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This is BBC World News Today with me,


The headlines: A dramatic escape and a terrifying moment


after an Emirates passenger plane crash-lands at Dubai Airport.


These are the remarkable pictures of the moment the plane landed -


all 300 people onboard are said to be safe.


Mounting excitement in Rio, as the Olympic torch


I'm Babita Sharma in Rio, where the sporting action has begun,


despite ongoing confusion over whether Russian athletes can compete


Fresh divisions are emerging within the Republican Party


over its presidential nominee Donald Trump.


A bridge collapses on the main route from Goa to Mumbai.


Two buses and several cars are feared to have been


It's the most dramatic of emergency landings -


a passenger jet forced to touch down, apparently


The incident happened at Dubai International Airport


to a plane arriving from Southern India.


All the 300 passengers managed to evacuate before


and just a few minutes later, the fuselage was engulfed


in smoke and flames, though one fire fighter was killed.


Passengers have been speaking about their narrow escape.


You can only imagine what it must have been


A normal landing turns to chaos as the aircraft


skids along on its belly, smoke pouring from the cabin.


An explosion, probably fuel, centrepiece of the aircraft spinning


through the air, although we don't know if everyone


300 people escaped down these inflatable slides.


They say they got no warning anything was wrong.


We had not heard any announcement or anything,


The smoke was coming inside and they asked us


to evacuate so we escape through the emergency exits.


All of the people were shouting, the children and women,


This is what it looked like from another aircraft sitting nearby.


I turned and we saw this plane on its side,


the wings down, sparks coming off, on fire, it was horrific, we saw


The chairman of Emirates said everything seemed fine


Yet the plane doesn't seem to have had its wheels down


We don't yet know if it was down to a mechanical problem, a mistake


Still, it's incredible all of the passengers


For more we can speak to Sean Maffett, an aviation analyst


who joins us from Gloucestershire in the UK.


Any information the sadly not. It seems to be a why would be coming


down I understand at some stage air traffic control said check it is not


clear whether down the approach or whether the wheels were down and a


go around, which means that they put the power on the engines and try to


they were clear to do that by edge up control. Pick up the wheels and


the aircraft continued sitting, we don't know that the moment what


happened. What is worth considering aeroplane skidded along Richard


Wescott said and issue, and yet the cabin crew and a flight crew managed


to get all 300 people off the plane without anybody being killed. It is


dreadful that one of the emergency crew has apparently died fighting


the, I think this is what, and how quickly would you expect as to how


quickly, that is what they will are the two important recorders in the


air plane, sometimes in one box, sometimes in two separate ones, the


flight data recorder and a cockpit voice recorder, which will tell them


what was happening in the final seconds and earlier, as well, I


suspect they will be able to get those out of the aircraft without


much trouble. It seems as if the back end of the aircraft, the


tailplane area, was of course, we cannot be built to withstand fires


and huge impact and other things. So we will be able to get good


information out of that. And the crew and passengers are still alive


so they will be able to say what went on. It shouldn't be


Two days before the official start of the Games,


the Olympic torch has arrived in Rio.


Yet tensions remain between Olympic chiefs


There are Russian athletes who still don't know


Let's go live to Rio - and Babita Sharma.


