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Paralympic Games will be scaled back. Never before in the 56 year


history of the Paralympic games have we witnessed circumstances like


this. claimed he was robbed at gunpoint


issues an apology. Ryan Lochte says he should have been


more '"careful and candid'' in describing events after a night


of partying Standing up for the Soviet Union -


25 years after an attempted coup against Mikhail Gorbachev,


why do some Russians still dream We begin in Rio where attention is


turning to the Paralympic Games. There will be reductions due to a


budget shortfall. What more can you tell us about this decision? The IPC


making these and expense because time's organising committee has not


raised enough money to fund the Paralympics it is 19 days to go


until the start of the Paralympics. There are concerns about the budget


for the games. The Beijing and London Paralympics


were game-changers for disability sport, generating not only


unprecedented levels of interest, The hope was that Rio 2016


would continue the momentum, but a financial crisis has meant


major cuts have had to be made just weeks before


the action gets under way. Never before in the 56 year history


of the Paralympic Games have Clearly Brazil is in a far


different position now, to the one it was in October 2009,


when it won the right A raft of cuts were today announced,


including the closure of one park, the second largest of the four zones


used for the Olympics. There will also be a downsizing


of the workforce, the closure of some media centres and cuts


to transport services. Funds meant for the Paralympics have


had to be diverted to resolve issues affecting the ongoing Olympics,


repairs at the Athletes' Village, security and the treatment


of the green water Crucial travel grants almost three


weeks, overdue meaning as many as 50 countries may not be able to afford


to send athletes. It is clear that the Paralympic


budget has been cannibalised to backfill gaps in the budget


and that can only have a negative Desperate disappointment


for the athletes, desperate disappointment for the people of


Brazil. This is the second largest sporting


event on the planet. This is no way to go


about organising it. This is no way to go


about delivering it. Only 12% of tickets


for the Rio Paralympics have so far been sold,


and some who have travelled This is one time in the life,


and I think Brazil must be generous, Today, at Rio 2016's main ticket


office Paralympic tickets could only Olympics is much more popular


than the Paralympics, Brazilians are left to do


in the day before, yes. The Olympics took a big risk coming


here to South America For the second great


sporting event of the summer the stakes are higher still,


and the fear is lasting damage could be done


to the Paralympic movement. Other news overshadowing the game 's


entire Mac and that is the case involving US swimmer Ryan Lochte. He


has apologised for his behaviour. He says he should have been more


responsible and how he handled this case. This involves that alleged


robbery that took place. Arriving home today to offer


swimmers caught up in a saga that almost threatens to eclipse


America's domination of the Olympic games. The dispute centred on what


they, Ryan Lochte, and a fourth summer, got up to after they left in


Rio nightclub on Sunday morning. Ryan Lochte Green tea had been held


up at gunpoint at CCTV footage showed a different story. It showed


the men arriving at eight Rio petrol station and leaving after


vandalising a toilet. A gun was pulled on them not by a robber but


by a security guard demanding compensation for the damage. Ryan


Lochte with Brazil shortly after the men returned to the Olympic village,


leaving another man to carry the can. He has now agreed to pay


$11,000 in the hope of getting his passport back. TRANSLATION: During


the time they were at the gas station there was nothing that could


have led them to think they were victims of a robbery, no indication


of any sort of violence. Ryan Lochte has now apologised for his actions.


He said he should have been more careful and candid and had learned


valuable lessons. It was an apology that Olympic organisers and


Brazilian officials had been waiting for. We are glad of the apology. We


welcome it. It is appropriate. We hope we can carry on as we have


been, concentrating on the sport which has been marvellous. US


Olympic officials have also apologised for the incident. It will


be up to them to decide whether Ryan Lochte and his team-mate should be


punished for bringing about this unseemly saga.


Wet as focus on some sports. Some results. The USA have won against


Italy, 12-5, in the women's water polo final, getting big old fear.


Russia have won a bronze against Hungary women's football, Brazil


have been defeated by Canada. To -- the final will be between Sweden and


Germany. The women's hockey final, Team GB will take on the


Netherlands. 22 gold medals up for grabs including one tonight behind


me. Usain Bolt in the four by 100 relay final, he will dry to get his


third Olympic gold in Rio. We will be following that very closely.


