particularly


dangerous for pregnant women and four women thinking of becoming


And that's why the Foreign Office has suggested that people


consider postponing any nonessential travel if they are pregnant.


That's not the advice incidentally that the


authorities, the medical authorities, the people that look


It's not the advice they are giving Americans.


Bystanders forming a human chain to rescue a woman whose car was stepped


away in floods. -- swept away. This happened in the state of Maryland.


As well as sweeping away cars, storm damaged businesses and homes. Two


people died during Saturday night's storms. Thankfully, this particular


episode ended happily. Just to remind you of our main news story.


A new report highlights 'alarmingly high' air and water pollution


in Rio, with just days to go until the start


And the United States has carried out air strikes in Libya targeting


the Islamic State group in the city of Sirte.


Requested by Libya's to recognised government.


If you want to get in touch with us here at BBC World News,


But for now from me and the rest of the team, goodbye.


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