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The headlines: A new line in the sand


as a French court rules against the ban on full-body


But at least three mayors in the south of France say


After four years living under siege civilians and rebels are evacuated


from Darraya, a symbol of the uprising against Assad -


Protestors demand electoral reform in Zimbabwe, the police


And Brazilian police ask for former President Lula


to be charged with corruption over an apartment deal.


One campaigner described it as a drawing


of another line in the sand - France's highest administrative


court has suspended a ban on full-body "burkini" swimsuits -


that was imposed in a town on the Mediterranean coast.


The ruling is expected to set a precedent for up to 30 other towns


But local news agencies in France are reporting that many of those


mayors say they will continue with the ban in defiance


Friday's court ruling stated the ban in Villeneuve-Loubet "seriously


and clearly illegally breached fundamental freedoms".


This is Saira and her family, and the moment we told them


that the burkini ban had been lifted.


She is Muslim, originally from Tunisia, and she told me that


if it were not for the ban, she would have been wearing


a burkini or something like it on the beach today.


Now that the news has come from Paris, she will be


back, covering herself more fully tomorrow.


TRANSLATION: It has been really hard because we all felt


Even though I have been covered for 30 years,


In the last two weeks, I felt awkward.


It is the way people were looking at me.


Before, people did not show how they felt towards us,


now they say they don't like it and that really hurts.


One woman in Nice knows what it feels like.


She was photographed apparently being told by police to remove


That made the burkini ban not just a French but an international story.


But now the State Council in Paris has reversed


the local banning orders, which were issued over the last two


weeks by some 30 towns, mainly along the Riviera.


The towns had said that after the Nice lorry attack,


there was a risk to public order from outward signs of Muslim


It is based on the principle of the freedom of religion,


the freedom to express religion and to be able to wear whatever


Of course, not everyone in France will agree with


Former president Nicolas Sarkozy says he wants a burkini ban


And the polls suggest that a majority of the French


They want to stop what they see as the gradual encroachment


of Islamic lifestyle and symbols into the public sphere.


Outside France, such arguments seem to cut little ice.


The burkini ban sparked protests outside French embassies


in London and Berlin, and campaigns on the internet urged


the French to let women wear what they want.


Things that might seem obvious in other places


Like letting women wear religiously-inspired


After four years of brutal siege by Syrian government forces,


civilians and rebel fighters have begun to leave a suburb


Government soldiers in Darayya celebrated as the buses left.


The deal, which wasn't brokered by the United Nations, has raised


serious concerns about the fate of the civilians


from one of the first areas to come out against President Assad


A senior UN official has stressed that the evacuation must be


voluntary and described the situation there


After a four-year siege, the first busloads of civilians


finally left Darayya today with a Syrian army escort.


As well as families, this bus also contains some


of the rebels who have been promised safe passage in return


Today marks a major victory for the government's forces.


A bitter defeat for those who sought to overthrow them.


Around 8,000 people are thought to remain in this suburb.


Many are being taken to shelters in Damascus.


In four years only one food aid convoy has reached them.


The UN said some were forced to eat grass.


In much of Darayya there is an eerie quiet.


Though just a 15 minute drive from the centre of Damascus, it's


been a rebel stronghold since 2012 - a thorn in President Assad's side,


that he has now removed with unrelenting bombardments.


The last hospital here was destroyed a week ago.


The outgoing UN Humanitarian Envoy to Syria told the BBC for too long


the world's major powers have lacked the one prerequisite


Political guts and courage on the part of the international


community, including the Security Council,


before you come down to the local players.


This was allowed to happen for far too long and now it is really


a struggle to get it turned in the right direction again.


In Geneva today, the sound of diplomacy in action


as the American Secretary of State and his Russian counterpart met


to finalise a cooperation agreement on Syria.


The aim is to clear the ground for a ceasefire, begin a process


of political transition, and tackle Islamic


It's good that these two powers are coming together,


there are points of convergence, they want to concentrate


They also want to work against the Al-Qaeda franchise


in Syria, which is the biggest of the rebel groups.


As they talk, though, this brutal war continues.


This is the aftermath of a barrel bombing in Aleppo yesterday.


With limited diplomatic progress so far, President Assad


There is no guarantee he will accept any international deal


At least nine people have been killed in an attack on a seaside


restaurant in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu.


A car bomb exploded outside a beach club in the Lido area.


Police say two of the attackers were killed and another


The Islamist group Al Shabaab stages regular attacks in Mogadishu.


A suicide bomber driving a truck laden with explosives has hit


a police headquarters in south-east Turkey, killing 11 policemen


The huge explosion targeted a checkpoint in Cizre


and left the nearby riot police HQ in ruins.


Turkey's Prime Minister Binali Yildirim blamed the banned Kurdish


PKK militant group and vowed to retaliate.


US President Barack Obama has announced plans to dramatically


expand a marine reserve off the coast of Hawaii.


