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In Belgium, a man who attacked two police officers with a machete has


The attack took place in the city of Charleroi.


TRANSLATION: One officer was critically wounded in the face.


The man was then shot by the police immediately.


do posts already have a medal and we have had a world record in this


winning goal. -- I am Chris Mitchell lived in Rio, we'll are the hosts


already have a medal. A local election shock


for South Africa's governing The party's worst results


since the end of apartheid. The baby kangaroo who found


a new family and celebrity We start in Belgium -


where a man armed with a machete has The Prime Minister, Charles Michel,


says the initial indications The machete attack happened


in the city of Charleroi. The man was shot by police


and died in hospital. He is reported to have shouted


God is Great in Arabic during the attack outside the city's


main police station. This is what a police spokesman had


to say. TRANSLATION: Two female police


officers were on duty, the individual took out the machete and


hit our colleagues several times, one officer critically wounded in


the face, the man was then shot by police immediately, dying shortly


after arriving at the hospital. His identity is not yet confirmed.


The attack comes at a sensitive time for Belgium.


In March, bombers killed 32 people in suicide attacks at Brussels


And now the Prime Minister said initial indications showed


With more, here is Brussels correspondent Damian grammatical is.


What we've heard is the Belgian Prime Minister,


who has broken off his holiday in the south of France to head


back here to Brussels for a security meeting tomorrow,


now he has said that the initial indications are that this


was terrorism related, but that's his initial assessment.


What we know of what happened was that this individual approached


this police station in the city of Charleroi.


It's about an hour or so's drive to the south of Brussels.


In the centre of town there, outside the police station,


they had erected already an extra security check,


so there was a wooden barrier, wooden hut there, where police


were screening people, because there have already been


threats against Belgian police in the past few months,


in the sort of spate of terror-related


Two police officers on duty there stopped the man.


He pulled out a machete and attacked them before he was shot dead.


So he certainly appears to have been trying to reach


Let's turn now to the Olympic Games in Rio, where medals are now


And the host nation have won their first medal -


silver in the 10-metre air pistol competition.


