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Bright lights at China's first G20 summit -


but President Xi warns that the global economy


And German voters look set to give Angela Merkel's -


Christian Democrats an embarrassing defeat.


Pope Francis declares Mother Teresa, a Saint,


saying her work with the poor makes her a model for Christians.


London on fire....as a sculpture depicting the city's skyline is set


ablaze to mark 350 years since the Great Fire of London.


China has certainly put on an impressive show


These were the impressive scenes at the opening night gala


But while the entertainment was spectacular - the predictions


for the global economy have been fairly gloomy.


From the summit here's our Diplomatic Correspondent -


In part the summit has been about ceremony and protocol. It wants to


show to the world what it sees about its status as a world player and


protocol about the fact President Obama did not get a red carpet. Who


was to blame? They have discussed the world economy and how to


kick-start growth. Truth be told they have not agreed very much on


that. In truth the focus of the day has been about the meetings on the


margins of the summit. The Germans talking to the top about EU


migration. The Americans talking to the Russians about the possible


cessation of hostilities in Syria. Lots of interest, two in Theresa


May. She has been meeting people. They have becoming up to her, some


formerly, some informally, wanting to get to know her. Her message was


one of you shouldn't. Despite the vote for Brexit Britain is open for


business but she has had a harder time getting that message across and


some might have imagined. Resident Obama made it very clear that when


it came to treat deals the US still wanted to do business with the EU


and Pacific countries ahead of the United Kingdom. At the same time it


emerged the Japanese government had published a 15 page document on what


it sees as the central costs of exit to its firms in the UK. Things like


the lack of Paris. That was an unexpected shock for Downing Street


today. I think the Prime Minister has had a harder date than today.


Tomorrow it will not get any easier when she has to meet the Chinese


president and discuss her crucial decision to delay the big object of


a nuclear power plant in Somerset that the Chinese want to invest in.


Well as you were hearing - Japan has been warning the UK


about the potential costs of the country's decision


With more - here's our Business correspondent Joe Lynam.


It is very interesting normally when a country has a problem with that


country they mention it in a bilateral meeting and it does not


get published. This was one published Ridley said the careful


with the Brexit negotiations. Our Japanese companies are very worried


they will lose out in this whole process. The arch Britain to


continue free movement of people and stay within the single market and


maintain our sporting rights for the banks and financial services


companies. This is very unusual to see the least and ought to put


Theresa May in a bind simply because the vote to leave the European Union


had a huge element of restricting immigration from the EU. It will be


difficult to restrict EU freedom of movement and at the same time keep


all be good bet you want from the single market. Japan is voicing its


concerns. Britain has an issue. How much is Japan worth to the British


economy? It is the third-largest investor in Britain. It is not


inconsequential what they do. A huge banking presence. Mitsubishi.


Hitachi and a giant crane making factory in County Durham Ben Davies


carmaking, Toyota and Honda and Nissan have huge plants in Britain


and have been here for two or three decades. The worry is that if


written leaves the EU without a fresh trade deal with the EU that


could leave them relying on World Trade Organisation rules. There is


an automatic tariff of 10% then applying to all cars made in Britain


and then X ordered and will leave you need that 10% means they will


make no money exporting cars from Britain. The Japanese government


want an answer from the new British Prime Minister, when will they get


that? If I knew that answer I could rush to the bookies and making a lot


of money. This process could take use. The art Wai Phyo we're watching


this closely and you have to be clean and transparent. We do not


know what Britain's relationship with the EU will be like. We want to


encourage companies to move headquarters from Britain to


elsewhere. Exit polls in Germany's local


elections show a populist anti-immigrant group has pushed


Chancellor Angela Merkel's governing The exit polls put centre left


Social Democratic Party in the lead and the anti-immigrant


Alternative for Germany party, The vote is being seen as a key test


of Mrs Merkel's popularity before Our Berlin Correspondent,


Damian McGuinness, says this result looks ominous for the ruling


Christian Democratic Union. Any news of any results yet? Yes,


what we are seeing so far is pretty much what the examples have been


telling us. This new anti-migrant party has scored well over 20% so


far according to initial count estimates which is the strong. It


really does boot Angela Merkel in third place. This is politically


incredibly embarrassing for the Chancellor because her own


constituency is in this region. Also as you quite rightly said this vote


was really fought over the issue of migration and the main campaign


issue for this anti-migrant party was Angela Merkel was Mac refugee


standards and her welcome towards refugees. The other party campaigned


against it and it seemed almost a quarter of the electorate agreed


with them. This will get some of the critics of Mrs Merkel was Mac stands


on refugees including those on higher on party it will embolden


them be late which is importing given the fact we have a national


election next year which Mrs Merkel may decide to run in. Having said


all that, Mrs Merkel still has no clear rivals cause that is no one in


the left-wing opposition who can really match her popularity. Even


though her ratings have slumped still half of the people want her to


remain Chancellor. Even though polls show that many Germans do not agree


with her refugee policy, any Germans do. The country is divided over


this. A lot of the supporters the left-wing opposition and she has


brought the party to the Centre which is what some left-wing party


members do not agree with. Tell me more about AF G and why they have


done so well. They are new. The came on to the scene three years ago they


have morphed into an anti-migrant party. They are playing on the fears


some Germans have of immigrants but the cannot go so far. People say


they are politically toxic, the accused of being racist so some


other parties not work with them to the could never enter government.