The World Heritage-listed site - which encompasses the northwestern


Hawain Islands - is home to many rare and endangered sea creatures.


The expansion will effectively quadruple the size of the reserve -


But some Hawaiians had argued against the move -


arguing it would hit the local fishing community.


Brazilian Federal Police have indicted former president


Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva as part of a massive corruption


investigation nicknamed "Operation Car Wash".


The investigation into the popular predecessor and mentor


of President Dilma Rousseff - who faces an impeachment trial -


forms part of a sweeping anti-corruption probe


The BBC's Aleem Maqbool joins us now from Rio de Janeiro.


He is a towering political figure in a recent history, what is he charge


with? You said in your introduction he was very popular but that


popularity has taken a big hit in the last two years as his name has


been sullied with these implications he was involved in corruption or


knew things were going on. The latest accusation comes from police


who recommended prosecutors charged him, he has not been charged yet,


but it is to do with that apartment he was buying at a resort and the


police are saying he accepted work done by a construction company on


this apartment to the tune of $800,000, in return for giving that


construction company government contracts. For his part, lawyers for


Lula Da Silva says he had not completed a purchase of that


apartment, but there are other cases against him including one in which


he was charged for obstruct thing that investigation into corruption


that is going on, but this is the latest damaging hit to him and all


this while his protege, Dilma Rousseff, is going through her own


tough times. And on Dilma Rousseff, where are we on those impeachment


proceedings? It looks to be the final chapter for her. She could be


being told she has to leave the presidential palace within a week


because her impeachment trial started just 24 is ago, it had to


break up for a couple of hours to date because senators got into a row


over it, but it looks like they are set to vote, it will be interesting


on Monday when she gets to answer questions from senators and it looks


like that will be her last time. She insisted all along this is not about


corruption wrong doing, this is a political, what she is calling a


coup, but there are those who say she may not have been implicated


directly into corruption but she did over a seek a terrible time in terms


of the economy and was a bad politician in many people's use, not


to be able to create allies within the government who stood beside her


and we are now seeing a lot of rats jumping from a sinking ship. Thank


you. In Italy, hopes of finding any more


survivors following Wednesday's The official number of people


killed stands at 267. The 6.2-magnitude quake hit


in the early hours of Wednesday, 100km north-east of Rome,


as you can see here, it had the most impact


in mountainous central Italy. Rescue and recovery efforts


at the epicentre of the disaster remain centred on three small towns


- Pescara del Tronto, As a state funeral is being


organised for Saturday, we're beginning to find out more


about those confirmed dead. Many were enjoying summer breaks in


the mountains. Amongst


them were three foreign tourists from Britain,


including a 14-year-old boy. This is the road to


the village of Sommati. Two British families,


the Henniker-Gotleys and This is the house in which both


British families were staying. You can see that the damage


is dramatic. Both families have paid tribute


to the work of those relief workers Their neighbour, Nando Bonnani,


was the first to reach them. TRANSLATION: I shouted and called


out for Maria and Will, There was nothing we could do


with our bare hands. They were sleeping in a room


on the ground floor, The Burnett family from London


lost their 14-year-old son Marcos. His school called him a much


loved and admired boy. 50-year-old Maria Henniker-Gotley


and her 55-year-old They were from Stockwell


in south London. They were always fun,


you could always have a laugh It's just shocking that you go off


on a lovely summer holiday and, you know, we won't ever see


them again, really. Many survivors are left


with a simple, powerful question - why did so many buildings fall,


and so many people die? 11-month-old Elena-Sophia has no


idea that she too was nearly killed. She and her mother, Sonia,


are recovering in hospital. TRANSLATION: I was buried in rubble,


only my face wasn't covered. I could hear my baby


crying, I was terrified. I freed myself and started asking


for help, but everyone So I went back and with my hands


I freed my daughter from the rubble. I could only see her little foot


and I just pulled her out. The worst hit town, Amatrice,


will soon begin to hold funerals for its victims,


but its cemetery has been damaged. This town, and others,


will have to find new grounds And you can keep up to date


with the latest with regard to the Italian earthquake


by visiting our website. We have reports, analysis,


and the latest casualty figures. US Secretary of State John Kerry


and his Russian counterpart Still to come, reunited, the story


of a man and man's best friend, a friend who helped him crossed the


finishing line in one of the world's most gruelling races.


He is the first African-American to win the nomination of eight major


party, as 45 years ago Martin Luther King declared, I have a dream. An


orange glowing disc appears in the south-eastern sky, are in


neighbouring planet, Mars. The selection is an important milestone


in the birth of East Timor as the world's newest nation. It will take


months and billions of dollars to repair what hurricane Katrina


achieved in just ours. Three weeks is the longest the great clock has


been of duty in 117 years, so it was with great satisfaction that


clockmaker John Vernon swung the pendulum to get the clock going


again. Our latest headlines... France's highest admitted of court


suspends a ban on full body swimsuits or Bertini 's.


And so -- Syrian civilians trapped for years by a government siege


negotiate their departure. Let's get more on our top story, the


suspension of that ban on her kidneys.


