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The world. Our hard-working moment is a Nigerian father recognises his


daughter in footage released by Boko Haram Romeu showing kidnapped


schoolgirls. Thousands are helped to safety after torrential rain brings


flooding to the southern United States. The waters will continue to


rise in many areas and so this is no time to let our guard down. We


actually have to remain vigilant. Britain wins three gold medals in


two hours pushing China down into third place in the medals table. Max


Whitlock wins double gold. The father of one of the missing


Chibok schoolgirls has confirmed to the BBC that his daughter is among a


group of girls who appear in a new video released by the Islamist


militants, will grow around. More than 270 girls were taken from their


school dormitories in April 2014 during the night. It is believed


that the group is still holding more than 200 of them here in the vast


Zambezi Forest. -- Sambisa forest. The families of the girls have held


regular protests, to increase pressure on the Nigerian government.


Our correspondent in Lagos is Martin Patience.


Kidnapped as schoolgirls, two years on they are now young women.


Appearing physically weak and traumatised by their captivity,


it's hard to imagine what they've been through.


In this propaganda video, the masked militant questions


She says that many of the girls have been badly injured


in military air strikes, and she calls on the government


to release Boko Haram prisoners in order to secure


The students were kidnapped from their school in Chibok


Driven into the forest, their abductions sparked


international outrage and has shone a spotlight on the brutal


But this May, renewed hope for the families, after one


Forced to marry a fighter, Amina had a baby.


The government is under intense pressure to free the girls.


It says it is in talks with the militants, but it needs


to be doubly sure that it's speaking to the right people.


As for the girls' families, the agony and the anger goes on.


And while the world focuses on the fate of the schoolgirls,


aid agencies warn of a growing humanitarian crisis.


Thousands have been killed by the Boko Haram insurgency


and more than 2 million displaced by the fighting.


This is a conflict far bigger than just Chibok.


Martin Patience, BBC News, Lagos.


Well, as we were saying a moment ago, the father of one girl,


has spoken to the BBC's Hausa Service.


Samuel Yaga described his distress at seeing his terrified


TRANSLATION: The fact is we are overwhelmed with a feeling of


depression. It is like being beaten and being stopped from crying. You


want to watch your daughter but there is nothing you can do. It is


really heartbreaking. Well, Martin Patience -


says the video will bring mixed feelings for the families


of these girls. I think also renewed sense of hope


for these families. It has been two years since their daughters were


abducted. Initially, they got no information and they criticise the


previous administration for not taking enough action in order to


rescue their daughters. There was a period of goodwill for the current


government. It was felt among some of the families that they were at


least putting pressure on book or ramp. And we have seen the military


make real gains against the militants in the north-east of


Nigeria. But the fact remains that in a two year period, only one girl


has managed to escape and more than 200 are still missing. I think there


is still desperation, but as we heard from that man there, yes,


Wilder is a great deal of sadness, he stated that he had a renewed


sense of hope that perhaps one day his daughter may come home.


To the US state of Louisiana - where flooding has killed at least


three people and forced thousands from their homes.


The situation has been described as an "unprecedented flood


The Governor of Louisiana says the worst of the storm has passed


In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, rescuers came across a car.


Sinking in the floodwaters, the driver still inside.


"I'm drowning", she tells them, before being dragged to safety


Her first thought is of her dog who was also inside.


Then the pet too is plucked to safety from the murky waters.


40 miles east, another remarkable rescue.


A lorry driver whose vehicle was swept off


He'd spent eight hours clinging to a fallen tree.


They've seen rain in the Deep South, but they haven't


Three months' worth in a single night, according to one estimate,


causing some to flee with just the clothes on their backs.


We've lost trailers, our apartment, our house has gone under.


With more rain on the way, the race is on to save all they hold dear.


David Willis, BBC News, Washington.


Let's go to Baton Rouge and we can speak to Joe Connelly,


Thank you for being with us. I understand you are out and about.


How are you able to help the people affected by the floods? We are out


in boats and waders and we're doing everything we can to try to rescue


folks who are trapped in bridges, in canals. I have seen 30 boats and


individuals are just reaching out and doing all they can to help our


fellow citizens. What is the need to you are? Right now, the need is to


get people to safety. Our shelters are overwhelmed. Food, cots,


blankets, medical supplies, things of that nature. And then probably a


week from now, it will be folks who do not have flood insurance, helping


them to repair their lives, to rebuild their houses and replace


their clothes. We will start recovery efforts in the next week.


We will have things on Facebook, e-mails and Twitter are going out.