Thank you very much. Mother Teresa has become the Roman


Catholic Church's newest saint. A huge crowd attended


the canonisation mass The ethnic-Albanian nun


devoted her life to helping the poor Here's our Religious Affairs


correspondent, Caroline Wyatt Mother Teresa's face beamed out


over St Peter's Square, where the faithful gathered


from early this morning, including many nuns


from the Missionaries Of Charity, an order she founded in 1950


with just 12 followers. Its aim - to care for the poorest


of the poor in India, Pope Francis praised the example set


by Mother Teresa to all Christians, as he declared the Blessed Teresa


of Calcutta a saint to be venerated by the whole


Roman Catholic Church. Later, the Pope said


St Teresa's mission of serving the poor and the needy,


the elderly and the unwanted, was a way of shining


a light in the darkness, and showing divine


mercy here on Earth. Despite the heat and the tight


security here at the Vatican today, the pilgrims came in their tens


of thousands to celebrate the canonisation of this


extraordinary woman, This woman prayed to Mother Teresa


to intercede on her behalf and It was the anniversary


of Mother Teresa's death and the medicine had not worked


but I have faith in Even 19 years after her death,


St Teresa remains an instantly recognisable figure for her work


in the slums of Calcutta, where She was a saint before this human


stamp was given to her. I have great respect


and admiration for all that We have been to Calcutta,


we have seen what she has done Saint Teresa's critics said she took


money from dictators and her supporters suggest they should show


the same love and mercy in the lives as they say seem to these dead in


horrors. The mass was also watched in Kolkata


- our correspondent, I have just come out from a special


mass held at the Missionaries of Charity to celebrate


the canonisation of Mother Teresa. There are people who have come


from all over Calcutta and all over India, some from different parts


of the world to celebrate this The service began shortly


after Mother Teresa was canonised The nuns of the order


that she founded nearly 70 years ago pledged to carry on the work


that Mother Teresa did during her lifetime,


working among the poorest of the poor, the dying,


the destitute, and the orphans Some of the people who gathered


here watched the proceedings live from the Vatican on a big screen


that had been erected. Among those were some people whose


lives have been directly I want to celebrate


the life of Mother Teresa and the Missionaries of Charity


and all the other volunteers have It was polio and geography


and poverty that led me So the blessed Mother Teresa has


become Saint Teresa of Calcutta. Her tomb lies just beyond


the windows over there, a simple white tomb which draws


visitors every single day. Even more people are expected


to come now to visit this shrine and offer prayers,


offer their respects, In other news Syrian government


forces have recaptured several strategic areas


in the city of Aleppo. Rebels fighters took the Ramou-sseh


district on the south-western outskirts last month


in a major offensive. It broke a government siege


in the east of the city. The battle for those areas


is reported to be continuing. There's transport chaos in Israel -


as trains have been cancelled in a political and religious dispute


over maintenance work. It took place on the Sabbath,


the Jewish day of rest. The Israeli Prime Minister,


Benjamin Netanyahu ordered rail maintenance cancelled in response


to demands by Ultra-Orthodox He is now facing criticism


for his decision, which has led to huge traffic


jams and disruption. The United Nations has called


for tighter regulation of the booming seaweed farming


industry to protect the environment. Almost 27 million tonnes of seaweed


is produced annually for use in foods, fertilisers


and hygiene products. But a new UN study has found


evidence that seaweed can In a report the UN recommends


measures such as seed banks and monitoring


for diseases to protect stock. Counting's underway in Hong Kong's


Legislative Council elections. It's the first major vote


in the Chinese territory since protesters took to the streets


in 2014 calling for full democracy. Martin Yip - from the BBC


Chinese Service says Right here hundreds of journalists


that my Bacca waiting for the report of this legislative council election


in Hong Kong. Further down we have thousands counting the ballots.


Already we are hearing record-breaking numbers of turnout.


The latest numbers we have are still from one hour before the ball was


closed up we are talking about 52% of voters who came out to vote. 3.77


million. That is already a record-breaking number. The highest


turnout for this one was in 2004 when 55 cent of voters came out.


This election is the most fragmented one since 1997. We had the 2014


occupied central movement just before this election two years ago.


That ended up with a more radical camp called the local lists and so


did the umbrella soldiers. These are running in the election. So do the


more recently from the pro-independence camp. They are all


getting a share of the votes hope fully and by that I mean a


significant lose to the hand Democrats camp. We are yet to see


how bad it can be but do not forget there are still the pro Asian camp


and it has also been occupying the majority in the reading Parliament,


the legislative Council. So, how would the political landscape of


Hong Kong change? That depends on what happens in the coming hours


with the counting. Stay with us on BBC


News, still to come... Find out why this giant replica


of 17th-century London has been set on fire -


to the delight of onlookers. Britain lost a princess today


described either of those to him she reached out as irreplaceable.


