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Brazil's suspended president Dilma Rousseff has urged lawmakers


not to remove her from power at her impeachment trail,


Should migrants in France be allowed to apply for asylum in Britain


New research shows the Mediterranean diet has even more benefits.


Could it now help people with heart disease?


And six scientists spend a year in isolation.


See how their experience could mean success for a future


The suspended Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has been


defending her record in office, at her impeachment trial.


She maintained that she's been unjustly accused of breaking rules


Senators are due to vote later this week on whether to remove her


from power - a move she says would represent a death


Our correspondent Aleem Maqbool reports.


Arriving for what could be her last stand.


At her impeachment trial she made a final attempt to fight off


In what she sees as simply a class war.


TRANSLATION: As with all elites, they don't want to follow


the will of the people, they want to take over at any price.


Well there are supporters of Dilma Rousseff outside


the Senate as she speaks, but millions more around


the country too who feel she is being impeached unfairly.


But the small numbers and relative lack of energy is a sign that


very few have hope left that she will survive this process.


Earlier this year thousands took to the streets both


for and against their president in an illustration of just how


Dilma Rousseff has been judged before.


In her youth she was jailed for fighting against


But she rose to Brazil's highest office in 2010, receiving


the presidential sash from her predecessor and mentor,


But it was a dramatic economic collapse that led Rousseff's


opponents to seize on an opportunity to push against her and


What many celebrated, others saw as an injustice.


The decision to suspend Dilma Rousseff, when no corruption


The trial now is all a big come down after the feel-good


As some of the venues are dismantled it seems a break for the games can't


persuade many Brazilians to move on from trying


They say Brazilians have a short-term memory, they can't


remember what happens, they only remember what just happened.


But Dilma Rousseff says fighting is inher nature,


In reality, before the week is out, she could be told she has to vacate


Aleem Maqbool, BBC News, in Brasilia.


And for the latest, we can cross live to Brasilia and speak


The writing does look pretty much on the wall for Dilma Rousseff. What


happens next? Over the next couple of days were going to have a vote


here in the Senate in the main room where the session is taking place


right now. The senators will have a moment for a speech, each one of


them, 81 senators tomorrow. After that they will justify their votes.


If they lose two thirds in favour of the impeachment, Dilma Rousseff will


definitely be removed from office and were not finished her mandate.


