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After hours of confusion, confirmation that one of Asia's most


Karimov Islam Karimov has ruled Uzbekistan with an iron fist


We'll look at what it means for the country and its appalling


A total recall of Samsung's flagship phone, the Galaxy Note 7,


Hurricane Hermine lashes Florida - the storm is now heading up


NASA releases spectacular new images of Jupiter taken by it Juno probe.


It is jaw-dropping. You see these images looking down the pole.


President Kariomov of Uzbekistan has died according to national TV.


The 78-year-old led the central Asian country for more


than a quarter of a century with an iron fist, often repressing


The death of Islam Karimov could mean a power vacuum


He hadn't been seen in public since mid-August.


President Karimov will be buried in the city


The Russian delegation at his funeral will be headed


Uzbekistan - a landlocked country in central Asia -


has spent most of the past 200 years as part of Russia, and then


the Soviet Union, before it emerged as an independent nation in 1991.


With a look back at his life, here's Rayhan Demetrie.


Islam Abdug'aniyevich Karimov's election as president of independent


Uzbekistan followed the break-up of the Soviet Union in 1991.


Those were the only elections when a genuine opposition figure


stood against the former Communist Party leader.


His critics and opponents were swiftly imprisoned


Mr Karimov jailed thousands of devout Muslims, suspected


of ties to radical Islam, and insisted that Uzbekistan


was following its own version of democracy.


But this was a democracy in which free speech and freedom


After surviving an assassination attempt in 1999, President Karimov


started a new wave of oppression against his opponents,


Human rights organisations have said that hundreds of peaceful protesters


were killed by government troops after an uprising


The question now is - who will replace him?


President Karimov's eldest daughter Lola Karimova-Tillyaeva was once


a favourite to succeed her father but she fell out of grace over


business scandals and an extravagant lifestyle and is currently


The country's long-serving Prime Minister Shavkat Mirziyoyev


and his deputy, Rustam Azimov, are among the possible successors.


Loathed by his critics and described as one of the most brutal dictators


of our time, President Karimov's death leaves Uzbekistan facing


President Karimov's health had sharply deteriorated in recent days


- on Monday his daughter said he'd suffered a brain haemorrhage.


heard from the Turkish Prime Minister, sending his condolences


before the official announcement, and also the Georgian President.


Something peculiar going on. We do now have that official


statement. It was read out on state television in Uzbekistan by a very


sombre looking newsreader. Talking on but half or reading a statement


on behalf of the government and Parliament. Talking of their huge


grief. They wanted to inform the country of the death of their dear


President. They described him as a great historic leader. They said his


name was synonymous with peace and stability. He has led Uzbekistan for


25 years and now he has gone, the big question over who will succeed


him. Potential for significant uncertainty and instability in


Uzbekistan because he never pointed the successor.


How brutal were those years? It was indeed one of the most brutal


regimes. What stands out is the massacre of 2005. I remember it very


well because I was in Aber 's Irish am right after it happened when


hundreds of children were gunned downed by the troops. There were


peaceful protesters sitting there, waiting for him to come and talk to


them. But that was just the culmination of the repression that


was happening before and after. For years and years. He was shutting


down any opposition and threw in jail anybody who he believed could


challenge the regime. Torture, unfair trials, defined the criminal


justice system. Just this year, there


is a new report about unfair trials in Uzbekistan were without


exception, convictions were based on torture. Despite the documentation


of human rights abuses and the massacre in 2005, President Karimov


never faced any international justice? He never faced any justice.


That leads us to a very important point about the fact that all these


abuses were allowed to continue unabated without any accountability


by his international counterparts, including Russia. It included the


United States, which for a very long time has had interests related to


the operations in Afghanistan and particularly the European Union. But


then they lifted them. All of that was happening pretty much place in


the international community, who chose to ignore it. His supporters


say these curbs on freedom and brutality kept up the law and order


in a country that might otherwise have been split apart by rivalry


between clans and different factions. For sure. That is the


excuse they use for years. Almost everybody thrown into prison was


charged with some activity. After the global war on terror was


announced, that played very well into his international agenda. But


that cannot hide in anyway and justified the abuses that his regime


is responsible for. It is not just him. It is pretty much anybody who


took office and said of him, marred by this record of human rights


violation. Would this change anything at all? Will it


change the regime? It is very unlikely to change the regime. There


is one hope, though, that it might change the international attitude.


It is a moment for the international community to rethink its


relationship with the dictatorship in Central Asia.


The electronics giant Samsung is recalling millions of its latest


top-of-the-range smartphone, after reports that a small number


2.5 million Galaxy Note 7s have been sold worldwide just a fortnight


The flagship product was due to be rolled out in the UK today.