Brazil's Felipe Almeida Wu denied gold by a pinpoint last shot


It is they are now's first ever gold medal. -- it is the first ever gold


medal for Vietnam. We can now go live to Chris


Mitchell. Fantastic for Vietnam! Yes, that was incredible but the


biggest cheers were for Felipe. No Brazilian has won a shooting medal


since 1920. He is 24 years old, the Brazilian, it was not unexpected but


he was not one of the favourites. If you consider Felipe does not have


professional practice as a ladies in Sao Paulo, having to borrow those


for shooting practice, -- he does not have professional practice areas


in Sao Paulo. It had not gone well for their football teams. The


Brazilian side were booed off against their French team. The judo


team was knocked out in round one. And organisational problems earlier,


use of two hours just to get into Olympic Park, and the local


organising committee having to issue a statement saying sorry. At last,


some sporting success for Brazil. Also, the men's cycling that came


past year a few hours ago, it was absolutely thrilling! What a


wonderful race to look for spectators, book ended by the hills


at both ends of the beaches, it was fast and thrilling and Greg van


Aberaman, the Belgian, won it, this was his last chance to win an


Olympic gold medal. All eyes had been on the Italian. I would he do,


the Giro d'Italia rider? He was about to make his move and he came


off the bike. -- high would he do? As did Geraint Thomas, the British


rider, he has went to hospital for precautionary check. But cycling


aficionados are saying this course was so thrilling that cycling or to


make it part of their annual programme. Gold medal for Belgium


from Greg Van Avermaet, which was not expected, especially since


Belgium did not win a single gold medal in 2012. And a world record in


the swimming pool, Adam Peaty in the heats of the 100 metres


breaststroke, breaking his own mark, 57.55 seconds, it was not so long


ago that no one could wreak the 58 second barrier, now this young Brit


at his first Olympics shows he means business. It is likely to be


head-to-head between him and the defending Olympic champion from


South African. And excitement in the pool. And the first medal from the


games that they had, which seems like a long time to go with the sun


going down on the speech, but that went to the junior Thrasher of the


United States in the air rifle ten metres


-- Virginia Thrasher. The Chinese expected to do well, and probably


had not even heard of Virginia Thrasher. She is 19 years old,


wanting to become an ice dancer, only taking shooting is up a few


years ago. She got on the team and came here with no expectations and


when is the first gold of the games, what I want. If her and the United


States of America. And we can have a brief look at the medals table. --


what a great story for her and the United States. And the first gold


for Vietnam. And of course the United States, who we expect with


the biggest team here, when all this ends in about two weeks' time, they


will be top of the medals table, with China chasing them. Perhaps


Great Britain, depending on how well they do in the swimming pool and


track, could be up there. So far with some problems with spectators


getting in, and that controlled explosion down at the finish line of


the cycling, it has been a good day for the Rio Olympics.


Exciting stuff coming out of the first day. Any more highlights to


look forward to? Well, yeah, the swimming tonight! It starts so late.


Ten local time. This is to help out the Americans. Shall we say? It fits


in with their televisions schedule back home. The likes of Ryan Lockley


in the old. My favourite tonight will be the men's 400 metres


freestyle, the young Australian, can he win gold after the disappointment


of their cycle is not doing well earlier, can he give the Australian


something to cheer? It would be a great story because earlier this


year he was involved in a traffic accident, driving his car off of the


cliff. He is OK, clearly, being at the Olympics, but can he beat the


enigmatic Chinese swimmer who at the last rock championships didn't even


turn up for the final and has served a doping ban before now. That is the


battle I will be looking forward to. Several medals to be won but a late


finish for the swimmers here in Rio. Lots to look forward to. Chris


Mitchell, for now from Rio, thank you very much.


And you can keep up to date with all our Olympics coverage


There you'll find a all the latest results from Day 1 and the latest


To South Africa now, where the final results


in the country's local elections have been announced.


In Johannesburg, the governing African National Congress


But it's small consolation, given they've suffered


their worst election result since the end of apartheid.


The opposition Democratic Alliance made huge gains, claiming victory


in many key regions, including the capital Pretoria.


ushered in democracy in 1994, after the fall of


It is also the first time that it has lost control


The opposition DA won 93 seats in Tshwane,


the metropolitan region under which Pretoria falls.


While the ANC came in second, with 89 seats,


South Africans still believe in a dream of


South Africa still wants our country to prosper.


President Jacob Zuma put up a brave face when he accepted the final


He could not secure victory for his party in his


Our democracy is maturing and we congratulate our people


for their participation in the consolidation of democracy.


The ANC also lost the historically important metropolitan region


But the ANC, with 54% of the national vote,


Observers say a whole host of corruption scandals,


and internal party squabbles, are to blame for its decline.


Milton Nkosi, BBC News, Johannesburg.


Rebel groups in Syria say they've made breakthroughs in fighting


against both government forces and the self-declared Islamic State.


Rebel factions say they've managed to link up with their comrades


in besieged eastern Aleppo, although sources close


to the government deny they've been pushed aside.


Further east, a combined force of Kurdish and Arab militias say


they're close to capturing the strategic city of Manbij


This report from the BBC's Middle East regional


Rebels advancing, fighting their way into southern Aleppo, they see this


film shows them storming a government military base. And it


seems they made some impressive progress. The army was driven back


at leaving behind its big guns. But the rebels wanted much more than


this. Their plan was to push beyond the base and reach the rebel held


neighbourhoods of eastern Aleppo. 250,000 people are besieged by the


government there. The attacking rebel force was trying to break that


stranglehold. And they say they have indeed managed to link up with their


comrades in the east. But other reports indicate they have so far


failed to establish a safe route that would end the blockade.


Meanwhile, the government side has thrown everything into this fight.


