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are almost over with Great Britain officially second in the medal


12 gold medals are decided on the final day -


Kenya's Eliud Kipchoge win's the mens marathon.


I'm live in Rio where the atmostphere is building


for the closing ceremony of the Olympic games.


As Turkey buries the dead after a wedding day bomb -


President Erdogan accuses Islamic State of using


And could Liverpool football club be the target of a Chinese takeover?


After two weeks of thrilling competition -


and a few controversies - the 2016 Rio Olympic Games


The closing ceremony, starts in just a few hours time,


and roads are already blocked around the Maracana stadium.


A record 87 countries have won at least one medal at these Games.


And the home nation have been given a boost with victory


in the men's volleyball - to go with their football success.


Let's cross to where the closing ceremony will be held -


the Maracana stadium - where we can join my


Welcome to the final day of these Olympic Games, I am outside the


manic and are where the closing ceremony is getting underway in a


few hours from now. We have had some sporting action to bring you up to


date, it's got incredibly windy here in the last few hours or so, we


think it might rain so it will be interesting to see if that will


impact the number of people who come here. One of the last events is the


basketball taking place at the moment, the final between the USA


and Serbia. The USA are quite a bit ahead at the moment looking to


secure gold, 73-39, that match will be concluded in the next half an


hour or so. It started with the marathon today, gold went to Eliud


Kipchoge day of Kenya with Ethiopia taking silver and the USA bronze.


Gold went to Switzerland in the cross-country mountain bike. His


fourth world title. I have to say about the home crowd here, Brazil


gave the crowd something to cheer about when they secured the gold


medal in beating Italy on the closing day of these games in the


men's volleyball, after doing it against Germany in the football


yesterday, 3-0 against Italy, huge cheering when that happened and


My colleague Peter Okwoche is in the fan zone.


You mentioned the wind, it's picking up just behind us. The fan zone


located at the old. Area in downtown Rio. You mentioned the rain as well


so there are not as many people as we thought there was going to be but


the people here are really proud of the show that Brazil has put on. You


mentioned the malathion, -- marathon. The men ran past the


Museum of tomorrow that you can see in the background, the white


structure, they ran past at this morning to loud cheering despite the


fact it took place in the rain. We are hoping the gods will hold the


rain up and we can move down later on and join that party. It seems to


be picking up again, there were lots of people about an hour and a half


ago but because of the winds and the forecast Varane it seems people have


decided to move indoors. Hopefully they will come out and start to


party as the curtain falls on the first Olympics ever in South


America. Thank you Peter. The fans


themselves, we think that fans will get busy as we head into the next


few hours. More details of what we can expect inside the stadium but of


course no attention will turn about how the games have gone, what the


legacy will be for Brazilians living in this city and indeed the


perspective for many of the communities.


I'm joined now by Theresa Williamson, Founder


and Executive Director of Catalytic Communities.


That's an organisation which provides media support and help to


Fidel groups, thank you for joining us on a blustery and Wendy -- windy


day, how do you think it has gone? We are good at throwing parties and


putting together infrastructure when needed. Unfortunately we are not


good at pulling off infrastructure for those who need it. That's not


changed with the Olympics. We have seen $20 billion spent on the games


and we will be paying it off for years to come and in the meantime a


lot of necessary infrastructure especially around sewage, education,


health, basic needs are not being met and that's not changed.


Political uncertainty and economic turmoil, this city has felt that,


staging two major sporting events in recent years, what impact that have?