Our correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones is at a technology show in Berlin,


At Europe's biggest technology show, it's Korea's Samsung


And its star product this year is the Galaxy Note 7.


This super size smartphone has won rave reviews in the US


and Asia and was due to go on sale in the UK today.


This American man posted a video on YouTube claiming his Galaxy Note


Similar reports arrived from around the world.


Be careful out there, everyone rocking the new Note 7.


Samsung held a press conference to announce a radical move.


The company was halting sales and recalling the Note 7.


A battery issue was behind the Note fires, although just 35 out


of 2.5 million customers had reported problems.


35 is a big number and I think Samsung is doing the right thing


in siding on caution and taking the devices off the market,


figuring out why there is an issue with the cells in the battery,


This news could hardly come at a worse time for Samsung.


Not only does it overshadow the launch of the Note


7 and the many other products on display here,


but it comes just a week before its deadly rival


At an event in California next week, Apple is expected


Its sales have disappointed lately, allowing Samsung to pull ahead


But will such bad publicity affect the way the Samsung brand is seen?


We asked some phone owners in Leicester.


You don't know if it could happen again, or any other phone.


I am not opposed to Samsung products.


I think they make good TVs and even good cellphones, until I read


But I think that would put me off purchasing it, for sure.


It probably wouldn't put me off, and the reason being that large


In Berlin today, Samsung continued to show off the capabilities


of the Note 7, which even works underwater.


But customers will now need reassurance that they won't need


to take drastic action with a phone that catches fire.


Now a look at some of the day's other news.


A large explosion in the southern Philippines has killed at least


12 people and injured several dozen more.


The blast took place in a busy night market in Davao, the hometown


of the Philippine President, Rodrigo Duterte.


Pictures from the scene appear to show a street


littered with broken glass and overturned restaurant chairs.


The cause of the explosion has not yet been identified.


Several hundred Syrians have been evacuated from a rebel held town


near Damascus in the first stage of a deal between rebel


The agreement to move the people out of Moadamiyeh gives the rebels


amnesty and restores the area to government control.


More than 2.5 billion people around the world live


in areas that may be vulnerable to outbreaks of Zika -


that's according to a new study into the spread of the virus.


Researchers found that people in countries like India, Pakistan,


Indonesia and Nigeria could be particularly vulnerable


For the first time in more than a decade, Florida is in a state


The storm system, called Hermine, hit the coast just before 6am GMT,


that's two in the morning local time, east of Tallahassee.


As the hurricane moved inland, it's been downgraded to a tropical


storm but its heavy rains and high-speed winds


have already left tens of thousands without power.


The worst of the wind and waves hit in the early hours of this morning.


The tide was the highest since records began. It may not been the


most powerful the state has ever seen but she packed a punch. Towns


across Florida were beaten a battered for hours. The historic


village bore the brunt of her wrath. Vanessa Edmonds has lived through


dozens of hurricanes. She was prepared for the worst. There is a


lot of clearing up to be done at her home and businesses in tax. It was


really bad here. I have lived here all my life. It was pretty bad. Work


is underway to restore power and clean water to this part of Florida.


Tens of thousands of homes lost supplies but there is an added risk.


This state is also fighting the Zika virus and standing water can help


infected mosquitoes breed. It is incredibly important that everybody


does their part to combat the Zika virus by dumping standing water, no


matter how small. The tropical storm is barrelling its way from Georgia


to the Carolinas, threatening further flooding. In some places,


the hurricane has left in her wake trail of utter devastation but


warnings were in place for days. The people of this state no storm could


have been a lot worse. Still to come: we hear how Mrs Trump


is suing Britain's Daily Mail online over claims she worked as an escort


in the 1990s. She received the Nobel Peace Prize in India's slums. Mother


Teresa was a wonderful example of how to help people in need. We help


to identify the bodies. We took them back home. Hostages appeared. Some


running tried to escape the nightmare bind them.


Britain lost a princess today. Described by all to whom she reached


out is irreplaceable, an early-morning car crash in Paris


underpass ended a life with more than its life of courage and


passion. After hours of speculation,


Uzbekistan's state TV has confirmed the President Karimov is dead.


Samsun has recalled its flagship galaxy model after reports of


exploding batteries and suspended sales of the device.


Melania Trump - the wife of the Republican presidential


candidate Donald Trump - is suing the Daily Mail Online


for libel, saying the newspaper alleged that she was an escort


Her lawyer says the claims are 100% false.


The Mail Online has published a statement in which it


retracted any suggestion that the allegations were true.


Melania Trump, the wife of Donald Trump has,


like most other prospective First Ladies, faced a good


There was that speech to the Republican convention


which bore more than a few similarities to one


You work hard for what you want hard in life.


