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Welcome to BBC World News Today, I'm Karin Giannone in London.


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton slugged it out for 90 minutes.


No knock-out blow, but who came out on top?


Scientists in the United States say the world's first baby has been born


using a new "three person" fertility technique.


For the first time, the International Criminal Court has


passed a sentence for cultural destruction.


The crimes were committed in Mali by a jihadi.


Nasa finds more evidence of water on one of Jupiter's moons.


Reaction has been coming in thick and fast since the to US


presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump


faced each other in their first televised debate.


Campaign teams for both have praised the performances


But Donald Trump, despite initially saying the moderator


Lester Holt had done a good job, is now saying Holt was tougher


Trump has also complained about his microphone crackling


In response, Hillary Clinton had this to say:


Anybody who blames it on the microphone is not having a good


night. In diplomacy, they call


this a grin and grab. In last night's presidential debate,


it quickly gave way to grimaces, as both


candidates exchanged blows. Donald Trump started attacking


Hillary Clinton for initially backing


the Pacific Trade Deal The gold standard of trade,


you said it was the finest And then you heard what I


said about it and all Well, Donald, I know


you live in your reality, But then it was Donald Trump's


to be put under the cosh. First over his refusal to hand


over his tax returns, something that


all candidates have done Maybe he doesn't want the American


people, all of you watching tonight, to know that he's paid


nothing in federal taxes, because the only years that anybody's ever


seen were a couple of years when he asked to turn them over to state


authorities when he was trying to get a casino licence and they showed


he didn't pay any But how smart, when


everybody else has His business acumen


is a cornerstone of his appeal, not questions. He then came under attack


over his attitude towards women, a key demographic in this


election where he is trailing badly. But this is a man who has called


women pigs, slobs and dogs. She spoke about a beauty pageant


contestant who Mr Trump had called Miss Housekeeping,


because she was Latino. Donald, she has


a name. Her name is Alicia


and she has become a US citizen and you can bet that


she's going to vote this November. But Donald Trump then sought


to make it about character. I said she doesn't have the stamina


and I don't believe To be president of this


country, you need Well, as soon as he travels


to 112 countries and negotiates a peace deal, a


ceasefire, a release of dissidents, an opening of new opportunities


in nations around the world or even spends 11 hours testifying in front


of a congressional committee, you Hillary has experience,


but it's bad experience. We have made so many bad


deals during the last... So she's got experience,


but it is bad, bad Donald Trump is positioning


himself as the political outsider and that resonates


with many disillusioned Americans. By the end of the debate,


it was Donald Trump's stamina that


seemed to be flagging. Here, both sides are claiming


victory, as you would expect, and Donald Trump has come


in to do his own spinning. He had one question to answer


in this debate: Did he have the temperament to be


the next commander-in-chief, Mr Trump, are you satisfied


with how it went? Several news organisations carried


out their own polls, A joint CNN/ORC survey


gave Mrs Clinton 62% But the organisations


acknowledge that more Democrats The broadcaster CNBC


asked people to cast The outcome was 61 to 39


in favour of Mr Trump, although there's no way of knowing


the background of any But the Public Policy Polling


Organisation carried out its own survey of what it claims


is a balanced group of more than a thousand


registered US voters. They called it 51 to 40 for Clinton,


with 9% of people undecided. Well, Pennsylvania is a key swing


state for both candidates. To get an idea of the reaction


from voters there, our correspondent Rajini Vaidyanathan


is in Philadelphia. What is the verdict? Well, I've


spent the morning here at Philadelphia's Reading terminal


market and people are just finishing their lunch, but throughout the


course of the morning, people are Pindar jesting and discussing last


night's debate and as you say, Pennsylvania is a key state in this


election and it is a key battle ground and where both Clinton and


Trump both need to win if they want the keys to the White House. So what


the voters see a thing? I'm joined by Jim and Dorothy. Let us begin


with you, Jim. What did you think? I was disappointed to some degree, I


thought the moderator conducted himself like a rookie. I say that


for two reasons, one is that he always started the questioning with


the same candidate, except for one time and I think that's gave an


advantage to that candidate. Do you mean Clinton? Yes, and she started


the canisters, except on the second to last question I gave her an


advantage of getting her ideas out in the brains of the audience and


the people. And then Mr Trump had to say things that would try get those


ideas away from them. You support and all Trump? Yes. How would you


assess his overall performance? I think they both did OK. I don't


think either of them are really gained any votes lost any. I think


they're both did pretty well. Dorothy, you are supporting Clinton.


How do Joe candidate do? I think she did well and her experience showed.


She knows how these things work and knows how to make the best advantage


of the situation she was in. I think she did fine. I don't think either


one would have gained or lost and supporters. A debate is difficult


for someone to change someone's mind, because it is so difficult a


situation for them to be in. How much of this is now box office a


reality television and how much is really about important political


issues? I think a lot of it is just reality television. Trying to get


the attention of voters, applying their base instinct and I don't


think... I so by Hillary, and I don't think Donald Trump as many


real ideas or his policies are fully formed. Clinton has a lot more


experience in that areas and I think it is a matter of personality, at


one point or another, people are going to gravitate to the


personality they like best, for better or worse. General, finally,


what do you think Donald Trump needs to do before the next debate? He


needs to stick to his solutions for the problems in America. He has that


figured out pretty well. He doesn't think like a politician or talk like


one but I do know how to tell them to change or to improve on that. An


example, last night, Clinton talked to him about his financial problems.