Thank you. So let's see where things stand


in the medal table as we enter Day There has been some movement in the


last couple of hours. The United States is still leading


the pack, they've now hit the 100 medal mark -


that includes 35 golds. They're followed by Great Britain


in second place with 23 gold medals. China, Russia and Germany make up


the rest of the top five. Republican presidential nominee


Donald Trump's campaign chairman Paul Manafort has resigned just two


months after taking the job. His departure comes after documents


allegedly linked him to suspected corruption in Ukraine -


which he denies. Niall Stanage, Associate Editor with


US political newspaper, The Hill. You do not start messing about with


your campaign team at this point. And a previous member of the team


was pushed out. This adds to the chaos of the campaign. Paul Manafort


has worked with George Bush senior, Bob Dole, he is seen as a long-time


Republican operative and is credited with stealing the Donald Trump


campaign towards a more conventional style. Does his departure mean we


will see a return to the original way that Donald Trump started out,


with a brash and unconventional approach. That is conventional


wisdom in Washington. The man who has replaced Paul Manafort is an


executive with a very conservative, very hard charging news


organisation. The feeling here is that Donald Trump felt that Paul


Manafort was trying to constrain him too much. This is a return to the


idea of letting Donald Trump be Donald Trump. Whether it works or


not is another matter. Has anybody said anything about Paul Manafort's


exact reasons for leaving the team? Not really. There are a combination


of factors. There is that you clean issue which you mentioned. There is


also the fact that once the new people were brought on board it


seems like Paul Manafort was being sidelined. Initially he said that he


was going to continue in the campaign, he was going to offer some


long-term vision for the campaign. That that does not appear to be the


case. His responsibilities were essentially taken away from him. The


other surprising thing is how quickly he left. He only joined two


months ago. Yes, that is quite a short tenure. The schools to the


centre of Donald Trump and his campaign, apparently oscillating


between running a very free form improvisational outsiders campaign,


and trying to do something more conventional. Paul Manafort was


identified with the more conventional approach. Note Donald


Trump seems to have decided that was not working for him so he is


returning to his original stance. You mentioned the two new additions


to the team. What more do we know about them and their background?


Steve Bannon is an executive in Washington. He is independently


wealthy. He is connected with quite hardline conservative circles here.


He is also a film maker. He made a flattering documentary.


Kelly and Connolly is primarily a pollster, but now she will be


serving as Donald Trump's campaign manager. She has worked with other


fixtures of the Republican Party. She is perceived as specialising in


making the Republican message more appealing to women. Female voters


have been a lack of support for Donald Trump.


The north Eastern city, the Syrian regime says fighting broke out after


eight militia tried to take control of the city. The battle marks one of


the deadliest between the Syrian Government and a key US ally. Stay


with us. Still to come. We are back in Rio looking at the Art and


capturing that perfect photo on the athletics track.


Dexter Neal, who was three years old, died after being attacked by a


dog. A 29-year-old woman has been arrested. A reporter has been


following developments. The attack was yesterday. Emergency services


were cold. An air ambulance took the boy away but he died later in


hospital. Dexter Neal was from a street just around the corner. It


would seem that he was perhaps a neighbour but police are not


confirming any more details as to exactly who lived here, nor who the


woman was arrested here for allowing a dog to be dangerously out of


control. These are the latest headlines. Time


that's Paralympic games are to be scaled back because of low ticket


sales and a lack of sponsorship. US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has


apologised for false claims that he was robbed at gunpoint, saying he


should have been more careful and candid.


We've seen how banning burkinis on beaches in Cannes re-ignited


the debate across France about what is acceptable


On Friday Nice became the latest French resort to ban the full body


Now Germany's interior minister has suggested something similar


The proposal would prevent anyone from wearing a face covering


in schools, universities, nurseries, public offices or while driving.


Thank you for speaking to us. Why do you think this debate is happening


now? For the past year the atmosphere in Germany has become


tense in regard to Muslims. We have had debates around the burqa for


many years. As public intellectuals who stand for multicultural bar use,


-- this is about eight more general topic. The direct of Islamism, it is


being reduced to one topic and they come up with a populist way of


treating this topic which is making it impossible to tackle the reality


we live in, the complex reality we live in. Let me put to you what the


German interior minister says, he says it is about social cohesion, he


said showing the face in public was essential to that. He is talking


about a partial ban in places like schools and universities and public


offices. What do you say to his suggestion


that it is sit -- that it is essential to social cohesion to show


one's face? There are only a small number of women who where the face


feel. I do not defend the face veal but I am worried about why we're


having discussion now. -- the face veil. Why do we now have to discuss


this piece of fabric? It is about gaining votes from the far right.