In the Daily Mail today, there was a retraction of another


story which had asked questions about her immigration status


Given Mr Trump's position on immigration, it was a highly


They also looked at allegations that she had worked as an escort.


Today, in a statement, the Daily Mail said this...


His lawyer is the man who recently represented the wrestler Hulk Hogan


Charles Harder, here on the right, said the accusations were 100% false


It is not just the Daily Mail, another blogger has been cited


in court papers with a warning to other media outlets.


Of course, it is not the first time Donald Trump has taken


issue with the press, banning some papers from his rallies


His stance on immigration is a central pillar of his campaign.


He also needs to enthuse conservative America.


Melania Trump's reputation is an important electoral asset.


It is not just the Daily Mail, another blogger has been cited


Marin Cilic has lost a third-round stage at Flushing Meadows, beaten by


the American. He is the seventh seed in this year's tournament and lost


in straight sets. He won the mixed doubles gold in the Olympics in Rio


and has reached the fourth round at the US Open for the first time in


his career. There, he will play Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, the first man


through to the last extreme today after a straight sets victory. Novak


Djokovic is playing against the Russian. In the women's draw, last


year's runner-up has made it through as well. The seventh seed eventually


came through 6-3 in the decider. There was a shock once a walkover


went out. She was beaten by the Ukrainian in three sets. That is in


part to her 54 unforced errors. Also through, Joe Hanna can't. She isn't


around four. You can keep up-to-date with the progress of Novak Djokovic


and all the others on the BBC sport website.


The club appealed the FA charge. It was rejected today by an independent


disciplinary panel. Pep Guardiola has left the at the city's 25 man


squad. He will not be able to play. Clubs are only allowed 17 overseas


players in their squad. The Ivorian would have been in 18th. He has been


out of favour so far this season. He has been included in Manchester


United's 25 man squad. The 32-year-old had said he will be


ready if the team needs me after turning down possible moves away


from Old Trafford before the transfer deadline Bernie Ecclestone


has announced that monster will be retained as the head of the Italian


Grand Prix for the next three years. The site has been a permanent


fixture since back in 1950. On the track today, Lewis Hamilton was


fastest. The world champion is aiming to extend his lead in the


driver's standings of the Nico Rosberg. The Tour de France champion


Chris Froome remains 54 seconds behind the leader. The British rider


stayed in the peloton to keep tabs on him. Valerio Conti broke away to


win the stage. Tomorrow's stage to the Pyrenees could see Chris Froome


launch an attack on the Columbia leader. More than 1 million


applications have been received for next year's world athletics


Championships are been received. The Olympic Stadium will likely be using


Bob's last before retiring. NASA has released spectacular


new images of Jupiter The pictures show the swirling


clouds of the planet at both its poles -


views that no previous mission has Scientists say the mission will give


an unparalleled understanding of the largest planet


in our solar system, as our science correspondent


Rebecca Morelle reports. Jupiter is never seen before. For


the first time, its South Pole is revealed. Covered in swirling


storms, many even bigger than they are. In the north, it is thick


atmosphere is far bluer than scientists imagined. Now they want


to find out why. Here, and infrared view. At the top, you can see


Jupiter's Northern lights. And this sound? It was captured as Nasa's


spacecraft at through the charged particles that created the


spectacular light show. Look at these images! There are coming from


Jupiter. It is jaw-dropping. You see these images from over the pole.


Lift. Nasa's billion-dollar mission blasted


off in 2011. The start of a 3 billion kilometre voyage to the


solar system. The spacecraft reached its destination in July, grabbed


into orbit by Jupiter's gravitational pull. Jupiter


dominates our solar system. It is located at past Mercury, Venus, the


Earth and Mars. It is fast. More than 1000 earths would fit inside


it. This mission will last for 20 months. It takes Juno two weeks to


orbit Jupiter so it will only go around 37 times before it burns


up in the atmosphere. It means, for the first time, we can peer into the


thick clouds. We will study Jupiter's features including the


great red spot and storm that has been raging for centuries and


because Jupiter has hardly changed the billions of years, this mission


could tell us about the origins of the solar system. This mission is


the latest to inspire a new generation at Leicester's National


space Centre. Nasa is now inviting people to go on to the Juno website


to get involved. From early November, visitors can go onto the


website and vote for targets they want the image. We can see certain


areas that have never been photographed before. This is the


first batch of images to be sent back to work. Many more will soon


follow. Their remarkable detail will now be pored over by scientists.


They say Jupiter is like nothing they have ever seen before.


After hours of speculation Uzbekistan state television has


confirmed that President Islam Karimov has died.


The authoritarian leader has ruled the country for more


President Putin has offered his condolences.


And Smartphone giant Samsung has recalled its flagship Galaxy Note 7


model following reports of exploding batteries.


It's also suspended sales of the phone.


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