Bombing and shelling. It insists the rebels have made no breakthrough. It


says they've been pushed back. Further north, another battlefield,


the city of Manbij, it's been held by the Islamic State group, but a US


backed force of Kurdish and Arab fighters has been advancing through


its streets. It says it is close to capturing the city, that it now


controls 90% of that, but the fighting is still raging on and, for


the people of Manbij, the suffering continues.


Alan Johnson, BBC News. Stay with us on BBC


World News, still to come... It is believed fire at a French barn


which killed 13 people was started by candles on a birthday cake. -- at


a French bar. Two British climbers who went


missing on Thursday have been found dead on the Matterhorn in the Alps,


on the Swiss-Italian border. Italian rescue workers launched


a search for the pair but the operation was hampered


by poor weather. Authorities say both bodies had been


found covered in snow, in a ravine. What we know is the bodies of these


two British climbers, both men, both believed to be aged 67,


were found at an altitude of 4,000 metres, covered in snow,


and I would say the weather looks lovely here at the moment,


but we've had torrential rain and high winds here in Switzerland


and Italy over the last 36 hours and of course what falls as rain


down here is snow up at 4,000 metres Temperatures we are told


were minus 10 Celsius. This is BBC World News Today, the


latest headlines... In Belgium, a man armed


with a machete attacks two police The attacker was then shot


and killed by police The very first gold of the Rio games


is won by the American Virginia Thrasher in the women's


ten-metre air rifle. A fire in a bar in France


which killed 13 people - many of them teenagers -


is believed to have been started The fire broke out during a party


in the basement of the bar Officials described the blaze


as "fast and intense". Police say the fire broke out around


midnight in the basement of the bar. It had been packed with young


people who'd come here Someone carrying the cake apparently


tripped down the stairs and fell. The candles and sparklers then set


off the deadliest fire there's been Neighbours heard the shattering


of glass and thought, at first, it was an explosion.


Another terrorist attack. TRANSLATION: There


was panic in the bar. But unfortunately, those


who were in the basement didn't I think some of those


downstairs didn't burn, Police say the ceiling


of the basement had been soundproofed with material


that is reported to have caught fire with terrifying speed,


releasing poisonous fumes. TRANSLATION: We're still shocked.


