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Free to walk away - the civilians of Manbij in northern


Syria celebrate as so-called Islamic State is forced out of the town.


I'm live at the Olympics with the news of the ban of the only track


and field competitor from Russia. A state of emergency in the US state


of Louisiana as heavy rains cause what's been described


as "unprecedented" flooding. He was the actor inside one


of the world most famous Hundreds of residents


of the northern Syrian town of Manbij who were used as human


shields by Islamic State There have been scenes of joy


and relief as they celebrated The Syrian Democratic Forces,


a broad alliance of fighters who are backed by the US,


captured Manbij on Friday of Manbij, celebrations at the end


of Islamic State rule. She praised the Kurdish


and Arab forces. She says, may God salute you,


you are heroes. All around in the ruins of Manbij


there was huge relief. For many months, the militants laid


down rules on every aspect of life. Now the beards that were compulsory


could come off. Some women even burned the veils


they have been compelled to wear. And stories of the harsh realities


of IS rule began to emerge. This man said the militants


cut his hand off after accusing him This roundabout is where executions


were carried out. Severed heads used to be left


hanging here for days. The Kurdish and Arab fighters


began their offensive more They had help from US


Special Forces on the ground, and help from the American-led


coalition in air. There were weeks of


fierce street fighting. Manbij was hugely important,


it straddles a crucial supply route The loss of Manbij for IS is


a major blow. Now the people of this battered


place have a chance to rebuild With me now is Fawaz Gerges,


Professor of International Relations at the London School of Economics


and author of ISIS A History. Firstly, how big of


a blow does the loss There is a wager context of the


Civil War. It is a major setback for them. They are bleeding, they are


losing. This is not the first city they have lost. The idea is the


American coalition organised the local forces. It is a caution made


up of cards and other fighters. The idea is to squeeze them and


tightened the noose. To a select them and call for the kill. This is


the beginning of the end. Most of the reports talk about the city


about ending their access to the world, it is not true. They have two


major cities on the order. They are as important. The fake goes on. It


is a long, complex fate. The fault of the city represent a major


setback because it as an operational centre for them to send -- plan and


carry out attacks on Turkey and elsewhere. Is it possible to beat


them because they just move on to another area. Even if you could win


against them, you have people fighting against President Assad.


You are asking to important questions. One of the lessons we


have learned is that this is not a house of glass that is collapsing


overnight. It has taken Arab fighters 78 days to take over the


city, more than 600 American air strikes. The American basically


carried out 700 air strikes. The question is, yes, you captured the


city at what cost? Not to mention hundreds of fighters have been held


and hundreds of civilians and the fight goes on. The second question,


you need a bigger, more complex fate within Syria between the Assad


regime and the previous coalition forces. This is costly and long,


more than five years, 300,000 killed and on and on. We believe that the


head of Islamic State in Afghanistan and Pakistan has been killed in the


drawn straight. How much of the -- difference will that make? This is


not the first time that a leader of Isis has been killed. Every time he


Americans say that this will disrupt their operations and the operations


continue. More than the killing, the internal fighting with in


Afghanistan between Isis and the Caliban and Al-Qaeda, this internal


fate would do more damage to them than the American killing. Thank you


for your time. Let's get all the latest


results from Rio on Day 8 Let's start with this banning of the


last Russian to be competing in athletics. Tell us about that.


As we know there has been so much discussion of the doping bans here


and Russia, or the track and field team had a blanket ban because of


the allegations that there was a state sponsored doping scheme in the


country. One of the athletes had managed to be cleared but after more


evidence that there was a new report with more evidence against her, she


has been suspended as well. Says that she will appeal. She has


now been suspended. I am speaking to you from the Olympic Stadium where


we have seen all the big names of the track and field and earlier


today, the highlight was the first appearance of using bolt. -- Usain


Bolt. She had his first sheet and he managed a time of ten point 07


seconds. -- 10.07 seconds. Are doing here


believes that was not his best to go at it and we will see his best


performance today when the medal is up for grabs. She will be here to


get his third gold in the Olympics. There has been lots of action here,


a bit further away from the Olympic Stadium. The day started off as hot


and sunny day. We had some very remarkable races. Lots of drama. A


very dramatic finish with New Zealand and cutaway shirt


distributing -- disputing that they came in at exactly the same time and


the results had to be called by examining the photo of the initial


line. The women's eight got silver, the


first time they had an Olympic medal. That was celebrated as well.


