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This is BBC World News Today, broadcasting in the UK


The headlines: There are 30 gold medals to be won this Saturday


in Rio but for the host nation there is only one


Brazil's Olympic football team prepares to take on Germany


with Neymar poised to light up the legendary Maracana stadium.


I'm Alex South live in Rio where this football mad nation


is looking forward to a result that would wipe the memory of their 7-1


World cup defeat to Germany at the World Cup, two years ago.


A former US Navy Seal agrees to pay almost $7million dollars


for publishing this book without permission


Also coming up: London's 24 hours underground service is now running.


We look at the impact it's made on its first night.


We're now into day 15 of the Olympics Games in Rio


and the big event the hosts are looking forward


The Brazilians are facing Germany - hoping to get revenge


for their defeat in the 2014 World Cup semifinal.


Let's join Alex South now who's in Rio de Janeiro.


Old scores to settle here? Certainly is. That phrase 7-1 is a bit of a


swear word here in Brazil. They see it if they trip over or if something


goes wrong. It is synonymous with doing badly. Two years ago, Germany


thrashed Brazil on home soil and they are looking to put that right.


Was ill have never won an Olympic gold medal. They have one five gold


ash World Cup and they're looking to get a first gold medal and heal some


winds that have been left open by that addict defeat. It is hard to


put into words how much that affected the Brazilian psyche. I


love their football, it is like a religion here. All of a sudden, they


are not as confident, as Korkie, as arrogant as they used to be. This is


the nation of Samba, a love that football. They are scared of


Germany. We spoke to some of the fans to see how they are feeling I


of this game. We don't have this medal yet. So excited to get this.


We are trying to get this all the time. Oh, you know, for us, the most


important is the party. But, for sure, we would love to be with the


players and to be winners. Brazil is beautiful. We deserve it. I think


Brazil is the country football and for us, this is the type of game


that Brazil doesn't winds, the gold medal of the Olympic Games. Brazil


Brazell! Brazil obviously need is medal as well, they are doing


particularly well in the medal table either. They are hoping for a gold


here. As our Great Britain in the study Olympic oath. All eyes on Mo


Farah from Great Britain. Done fantastic in the medal table. Mo


Farah could get another gold medal. He is going in the 5000 metre final


this evening here in Rio. He won the Dublin London 2012, he is going for


the double double. We had about Usain Bolt's triple trouble. --


triple trouble. Great Britain are looking to surpass the medal hello


Ali from four years ago on home soil. We have had amazing run of


results that have put them ahead of China. Earlier in the day, Nicola


Adams won the boxing gold, to reproduce her success from London


four years ago and we also have a goal from Liam Heath in the kayak.


Golden Bay for Great Britain. Mo Farah today but all eyes here at the


Maracana are, a stream of yellow and green shirts, wanting that gold


medal that they have never won before. Lots of world cups, no


Olympic gold medals. As we know, Germany love to spoil party. They


absolutely do. To get all the results from day 15, head to our


site. Let's go to the US now. An American Navy Seal who wrote


a book about his part in the killing of Osama Bin Laden has agreed to pay


the US government almost $7 million The government has accused


the former Seal of breaking his confidential


non-disclosure agreement. Our correspondent David Willis


joins Osama Bin us live Tell us more about this Navy SEAL


and how he has found himself in this situation. He wrote this harrowing,


gripping account of his involvement in the raid on Osama Bin Laden's


compound. He wrote of been large in coaching and convulsing, as he put


it, as he and a colleague fired at him. He always contended there was


no leaking of secrets, of classified information in that book. The US


government, for its part, have said you have got to, under the terms of


the secrecy agreement signed by all members of the military, to present


manuscripts for books such as these in advance for clearance. That


didn't happen, and as is a result, there has been this four-year


protracted discussion between the two parties, resolved now, at some


expense to Matthew Bissell net. He has agreed to forfeit the royalties


he has received already for writing this book. Any royalties he might


receive in the future, the payments he gives -- gets for lectures given


on the book and also the US government's legal expenses. A clear


sign, I think, from the US government, that it tends to deal


harshly with those who seek to profit and to reveal what they


believe to be secret information. This book was written four years


ago. Why has it taken so long for this assessment to come to pass? A


good question. It is to do with that wrangling, basically. The US


government have threatened a criminal charges potentially against


him while this agreement now sends that possibility away. There are,


though, some who are saying that it is an indication of double


standards, if you like, on the part of the US government because members


of the CIA and known to have briefed the screenwriter of zero Dark 30,


which was Hollywood's account of the raid. Other former defence


secretaries here have written about it in their memoirs. It seems there


is one rule of the government decides to leak secret information,


it is quite another ever man, albeit a man who put his life on the line


in this operation, does the same thing.


