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Hello this is BBC world news, broadcasting in the UK and around


the world. The leader of the so-called Islamic State is being


held in a US joint strike. He was killed in Afghanistan. Tension over


Crimea. The Russian Prime Minister threatens to break diplomatic ties


with Kiev. The French Riviera resort vans women from wearing full body


swimsuits, the burkinis, on its beaches. And this action gets under


way at the Olympics, the 10,000 metre world record is beaten by this


utopian runner. -- Ethiopian runner. A warm welcome. A senior US defence


official has confirmed that the leader of so-called Islamic State in


Pakistan and Afghanistan has been killed in a drone strike. He led his


group of hardliners to launch a series of deadly strikes in


Afghanistan. He was a former Taliban fighter. Our correspondent is in


Washington. What more do we know? Not a lot. There are some reports


for towing a boat about his death, mostly coming from Afghan diplomatic


sources in Pakistan. We spoke to the Pentagon a few moments ago and they


confirmed this joint strike on the 22nd of July and they believed that


he was killed. -- confirmed this drone strike. They will not go one


the record that the Mormon which means that they may not be entirely


sure. There is a note of caution here which is that he has been


allegedly killed a couple of times before, particularly in July last


year. That can be some uncertainty around these things but there seems


to be a reasonable amount of clarity that he is dead. The Afghan


ambassador to Pakistan said that he believed a number of other


commanders were killed at the same time. I am sure that they will be


tapping into the human intelligence sources out there, trying to confirm


if there is more activity around now to try and confirmed that he is


dead. What is the situation in Afghanistan


at the moment with regards to ISO? They have been starting to conduct


some operations in Afghanistan, there was an attack in Kabul last


month in which they bombed a protest and the killed 80 people in that


attack. They also claimed responsibility for the attack on a


hospital in Pakistan earlier this week, although that is disputed.


There is some concern that IAS was organising and getting some people


from the Taliban in that area and conducting terror attacks, not just


in couple but in Pakistan as well. -- concern that IAS. The Americans


have already said that they have killed a number of ISO fighters in


Pakistan and the mission is to support the forces, although they


have the right to go after terror targets thank you.


All week tensions have been building between Russia and Ukraine. Now the


Russian Prime Minister has threatened to break diplomatic ties


with Kiev. The situation was not helped by the Russian military


saying they had deliberately missiles to Crimea. Russia says that


the delivery of the missile system had been agreed last month. It is


accusing Ukraine of sending saboteurs into Crimea and reported


the deaths of two people in an attempt foiled plot. Ukraine the


lies -- Ukraine denies the allegations. We were joined in the


studio to discuss this recently. Controversy broke out when the plans


were announced last month but in light of the ratcheting up of


tension between Ukraine and Russia over alleged movement of officers in


Crimea makes it a very ominous time for this deployment. Ukraine will be


worried that the range of these S 400 missile systems is considerably


larger than anything seen in Crimea before and because Crimea is a pin


in Schiller in the Black Sea, the range of S 400 missiles will be


covering the whole of the Black Sea and that includes the coastal areas


of Turkey and other countries. It is worth mentioning that Russia now has


an interest in that area and protecting what it annexed. Exactly.


Russia has been dating in in Crimea and militarising it and that has


been the allegation from Ukraine all along, but Russia is turning the


Crimean peninsula which it illegally annexed, according to tears and


other United Nations members, and according to Ukraine and its allies


in the West they are militarising Crimea and making it next to


impossible to be reoccupied by Kiev. The situation and Ukraine has not


been in the news as prominently as it is today for quite some time.


Where are we up to in times of the situation with the breakaway regions


and the conflict there. Just because the incident was not in the major


headlines does not mean that there was not a daily stream of this and


Ukraine. July turned out to be one of the quietest months since the


Minsk peace agreement was signed in February. One of the dangers for the


future with regards to the current escalation is the statement by


President Putin that he withdraws unilaterally from the peaceful


negotiations, which means that any platform for negotiating some kind


of a settlement in the east of Ukraine will lose its validity and.


Being efficient and effective. In another political development, one


of the most powerful men in the Kremlin is standing down. He is


leaving his post to become a special representative for environmental and


transport issues. What do we know about the man that has been


described as one of President Putin's closest alleys. The


63-year-old has been part of President Putin's inner circle for


many years, with the president once naming him is one of the people he


trusted most. Before becoming chief of staff in 2011, Ivanov served as


Deputy Prime Minister and defence Minister. He is a Security Council


member and a former KGB member. Did he choose to resign or was he


pushed? This is a surprising move by a president who likes to surprise.


