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Italy mourns the 300 victims of Wednesday's earthquake.


A state funeral is held in one of the worst hit towns.


TRANSLATION: My colleagues and I were the ones


who arrived straight after the earthquake struck in the middle of


the night. We wanted to rescue people and being here was the least


we could do. The last buses carrying armed rebels


and civilians have been evacuated from the besieged Syrian


town of Darayya. And why Donald Trump's doctor says


he'll be the "healthiest individual And flying just a few thousand


kilometres from the swirling cloud tops of Jupiter, a Nasa probe hopes


to capture pictures of the planet's weather systems.


Despite the aftershocks - a mass funeral has been


in central Italy for the hundreds of people killed after


At least 290 people lost their lives.


President Sergio Mattarella, seen here comforting one victim,


and Prime Minister Matteo Renzi both attended the main service.


Mourners applauded as coffins were placed in hearses


A local bishop pledged that communities would be "rebuilt


Earlier the Italian President visited Amatrice -


There, more than 230 people lost their lives.


Officials say the search for survivors will continue


until they are certain that no-one else was alive.


Our correspondent James Reynolds sent this report.


This morning, in a municipal gym, Italy improvise a state funeral.


The country's president tried to comfort each family.


He has declared this a day of national mourning.


The coffins of more than 30 victims were lined up.


They will all be buried in the ground that claimed their lives.


During the service, a bishop announced


In this hall, on this day, consolation came without words.


TRANSLATION: When the earthquake struck, my friend tried


Among the congregation, there were a number of rescuers


taking their first break from the relief efforts.


TRANSLATION: My colleagues and I were the ones who arrived


straight after the earthquake struck in the middle of the night.


and being here was the least we could do, to be year.


This for Italy is its most intense period of mourning in years.


The country will hope that this ceremony and these crowds will have


given some consolation to the families of the dead.


This man just wants to see what has happened to his house.


Firefighters took him through the ruins of his village


We left the house a couple of days before the quake, he says.


His neighbour, who was here, was killed.


Relief workers allow survivors to pick up belongings


They carry away pieces of their old lives which they will


James spent the day in Amatrice and he told me how people are coping


almost three days on. A lot of the town isn't here any


more. It a lot of the survivors have been moved to sports tents. Most of


the people you see in the town are rescue workers, firefighters, even


police officers and the army as well and structural experts. This has


become an area which they will still tried to recover bodies and try to


rebuild. What about the rescue effort, is


there any hope any survivors will be found? Not from anybody my


colleagues and I have spoken to in recent days. You can probably hear


that a digger is going past. The relief work is still continuing but


nobody expects anyone else to be found. The most recent body to be


pulled out of the rubble was on Wednesday evening and that was


several days ago and they don't effect any change. 2500 people have


been made homeless, what talk is there of the reconstruction effort?


I think that is still too early, but it is something New Year people


talking about amongst themselves. My colleagues and I were in a small


village on Friday and they said they didn't think there was any future,


that it would simply be raised to the ground and people moved


elsewhere. The arm not just worried about losing their past, they are


worried about losing their future. They think their memories have been


destroyed and they are not sure where they will live in the future.


And there's much more detail on the Italian earthquake


You'll find latest updates, stories of people who survived


the tragedy, and aerial photography of the affected areas.


Or you can download the BBC News app.


Let's go now to the Syrian town of Darayya,


which has been under siege for four years.


Well, a deal struck between the government


and rebel groups has meant that all rebel


fighters have left the town, according to the army.


Leaving Darayya, perhaps never to return. The last buses taking rebel


fighters out of the town on the outskirts of Damascus which held out


for four years. Fighters chose to keep their personal weapons and have


headed to revel in areas north of the capital, with their families.


Convoys of buses took thousands more to reception centres and an


uncertain future. Soldiers celebrated their passing, hailing


the exodus as a big victory for President Assad.


TRANSLATION: After five years of military


operations by the Syrian government forces, don't riot -- Amatrice is


finally liberated. Later, the armed residents and rebels will be


relocated. As the evacuation unfolded, mouth on talks were being


held in Geneva between John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov. Represent a size


on opposite sides. They reached the concrete agreement on a way to start


abortive peace talks but they say they are getting closer and


discussions are continuing. Mr Kerry said that they had at least achieve


clarity. Something which is lacking on the ground in Syria. A new twist


emerged this week as Turkey launched an incursion this week, targeting


Islamic State fighters and Kurdish forces. They are part of an alliance


which the US force banks. That offensive has been intensified.