it looks stunning it is fantastic, isn't it? We are live on Copacabana


Beach in the. We are 48 hours away from on Friday at the Maracana


Stadium. The sporting action has already begun here. The first round


of the woman's football has taken place in the Olympic Stadium and


Sweden triumphed against South Africa when I can zero in that first


in the last minute and are playing Australia, 60 seconds into that


match getting Jenin Becky as their goal scorer for Canada the action is


still taking place. We are waiting to find out from the International


Olympic Committee whether or not some 250 Russian athletes will


finally be given in these games. They are still waiting to decide


that. We were told that we would know at some point today but the


waiting continues it is an historic day to in because after an epic


journey of some 20,000 kilometres across Brazil, the Olympic torch


arrived in the, as our sports editor Dan after a journey across Brazil,


this morning's arrival in the Olympic torch and was a symbolic


moment. In today's time it will be the focal point of the opening


ceremony, but the build-up to these games has been troubled, dominated


by the Russian doping scandal pressure the accuracy is meeting


amid a crisis of faith Britain's most successful Olympian told me


that start or the sport cannot have seen some amazing performances


across the board from other countries, not just Team GB. Just


something, and remember the point of the Olympic Games. It was about


bringing the world together and celebrating humanity through sport


and not focusing on negative issues all but are the games worth the


billions they cost? Fans found this in London but failed to make Britain


a more the Winter Sochi were the most expensive ever and the most


damaging and terms there are concerns and pollution some want


other values to be prioritised. Campaigners in Rio insist that


events like this are often linked to human rights the international


federations, if they don't react and continue as they did and say, we


don't care, then it might be the Olympic Games, the end as we know


them, as a message, about as laid down in the Olympic charter. But in


Rio, the games remain millions of pounds generated in webcasting and


sponsorship revenue. And some lessons cities still want to play


house. Los Angeles, one of those budding to secure the games for


2024. Their sustainability and 97% of the babies overboard. We only


have to build one permanent venue. We are a sporting town, with the


facilities and 80% of residents not to bring the games back to the city


of Los Angeles. This afternoon, the spirit began, the women's football


tournament in front of other spectators. Organisers will hope the


atmosphere builds as a games progress and provides the showcase


that the Olympic movement it was a momentous


moment when that torch leaving the city and making its way through,


being Mayor of, who said this was that the Brazilians should be. They


have declared a public holiday tomorrow and Thursday as the torch


makes his way through the city. We are expecting that many people,


thousands in fact, will come out on the streets to we have seen shows as


some of the football magistrate under way. The country is going to


get behind the that there was a lot of excitement. For many people, they


did not understand that the games 's adaptation with the women's first


round in further Brazilian locals, Brazilian football is about the


men's team. It is there were lots of empty seats in the Olympic Sweden


against South Africa match I think that when the games get under way,


in full swing, if you like, following on Friday and over the


weekend, we will see more and more of the tickets being sold, and other


of the stadiums that have been built, the Maracana Stadium, for


example and the with lots of spectators, because we still


understand, there is about 15% of tickets left, which is


And you can keep up to date with all our Oympics coverage


there will be a full breakdown of taking place and also more on the


controversy over within the Republican Party


divisions are emerging over its presidential


candidate Donald Trump. Major Republican donor Meg Whitman,


has endorsed his rival Hillary Clinton, saying Mr Trump


was "a dishonest demagogue" and it was time "to put country


first before party". In the latest controversy,


Mr Trump has refused to support two


senior figures in his own party. Barbara Plett-Usher


is in Washington for us. , how significant is that and how


will that go down with Republican voters, it was significant because


the presidential candidate is seen as the standard-bearer of the party


so he would be expected to support and endorse all of the Congressional


Republicans also running to be and for him to state clearly that he


wasn't going to back including the house speaker, Perl Ryan and Senator


John McCain, the subtext being because they had criticised the


reason is quite a big deal for the party. The party responded


furiously. The leaders, builders and strategists. By then, this is the


latest example that they are not quite sure what is going on. They


feel that the messages out of control. This comes off the back of


five days during which Donald Trump a Muslim American family whose son


died in Afghanistan, whose son is effectively and therefore


Republicans have felt the need to come out and distance themselves


from Bell's kind of statements. Having said that, the vast only


distancing themselves. They have not abandoned Donald Trump. He members


of Congress did not want to eliminate one big question is, how


many more Republicans, senior Republicans, will move over the next


Mr Trump's campaign, must a number of other Republicans have said they


were back Hillary Clinton. There are certainly not a Maas -- a mass


defection. They will decide whether it was in their interest in effect,


but I should say it has given a certain bump the Mrs Clinton's


campaign. At a speech at the Democratic convention last week she


appealed to Republicans to join her well going to be representing all


people, members of the different parties. And some have taken her up


the campaign will make as much as it can out of this latest business


criticising the parents of a dead soldier. They have put out an e-mail


with all the negative coverage that that has a brother and I love the


negative statements aware that his own advisers have said this is


counter-productive, he shall be attacking Mrs Clinton, not these


people, so as far as the Clinton campaign goes, they are quite


pleased The Italian authorities


are investigating whether so-called Islamic State is now involved


in organising, and profiting from, the passage of migrants


from Libya to Italy. The crossing is becoming more


popular, as other routes close down, More than 3,000 migrants


or refugees have died Our correspondent, Chris Buckler


joined a rescue ship, operated by the charity MSF,


and sent this report. each day, the Mediterranean appears,


tempting those who see it as a even if they are able -- the stand


reality of what that Search and Rescue teams have become a fixture


on they are a necessity the boast that leave the Libyan with no


hope of they had no obvious way of I was afraid. I was really afraid. In


Libya, I was put in prison with my children. I had to pay money in


order to there is joy for this group. They have found from Gambia,


over the last fortnight a dozen babies each they have been brushing


up on the Internationally, more than 4000 refugees and migrants have


died. It is thought around three quarters of them drowned here in the


Mediterranean Sea. This charity that operates this rescue ship is now


refusing money from European governments because it says their


policies are not helping refugees. Am ashamed of being European and


seeing how Europe is treating these people. We hear numerous times about


people getting tortured, girls are getting macerated and people being


sold into slavery. You see the people back home basically talking


about, we are bringing the terrace to Europe. There have been attacks


that have been linked to refugees. Are you worried that the


governments, the authorities in Europe are actually on only going to


become tougher on how they deal with this problem? They probably are,


absolutely, that is worrisome. I'm terrified it will be tougher because


right now people are suffering and they are suffering a lot. Some are


looking to Europe at the place really can build a better life.


