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This is BBC World News Today, broadcasting in the UK


The headlines: Russian athletes are banned from competing


at the Rio Paralympics following the country's doping scandal.


Tragically, this situation is not about athletes cheating the system,


but about a state-run system that is cheating the athletes.


I'm Chris Mitchell live in Rio, where Russia has announced


that's it's to appeal against the IPC decision.


I'll bring you the latest on that and today's Olympics action.


President Oden has addressed thousands of people at a mass rally


in Istanbul in protest against last month's military coup.


A state of emergency is declared in Macedonia after 20 people die


And Oscar Pistorius is treated in hospital


for injuries to his wrists - his brother denies speculation


The International Paralympic Committee has banned the entire


Russian team from competing in next month's Paralympic Games.


It's because of what it called the country's state


Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko offered full support


to the Russian Paralympic Committee to appeal the decision.


Let's get more reaction from our sports correspondent


Is this a surprise given the IOC's decision not to introduce a blanket


ban on athletes? This also prized many, many people in the sporting


world because it is only days ago now that the International Olympic


Committee chose another course, but the IPC and the IOC are working on


the same information, from the same report, the McLaren report


commissioned and suggested that Russians should be banned from the


Olympic Games. Taking place right now behind me but there are Russians


there competing. They will not be Russians competing at the Paralympic


games taking place in just a few weeks' time. I would say various


great surprise at this from onlookers looking in perhaps, people


feeling different. They had a feeling the IPC, it is younger and


has less pressure from outside sources on it, but it was


interesting to see the head of the IPC be so with the ring in what he


called the disgusting way that Russian athletes and athletics and


state-sponsored doping has been allowed to happen. He did not mince


his words. The facts do hard. They are an unprecedented attack on every


clean athlete who competes in sport. The anti-doping system in Russia is


broken, corrupted and entirely compromised. The Paralympic movement


is one giant family and I had hoped that something like this would never


rear its ugly head in our movement. Everything we have observed goes


against the very spirit of sports and everything the Paralympic


movement stands for. This is why we feel that we had no option but to


take this action. Tragically this situation is not about athletes


cheating the system. It is about a state-run system that is cheating


the athlete. I believe the Russian government is catastrophically


failed its power athletes. Their medals over morals mentality


disgusts me. The complete corruption at the anti-doping system is


contrary to the rules and strikes at the very heart of the spirit that


Paralympics sport. It shows a blatant disregard for the health and


well-being of athletes and quite simply has no place in Paralympic


sports. Their thirst for glory at all costs has severely damage the


integrity and image of all sports and has certainly resulted in a


devastating outcome to the Russian Paralympic committee and para


athletes. As I said, he did not mince his words at all. I am joined


by Ed Harry, the BBC's Paralympic athletics commentator. Why have the


international Paralympic committee taken a different route to the IOC?


They have both read the same report, the McLaren report on the eve of


these Olympic Games. It says the IOC have not talked to me about the


report. Instead of taking it for what it cities which is evidence of


a broken system, the IOC has picked out individual names to ban. The IPC


have never stopped speaking to Richard McLaren. It has been a


constant back and forth between them and they agree with him, it is


evidence of a broken system and a system which involved in Russia para


athletes, athletes between 2012 - 15 whose positive samples were hushed


up and released as negatives and secondly at the Sochi Winter


Paralympic games, samples were tampered with and replaced with


clean ones. Enough evidence save the IPC to issue this band. Listening to


Sir Philip Craven, he did not mince his words. The president of the IOC


was far more diplomatic. You know Sir Philip Craven, why has he chosen


such strong words? The International Paralympic committee has never been


touched by a scandal like this and going back to the first report, the


IPC said time and again what it did not show up concerning Paralympic


sport. But their dialogue with Richard McLellan has revealed it


most certainly is. They are the governing body in so many cases for


their sports. It's a point I made in my preamble is that the


International Paralympic committee is younger and perhaps has less


pressure on it. Is there any truth to that? You can say less pressure


from some sponsors. Much has been said of any personal relationship


member says have with members of the Russian government but this is the


head of a governing body saying he is disgusted with how a government


has acted. There has been strong rebuttal of that. The sports


Minister of Russia has said they will fight for their Paralympic


place and the head of the Paralympic committee has said it is a huge


injustice but Sir Philip Craven says he feels sympathy for clean athletes


but they have broken the rules. They cannot be a member. They cannot be a


member of the Paralympic community at this time. I want to bring in


Kate Gray, a former Paralympics for Great Britain. Kate, briefly, what


were your thoughts when you had that Russia had been banned? When I heard


the news and I know other athletes felt the same, was shock and


surprise. We thought the Paralympics would follow the IOC. That has not


been the case. I think for many of the athletes, we were not expecting


it at all. We assumed it would continue on and Russia would compete


at the highest level, but that isn't happening. Speaking to fellow


athletes, they were surprised this has happened but I guess they


received enough information to believe Russia should not be allowed


to take part and that is the process they will follow. Kate, how will


this affect the Paralympics? Russia have a big team, will we noticed


that they are not there? That was my immediate thought because Russia


finished second on the medals table in London 2012. They are a dominant


force, one of the leading nations in Paralympic sport said there will be


a big gap when those athletes do not compete. I am a former swimmer,


Russia has always been one of the top nations in swimming and there


will be laid is empty because they are not competing and for those


athletes that are clean, is it fair for them to be not competing there?