Earlier I spoke to Rim-Sarah Alouane -


a researcher in religious freedom at the University of Toulouse.


Today we celebrate this declaration of human rights. Does it fit with


the principles on which the French state were founded? Yes, this ban,


it protects freedom of religion and respect individuality and the judge


just told the law, that is how it is, and said this ban infringed


fundamental liberties of freedom of conscience, freedom to come and go


and personal liberties. It is a small victory but still a victory.


Zimbabwe's riot police fired tear gas and beat up opposition


The protestors were demanding urgent electoral reforms ahead


The High Court had issued an order sanctioning the march to go ahead.


This is part of a growing wave of streets protests in the past


months against President Robert Mugabe's rule.


The riot police cordoned off a space in the capital early morning. They


fired at protesters and used tear gas. There were running battles and


a number of shops were looted. The police continued to maintain a heavy


presence, patrolling the streets and with water cannons. Organisers of


the march say anger is growing and this could be the beginning of worse


things to come. Anger and desperation are very deep and I


think in my view, it must not relent. It must continue to express


itself, and the level of desperation. It appears that when


people succumb to fear and intimidation, people think that is


the end but I am very glad that Zimbabweans are beginning to enough.


We have learnt that scores of people were injured in skirmishes and many


are receiving treatment at a local clinic. It is not clear why do


police defied a High Court order. Organisers say they will not be


discouraged and will continue with protests until fundamental reforms


are affected ahead of elections. New files released at


The National Archives here in London, show that


thousands of British people who were persecuted by the Nazis


were refused compensation Most were from the Channel Islands


who were arrested and deported Nick Higham reports


from St Peter Port on Guernsey. Final scenes of the long drama


of the Channel Islands... May 1945 and Guernsey has been


liberated after almost five Far away in Germany,


Channel Islanders too were being freed from often


brutal imprisonment. Paul and Phil's father


Gerald was one. He had been caught with two sacks


of stolen German coffee At the war's end, he had been


at risk of death. They were actually on their way


to Dachau, they didn't know it at the time, the Allies


were advancing and the German army I understand they were


shooting at prisoners Gerald's health was ruined


by his imprisonment. A couple of letters,


one from the Foreign Office... In the mid-1960s he was one of 4000


people who applied for compensation Gerald got ?2100, around ?28,000


today. The files are now being released


at the National Archives, those of other Channel Islanders


make harrowing reading. Frank Tuck describes being beaten


with a pick handle and flogged "The fear that ruled us


was indescribable", he wrote. He saw a fellow Guernsey man


die of his treatment. Jack Harper was sometimes chained


in a standing position without food all night,


by a sadistic German guard. And Thomas Gordian describes working


in clothes soaked through that dried on one's back,


sometimes frozen stiff. Thomas, one of 17 Guernsey policemen


sentenced for sabotage, was so weak by the end


he couldn't stand. Do you think he felt that the money


was sufficient or do you think I think they thought


it was meagre, yes. Today Guernsey is a peaceful place,


these files a reminder that even here, some people suffered terribly


under Nazi Germany. It is a man has been reunited with


one of man's best friends, that helped them complete a gruelling


marathon race. He was taking part in the race in the Gobi Desert.


It's a story of, well, dogged determination.


As Dion Leonard took part in the gruelling ultramarathon -


a 150 mile run across China's forbidding Gobi Desert -


he was joined by a surprise companion, and it was love


She ran half the race with me, we spent the whole week together.


And literally by my side running, or in the evening she was


in my arms overnight, sleeping and eating with me.


So I knew before I had left the race that I would bring her back.


While he flew back to Scotland, just before the dog


was due to go into Chinese quarantine, she escaped.


So, Dion flew back to China and began what seemed


Looking for Gobi in the place she was last seen, Urumqi -


a city of 3 million, where very few people speak English.


So, today is day two of trying to find Gobi.


I've been handing these out since 6am this morning.


Looking around the parks and local areas, looking out for dogs


and speaking to a lot of locals who actually think that they have


seen Gobi, but unfortunately it isn't Gobi.


But China's Internet came to the rescue.


The dog hunt spread like wildfire on social media, with messages


of support and cash to fund the quest pouring in.


Before long, Dion had a few 'leads', and Gobi was found.


I got some imagery through of her on my phone and a phone call


saying these people, this lovely father and son


I went to see her, and she ran across the lounge room


I just walked through the door, I hadn't said a word to her,


and she knew it was me straight away.


So, Gobi is once again preparing for a few months in quarantine,


and then Dion expects to have her home before Christmas.


Presumably, the first command he will want to teach her is "stay".


A reminder of our main news, that France's highest admitted of court


has suspended a ban on full body Bertini swimsuits that was imposed


in a town on the French Mediterranean. You can stay in touch


with all the news on our website, or on Twitter. From me and the team,


goodbye on Twitter. From me and the team,


goodbye for now. As


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