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is broadcasting in the UK and around the world. American allies in Syria


battle each other. Makeshift churches have held mass for the


survivors and rescue workers of the disaster that killed 290 people. The


childhood friends who at 41 were told they were switched at birth and


brought up by each other's mothers. I want answers. I don't know what to


say. There has been fresh fighting on the


Turkey Syrian border. 35 have been killed. Observers say 20 people died


in a village but they said they were targeting Turkish militants. Both


Turkey and the Kurdish way PGR allies of the US in the fight


against Islamic State but crucially they are also bitter enemies.


President Erdogan desperately wants to stop the Kurds expanding their


territory inside Syria. Here is our Arab affairs editor. A new drama is


unfolding for the first day in the northern Syrian countryside. Kurdish


militants leading the fight against IS have in Ankara's opinion gone too


far. Casualties are mapping. Activists say dozens of civilians


have been killed. The fighting is creating a further twist in the


conflict with one group of rebels spear headed by the Kurds control of


areas. Both sides have been supported by America, leaving


Washington in a quandary. Vice President Joe Biden was busy mending


fences with president Erdogan in Agro earlier this week. He weren't


Kurdish fighters to pull back West. Turkey's Red Line for the Kurds in


Syria... Fighters are beginning to wonder if despite their victories


against IS, their cause will be subordinated to that of Turkey and


it's imperative preventing... Far from the complications on the


north-east battlefield, people and the divided city of Ullapool if the


various factions will agree to let aid in. Do you when issued a new


ultimatum for all sides to agree by today to a weekly 48 hour pause in


fighting. There is no sign yet that that that'll be heeded. Our


correspondent is an expert on Turkey and Kurdish affairs. He told me more


about recent developments in the region. Look at the issue from


different perspectives to see whether it makes sense. It is good


for Turkey that Turkey has got back in the game in Syria. After shooting


down of the Russian plane, Turkish planes couldn't get near Syria for a


long time. This gives Turkey an opportunity to step in and prevent


Kurds from joining two separate enclaves and replacing aces with


militia who are more inclined to be influenced by Turkey. For Russia and


Iran this makes sense because they are happy to see Turkey trying to


curb the ambitions of Kurds who are allies in the region. The wouldn't


want them to be replaced by anti-aside forces controlled by


Turkey but they would be happily -- from the perspective of the US it is


also good that the US are seeing another ballet getting in to fight


against IS. There is a positive thing there. From the perspective of


basis, it is strangely but didn't put up any resistance against


Turkey. Maybe they would want to stare back to see 30 fighting


against Kurdish rebels. For Syrian rebels it also makes sense because


Turkey was giving different messages recently. It is good that they are


fulfilling it from their perspective that they see some support from


Turkey. What is the US perspective on this because this complicates


their situation. They are allies of Turkey and the way PGR in Syria.


They took more territory with US support from aces than any other


force in Syria or Iraq. This issue has always cobbled headed US


calculations in the reason. The art two potential allies of the West and


they are at odds with each other at least in the last two or three


years. If you imagine the Kurds and Turks fighting together against IS


is allied with the West, we will have seen the aside government will


be much weaker. Russia would have much less say in the region. This


conflict between the allies makes it very difficult. If you want to find


out more about this story there is a question and answer on our website.


It explains that despite both being enemies of Islamic State, the Kurds


have such a poor relationship with Turkey.


The victims of the earthquake in central Italy have been


remembered in church services across the country.


Bishop Giovanni D'Ercole - who celebrated Mass in two


of the worst-affected towns - urged Italians to unite


in their response to the disaster which claimed nearly 300 lives.


In Aquata del Tronto today, a Mass held in a makeshift tent,


one of many across the worst hit towns in central Italy.


The crosses made out of two ladders, the helmets represent


Bishop Giovanni d'Ercole presides over the service,


The local parish priest says he was caught up in the earthquake.


TRANSLATION: When I was trying to get out, everything


was falling on me, glass, walls, everything.


I got out, I was crying, and I saw that my parishioners


had also come outside, and they were crying too.


Life has changed dramatic league for the residents,


forced from their shattered homes into canvas ones.


And a huge clear up operation is under way.


In Amatrice, the worst hit town, with 231 people killed,


what is left of this building is now being demolished.


Scenes like this are being repeated over and over again.


Many churches and medieval buildings were also completely destroyed.


Sunday's proceeds from public museums across Italy,


such as the National Gallery in Rome, will be donated


At the Vatican, Pope Francis led prayers for the victims.


He promises to visit the region as soon as possible to bring


Yesterday, the country's President and Prime Minister both attended


a funeral for 35 victims in a sports hall in one town.


Hundreds of people also turned out to pay their respects


Rescue workers helped to retrieve personal belongings


from quake damaged houses, but some do not even want to go.


Rinaldo cannot bear the thought of moving out.


TRANSLATION: Could I ever abandon my town when it needs me?


No, my wife and my children are saying, please, wear a helmet,


you know what I mean, but I am not giving up.


The Italian government has been criticised for failing to prevent


deaths after the 2009 earthquake in L'Aquila which left 300 dead.