Hundreds of thousands of Yemenis have staged


a protest in the capital, Sanaa, against recent air-strikes


Meanwhile, the coalition battling the Houthi rebes carried out several


bombing raids on a mountain overlooking the presidential palace.


Eyewitnesses said many of the demonstrators fled in panic.


Fighting is continuing in the north eastern Syrian city of Hasakah,


where government warplanes are in the skies again despite


It's unclear whether the aircraft were continuing to bomb the city,


which is mainly under the control of Kurdish fighters


The New York Times is reporting that companies belonging


to the Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump are at least


The newspaper says this is twice the amount shown in public documents


Mr Trump claims to be worth billions but he's refused to disclose his tax


returns or allow an independent valuation of his assets.


Officials in southern California say that a massive wildfire


More than 80,000 people were ordered to leave


But firefighters say they now expect residents to begin returning.


The blaze has destroyed nearly 100 homes and burned an area of 58


square miles to the east of Los Angeles in San Bernardino


As David Campanale now reports, two sisters have been describing


for the first time how they escaped the fire's advance.


No! We've got to get out of here.


As the fire and smoke began to surround them,


these were the panicked and frantic seconds where life-and-death


as they escaped their home in south-east California.


It only took moments for the sisters to realise


the flames were on their doorstep.


This is Crystal Armstrong, and Sunshine, her sister, now safe


I have my twin sister. I have my husband.


She was the one who started filming as the flames came


It was 10.30, when I looked out the window and I seen the fire.


Then I called my sister to come and get me, because I had no way


Most of the animals were rescued, but even as this California wildfire


took almost everything she owned, Crystal remains thankful.


Firefighters in the county say the massive wildfire the sisters


escaped from was among the most ferocious they have ever seen.


The past 48 hours have seen some successes in containing the blaze,


which is one of a number in the State.


Many evacuees have been allowed to start returning to their homes.


But a prolonged drought has transformed swathes


of California into tinderboxes, ready to ignite again.


It sounds like the plot of a spy novel - police in Australia


are investigating how a listening device was planted in


a hotel room being used by the New Zealand rugby team.


The All Blacks, who are in Sydney for a test match


against the Wallabies, found the device


Their opponents deny involvement, as Phil Mercer reports.


The device, found carefully hidden in a hotel room in Sydney,


was reportedly similar to those used by law enforcement


It was discovered the day after the New Zealand All Blacks had


arrived to prepare for a rugby championship


Team officials say that they are taking the apparent intrusion very


seriously and have asked the police to investigate.


Earlier this week, we did find a listening device in a chair


We discussed it with the hotel, initiated some investigative


procedures and after talking to our Australian colleagues


in the last 24 hours, and the hotel, we've handed that


There's no indication yet as to who planted the bug, or why.


Australian rugby bosses say they had no knowledge or involvement


Some former players say there would be no point eavesdropping


So, could it have been a shadowy betting syndicate trying to gain


inside information on the world champions by nefarious means?


Reports say the listening device, found in an upmarket hotel


in Sydney, was expertly planted by experienced hands.


It could, however, have nothing to do with the All Blacks


and have been secreted with another target in mind.


The New Zealand coach Steve Hansen is a former


policeman, who may well have theories of his own.


Stay with us here on BBC News. Still to come, the BBC pop up bureau lands


in Russia, ready to bring you the stories that our international


viewers have asked us to cover. Brazil is taking on Germany


in the men's Olympic They're looking for revenge


for their 7-1 World Cup The former Navy SEAL commando has


agreed to pay the US government nearly $7 million for publishing


without permission a book about the killing of Osama Bin Laden.


Now, let's get the latest on the BBC pop up team. They have covered


America and India, now they have landed in the Russian capital


Moscow. This is BBC Pop Up. This is your


city, right? It is but a lot has changed lately. Some things will


never change about Moscow. Local things will always be popular here


and shopkeepers will sell everything. A lot of Russians feel


that Russia is treated unfairly. Particularly because of the


treatment of some athletes after the doping scandal and because of other


things. It is not that fancy, the brogues


are not that good. Maybe we should spread the money.