Turkish warplanes have been in action against Kurdish fighters. It


regards the Kurds as as big a threat as the IS. It is yet another


publication, raising the stakes in the conflict.


Let's take a look at some other stories now.


Russian authorities say at least 17 people have been killed by a fire


at a warehouse and printing press in Moscow.


The victims are reported to be migrant workers from Kyrgyzstan


who worked and lived at the warehouse.


About 30 French mayors have been urged to follow a court


ruling which overturned a controversial burkini


France's top administrative court suspended the ban in Villeneuve


But a number of mayors have said they will continue


Facebook has announced that a feature on its site which shows


which stories are trending will no longer be produced by staff, but by


an algorithm. It comes after the giant was accused of left-wing bias.


Physical fitness has become the latest flash point of the US


Donald Trump's doctor has just admitted he spent just five


minutes writing a note - which says the 70-year-old would be


the "healthiest individual ever elected to the Presidency".


Laura Bicker in Washington has more.


It started by Donald Trump himself, who said that Hillary Clinton lacked


the physical and mental stamina to deal with the so-called Islamic


State group. He also implied that she has the language disorder


dysphagia. So it went on all week. Hillary Clinton went on a talk show


and asked the interviewer to feel her pulse, to laugh it off. Then


everybody remember that last December, Dr Harold Bernstein wrote


a letter about Donald Trump's health, saying that his laboratory


tests were astonishingly excellent and his strength and stamina was


extraordinary and as you imagine, that he would be the healthiest


individual ever elected to the presidency. So NBC traction down and


it does seem that the doctor admits writing that note in five minutes.


While waiting for a limousine. He also was asked about the language


that he used. He said, I think they're probably picked up Donald


Trump's kind of language and then just interpreted it to my own. Let's


talk about immigration. Donald Trump has said quite a few controversial


comment on that. Is he softening his position on the topic? Well, Donald


Trump has built his candidacy on his stance on immigration. He says he


will deport 11 million illegal immigrants and build that "Big


beautiful wall" on the Mexican border. There has been a softening


of this stands recently. He told Fox News that certain people could stay


if they paid their taxes. He went the next day to flip-flop on that


and said that everybody had to go back. He was supposed to make an


immigration speech on Thursday. That was cancelled and his campaign


manager is now talking about the deportation squad that was talking


about the -- that deportation squad to move these people said that this


policy was to be determined. We are waiting to see what it stands will


be. He is due at a rally in Iowa and it will be interesting to see what


happens there. Stay with us on BBC


World News, still to come... A lucky escape for some motorist as


a footbridge collapses on a motorway.


There is no doubt that this election is an important milestone in East


Timor. It will take months and billions of


dollars to repair what Katrina achieved in just hours.


Three weeks is the longest the great clock has been of duty in 117 years.


So it was with great satisfaction that clockmaker John Vernon swung


the pendulum to set the clock going again.


A day of national mourning in Italy, with a state funeral for 34 more


The last buses carrying armed rebels and civilians have been evacuated


from the besieged Syrian town of Darayya.


Police in Bangladesh say they've shot dead the man suspected


of planning last month's attack on a cafe in Dhaka that killed


He and two others were killed in a shoot out after


Our correspondent Akbar Hossain has more.


The death of the man is not surprising to many as police had


declared $25,000 reward for providing information. He is


described as the organiser of the attack on the cafe in temperate --


Dhaka. It was attacked after a tip-off was received. Suspected


Islamic resistance were shot dead in the operation along with the man, a


Canadian who returned to this area a while ago. Police said they had been


following him for a long time. We completed our preparation overnight


before conducting the raid. Our main anti-terror operation lasted for one


hour. After that we got inside the house and found the dead bodies of


three militants including this man. The photos matched with one of the


dead religions. It proves that he is the man, that we were looking for


for a long time. The death of this man has been described as a success


for ongoing terror raids. Senior officers claimed that he planned the


whole terrorist attack attack on the cafe and played a role in organising


a local jihadi groups which is loyal to Islamic State. And the desk is


facing international pressure following the attack. The Prime


Minister declared that her government will show no mercy to


Islamic militants. Police believe that with the death of this man,


they are on the verge of crushing Islamic militancy in Bangladesh.