Historic towns do not have to conform to anti-quake


regulations, which are also often not applied when new buildings


But Amatrice's mayor has vowed to fight for a tightening


There are reports of heavy casualties as militias loyal to


Libya's unity government advance into the final districts of Sirte -


occupied by Islamic State militants. Hospital sources say twenty-eight


government troops have been killed in the fighting. The incumbent


president of Gabon, Ali Bongo, and his main rival, Jean Ping, have both


claimed victory in Saturday's presidential election. Mr Ping told


his supporters he'd won and was waiting for Mr Bongo to call to


congratulate him. The ministry of health in Singapore - has confirmed


40 more cases of the mosquito-borne zika virus - a day after announcing


its first case. 36 of the cases were all men - working at the same


construction site. It's believed all cases were locally transmitted.


Negotiations on a huge free trade deal between the European Union and


the United States have effectively failed - that's the view of the


German economy minister. He said the deal - known as the Transatlantic


Trade and Investment Partnership or T-Tip for short - had not worked


because Europeans, including himself, didn't want to subject


themselves to American demands. But - what exactly does this free trade


deal mean? The deal aims to remove - or reduce - a wide range of barriers


to trade and investment. It's thought by doing this - it will make


it easier and cheaper to do business across the Atlantic. Those in favour


- say it would ultimately lead to higher incomes and employment But


critics argue - it could lead to lower standards of consumer and


environmental protection - and even result in job losses.


I'm hoping that we can go to Washington where we can join and


former assistant Secretary of State to President Obama. Thank you for


being with us. The German economy Minister, if he is indeed right,


what impact will this have? I think he is right for a number of reasons,


first of all on the European side, there is Brexit, and the practical


matter is in the next couple of years, Europe is going to have to


focus internally and try to work that negotiation and then maybe at


some point in the future come back to the trade agreement with the


United States. Here in the United States we have a presidential


election in progress, the Obama administration has about five months


to go. That is focused on trying to get the Asian equivalent treaty


through Congress before it leaves office, and so here in America it is


going to take maybe a year or so for a new administration to get its feet


on the ground and put personnel in place. Whatever the United States


and Europe decide they make to do in the trade area is going to be pushed


off two or three years. Critics will cautiously welcome this claiming


that TTIP will not be good for jobs or the growth of environmental and


health standards, what is your reaction to that? I certainly think


there is a very substantial amount of scepticism in European and


American opinion, obviously Brexit itself was a vote by those who think


that globalisation had left many of them behind and here in the United


States we have an unprecedented candidate, Donald Trump who has


excoriated every trade deal the United States has made in recent


decades. Hillary Clinton is an advocate of trade guardedly but has


also said she will not agree to any future treaty that will put American


jobs at risk, so I think you're going to have to see a case, perhaps


greater confidence in Europeans and Americans in the financial and


economic... I am afraid we have lost him. That is a shame. We thank him


for his opinions there. Stay with us. Still to come... A royal


treasure is temporarily being banned from taking out of Britain. We will


find out why. It will take months and billions of


dollars to repair what Katrina achieved in just hours... Three


weeks is the longest the great clock has been of duty in 117 years, so it


was with great satisfaction that clockmaker John Vernon swung the


pendulum to set the clock going again. This is BBC World News Today.


A DNA test in Canada has revealed that two 41-year-old men


were switched at birth and brought up by the wrong parents.


David Tait and his best friend Leon Swanson were born just days


The tale is even more shocking because another mix up


was discovered last year at the same hospital.


Cameron Mackintosh from CBC News reports.


believing this woman was his biological mother.


It turns out this mother was actually this woman,


raising his best friend, Leon Swanson, as her own son.


DNA now proving a long held, troubling suspicion


Both men were born in this federally run hospital


It's unclear how, but DNA has proven Tait's biological


mother went home with the wrong baby, Swanson.


Shocking but not entirely surprising.


For decades, there have been comments


people started teasing us about being switched.


This discovery last year convinced them to do the test.


These two men born in that very same year


in that very same hospital discovered they were switched.


Former Manitoba Cabinet Minister Eric Robinson


The first time could be discounted as a mistake.


A second time, in my view, is a criminal activity.


Today, the Federal Health Minister promised an investigation.


It's fundamentally important that we understand


how this could have happened at the time.


For both men and their parents, there's a lot


of anger and confusion, but also a sense that they


They'll always be my mom and dad, regardless,


they raised me, they took me from day one.


the bigger question may be, could there be even more cases?


Cameron Mackintosh, CBC News, Winnipeg.


Let's get some sport for you. Here is Ollie. Hello. Manchester City are


top of the table on goal difference after a 3-1 win at home to West Ham


in the final Premier League match of the weekend. Raheem Sterling scored


twice for Pep Guardiola's sides to make it three wins out of three for


them in the league. West Ham stay 12. It is now the international


break the start of World Cup qualifying. When city return they


will face a trip to Manchester United who also have a 100% record.