Bendy interim president -- and then the interim president will remain in


place until 2018. Does this draw a line under the corruption problems


Brazil has been grappling with? The corruption is very much in the


middle of all that is happening here in Brazil, the political crisis that


Brazil is facing. There is massive corruption investigation that is


going on here known as the Car Wash scandal. That has implicated many


political parties, top political figures in bribery schemes that


started with the petrol giant Petrobras and that has led to a


discrediting of the workers party, the party of Dilma Rousseff. It is


quite compensated because some people who are in favour of


impeachment, although they want to imply it is the full. The workers


party, we see this is deeply ingrained in the political system in


Brazil and other political parties. People here don't really have a


feeling that with a substitution, if Rousseff is confirmed, if the


impeachment goes ahead, there is not really a feeling that will bring any


transformation to that problem we have here, the corruption problem,


and how big a part it is in the political world in Brasilia. Thank


you for joining me. Migrants in Calais seeking asylum


in the UK should be allowed to lodge their claim in France,


the president of the region Xavier Bertrand said people living


in the camp known as the Jungle should be able to apply


at a "hotspot" in France rather His comments come after two leading


contenders for the French presidency in next year's election -


Nicolas Sarkozy and Alain Juppe - also called for changes


to the treaty which allows for UK Where fences and barbed wire stretch


along the roads and the railways that lead to the ferries,


the trains, and on to Britain. Every day more are put up to stop


people living here illegally But there's only so


much a fence can do. Calais' shantytown camp that's known


as The Jungle, is growing. Many here believe that part


of the problem is the bilateral agreement known as Le Touquet,


that sees British border guards The president of this region


says Le Touquet must It's not possible to keep the border


here without a new corporation If the British Government don't


want to open this discussion, we will tell you, the Le Touquet


agreement is over. Migrants hoping to claim asylum


in the UK should be able to do Partly because that's not how


the asylum system works. You're supposed to apply


in the country that Secondly, I just think it would be


a huge magnet to draw thousands more migrants to Calais who would come


to chance their arm that they might Mr Bertrand's intervention


highlights how important the issues of security,


of borders, of migration, He doesn't have the power to change


the Le Touquet accord, but the next French President


will have that power. Elections are due to be held


next year and already, two of the leading contenders


for the post have said One of them, the former president


Nicolas Sarkozy, spoke this He said border controls should be


shifted to Britain. The current French President,


who recently met the Prime Minister, He says the accord is in the


interests of both their countries. But it doesn't feel like it


on the roads leading to Calais. Where smugglers block the route


so migrants can stow Tomorrow the Home Secretary Amber


Rudd will be in Paris to meet her opposite number,


and Calais will be on the agenda. A US Pentagon spokesman says


fighting between Turkey and Kurdish groups in northern Syria


is "unacceptable" and must stop. They're urging both sides to focus


on defeating so called Islamic Turkish troops, backed by the US,


crossed into Syria last week to drive IS out of Jarablus,


a town close to the border. But they're now targeting


Kurdish forces who are also Earlier Turkey's Foreign Minister


Mevlut Causoglu warned that Turkish forces will continue


to target the YPG while its forces TRANSLATION: Kurdish YPG should meet


immediately to the east of the Euphrates river as they promised


the United States and as they So long as they don't,


they will be the target. Arabs in that region


are not targets. Our aim is to cleanse the area


of the With me now to discuss the US


reaction to the latest fighting It is a bit of tricky situation for


the US. Do they have influence over the Turks at this point. Yes, but it


is a huge balancing act. On the one hand they believe that Kurdish


forces, YPG forces, they have been capable fighters in the battle


against Islamic State. The US has armed and trained them. It regards


them as perhaps the most organised of the groups in that area. The US


has failed previously to trade its own forces, so it is backing the


Kurds stop its Nato ally Turkey is very suspicious of Kurdish


operations, particularly along its southern border. It believes Kurds


are trying to join up some territory and have a swathe of Kurdish


territory along that southern border with Turkey. That is why there is


this conflict. It is not something that is a great surprise, but it


will require a lot of arm-twisting by the US to stop them going at them


rather than the Islamic State. How much of a distraction is this


against the fight against ISO it is causing fresh instability in an area


which is already unstable. -- the fight against ISO. Turkey is feeling


emboldened. It stopped the coup last month. There is tension in relations


between Washington and Ankara. It also knows that the endgame is


starting to come into view in northern Syria because now that


places like Jarablus has gone, the way is much more open to Islamic


State capital Raqqa, the big prize against ISO in that northern part of


Syria. There must be concern in the US that they cannot afford to upset


the Kurds, just as much as they have to keep Turkey onside. US needs both


sides of this. In his the Turks, it needs the Kurds in both these things


and that is where the lies. You are seeing at the moment, statements


from the Pentagon, we're waiting for the Defence Secretary to speak, as


well. We are seeing statements trying to balance these competing


demands saying Turkey shouldn't be shelling these areas where there are


no IS fighters. And telling the YPG to move back across the Euphrates


River into that eastern part of northern Syria. It is trying to ride


two horses in a sense and it is enormously uncomfortable. And deeply


conjugated. They give very much. Now a look at some of


the days other news. On a visit to Bangladesh,


the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, has said


there is evidence that militants there also have ties


with the Islamic State group. He was speaking after talks


in the Bangladeshi capital with the prime minister,


Sheikh Hasina. The countries agreed


to cooperate to counter A daughter of the Uzbek president,


Islam Karimov, says he's suffered Mr Karimov, who's 78,


has ruled the former Soviet He's in intensive care,


where his condition Doctors in Yemen say more than fifty


people have been killed in an attack A suicide bomber drove a car


into the headquarters The Islamic State group said it


carried out the attack. The BBC's Orla Guerin


reports from Egypt. Some viewers may find the pictures


in her report distressing. The aftermath of the devastating


attack in the early morning. The bomber struck at the headquarters of


a pro-government militia. He drove an explosive laden car in through


the gate turning the cue from breakfast into a scene of carnage.