We have seen a lot of grabbing competitions elsewhere, with the


tennis round is underway as well and right now there is the gripping much


going on. Whoever wins this match will have to face Andy Murray. She


made it to the final earlier today so she has at least a cold or a


silver in his pocket. I think it is also interesting to mention that it


is not just about who is winning. Some of the highlights from today


here in the Olympic Stadium, there was a remarkable moment when when


the Ethiopian athlete lost her shoe in the middle of the 3000 metres


steeplechase. She just kept going. She threw away her shoes and socks


and she was cheered by the clouds. She did not manage to qualify and


call ahead in the race, but it was one of the memorable moments that


will mark the games. And now a look at the medals


table on day 8 so far. The United States is still


in the lead with 21 golds. China is in second place still,


and Great Britain is in third, Hundreds of people have been rescued


in the US state of Louisiana where at least two people have died


in severe floods The governor has declared a state


of emergency as authorities there Chris Fawkes from the BBC


Weather Centre gave us more details. It is staggering. It is the far


south of the United States and the state of the -- Louisiana has been


worst hit. We can see some astonishing pictures, actually, of


the flood waters near covering fields and we have seen some pretty


big floods attacking some of the roads. It is no surprise that." On


the comedy had the wettest August day on record. That has led to these


plodding pictures that we had just been seeing. Essentially, if we look


at the satellite picture, an area of low pressure has moved away from


Florida towards Louisiana and it has become slow-moving and centred


across that state itself. The only real difference to this and a


tropical storm is that the winds are not very strong, but make no mistake


about it, the amount of moisture is very similar to a tropical storm and


it is just not moving. Seven people including a young child


have been injured in Switzerland, when a man attacked passengers


on a train. A 27-year-old Swiss national


is said to have started a fire on board using flammable


liquid, before stabbing The incident occurred near Salez


in the canton of Snt Gallen. There's no indication yet


as to a motive for the attack. Sweden's youngest-ever government


minister has resigned after being caught driving over


the alcoholic limit. 29-year-old Aida


Hadzialic was minister for higher education


and was the country's first Muslim In an emotional statement,


she described the incident as "the greatest mistake


of my life". Thousands of Venezuelans have been


crossing into neighbouring CoLOMbia to buy supplies after the border


was officially re-opened. Venezuela had closed the frontier


a year ago citing security reasons. The country is experiencing a severe


economic crisis and suffers shortages of many basic


foods and medicines. The Venezuelan president


Maduro said he wanted a 'new beginning in economic


and commercial relations' Our correspondent Natalio Cosoy


in Colombia has been monitoring After both presidents decided that


they would open the border for pedestrians, on this first day, it


has been open for about seven hours and already the authorities are


saying that some 30,000 people have crossed from Dennis Wheeler into


Colombia, mainly through the five places on the border that have been


opened. They have mainly commented: the to buy basic food, race, flour,


oil and medicines. These are the sort of things that are really hard


to find currently. Leicester City


begin their defence Free to walk away, the civilians


of Manbij in northern Syria celebrate as so-called Islamic State


is forced out of the town. The governing body for world


athletics bans the only Russian track and field athlete


at the Rio Olympics, The father and first husband


of a British woman who was killed in Pakistan have appeared


in court in shackles. They were arrested on suspicion


of murdering Samia Shaid, a beautician from Northern England,


who was found strangled in a village Her second husband has


described her death Shaimaa Khalil has more from


Islamabad. Shackled, with their faces covered,


Samia's father, Choudhry Shahid, and her ex-husband,


Mohammed Shakeel, were they kept their identities