A bridge over a main motorway in the south east of England has


A pedestrian footbridge was brought down after a lorry crashed into it -


showering debris onto the road underneath.


Fortunately nobody is thought to have been seriously hurt.


The driver of this truck is counting his blessings.


The footbridge just misses cab as it fell.


A motorcyclist is pinned to the ground with suspected broken


For many others, this was a close call.


We were literally a few cars behind so we just saw the bridge


come down and obviously, not really expecting that sort


of thing to happen, so it was a shock.


It is thought that the lorry, carrying a digger, may have been


travelling on the hard shoulder of the east side


On one of the busiest days of the bank holiday weekend,


the closure of the bridge caused disruption.


This is one of the main routes to France.


There were astonishingly no other injuries in this accident


and when you get this close, you can see just how many lucky


-- how many lucky escapes there were.


Even the driver of that white truck walked away shaken


As well as the fallen concrete beam, the lorries would have to be moved


and the rest of the bridge will have to be made safe or demolished.


Luckily, this is a story of disruption, not a disaster.


Now some sport. A late winner from Marcus Rushford made sure Manchester


United keep their 100% start to the season with a 1-0 win at Hull city.


United put pressure on the defence all game but it was 18-year-old


substitute Rasch Road who made a difference. He scored in the 92nd


minute. That gives United their third league went after -- out of


three. It's an amazing feelings are scored the winner at an away game.


Just happy to get the three points. Did they manage to give the special


instructions? He said go on and do my best to help the team with the


game and that's what we did. Everyone has been together for 90


minutes and I'm just very happy. Chelsea made it three wins from


three as well in the league. They are under Antonio Conte now. They


beat Burnley 3-0 thanks to goals from Eden Hazzard and Willie and.


There was -- defeated Burnley have three defeats from their opening


three games. Leicester City got their first win beating Swansea 2-1.


Jamie Vardy scored his first goal of the season. Mahrez missed a penalty


before Wes Morgan added his goal after the break. There was a


consolation goal for Swansea. Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool drew


1-1 in the early kick-off. Everton have moved up to second,


their best start to a season in years. Leighton Baines's penalty was


saved only for the ball to rebound off the head of Shay given for an


own goal. Sunderland were ahead 1-0 before Jay


Rodriguez scored for the other side. And Arsenal beat Watford by three


goals to one. In Florida, the West Indies have won


the most remarkable match of 2020 cricket with Dwayne Rather taking


the wicket of captain MS Tony on the final ball. India needed to to win


and one to force a super over. They had piled on the attack. In the


first of 2T20 into an -- International is added venue.


India lost by a single run. Elsewhere in cricket, new South


Africa -- South Africa are 283 for three against New Zealand. The top


four or added half centuries. England had taken a 2-0 win in their


best-of-5 series against Pakistan after a 4- wicket win at Lord's. A


big score from Joe Root help the host toward their target of 252.


Pakistan recovered from 2-3 with a century and an unbeaten


half-century. Game three is at Trent Bridge in Nottingham on Tuesday.


The world number one Novak Djokovic admitted that he is not 100% fit as


he prepares to defend his US open title on Monday. He has been


struggling with a wrist injury which went in first round loss at the


Olympics and forced him to miss the Cincinnati Masters. He now knows it


is healing and he's delighted to be back on the big stage. Hopefully,


physically as well I will be enabled to perform my best. At the moment, I


know that there is a little room still for me to get better


physically and hopefully that will be the case in the next couple of


days. And then when the tournament starts, all the doors are open. You


can catch up with all the sport on our website. That is all from me for


now. A Nasa spacecraft has


made its closest ever approach It soared two and a half thousand


miles above the planet at a speed of around 130 thousand


miles an hour. It was carrying a panoramic camera


on board - and Nasa are expected to release those images


in the next few days. Jonathan Amos, who told


us what we can expect. We have never sent a probe close to


Jupiter, this close to Jupiter during his operational phase. It


will gather lots of high-resolution images and we have never had that at


Jupiter. We are expecting something bridges rectangular. The camera was


not switched on back in July when the probe arrived. The engineers


didn't want the bother and convocation of having to take pretty


pictures at the same time. The probe went around Jupiter. It has gone all


the way around and come back in and the camera is switched on and we are


expecting for Nasa to release some remarkable images.


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