No one was expecting this and people have been racking their brains today


in Moscow to try and understand what is behind it and the possible


motives. He was a very close friend and long-held friend and ally of


President Putin, now he is losing his job. Officially speaking it is


his initiative, but him and Mr Putin was shown on state television today


and Mr Putin said that Ivanov had is to step down. Mr Putin was agreeing


that after years of long service he could no leave the presidential


administration. I think there is scepticism about that here. This is


a man in a very senior job in the Kremlin and we are supposed to


believe that he wanted to become the envoy for environmental affairs. The


question is, what is behind this? At the moment there is speculation and


some people are suggesting that Mr Putin is looking to the 2018


presidential elections and he wants effective managers rather than


friends to be around him. Other people are suggesting he wants a


younger team as he is now in his mid-60s. Perhaps he was a younger


team to project the right image for those presidential elections. But


this is speculation and no one knows what is going on behind the walls of


the Kremlin. The Democratic nominee for the US presidential election,


Hillary Clinton, has disclosed her latest tax return. Meanwhile, Donald


Trump has said that his tax affairs are undergoing an official audit and


he cannot disclose the figures until the review has completed. The


internal revenue service says that he can. Hillary Clinton and her


husband and template six billion dollars with federal taxes of just


over 34%. To listen Thailand are being warned to be cautious after


the wave of bombings killed four people and injured dozens of others.


11 blasts hit cities and resorts across the South. Police have ruled


out international terrorism, but the coordination could suggest the


involvement of the separatist movement that has killed 6500 people


in the last 12 years. Our Thailand correspondent reports.


The bombs were small and for those nearby they were deadly. This was a


sedate seaside resort that is popular with retired people from


Europe. Two explosions shook the town centre on a busy Thursday


evening before a long weekend. I was sitting with my friends on holiday


from the UK. We were having a good time and the music was loud. All of


a sudden there was a commotion and we went around the corner and people


were shouting bomb, bomb. The the scenes were chaotic. Eight to ten


bodies on the floor. This was not the only part of the country being


attacked. On this holiday island 11 blasts in five provinces. Who was


responsible? The type we say it is too soon to speculate that they


insist this was not terrorism. They are describing it as domestic


sabotage. And operation of this skill hints at an experienced group


making a political point. Perhaps the separatist to have been fighting


the Thai army and the south, or groups out to embarrass the military


government. They are quiet here on the road of what should be one of


the busiest holiday weekends of the year is a very worrying sign for the


Thai government because more than at any other time this country depends


on tourism for its economy and that is exactly what the bombers were


targeting. The Tudors industry has proved remarkably resilient here for


three decades and it will probably bounce back again. That may depend


on how well the tire Daugherty 's investigate these attacks and if


they can prevent any more from happening. -- how well the Thai


authorities investigate. You are watching BBC News. Still to come: A


world record in the women's 1000 metres on the track in real generic.


Here in Britain Labour's national executive committee has won the


right to stop new members from voting in a leadership election. It


will prevent 130,000 new members voting in the leadership election


between Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith. The Shadow Chancellor and


Corbin supporter John McDonnell is angry and says that what has


happened fighting the face of democracy. The Court of Appeal


ruling overturns the High Court ruling that was taken earlier this


week. A serial killer known as the Yorkshire Ripper is expected to be


transferred from a psychiatric hospital to a prison in the next few


weeks. BBC News understands that a tribunal has decided he no longer


needs treatment for any mental health disorder. Moving him would


need to be approved by the Ministry of Justice and it would save a


quarter of a year. He murdered 13 women and attempted to murder seven


more between 1976 and 1981. This is BBC world news today. These


are the headlines: The leader of the so-called Islamic State and


so-called Islamic State in Pakistan and Afghanistan has been killed. A


threat to break diplomatic ties between Russia and Kiev.


Controversy is brewing in the French city of Canberra Daugherty 's have


banned the burkinis, a full body swimsuit one by Muslims. The mayor


says it is a security risk and any clothing displaying religious


affiliation could the shot public order during a time in France is


being targeted by terrorists. What do beach-goers think? TRANSLATION: I


am a regionally from Egypt and I grew up with people wearing Islamic


dress and I am shocked to find this in Paris. They should not wear


Islamic close. We have freedom here. We need to respect the society we


live in. I agree with the mayor because the burkini can be used to


disguise themselves as they want to carry out a terror attack. Boot-mac


I think they're wearing a burkini is not illegal and everyone has a right


to access the beach because it is a public space, but if we think about


women's rights it is a regression for women, especially for


Frenchwoman who are quite free. I think the mayor did this to avoid


provocations on the beach that could cause violence or pointless


discussions, because some are against and some are in favour. For


more reaction I spoke to our correspondent in Paris. She says it


is making headlines and dividing opinion.


Many people are saying the move is a populist measure by a Republican


politician. When you speak to the Muslim community, it was divided.