hidden for safety. Police say Samia died


of asphyxiation. Her ex-husband, who is also her


cousin, is the prime suspect. Her father is now being probed


as an accessory to her murder. The media were not allowed in,


but the hearing did not last long. Shakeel and Shahid were brought to


the this court room, and the hearing could not have lasted


more than two minutes, The judge remanded them in custody


for four days while the Samia was married to her


cousin in Pakistan. She then travelled to the UK,


filed for divorce, and got married to her second husband,


Mukhtar Kazam, in Leeds, Mukhtar claims that her family


killed her for marrying The police say they have not yet


determined the motive. In July, Samia travelled to Pandori,


a small village in Punjab, Samia also visited one


of her friends when she She did not want to be filmed


or for her name to be mentioned. What was Samia like


the last time you saw her? As Samia's father and ex-husband


left court, investigations continue. Police have denied reports that


Mohammed Shakeel has confessed. Both men will be questioned over


the next four days before The poisonous relationship


between Russia and Ukraine First Russia accused


Ukraine of a plotting in Afghanistan and Pakistan has


been killed a US drone. BBC's Tom Burridge sent this report


from southern Ukraine. Russia are accusing Ukraine of what


they see was a terrorist attack one week ago. Ukraine said the whole


study was made up. The border, the Ukraine border guard are in charge


of this area. The military is on high alert. We have seen evidence as


we have come down from Kiev. Russia has announced that it has moved


servers missile systems in to claim you. There has been other evidence


that Russia has been shifting military hardware onto the peninsula


and the resort of speculation about this increase in tension.


Leicester City have been beaten in the first game of the new season.


Norway -- the Norwegian player give them a first-half lead before


Leicester plot level with a penalty. They were smarter than us. They


scored on the corner and we lost the ball. Our strength is when we play


as a team. After we conceded the second call, they played very well.


It is always a difficult situation for football players but at the end


of the day, they are professional football players playing in probably


the best the leak is there. They have earned the right to be in this


week and I think they enjoyed it themselves today. I think they have


enjoyed themselves and the acid test is when you get a result.


Pep Guardiola made a winning start as Manchester City manager


Sergio Aguero gave them the lead at home to Sunderland before


Jermain Defoe equalised it then took an 87th minute own goal


from debutant Paddy McNair to give City a 2-1 victory.


Elsewhere on the first day of the Premier League,


We dominated and we needed to be quicker and the last part of the


field but of course we have to improve and we're not going to leave


bar that. I think today we deserved to win.


Elsewhere on the first day of the Premier League,


promoted Burnley lost 1-nil. at home to Swansea.


Leroy Fer with the winner FA Cup runners-up Crystal Palace


Everton and Tottenham drew 1-1 Middlesbrough led for almost


an hour but could only draw with Stoke City,


The visitors had Ben Watson sent off.


The actor who played the robot R2-D2 in the Star Wars films has


died at the age of 81 after a long illness.


Kenny Baker, who was 1.2 metres tall, played the character


in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi,


as well as the three Star Wars prequels from 1999 to 2005.


His nephew worked after him for the last years of his life. We really


discussed Star Wars but when he did discuss it, it kept him going. She


loved to go to conventions and meet everybody and it gave them that


extra lease on life. It was a genuine love, and I really mean


that, without going over the top, that the fans have for him and his


character, because he was the one who brought him alive. The film with


Terry Gilliam was one of his favourites because you could see him


as an actor as a force to inside the robot. Obviously, the robot is the


iconic one, but he wasn't 20 films all over. -- he was an 20 films.


Signs of joy and relief as many celebrated their freedom in the


streets. From me and the rest


of the team, goodbye.


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