We will be paying it off. We have elections for a new mayor coming up


soon so we don't know what will happen next, civil society groups


have come together in the last several years and put together an


agenda of what they would like to see put into place to change a lot


of this but we don't know if it will come to pass. You have been working


for a long time, have they felt any benefit from these games? No. In


general they have not felt the benefit, we had 80,000 people


removed from their homes in the lead up to the games. This city took


advantage of the negative stigma and reputation of these communities to


upend many of them which were actually much better places to live


than the public houses were people have been taken. Meanwhile the


promised infrastructure has not been delivered. There was supposed to be


an Olympic legacy which would have brought infrastructure up to


standard by 2020 and it was completely abandoned after 2012. I


know you were sceptical about any of those policies being met. As far as


you can see it, what you thought was going to happen as happened, there


has been no widening out of resources and the promises they


made, do you think that will change? There are a few positives to come


out of the Olympics, one is the international spotlight coming to


Rio. So much coverage and visibility. A lot of historic


condition issues in the culture here which were taken for granted are no


longer so. People question the inequality much more, people are


more sceptical and concerned about sewage. People just got used to a


lot of those conditions and so I think now there is more pressure to


change but we will see what happens. Where we are standing now we can


smell this sewage, and that was one of the biggest concerns. They did it


in the immediate spaces were the sporting events are taking place,


but you are saying they have shunned the issue to the global audience


cannot see it. Absolutely, you cannot see it on television, you


cannot smell it so it's not thought of as affecting people. The


infrastructure we sought getting put in was things which were visual,


cable cars which are underused because that is not what the


residents demanded but they look great on photographs. We need to see


a change. Thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate your


insight. So how does it work for these games? Let's look at the


medals table. The United States is still


on top - with 45 golds. Great Britain is in second place -


with 27 golds. Team GB have done what no country


has ever been able to do, bettering their medal tally from when they


hosted the game. 67 medals in total. Look at the gold, that is what


clinched them, ahead of China with 27. Incredible games. But for now


America reigns supreme. Stay with us, we will be back every hour until


the closing ceremony and after on BBC world News.


Police in Brazil have carried out new raids over allegations


Three people - whose passports have been confiscated -


were asked to attend the local police station.


Tickets, computers and mobile phones were also seized.


Patrick Hickey, a senior Olympic official has been arrested


over the ticket sales, and is being held in a maximum


Well for all the latest action from Rio you can


A suicide attack in Turkey - which killed at least 50 people


at a wedding party - was carried out by a boy


aged between 12 and 14, according to the country's


President Erdogan blames militants from the so-called Islamic State.


The attack happened in the city of Gaziantep,


It was meant to be a moment of celebration.


A wedding party in Gaziantep, torn apart by a massive bomb.


The guests, mainly Kurds, were outside when it hit.


A suicide vest was reportedly found at the scene.


The Government says the Islamic State group


TRANSLATION: Our friends and neighbours were there.


A now familiar scene as the injured recover from another attack


in Turkey, the country has been hit by a wave of bombings over the past


I was standing and then something exploded and I passed out,


and then I woke up and looked for my parents.


From the Turkish president a shocking detail,


he said the suicide bomber was between 12 and 14 years old.


Some of those injured, he said, are in a critical condition.


This could be a response by IS to recent losses in Syria,


the US-led coalition ousted the jihadists


Could this bombing of a Kurdish wedding be IS revenge?


The Turkish Prime Minister says his country will pay a more


active part in the Syrian conflict, we understand Turkish backed rebels


are preparing a further offensive into IS territory,


to be granted safe passage across the Turkish border.


The Gaziantep attack could be a warning shot against Turkey.


It has become almost routine in Turkey, the emotions


as victims are laid to rest, guests of a joyous wedding party


Well in the past few hours a statement from the White House has


Let's get more, we can join our correspondent


A very strong statement indeed from the United States, the country


standing in solidarity with Turkey? Absolutely, the White House issuing


a statement condemning in the strongest possible terms this attack


calling it barbaric cynical and cowardly. What is interesting is the


way it freezes the relationship between the United States and


Turkey, we stand by the people of Turkey as we defend their democracy


in the face of all forms of terrorism. It goes on to say that


Vice President Joe Biden will be visiting Turkey this week as


previously arranged to reaffirm as the statement puts it our commitment


to work together with Turkey, are valued Nato ally and partner to


confront the scourge of terrorism. Some say that democracy is actually


in threat, under threat in Turkey because of the strength of the


crackdown by President Erdogan following the attempted to quite


recently and that Nato membership is also in peril by the response to


that crackdown. Also that the partnership Turkey enjoys with the


United States could all start to unravel if the United States


continues to drag its feet as far as ecru dating rebel Turkish Muslim


cleric based here who Turkey believe instigated the coup. These could be


an easy talks indeed then? It's a delicate time as I mentioned in the


whole US Turkey relationship. Turkey blames that queue on this cleric,


the Turkish Muslim cleric, the United States is concerned by Turkey


's response to this crackdown, people being rounded up, and there


are differences as far as combating Islamic State in Syria is concerned.


The United States has been backing Syrian Kurdish rebels who have shown


some success in fighting Islamic State in the north of Syria. Turkey


for its part brands those rebels terrorists. We have of course got a


lot at stake here for the United States for the simple fact that it's


been using the bases in Turkey to launch the strikes on Islamic State


so lots to talk about this week. Olympic record breakers, the


athletes who have made history at the Rio games.