We're looking at pictures of the flooded areas. How are you getting


about? Right now, we're driving my pick-up truck as far as we can and


then we have a small flat boat that we are getting around in to go to


areas. We are on the Hammond highway and there is a massive rescue,


getting people across the canal into the other side so they can get to


safety. And have you been personally affected by the floods? No. My


church is dry and my house is dry. I live on a hill. And the church


members, my friends and family, they have been impacted. It doesn't


matter who they are, we're just trying to help everybody we right


now. We spoke a few weeks ago about baton rouge, and the shooting of


Alton Stirling. This is the last thing that baton rouge needs. That's


correct. It is the last thing we were need right now. The people are


coming together to help each other. We have to do what we can to move


above and beyond. And we are seeing the most extraordinary rescue is


happening, residents helping each other. Is there a sense of


solidarity. Yes, it is pulling us together, and we are doing


everything we can to try to make sure that we can get as many people


as we can to safety. Have you ever seen flooding like this? Not here in


baton rouge but I was in New Orleans with hurricane Katrina. With


hurricane Katrina, yes, but no flooding like this here. It is


unprecedented for baton rouge. Thank you very much for your time.


The Governor of Wisconsin has put his state's


national guard on alert - following violent protests


They followed the fatal shooting by the police of an armed


Cleanups are now underway after a night of clashes


where protesters fired gunshots, hurled bricks and set a petrol


Riot police eventually dispersed the crowd of around a hundred


people, and one police officer was taken to hospital


It is not about 100 people had gathered in Milwaukee's northern


suburbs to protest over the death. That number quickly grew. So, too,


did the violence. Two petrol stations and an number of other


businesses were set on fire. Police vehicles, also targeted. One officer


suffered head injuries after a brick was thrown through the window of his


squad car. We have a variety of estimates. But the crowd grew


rapidly. It was amazing how many people actually showed up in such a


short period of time. The violence was sparked after police shot dead a


23-year-old man trying to evade arrest. They say he was armed with a


stolen handgun, loaded with more than 20 rounds. The officer did not


know it at the time but there were 23 rounds in that gun. 23 rounds in


the gun that officer was staring at. And I want to make sure that we do


not lose any police officers in this community either. Police responded


to the armrest with force. Flooding the streets to try to restore order.


Several people were arrested, and could be many to come. We will be


reviewing all the video from the gas station, the video surrounding the


area. And if we know who is causing these fires or destroying this


property, I am certainly going to do everything I can to make sure those


individuals are arrested. Its impact will no doubt plays more strain on


the already fractured relationship between police and the


African-American community. A woman has died after being injured


when a man lashed out with a knife and set fire to a crowded Swiss


train near the Liechtenstein She was one of six people


who was hurt. The 27-year-old assailant,


who was arrested after the attack, The suspect also died


in hospital from his injuries. The police say there's no indication


of a political or terrorist In France, thousands of firefighters


tackling forest fires along the Mediterranean coast have managed


to bring most of them under control. The wildfires, which began last


week, had devastated more than 4,000 hectares and forced thousands


of people out of their homes. Stay with us on BBC World News,


still to come: A taste


of a centuries-old tradition The big crowds became bigger as the


funeral approached. As the lines of fans became longer, police prepared


for a huge job of crowd control. If you mean, Uganda's brutal former


dictator has died at the age of 80 and to has been buried in Saudi


Arabia where he lived in exile since being overthrown in 1979.


2 billion people around the world have seen the last total eclipse of


the sun to take place in this millennium.


A father has confirmed he saw his daughter in a video


released by Islamic militants Boko Haram -


showing the schoolgirls they kidnapped two years ago


More than 7,000 people have been rescued after torrential rain


in the southern US states of Louisiana and Mississippi.


Police in New York are searching for a gunman who shot dead an Imam


and his assistant as they walked home from Saturday prayers.


The city's Muslim community say they want the shootings to be


Maulama Akonjee was an imam from Bangladesh.


The 55-year-old had moved to New York two years ago.


His family described him as someone who brings peace


On Saturday afternoon he was walking home from prayers in the Queens area


of the city with his close friend when a gunman came up behind


them both, shooting them fatally in the head.


Police have issued this sketch of the man they are looking for.


The murder has left people in the local Muslim community


looking for answers, with some blaming Donald Trump's


We live in an era where people running for the highest office


in the land, and potentially being the most powerful people


in the world, are espousing hate towards Muslims even


in their own country, even citizens of their own country,


We feel really insecure and unsafe in a moment like this.


It is really threatening to us, and threatening to our future,


threatening to our mobility in the neighbourhood,


Police say no motive has been established,


and that so far there are no indications the men were targeted


The local community, however, insist it must be


The maiden flight of the largest aircraft in the world has been


The chief executive of its maker Hybrid Air Vehicles said


the Airlander had 'slight technical issues' and there was no longer time


The British-designed Airlander 10, which was originally


is a hybrid between a conventional built aircraft and an airship,


designed to carry less fuel than planes, but heavier loads


The US Olympic committee says four American swimmers were robbed


at gunpoint on their way home from a party.


Three times gold medallist swimmer Ryan Lahktee


that was stopped by thieves posing as police officers.


Their money and belongings were stolen.


Let's get more on the Olympics. This time, Team GB have had a good day.