The so-called Islamic states say they carried out the attack. The


latest in a series by both IS and Al-Qaeda. They have been expanding


their reach in southern Yemen, exploiting the chaos caused by the


country's Civil War. A desperate rush to help the wounded. Dozens of


casualties brought to this hospital run by an aid group. So many


injured, they filled up the floor. One more round of bloodshed in a


conflict which the United Nations says has killed about 3800


civilians. Aid agencies say much of the suffering here goes unseen. When


we visited in March, we saw the impact of war on the Arab world's


poorest country. The conflict pits the internationally recognised


government against Shia purity rebels. Saudi Arabia intervened on


behalf of the government and has been leading a controversial bombing


campaign. For the Saudis, this is part of a regional power struggle.


They claim their great rival, Iran, is arming rebels. They remain in


control of the capital. The latest round of peace talks collapsed


earlier this month. There is now a new international push for more


negotiations. In the meantime, the human cost of this conflict keeps


growing. Severe malnutrition, always a danger here, is tightening its


grip. UN officials say that Yemen has been set back by decades.


Consuming large amounts of vegetables, nuts,


fish and oils is characteristic of the popular Mediterranean diet,


which has been shown to effectively reduce the chances of heart disease.


Well, there may be even more benefits to this style of eating


with new research suggesting it could cut the risk of death even


The key ingredients for a long and healthy life.


We know a diet of vegetables, fish, nuts and olive


But now a claim it can even help beat heart disease.


The balance of fruit and vegetables means there is extra vitamins


and related compounds, which are better for you.


The Mediterranean diet is generally, I think, more healthy in most


of its components than, if you like, the standard British


1200 patients who had had heart attacks, strokes and blocked


arteries, were tracked over seven years.


Once followed a Mediterranean diet were less likely to be amongst those


And healthier hearts are no surprise here at this Italian deli.


We use in our recipes are a lot of vegetables and fruits.


Pasta, pizza, everything is from the ground.


My wife is a bit of a fanatic on this front.


The grilled fish, vegetables and lovely meat dishes.


Cardiovascular problems account for more than a quarter


So the hope is by eating more like this, we may be able to prevent


some of that disease and extend some of those lives.


There is a claim Mediterranean cooking could be more effective


than drugs like statins, widely prescribed for heart problems.


The author of this study even said the NHS should prescribe


Hillary Clinton's closest aide says she is separating from her husband


after another sexting revelation emerged in the US media.


Huma Abedin issued a statement saying that after long and painful


consideration, she's decided to separate from her husband -


and former congressman - Anthony Weiner.


For more on this, I'm joined now by BBC North America


This has been a long-running scandal in Washington and New York. Tell us


that it about the background. Anthony Wiener back in the news


again. He was a rising star in the Democratic party five years ago. He


was in front of the cameras all the time as a member of Congress. Then


he resigned, rehabilitated himself, positioned himself to run for mayor


of New York, and then another round of texts came out, and he ended up


not doing well in that race. Now he is known mostly as the husband as


Huma Abedin and it provides some sense of embarrassment for the


Clintons. There was a documentary earlier this year that documented


the New York mayoral campaign against. It is embarrassing but not


surprising. He said he wouldn't do it again but he appears to have done


it again. What sort of impact has this had on the campaign itself?