Europe is obviously a place that a lot of people are going to at the


moment. Do you think it has room for everyone? I believe in Greece.


Everybody is not the same. I believe my luck will shame. But the medical


staff say it clear to them that many who have come through Libya have


suffered. There are some very harrowing tales of abuse that has


happened, people who have been forcibly imprisoned as well and they


carry many injuries than that. Whatever they are leaving behind,


rescue is a moment of relief. A time to savour. This journey is only the


start. Europe will bring its own challenges.


Now for a look at some of the day's other news.


Fierce clashes are continuing between government forces and rebels


on the southern outskirts of the Syrian city of Aleppo.


Activists say that pro-government forces backed by Russian airpower


have regained ground after a major rebel offensive was


More armed officers are to be deployed on the streets of London


in response to a series of recent violent attacks in Europe.


The Metropolitan Police force has already said it's increasing


the number of officers carrying firearms by 600


Nationally the threat level hasn't changed and remains at severe.


A police officer who worked on Washington DC's metro system,


has been charged with attempting to provide support to


It's claimed that 36-year-old Nicholas Young bought nearly 250


dollars worth of credits for mobile messaging accounts used


South Africans have voted in local elections, seen as a test


of the popularity of the governing African National Congress


Opinion polls suggest the ANC is facing a strong challenge -


for the first time since the end of apartheid -


in the key urban centres of Pretoria, Johannesburg


Here's our correspondent Karen Allen.


This is one of the thousands of times for millions of South Africans


have been casting their vote in an election widely seen as a referendum


on the ANC and of the leadership of President Jacob Zuma. This is one of


the townships where we have seen protest. These are local Government


elections and the things that matter to people I did provision of


housing, education and jobs. But these elections could have national


implications if the ANC sees its power erode and some key strategic


areas. If that is the case and it has been in power for more than two


decades, serious questions could be asked about his leadership. This is


where the people's voice gets heard. 26 million South Africans are


eligible to vote in an election for the opposition are threatening to


inflict severe damage on the status quo. The big question is whether


they can garner sufficient support. 22 years after black South Africans


won the right to vote, one of the key things to look out for might


also be voter turnout with some disgruntled voters are abstaining


altogether. Rather than switching sides. At least 22 people and


At least 22 people are missing after a highway bridge connecting


the city of Mumbai with the beach resort state of Goa


Officials said two buses carrying passengers plunged into


a flooded river as the bridge came down early on Wednesday.


Justin Rowlatt reports from the site of the collapse


Raging floodwaters tore down a huge section of the bridge on the main


road between Goa and Mumbai. Rescue workers say the buses were on this


bridge when it crashed down into the flood waters early on Wednesday


morning. They believe a number of cars will also swept into the


torrent and feared the death toll could exceed 13. Specialist search


teams including expert divers arrived early this morning but


haven't yet found any trace of the missing people or their vehicles.


The water is so strong it could carry the wreckage for males. They


are not expecting to find any survivors. TRANSLATION: We cannot


trace those buses. They haven't reached their destination. We think


a total of 22 people were on the buses. This is the latest tragedy in


a particularly strong monsoon season in South Asia. More than a .5


million have been affected and more than 200 killed as floods have hit


large parts of India, Bangladesh and Nepal. It is part of what appears to


be a pattern of increasingly brittle weather. India recorded its highest


ever temperature the summer, more than 50 Celsius. It was the climax


of two years of drought, which left 300 million people facing water


shortages in India alone. This dramatic weather is pushing the


region's often crumbling infrastructure to its limit.


Experts warn that it will take vast investment to avoid tragedies like


this, if the pattern of extreme weather continues. And today, it is


still raining. A passenger plane coming from India


has made an emergency landing at the Middle East's


busiest airport. All 300 people on board


have escaped unharmed but a firefighter was killed


while trying to put off the flames. The incident happened at the


International Airport in Dubai the plane coming in from southern India.


Some areas enjoyed a half decent day through Wednesday but for the


greater part of Scotland and Northern Ireland, it wasn't bad at


all. Thursday quieter for many with sunny spells around and a scattering


of showers again. This was the culprit for the


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