It will have an impact on the competition in Rio. You know Sir


Philip Craven as well, you have spoken to him many times and you


have heard what he has had to say today. Were you surprised that he


was so strong with his criticism of Russia and their system? I think he


was conscious of isolating the Paralympic committee from the IOC.


He wanted people to believe they had gone about their own investigations


to make this decision and they wanted to show they were not going


to have cheats. We might be a new and growing movement, but he was not


going to stand for any cheating, he wants it to be a fair, clean, equal


playing field and that's why he said what he said. He did not mince his


words, he almost seemed angry, frustrated and I guess that is the


case because I have been in sport for over ten years whether competing


or beyond that, and I have never come across doping, especially on


that level. He is properly shocked like everyone else is that it has


been taken to such a high level. Thank you very much. Appreciate you


joining us here. Pegs or so to Ed Harry. The games continue here in


Rio. We had a spectacular road race in the cycling. This time for the


women. It was just as thrilling. Anna van de Breggen got it. She is


now the gold medallist. Lizzie Armitstead, the British rider who


was here even though she missed three out of competition drug tests,


one was expunged so she was able to compete, she was a medal prospect


but she could only manage fifth place. Plenty of crashes in that


race but everybody is OK. That was perhaps the biggest story of the day


but they will be more here in Rio because we have the swimming finals


coming up later and it will be our first chance to get a closer look at


Michael Phelps. He has 18 gold medals, he retired after London, but


he thought he would come back here and get if you more. He will be in


the relay tonight before he begins his butterfly exploits tomorrow. We


will see you again here but back to you.


To Turkey where hundreds of thousands of people are attending


a mass rally in the country's largest city, Istanbul.


It's to protest against last month's attempted coup


President Erdogan has been addressing the crowds.


He said the coup attempt shows that the nation is not just


resilient against political, economic, and diplomatic attacks


A sea of red flags. Turkish people gathered in an unprecedented show of


support for their country and their president. After the coup attempt of


the 15th of July, he now appears stronger than ever. Similar rallies


were held across the country. The president said he would take action


against those behind the coup, possibly reintroducing the death




They say there is no death penalty in the EU. Well the US has it, Japan


has it, China has it, most of the world has it said they are allowed


to have it. We used to have it until 1984. Sovereignty belongs to the


people so if the people make the decision, I'm sure political parties


will comply. For his supporters this was a moment of triumph after decade


us and fear of the night of the failed uprising. Turks are


determined to have democracy. God knows how many people are here and


they from different political views, different religions and all are here


to show that despite all our differences, we want to live in


solidarity, upholding democracy. But it was not just followers of the


president who joined in the valleys. The opposition took part also


although the Kurdish party was not invited.


TRANSLATION: The world is seeing the Turkish


people today. They are seeing how successful and determined we are,


how loyal they are to their country. Protesters demanding the death


penalty for the man accused of masterminding the coup. The US


-based Muslim cleric Fattullah Gulen. He denies the charges. Tens


of thousands of teachers, judges and military officers have been


dismissed or arrested since the uprising. President Erdogan has been


accused of taking the clamp-down too far. People are gathering here with


their friends, children in a massive display of solidarity. The coup


attempt deeply unsettled people here. There are some parts of


Turkish society which are concerned about the extent of Mr Burdekin's


purges but the people here are celebrating their victory over the


coup. -- President Erdogan. The scale of these demonstrations sends


a powerful message. In a time of uncertainty, many Turks are rallying


around their leader. An emergency has been declared


in the Macedonian capital Skopje. It's after fierce rain storms


and strong winds Several main roads in


the city have been flooded, Reports from Skopje said the water


level in the worst affected neighbourhoods left many houses


flooded and without electricity. Some buildings are reported


to have collapsed. Torrential rains flooded


many of the city's roads with some Parts of the city's ring road


was swept away, dragging cars into More than 20 people


were reported to have received Army and special police


units as well as trucks loaded with drinking water were seen


heading for the most affected areas. Three villages in the north-east of


the country were cut off because of Everything I have now


has been flooded, everything I have been


building has been destroyed. More rain is forecast


for Sunday evening. Still to come: We will take you back


to Rio to meet a man on a mission to help the children of the favelas get


in touch with the country's rhythms. Here in the UK, People living


in areas affected by any future extraction of shale gas could be


paid thousands of pounds It's one of the options


in a consultation due Kim Hagen from the Campaign


to Protect Rural England said the impact of fracking went


beyond individual households. It is not just individual households


affected. Fracking has much wider implications and I think the first


point being it concerns the industrialisation of our


countryside, including areas adjacent to national parks such as


the Lake District National Park which is already under pressure of


development in the energy infrastructure sector. These areas


as a whole will be affected. Not just the individual households in


it. Think of increased traffic, noise pollution, light pollution and


it is something many of these households have expressed in their


concerns initially. This is BBC World News Today. The headlines:


Russia is to appeal after being banned from next month Paralympics


in Rio over allegations of doping. President Erdogan has addressed


hundreds of thousands of people at a mass rally in Istanbul in protest


against last month 's military coup. Oscar Pistorius has been treated


in hospital after suffering His brother Carl has denied reports


that he tried to commit suicide. The athlete is serving six years


in prison for the murder of his His brother says he slipped and fell


in his cell, and that reports in a local paper that his injuries


were intentional are untrue. With more here's our correspondent


Milton Nkosi from Johannesburg. What we know is that Oscar Pistorius


was released from prison on Saturday after telling authorities in prison


that he hurt his wrists after he fell from his bed but the city press


newspaper say they spoke to a prison inmate who knows the section where


Oscar Pistorius is locked up and he told them that Oscar Pistorius hurt


his wrists intentionally. The newspaper continues to say that when


they came here to this hospital west of Pretoria, two hospital guards


told them that when Mr Pistorius arrived here, he had bad cuts on his


wrists and doctors were rapping bandages around them. He was


discharged and taken back to prison. And then Mr Pistorius was brought


right here, the correctional services. His brother Carl Pistorius


took to social media to say reports are untrue, baseless and


sensational. The Women's Road race


at the Rio Olympics was marred by a crash in the closing stages


involving the Netherlands It was the gold medal won by her


team-mate Anne van de Breggen but the former British Olympic champion


Chris Boardman believes the Rio course was too dangerous. I


mentioned earlier that I am past commenting, I'm quite angry about it


because I went down there with you and we had a look at the course and


we saw those edges and we knew this was way past being a technical, this


was dangerous and people who designed the course and said, what


safety features has seen it as well and left it.


England have beaten Pakistan by 141 runs to take a 2-1 series lead


After setting the tourists 343 to win.


England took six wickets in the middle session of the day -


Chris Woakes and Steven Finn taking four of them for one run in 23


Pakistan's last-wicket pair of Sohail Khan and Rahat Ali delayed


defeat with a stand of 50 in 67 balls, but Sohail was caught


and bowled by Moeen Ali with 13.1 overs remaining.


The final test starts at the Oval in London on Thursday.


I spoke at lunchtime, on day one, it felt like, that one heavy roller at


the beginning took the pace out and we just, we had to hang in there for


a lot of that game. We really were fighting to stay in the game but


have the belief if we could take them, it was a great credit to every


of us who fought like that to win. Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored the winner


as Manchester United beat Leicester City


in the Community Shield In the traditional curtain raiser


to the Premier League season, FA Cup winners United went


ahead in the first half through Jesse Lingard,


but Jamie Vardy capitalised on an error from Marouane Fellaini


to equalise for the league champions Ibrahimovic's 82nd minute header


gave Jose Mounriho his first And there's more good


news for United fans - Paul Pogba has been granted


permission by Juventus to have a medical at the club, ahead


of a reported world record transfer. Hundreds of thousands of Rio's


poorest people live in the favelas - basic housing that rises up


into the mountains of the Olympic city and so does


a trumpet-playing Englishman. He was inspired by Brazilian music -


and now he's on a mission to help the children of the favelas get


in touch with their Forget Wembley or the Maracana


Stadium, I reckon that this is the best spot in the world


to be playing football. High up in the hills, with views


overlooking the city of Rio. Football is in the DNA of Brazilian


kids, but there is something even What is a man from Doncaster do


ending up here in the favelas? There is a link, because Doncaster


has a lot of music going on, I fell in love with Brazilian music,


and eventually came to Rio Rio is a really important


town for Latin music, so it is sad that there are problems


with music education here. Basically, four children don't


get the chance to learn or play instruments,


or get the chance to The system of music education


in schools is not there, so I really wanted to do


something about that They can't afford to buy their own


instruments, so how did they get hold of them? Is a cool instruments


are 2-3 times more expensive in the UK here. It reduces the chance of


children buying them so we got the instruments, most are donated in the


UK. Can I be part of the band? Absolutely.


My dream is that we have a music tradition here that mixes the


Brazilian traditions with New Orleans jazz tradition instruments


and recreate something new in live music.


The headlines coming up in a couple of minutes. You can get in touch


with me on Twitter. That's it from me and the team. Goodbye.


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