As China puts on a spectacular show for world leaders President Xi urges


them not to let the lights go out on economic growth.


Exit polls in Germany's local elections show a populist


anti-immigrant group has pushed Angela Merkel's governing


The government has said it's setting aside ?10 million to help Syrian


It comes as it's revealed there are now 170 councils willing


to help house the 20,000 refugees Britain has committed


Around 2,500 refugees from Syria have


already settled here - and our correspondent Matthew Price


Tucked away in a small hairdressers this afternoon,


we found one of the first Syrians to be resettled under


I am living my life without hearing the voices of children


When you hear these voices, you feel sad because


She is getting language lessons here, helping out in the local salon


In all, 20,000 Syrians will eventually be brought


More than 2,800 have already been resettled here.


The government will give councils ?8,500 for each refugee


they resettle in the first year and that payment tapers


Person by person, in places like this, this refugee resettlement


There will be many people who say that 20,000 Syrians over a number


And yet there will be others who will be concerned that even


with the government help, some local authorities will be stretched.


Are local councils convinced they have enough money for this?


One of the reasons the Syrian scheme has been a success story and the UK


response to the refugee crisis is it is voluntary,


a partnership between central and local government and the funding


means those councils coming forward are ones that know they have both


housing available but also school places for children


And all the time, the need is growing.


In the northern Syrian city of Aleppo today, more


Tragically, there are now more than 3.5 million Syrian


refugees and I don't think there should be an upper limit.


Britain should go further and faster.


We should bring in those 20,000 refugees and then we should do more.


Politically, that could be difficult.


But for those already here, like this woman, this country


Hugh Woozencroft has all the sport now...


Hello the 'Route to Russia' has begun with the first 2018


Northern Ireland reached the last 16 at Euro 2016 -


That game is currently goalless with ten minutes left.


While World Champions Germany lead going into the closing


In Group F, England, who had a disappointing summer


scored with the last kick of the match to beat


The score was 1-0 and Gordon Strachan's site are currently


winning 3-1. The Formula One drivers


championship is now wide open. After Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg


won the Italian Grand Prix to trim the gap on his team mate


Lewis Hamilton to just two points. A mistake from the world champion


allowed the German driver to capitalise with seven races


of the season to go. It was the kind of knockout blow


Nico Rosberg could only have creamed off. Actor missing out on pole by


almost half a second to his rival Lewis Hamilton he would have been


expecting to follow him to the chequered flag. The last six winners


of the Grand Prix had started from the front. When the lights went out


the world champion went backwards handing the league to his team-mate.


He slipped to sixth and whether it his hopes of victory. Hamilton


quickly got back up to fifth at it took 11 laps before he could get


past the Williams. He did not have to rotate the Ferraris as the


decision to make two pit stops allowed Hamilton to get past I just


making one. Try as he might do was no way he was going to catch


Rosberg. The German led by but one lap for his seventh win of the


season and by cutting Hamilton sleep to two points there is no certainty


over who will be world champion. Spain's Maverick Vinales has


won the British Grand Prix at Silverstone -


his first ever MotoGP victory. It's also good news for Suzuki


who have their first win in this Honda's Cal Crutchlow,


the first Briton to take pole since 1977, came second,


with Italian Valentino Rossi Marc Marquez still has a 50-point


lead over Rossi in Chris Froome's hopes of winning


a first Vuelta a Espana suffered a blow after finishing more than two


and a half minutes behind The Tour de France winner missed


the day's breakaway allowing The Colombian went on to finish


second on the 73 mile There are six stages


of the three-week race left. Sweden's Alex Noren


is the European Masters champion for a second time after beating


Scott Hend in a play-off. Noren had trailed the Australian


by a shot heading into the final round but a round of 65 allowed him


to finish level on 17 under par. Hend found himself in a spot


of bother on the first playoff hole as he hooked his tee


shot into the trees. Noren took advantage and birdied


the extra hole from 10 metres to earn his sixth win


on the European Tour. Pakistan avoided a whitewash with a


victory against England in Cardiff. Pakistan picked England into bat and


Jason Roy responded with 85 from 87 balls. England said the target of


303 for Pakistan to win at a four wicket partnership of 163 between


the man of the match and Malik put Pakistan on the road to victory. The


comfortably rounded off the win with an over to spear. The last match is


E2020 international on Wednesday. -8 T20 match on Wednesday.


A wooden sculpture of London's 17th century skyline has been set ablaze


on the River Thames to commemorate the Great Fire of London.


350 years ago this week a small fire that started


in a London bakery spread across the city, destroying


thousands of homes and St Paul's Cathedral.


The sculpture was designed by American artist David Best


and built with the help of disadvantaged youth


Hundreds of Londoners gathered on the banks of the River Thames


to watch the floating piece burn before it was put out.


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