Donald Trump has already come out with a statement, also Notts


uprising, he lost a talk about whatever is on TV, and he said it


was careless of Clinton to associate with someone who had these ties. --


it is also not surprising. Maybe secrets were coming from the Clinton


campaign, implying he could have been blackmailed. The ties that a


presidential candidate has two advisers, that is their games. That


happened with an adviser of Bill Clinton who had to resign after a


prostitution scandal. We are hearing about aids to Donald Trump.


Allegations of wife beating during divorce proceedings. This is one


step more removed. This is the spouse of an adviser to a


presidential candidate. It is big news right now. It is front page of


the tabloids, will see if it has any legs. We certainly will. Thanks for


joining us. A bird taking to the skies might


look like an effortless feat, but the science behind flight


is quite complex. So much so that a team of scientists


at Stanford University have designed a one of a kind wind tunnel to learn


more about how birds fly. It's part of a suite of experiments


aimed at ultimately helping design flying robots that


with the same skills. Our science reporter Victoria Gill


had exclusive access Only in very slow motion can we see


the minuscule adjustments this lovebird constantly makes


to its flapping wings. It's tiny body has evolved perfectly


to fly and human engineers haven't That's something that researchers


in this lab hope to change. They've dedicated an entire room


at Stanford University in California to building this wind


tunnel, the only one OK, so this is where you fly


the birds. And it's starting to help them


discover some of the Wind tunnels have been used


for a long time to study bird flight but the new thing about this one


is that with this device, they can manipulate the airflow


to recreate any environment on Earth, from a gusty city


to the top of a mountain. When you see a bird fly


by in a city, you see all these And that is all it's doing to adjust


to all the turbulence. And so it's really these tiny


motions where they adapt quickly And we have no idea how they make


these in response to In the moving air, the bird remains


in one place. So exactly how it shifts


as the airflow changes can be seen But the team with their specially


clicker trained birds have also measured invisible


characteristics of short, This setup is unique because it


allows us to capture all the forces that a bird generates


from the moment it takes off to when it lands


during one of these flights. We have been able to record that


actually most birds when they fly, they generate twice as much lift


during the downstroke to support And during upstroke,


it actually freefalls. So what can be done with all


of this flight insight? The next generation of small-scale


flying robots, or drones, will need to cope in unstable


environments if they're to be useful in military or search


and rescue applications. Currently, they simply can't manage


as smoothly as birds. So these scientists will aim


to create robotic copies of what nature has perfected


over millions of years. Victoria Gill, BBC News,


California. Spending a year in Hawaii might not


sound like a daunting task, but for six scientists living


in isolation, it was not the island It was all part of a simulation


showing that a mission to Mars The team lived for 12 months


in a dome on a Hawaiian volcano, chosen because its terrain


is similar to that of Red Planet. A long time ago in a galaxy


far, far away, well, 365 days and in the Pacific,


to be exact, this team of intrepid explorers launched


a simulated mission to Mars. The six men and women were taking


part in a highly unusual experiment to boldly go where no


one had gone before, to live long and prosper


in conditions humans The UH research going on here


is super vital when it comes to picking crews,


figuring out how people will work on different missions,


it is kind of the human factors element of space travel,


colonisation, whatever The scientists had to survive


in isolation for one year, in a dome on a volcano


in Hawaii without fresh food, Back down to Earth, a warm


welcome and some warm food. The study funded by Nasa and run


by the University of Hawaii is one The inhospitable terrain was chosen


because it is similar to Mars Showing that it works,


you can actually get water from a ground that is seemingly dry,


it would work on Mars and the implication is that


you would be able to get water on Mars from this


greenhouse construct. The Martians of Hawaii


say their experiment shows that living in an isolated community


millions of kilometres from Earth is humanly possible and no


longer science fiction. I guess it would be difficult to


vote someone off that island! But for now from me, Jane O'Brien,


and the rest of the team goodbye. Hello, most places enjoyed some long


spells of warm sunshine today. We saw


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