I am so satisfied. It is a pleasure to work with these guys and this


club. I wanted him to play good. We thought when we trained in that


period that it can happen, and we feel that the players believe in


what we do. But is more satisfying with the coach, of course, but


without the result it is nothing. But we have got it. The first step,


the most important thing is qualifying for the Champions League


and now the Premier League, we have nine points and are playing good, so


that is the most important thing and now the international break and come


back and start again. In the second half I am more than happy, to be


fair, and it gives us hope. With the players who are out injured, a lot


of them, seven or eight, we expect a few of them to come back for the


Watford game after the break, it gives us hope that it will be


different. One other Premier League result was West Bromwich Albion


versus Middlesbrough and that was goalless. West Ham's goal-scorer


Michail Antonio has earned his first goal that a recall after a month.


Earlier this year he turned down the chance for Jamaica in order to play


for England. He is in Sam Allardyce's first squad. Lewis


Hamilton fought his way from the back row of the grid to finish third


in a chaotic Belgian Grand Prix. A series of crashes allowed him to


climb from 21st to a place on the podium. Nico Rosberg started on pole


position and won the race, cutting Hamilton's championship lead to just


nine points. It has been great to get the win today on this legendary


track, but Lewis starting from the back made it easier and I am sure he


will be back in Monza and it'll be a big battle as always. The Tour de


France winner Chris Froome is fourth in Spain. Dela Cruz finished almost


have a minute ahead of the Belgian after a late attack on the final


climb. He leads by 22 seconds in the overall standard X.


That is all this but for now. Thank you.


This week one of Britain's deadliest, but least-well known,


naval forces celebrates its 100th anniversary.


The Coastal Marine Force was founded during the First World War


as a fleet of high-speed torpedo boats to attack the Germans.


In the Second World War, their crew earned more gallantry


medals than any other branch of the Navy.


The small, fast coastal boats that helped change the tactics


And now a century after their creation, the final few left have


come together in Portsmouth for an anniversary sail-past,


watched by veterans like Robin Coventry.


He was a junior officer assigned to this nimble


We were just going out to make trouble and that,


often enough, we did, not only for ourselves,


for the Germans as well, which was lucky.


And they must have been fairly fed up with us, too.


They first fired up in 1916, and were the idea of


They were just 50 feet long and carried one or two torpedoes -


enough to hit large enemy ships and then escape at high speed.


In fact, they were sometimes called the Spitfire of the sea,


because they were so fast, capable of 30 or 40 knots.


Her enemies had never seen anything like them.


By the end of the Second World War, there were 2,000 of them and they


They sank over 500 enemy vessels and were awarded


3,000 gallantry medals, more than any other branch


In war, these vessels fired more torpedoes than Britain's submarines.


100 years of lethal sea power and a miniature navy that did not


Duncan Kennedy, BBC News, in Portsmouth.


The British government has placed a temporary export ban on a sapphire


and diamond coronet that belonged to Queen Victoria, preventing it


The coronet, which was designed by the monarch's husband


Prince Albert, for their wedding in 1840, is at risk


of being exported unless a UK buyer matches the six and half


Earlier I spoke to Philippa Glanville -


who was on the Committee that recommended the ban who told me


Excellent system that goes back 60 years to protect cultural heritage,


not only British things but things of importance. Things which are


important and they might be archaeological, manuscript or an


important painting. In this case it is a delicate little thing for a


pretty young woman in love, maybe not pretty, young woman in Love


designed by her husband and using German motifs, Prince Albert was


German and was a designer. There is very little surviving from Queen


Victoria's Julie. They get reworked and put into other jewels. When she


finally came out of morning to do the State Opening of Parliament in


1866 she wore this with her veil and it became very significant and part


of her image as an older woman, so a beautiful little love gift that


became part of the Crown Jewels. Give us other examples of historical


objects that were saved in this way. There was the Jane Austen ring a


couple of years ago which is now in the Jane Austen centre down in


Hampshire and there was quite a lot of discussion about that, because it


wasn't very expensive but it was very important to the Jane Austen


community and we argued jewellery mattered so much to women at that


time in the late 18th and 19th centuries, it had a sentimental


value as a significance far beyond perhaps what it was today. Women


gave each other and simple jewels and this is an example of that.


Isn't it a little unfair that a bit of hypocrisy of hanging onto these


objects when perhaps some would accuse us of hanging on to objects


that belonged to other countries, the Elgin marbles being one? We have


been an extraordinarily wealthy and art loving country, however I am not


going to comment on the Elgin marbles. I have my own reviews but I


can't represent the Government on that. It seems to me that we have to


have a more generous approach having been powerful and wealthy, sharing


is for everybody's benefit. Things move around in exhibitions but


people want to own their own heritage and being a former colonial


power, that doesn't play to Greece, but it does apply to quite a lot of


objects in richest collections. A reminder of our top scurry this


hour. There has been fresh fighting on the turkey Syria border. Reports


indicate 35 civilians had been killed after Turkish shelling and


air strikes. That is it from me and world news today. Thank you.


There have been a few showers around today. The trend through this


weekend is for things to


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