We can't believe it. We came here to have a good time


together. It's impossible to believe


that this has happened. 13 people in their late teens


and early 20s are dead, and one is fighting for their life,


in a city still mourning the death of an elderly priest murdered


by extremists last month. The investigation will focus


on whether the bar had Officials in Chicago in the US have


released video footage, showing the moments before


an unarmed black man was Paul O'Neal died after


a dramatic car chase. Our North America correspondent


Rajini Vaidyanathan reports. A warning, you may find some


of the images distressing. A police chase on the streets


of Chicago, as a teenager is suspected of driving


a stolen car. The driver Paul O'Neal refuses


to stop as bullets fly in his path. He crashes into a police car before


getting out and running As the pursuit continues,


officers can be heard shouting at him before


shots are fired. His bleeding body was captured


on tape, but the moment The officer's body


camera wasn't working. If you look at the video,


one of the body cameras But that officer supposedly turned


it on as he was Three officers have been


stripped of their powers, As the police tried to hold a press


conference on Friday, What if that was your son that


got shot in the back? At a time when tensions between law


enforcement and young black people in America remain high,


what makes this case different from many other police


shootings has been the speed Chicago's newly-created Independent


Police Review Authority is promising But the release of the videos has


been criticised by the head of Chicago's policing union,


who said it was unfair to officers Rajini Vaidyanathan,


BBC News, Washington. The man who tried to kill US


President Ronald Reagan in 1981 is expected to be released


from a psychiatric John Hinckley Jr was


25-years-old when he shot and wounded the Republican president


and three others in Washington DC. He was detained in a secure facility


after being found not guilty After his release,


Hinckley will move to live Pakistan's biggest city, Karachi,


has suffered two days of flooding that have killed


at least twelve people. of flooding that have


killed at least 12 people. More than half of them


died of electrocution. Others were killed when roofs


and walls collapsed. The newly-elected chief minister


of Sindh province has toured affected areas and says he's been


in touch with key officials to drain flooded roads and rectify


extensive power cuts. Away from the Olympics,


there's plenty of other sport. Hugh Woozencroft has details


of another defeat for Sri Lanka have won their


first series against After beating them in a Test match


for only the second time in their history last week,


Angelo Matthew's team made it two in a row on Saturday,


winning by 229 runs in Galle to take an unassailable 2-0 lead


in the three match series. With only one Test victory in


history over Australia, until last week, could Sri Lanka make it two in


a week? On the third day in Galle, the Australians led by Captain Steve


Smith and David Warner went on the offensive from the first over,


looking like good strategy with 36 runs scored, then that's all


changed. As soon as the Sri Lanka and spinners find there with them,


David Warner went first and he was furious. Then the skipper Smith on


review, faint touch on the glove, removing any touch of Australia


saving this match. Sri Lanka soon had Mitchell Marsh out, as well as


several of his colleagues. This the surface for the spinners and one of


the Australians could not content with. Six wickets in the second


innings making him the first Sri Lanka and to score 50 and get ten


wickets in the same match. And not even a last, at 229 run victory,


this is the first-ever series win against Australia and inside three


days too, cause for celebration. I mean, it feels great. We played in


the last two games, I thought we were brilliant, we were really


clinical in the second Test match especially. And pressure going in to


win the toss but I thought the toss was pretty vital. So winning the --


the first hurdle was winning the toss, then getting their score on


the board, because the wicket was getting worse and worse, so once


again, it was a pretty special performance by Mendes is getting us


to 281. And special mention for his first Test, coming back really hard,


backing this potential skill, and he was one bowler that the Australians


find it hard to score off, especially on this track.


Transfer news from the Premier League.


West Ham are set to pay $26 million for the Swansea forward, Andre Ayew.


The 26-year old Ghana international scored 12 goals in 34 Premier League


Ayew only joined Swansea on a free transfer 12 months ago.


New signing Sadio Mane scored one goal and made another as Liverpool


beat Barcelona 4-0 in a one-sided friendly match at Wembley on Sunday.


A $44.5 million capture from Southampton,


Mane struck a 15th-minute opener and then supplied the cross


from which ex-Liverpool player Javier Mascherano


Divock Origi and substitute Marko Grujic also scored.


But for all the information from Olympic Games,


Back to you. Absolutely it is. Thank you very


much. In Australia, thousands of people


have been following the story of a baby kangaroo,


called Cuejo, who is due He became a local celebrity


with his fight for life - Cuejo the joey receives


some last-minute love After five months of care


and two near-death experiences, he is now ready


to go back into the bush. The kangaroo joey was


rescued by local police in Australia's remote West


in a town called Cue. His mother was hit and killed


by a truck. Constable Scott Mason,


who is trained in animal husbandry, Cuejo became a local celebrity


and his growth was well-documented on social media, as was his next


greatest challenge. Three months ago, he was nursed back


to health again after being attacked He suffered wounds


to his face and chest. Now the healthy ten-month-old


will gradually be released The police have tweeted


that he is already Very cute story there. We can bring


you up to date from the Rio Olympics, with gold for Argentina in


the judo. Kazakhstan and Japan shared the bronze. We can leave you


with these live pictures from Rio on the first day of the Olympics.


And a reminder that the first gold medal has been won by America and


the women's ten metre air rifle, hosts Brazil taking their first is


medal in the air pistol. And the first one for Vietnam, with their


first-ever gold medal. That is all from me.


Good evening. A beautiful day for most, lots of blue sky, sunshine and


warm temperatures, such as here this afternoon, many seaside resorts


across England and Wales looking like this. More cloud in


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