Steve White has all the news. Yes, the medals have been coming thick


and fast, as well as the drama in the last few hours. Justin Rose has


won the men's golf after a tussle with Henrik Stenson Sweden that went


right down to the 72nd and final hole. The pair were tied going into


the fourth round but Stenson missed a birdie and part putt. The Briton


becomes the first winner of an Olympic golf tournament for 112


years. Earlier on, Great Britain, who have never won an Olympic gold


medal in gymnastics, suddenly managed to win two. Max Whitlock


with both in the space of an hour. First the 23 year-old won


the men's floor exercise He edged out the home favourites


Diego Hypolito and Arthur Mariano who took silver and


bronze for Brazil. Whitlock immediately


return to the arena and took that title as well


with a score of 15.966. Team-mate Louis Smith took silver


with bronze going to the American, American gymnast Simone Biles has


won a third gold medal of the games. She easily won the


women's vault final. The 19-year-old averaged 15.966


during her two vaults, well clear of silver medalist


Maria Paseka of Russia and Giulia Steingruber


of Switzerland who took bronze. The men's tennis final is underway,


with Great Britain's Andy Murray looking to defend his title


against Juan Martin del Potro. They are in the early stages of that


game, as you can see. Murray is serving the first game, holding


serve. 1-0 to the defending champion. Earlier on, Ekaterina


Makarova and Alina Pechiney now won the women's doubles title.


Kenya's Jemima Sumgong has claimed Olympic gold


The London Marathon winner took the race in 2 hours 24


minutes and 4 seconds, just ahead of Bahrain's


Eunice Kirwa, who used to compete for Kenya,


Britain's Aly Dixon was 28th, two places ahead


They were ten and half minutes behind the winner.


Let's have a look at how the medals table stands.


United States lead the way with 26 golds


Great Britain's 13 golds puts them in second position, just ahead


of China who also have 13 golds, but 12 silvers


The mens 100m final takes place in a few hour's


looking for a third successive victory.


American Carl Lewis, who won the title twice himself, won't be


drawn on whether the Jamaican could go one better than him.


I don't really get into the predictions things. I never have. It


is unfair for me to inject myself into the race. But first and


foremost, I want to help them race, to get fast times, but I am an


American. It is interesting now, since even the last time around, I


started coaching in the United States. When I was in London, the


American team got creamed, and I started coaching at the University


of Houston, hoping to get some American sprinters. Now if I go out


there and start talking about everybody else, my guys will be all


over my head, so I say good luck everybody, but go USA.


The first Sunday of the Premier League season provided plenty


Manchester United made a winning start under Jose Mourinho.


A 3-1 success means he remains unbeaten on the opening day


New signing Zlatan Ibrahimovic was among the goal-scorers


Earlier Wayne Rooney had put United 2-nil ahead.


It was Juan Mata who set Mourinho's United on their way to victory.


I am very happy. The first 15 minutes were minutes of control. We


analysed well. They started the game with great intensity, using a lot of


pressure. But we kept our control. At this moment in his career, he


wants to win the Premier League. And we are going to fight for that.


Could he have the same affect on United that Eric Cantona did all


those years ago? I don't know what to say. This man is more than a


player. We hope to have him for the next two seasons, where I think he


can be phenomenal for the team. Also for the Premier League. The Premier


League has to be pleased with that. And that was just a warm up for what


was to come. Arsenal and Liverpool served up


a seven goal thriller at Emirates Stadium in Sunday's


other game Arsene Wenger's side led through Theo Walcott,


who'd moments before missed a penalty before Liverpool


and Philippe Coutinho took over. The Brazilian equalised


with a splendid free-kick before half-time, was involved


in Adam Lallana's goal and got a second himself before Sadio Mane's


debut goal made in 4-1. Incredibly, that didn't finish


Arsenal off and they fought back with goals from


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Callum But they couldn't find


an equaliser and Jurgan Klopp's We have to improve. Of course,


everybody knows it. Even in a game where we were not brilliant, we


scored his goals, so we can be always a threat if we want, if we


stay in the game, if we use our quality and skills, we can. Of


course, all the time you need to defend better, especially like a


team -- against a team like Arsenal. Everybody was morning around, nobody


felt good at this moment. And then one minute later, the whole


atmosphere changed. We had a good first half and we were lucky to be


at 1-1 at half-time. After the second half, I felt like we made a


massive mistake on the second goal and after that, you could see that


we were shocked. After that, we showed great spirit to come back and


fight back. And in the second half, you could see that some players came


back late, they were physically shot. And we pay for that.


And there is barely been a moment to pause for breath over the last


couple of hours. But I can assure you that is all of the sport for


now. Time for a cup of tea. Thank you, Steve. Not everyone has done


well at this Olympics. As far as the Indian gymnasts are concerned,


Deepak par is the first Indian gymnast in any Olympics. She


finished fourth on the vault, disappointing for her. She was


expecting a medal and tweeted in the last few hours, sorry to the 1.3


billion people. I cannot make possible but I tried hard to do so.


If forgive me. And we will leave you with a Buddhist pageant that has


taken place on the streets of Kandy in Sri Lanka. It has been held for


centuries and involves elephants.


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