The latest headlines, as the Rio games drawn to a close, Eliud


Kipchoge eight wins the men's marathon, one of 12 gold medals


decided on Sunday, generals have been taking place for the victims of


Saturday's bombing in Turkey. President Erdogan says the wedding


was attacked by eight teenagers eight bomber under the influence of


the so-called Islamic State. The Iraqi government has executed 36


people convicted of taking part in a massacre carried out


by the so-called Islamic State. The massacre was one


of the worst Iraq has ever seen. With up to


one-thousand-seven-hundred army recruits murdered at a base


camp in 2014. Despite the large scale


of the tragedy there's been wide-spread condemnation of Sunday's


executions of those BBC Arabic service's


Issam Ikirmawi explains. It's been two years since these


harrowing images began circulating. Islamic State militants captured and


executed hundreds of cadets. Documenting the events on film. It


was one of the biggest atrocities of the conflict with so-called Islamic


State. There were very few survivors but those who did play dead for


their lives. TRANSLATION: The fourth bullet was meant to kill me but it


missed, the next bullet killed the man next to me, I play dead and fell


to the ground, I was covered by the blood of my comrades and rolled down


into the valley. Even to day authorities cannot be sure exactly


how many men were murdered but the number could be as high as 1700. At


least 12 mass grave sites were discovered at the camp when it was


recaptured last year. Most of the victims were Shia Muslims and the


outrage at the death helped to mobilise powerful Shia militia in


the fight against Islamic state. But there were fears some of those


executed on Sunday did not play a role in the massacre but confessed


under torture. The United Nations condemned the move to fast-track the


executions following a series of large-scale bombing in Iraq recent


months. Let's take a look at some


other stories now. Hundreds of people in Hong Kong


have been protesting against what they call "political


censorship" in next month's Six candidates have been barred


from running in September, for failing to prove they have


abandoned the principle Singapore's Prime Minister has


warned his successor must be ready to take over from him


after the next general election. Lee Hsien Loong was taken ill


during a speech on the country's National Day - there were fears


a stroke was the cause but his office insists he was just


dehydrated. A double suicide bomb attack


by the Somali Islamist group, al-Shabaab, has killed at least


fifteen people in the It's the second attack in six months


on a city which had previously escaped the worst of the violence


that has afflicted much of Somalia. The American owners of Liverpool


football club have insisted it's not for sale despite reports Chinese


consortium wants to buy a large stake. A number of English football


clubs have seen an injection of Asian money but Fenway Sports Group


says no offer of Liverpool been received.


There's also plenty of sporting action away from the Olympics.


West Ham United won their first Premier League game at their new


home, a goal from Michail Antonio in the 84th minute was enough to defeat


Bournemouth at the London Olympic Stadium. The visitors played the


last 20 minutes of the game with ten men after Harry Arter was sent off.


We just deserved it. Because we were pushing and we wanted it more and we


are delighted to have a first game at this beautiful stadium as a win


and clean sheet, it's a great feeling. David Moyes tenure in star


Judge John Rowland has not got off to the best of starts, the former


Manchester United manager saw his team suffered a straight second


defeat as they went down 2-1 to local rivals Middlesbrough. David


Moyes saw his side fall down 2-0 before half-time, both goals coming


from Christian Stuani. Sunderland managed to pull a goal back in the


second period thanks to Patrick van Aanholt. Their efforts were


terrific. There was a lot of good things. We lost to the first goal


which was a very good goal, albeit we could have closed it down a bit


better, the second goal was a bit more disappointing but we lost our


way a little bit. We played well up until about 30, 35 minutes, we lost


a John O'Shea and we are short of centre-halves at the moment and


because of that we had to change it around and I think we just lost that


period of the game 5-10 minutes before half-time but all credit to


them, in the second half they came out and gave everything they could


to try and get a result. Angelique Kerber has missed the chance to take


over as world number one after losing the final of the event in


Cincinnati. The Australian open champion and Wimbledon runner-up won


just four games against opponents who clinched the biggest of her six


tour titles. Andy Murray meets Marin Cilic in the men's final in


Cincinnati, he's on a run of 22 straight wins since his defeat to


Novak Djokovic in the final of the French Open in May. They have just


started, it's 2-1 Andy Murray, it's gone with serve so far. He travelled


straight to the United States after winning the Olympic gold. Cal


Crutchlow took his maiden MotoGP win as he dominated a rain hit check


grumpily. It's the first time in 35 years British rider has won the


MotoGP. He coped best with the conditions working his way up from


tenth on the grid to take the lead with seven laps to go. Valentino


Rossi finished second ahead of Marc Marquez but Marc Marquez has a 53


point lead in the driver standings with seven more races to go this


season. Thank you. Back to the Olympics.


In a special homecoming for the Jeep's rugby sevens stars, crowds


welcomed the players back after winning their country's first ever


gold medal. A national holiday is to be held in their honour on Monday.


As well as a hero 's welcome at the airport the team moved on to the


Prince Charles stadium where thousands wanted to celebrate and


dance with them. If you want to know the basketball


score I can tell you the USA is winning, that's it from me.


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