Some people were saying that France is a tolerant place and there should


be knowing Schmidt of human rights and they are against the move by the


mayor. Others point to the fact that France has got a proud history of


secularism and people should not be displaying their religious affinity.


That is what the mayor has been arguing, the ostentatious use of


religious affinity is what he is objecting to. He has singled out the


burkini for that. Why has this come to light now? This


came into force at the end of July. Has anyone been fined?


Not that we are aware of and the controversy here is that people are


saying you are more likely to see people wearing a tiny bikini dandy


fool burkini, so people are saying this might be a false debates.


Others say it may played straight into the hands of extremists at a


time when France does not need this. It comes at a time of high tension.


Last month there was a terrible attack in Nice and 85 people were


killed. So-called Islamic State claiming responsibility for that.


Then in Normandy we had the elderly priest that was killed by two men


who were on a list of wanted people here in France.


Time for some sport news now and Ollie Foster has the latest from day


seven of the Rio Olympics. It is the seventh day of competition


at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. 24 golds to be one. One was secured


with the world record on the first day of the athletics in the 10,000


metres. This Ethiopian runner beat a 23-year-old record by 14 seconds,


storming the whole. The defending champion also from Ethiopia was the


bronze medallist. There were 18 personal bests in that race which


was very quick. She becomes the first woman to break a 10,000 metre


world record at an Olympic Games. Great Britain are up to fourth in


the medal table after two goals in 20 minutes and rowing. They came


from the two strongest boats. The men's for defended their title from


London. They have won every Olympics in Sydney to thousands. Five in a


row. In the women's pair, they were unbeaten for five years. It means so


much more. We have had a lot of pressure. I have been so emotional


and this is not me at all. It means so much to us. There is nothing more


special than home games but this is defending a title. We have managed


to when every race for the last four years. We put an end is pressure on


ourselves. We are dying inside. The Polish 2012 weightlifting champion


has joined his brother in being sent home from the games after testing


positive. He failed a drugs test that the Polish Championships last


month. The Polish weightlifting Federation says that he has a legal


right to be retested. His brother was sent home on Tuesday.


Away from the Olympics the Premier League returns on Saturday.


Leicester get things underway with the kick-off against newly promoted


Hull City, who still do not have a full-time manager. Pep Guardiola for


managers first game at home to Sunderland, who also have a new


manager in David Moyes. Manchester United are away at Bournemouth under


Jose Mourinho. No Pol Pot bar for United, who has a one-game ban that


has been carried over to England. Leicester get things going. They


have held onto most of their title winning score, but surely they


cannot do it again. I think the bookmakers have it at 6000-1,


because it is impossible. It is more difficult than last season. It is


more likely that ET comes. One of the greatest baseball stars is due


to play his last game. Alex Drake use of the New York Yankees scored


home runs. This will be his last game before a coaching role beckons.


He admitted to steroid abuse a decade ago and he was banned for the


entire 2014 season for his part in a doping scandal. Mixed memories of


his career in baseball. That is all the sport for now.


Two of the best ballet dancers in the world have been can care to


Margaret Fonteyn. They will be performing together at the Edinburgh


International Festival and are at Edinburgh has been to meet them.


Here they are in rehearsals, putting themselves through paces for


tonight's Edinburgh International Festival show. They are partners


onstage and off. TRANSLATION: You are 200% together. There is no


better partner than surrogate because I admire him as an artist


and love him as a person. Who is the boss? TRANSLATION: I believe the man


should be a leader but he should let a woman do what he wants. It is an


emotion that makes it interesting to do the show. The audience know if we


have been fighting before or if we are in a good moments. You are naked


on stage. Both of them field dance Scott back -- both of them fielded


dancers get a hard time keeping to other sports professionals. I feel


like they treat dancers like children, they do not ask questions


or treat them like artists. They are just soldiers who do the work while


an artist needs to create. You became so disenchanted with the


profession that he walked out of his job as the principal dancer at the


Royal Ballet in 2012. I fell into the darkness and I kept falling


down. I think I hit rock bottom and met the devil. Is the ambition to go


back? I would love to go back and dance with the Royal Ballet. We are


having talks. Right now he has a job to do, dancing with his partner in


this production. Before we go a reminder of our main


news. A senior US defence official has confirmed that the leader of the


so-called Islamic State in Afghanistan Pakistan has been killed


in a drone strike. It is understood that he was killed in eastern Afghan


province. He had led his group of militants to launch a number of


deadly strikes inside Afghanistan. You can get in touch with me and


most of the team here on Twitter. That is all from the programme.


Thank you for watching. Goodbye. We can look at some of the bigger


weather stories around the world. There is a lot of cloud over the




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