The local elections have shown as that the AfD has risen and there are


a large and of people who have become quite in the views and who


are afraid of Muslims and they are trying to gain these voters. The


voice we need at this moment in Germany would be a strong voice to


see society is complex but we will be able to tackle this complexity.


There are no easy answers to the problems we face and today's world


but we will be able to deliver complex answers. Whoever gives easy


answers to complex problems is being applauded. But this is not how


society works and this is not how we will be able to live in a


multicultural society in peace with tolerance. It is not a sustainable


way. Some of the day 's other news now.


Now a look at some of the day's other news.


The governor of the US state of Florida has confirmed


that there is a new area of Zika virus transmission.


Governor Rick Scott said five cases of local Zika transmission had been


found in the Miami Beach area, popular with tourists.


One person is a resident of New York, one person as a resident of


Texas. Three of these people travelled to me a mere. The


Department of Health B active transmissions of this virus are only


coming in the areas of meandering beach between eight and Twenty St,


an area just under 1.5 miles. Police in Mexico have been accused


of executing 22 people during a raid on a drug


cartel last year. The government's human rights body


has been investigating the clash, which happened on a ranch


in the Western state A total of 42 suspected members


of a drug cartel died, 25 years ago communist hardliners


attempted a coup against the Soviet Within three days the coup had


collapsed - and a few months later, Nowadays there seems to be growing


nostalgia for the USSR. Our Moscow correspondent


Steve Rosenberg reports from the Town of Yegoryevsk


80 kilometres from There are many streets


in Russia like this one - named after a country


that no longer exists. In Yegoryevsk, Soviet


Street has a church. Communism had tried


to destroy Russians' faith. But here is the paradox -


25 years after the failed coup that sparked the end


of communism, many Russians see "The USSR was a huge country


with many different peoples", Father Raman tells me,


"it pains us that first the Tsars and then our great grandfathers


worked hard to make this one nation Outside church, pensioners sell


fruits and vegetables from their gardens


to make ends meet. Lucia told me that she wants


to go back to the USSR. "I don't know what democracy


is," Lucia says. "What I do know is that today,


food prices keep rising and so do my gas,


electricity and water bills. Maybe that's what they


mean by democracy". Oleg, an engineer, was 11


when communist hard-liners tried to But it's Gorbachev he blames


for losing an empire. "I'm for a strong power", Oleg says,


"the kind of country The failed coup of 1991


was a watershed moment for Russia. It led directly to the fall


of the USSR, to the collapse Today, surveys show that Russians


are increasingly confused by what happened in August 1991,


by who was against who, by what it all meant, and many here,


even those who don't remember the Soviet Union, would


like to turn back the clock. At the Soviet Street amusement


park, the Soviet Union "It is a shame the USSR


collapsed," Yelena says, "in the Soviet Union,


children could go to summer camp It is a rose-tinted view of history


which today's Russian leaders do For a resurgent Russia craves not


only a glorious future Let us take you back to Rio.


Back at the Olympic Stadium, people are starting to come here, where we


send both could make this study going for his third gold medal. --


where Usian Bolt could make history. It was one of those feelings of, I


cannot believe that happened. I plan to use a small shutter speed, the


next thing was he looked directly at me, it made a special image. I was


shooting at a small shutter, I chose the 70 metre mark, I did not plan


for the reaction that some ten up in a split second, portrayed him as the


show man, the entertainer,. Did you think this would be one of the


symbols of this games? I am not sure about that but when I saw the big


grin and all the elements that when to make the picture what it is I


knew it would be one of those memorable ones that does not happen


often but when it does it is amazing. It is my favourite image I


have taken. I am proud I was able to share it with the world. It is a


good feeling. It may not ever happen again so I am enjoying it. Where are


you lucky? Definitely an element of luck. You create your own luck. A


lot of preparation and into track and field and coming back event.


Even though I think I know what he does, expect the unexpected with the


world's fastest man. Seeing him enjoying what he does, that is why


he resonates with the masses. He is a popular athlete. You have told me


that you also enjoyed the photo of the watcher Paul, the photo that was


taken during a competition. That was captured by a photographer


using a robotic camera underwater. It is almost like an artwork. It is


giving a different perspective. Thank you. You can find the latest


viewers -- you can find the latest news on the website. Thank you.


Goodbye. It's me feel more like autumn over


the next few days. This area of


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