Always need to be entertained. It is the Russian feature. We need to be


entertained. That is why we have such interesting nightlife. And we


have also been getting social media suggestions about adoption and


Russian country houses. Stick around this month, we will be travelling


across Russia to document your ideas. We heard earlier about the


Olympics but what else has been going on in the world of sport? Matt


Smith is here to tell us. The IPC is hopeful that all the cuts


they have had to make to the forthcoming Paralympics


will not have a major Crucial funding which was set aside


has instead been spent There'll be less people working


on the Paras, among other changes. But Craig Spence, director


of communications for the IPC, is still confident the event


will be a success. What we want to do is ensure they


have the best experience and Paralympic and don't agree about


what doesn't work, they just maximise what is there and that is


what we are going to do on Rio. We are still, that we can do a great


games, there will be a bigger TV audience than ever before and we


believe the impact we made in 2012 in London will be the same in Rio in


2016. An away game at a windy Stoke City


was thought to be Pep Guardiola's first real Premier League test


as Manchester City manager, but he and they passed


with flying colours. City were impressive in the first


half and thanks to two Sergio Aguero strikes,


they went into the break One of Aguero's goals was a penalty,


but Stoke then got a spot And Bojan scored it to bring


the home side hope, but Spanish summer signing Nolito got two late


City goals to give City the 4-1 win. With the quality of the players and


managers, the manager... We have good players, good clubs, and good


clubs. And good players. They are so intelligent and immediately take


what we want. But from the beginning, we tried to fight and


talk about our spirit, to create team. It is important in the team


and that is why we did it. There was a shock result for


Liverpool at newly-promoted Burnley. First half goals from Wales


international Sam Vokes and Andre Despite having 81% of possession,


Liverpool rarely troubled Here are the rest of


the results on Saturday. Hull's great start to the season


continued - they are A Victor Wanyama goal for Tottenham


saw them defeat Crystal Palace. Chelsea came from behind,


away from home, to beat Watford 2-1. Everton came from behind too,


to win at West Brom. While in the late kick-off,


it was goalless between Arsenal and champions Leicester


at the King Power stadium. Fresh from their Spanish Super Cup


victory, Barcelona began the defence of their La Liga title with a heavy


home win against Real Betis. Lionel Messi, still recognisable


under that blonde hair, scored twice and Luis Suarez got


a hat trick in the 6-2 win over And all that without Neymar,


who plays for Brazil in the Olympic In Italy, champions


Juventus are in action That is all the sports are now. Here


in London, the Underground, which is the oldest of its kind in the world


has begun running around the clock service.


About 50,000 people used the service last night.


British Transport Police officers will patrol the network,


which operates on Friday and Saturday nights,


More rock star than politician, The London mayor makes his way


onto the first Night Tube train since they were introduced


This may not have been Sadiq Khan's idea but he was happy


It means if you work hard in central London as a nurse or doctor


or porter, or security guard, you can get back home quickly.


There wasn't too much extra work for police officers


although in the early hours most people using the service had


been out for the night, most could not believe it has taken


so long for a 24-hour tube service in the capital.


He was taking the Mickey out of me saying I was too excited about it.


Because I live in Brixton, we would never have come out


for drinks this far the other side of London.


We have been in Camden, life is much easier,


I'm pleased to be on the Victoria line.


It will change how people go out, and it will help people who live far


out in the north and south to get around.


We saw 50,000 people use the Central and Victoria lines last night.


Oxford Circus was the busiest station, 8,500 coming


through Oxford Circus and we saw a lot of people


There will be some cleaning up to do but this much excitement


for an all night service on the Victoria and Central lines,


with the Northern, Piccadilly and Jubilee lines expected to follow


Let's return to the Olympics, which are drawing to a close.


Soon, the athletes will be heading home from Rio, but many to lives


All week we've been looking at Rio through the eyes of the foreigners


Chigusa is originally from Japan but now lives


in a favela by the beach, with her Brazilian husband


This is her experience of bringing up a family in Rio.


Schlatter job in the pan -- Japan for life in a favela in Rio.


The giant panda Bei Bei has marked his first birthday


at the Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington DC.


The cub and his mum were big fans of his card -


particularly special - as it was edible.


Bei Bei's name, means "precious treasure," and was announced


by First Lady Michelle Obama and Chinese first lady Pung Lee-ann


during an official state visit to the US last year.


That is it from me and the team. Thank you for being with us here on


BBC World News Today.


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