She brought up 15 points and all of those are based on speculation. Now,


she worded it is such a way that if a person wasn't paying close


attention, they'd think that she was making factual statements. Letters


asked Dorothy's opinion. I agree Trump doesn't talk or act like a


politician, he should do that a little more. A bit more grandeur and


controversial statements alienate a lot of people and I think if he


wants to get enough support committee needs to stop alienating


people. But in a way that seems valid, not him just saying what we


want him to say, that he really means it. I don't know if he has


time to do that. Interesting views there. It is of course worth noting


that was the first of three presidential debates and there's


also a vice presidential debate next week. A lot of time in store for


many undecided voters who I've messed this morning to make up their


minds. -- who I've met this morning. There was a lot of talk


at the debate on trade and Donald Trump had some things


to say about Asia as well. Joining me from Washington


is political risk Welcome to the programme. Did you


get much of a picture of the kind of America we would see under each


candidate last night from that debate? How they would deal with the


rest of the world when it comes to trade? I thin maybe not so much with


trade, but certainly in terms of how they approach the world. From Trump


we got the same message is been saying all along, and that is that


US allies are taking advantage, we are footing the bill for the


Security and allowing them to get rich and take advantage of US


economic openness and trade deals and that has to stop. That has been


his worldview and he has been consistent. From Secretary Clinton,


it is a little different. She doesn't bother transpacific


partnership anymore, but she does have a worldview that recognises the


value of the institutions of the America created after the end of


World War II. She recognises there are some positive gains from the US


underwriting these global institutions. She knows that has to


continue and that there is for argument that. Donald Trump going on


in the attack over Clinton's reversal on that trade deal, how


much of a blow did he land there? That was seen as one of his


strongest elements. Is certainly an issue where Secretary Clinton is


vulnerable. People on her left, former supporters of Senator Sanders


from the Democratic campaign, I think it was a big issue for them.


There's a lot of questions over where she stands on this, what will


she do about it. Wherever her heart is, I think if she were elected, it


would be hard for her to move forward with the trade agreement.


Even President Obama is trying to get it done before he leaves office,


despite the obstacles. Is there any perception that Trump is more


trustworthy with matters of trade, given that he is a product of the


business world and not a politician? I don't know if trust really gets


there. This is someone who I thin back in 2000 talked about how he


was... If he were elected, he was going to be his own trade


Representative. So he's talked a big game about trade deals. But this is


closing the barn door after the horse has bolted. The US is still a


major manufacturing power, is just that they are very efficient at the


same number of manufacturing jobs available. In some ways, Secretary


Clinton's approach is better in that she's thinking about creating jobs


in the economy as a whole and we've heard none of that from Donald


Trump. He talks about these bad trade deals, there's no plan for how


to create good jobs in the United States, he just talks about stopping


jobs going overseas. That's not good enough. Thank you.


Scientists in the United States say the first baby has been


born using a new "three person" fertility technique.


The New Scientist Journal says a baby boy,


who is now five months old, was born to Jordanian parents.


They were treated by a US team in Mexico


as the procedures are not approved in the US.


parents with rare genetic mutations to avoid passing


It involves removing the nucleus from one of the mother's eggs,


and inserting it into a donor egg which has


In every case here, this is a genetic mutation which is passed on


a downer through the mother's ache in structures known as the power


packs of themselves. In a couple, from Jordan, had already had two


children who died of a genetic disorder and four miscarriages, all


as a result of this. Experts in New York took healthy donor DNA from a


second woman and mixed it with the DMA, the key DNA that you inherit


from your parents that affects your personality, how you look, all the


key DNA, and produced this healthy baby boy who is now five months old.


But that tiny bit, that no .01% of DNA from the third person will be


passed on down the generations. A little bit of disquiet that we


haven't had the full scientific report on this, where having to take


their word on it. It has come out as an abstract, one of the short, brief


paragraphs that hasn't even been discussed at the scientific


conference. We will get it at some point. What is the ethical and legal


position of a technique like this? It is very interesting, a lot of


people are uncomfortable about it. It's interesting that last team


based in New York, just off Central Park, went to Mexico to do it. They


went to Mexico, because there are no rules there. Indeed, many countries


would make this illegal. The only country that has specifically passed


legislation to permit it is the UK and a team of scientists in the


North of England are planning to help a handful of women every year,


but they haven't even applied for the license yet, this team, is not a


race of course, that New York have done it first. Thank you.


Now a look at some of the day's other news.


Typhoon Megi made landfall in Taiwan, the third major


storm to hit the island in a matter of weeks.


Megi has brought winds of nearly 200 kilometres an hour


and has caused disruption across the island.


At least four people have been killed, and hundreds injured.


Schools and offices are expected to be shut for a second


New York authorities say a firefighter has died


after responding to a report of a gas leak at


It seems an explosion happened at the two-storey private house


after the firefighters discovered a drug lab.


Six other officers have been taken to hospital with minor injuries.


A trial has begun in France of 15 current and former


employees of Air France, after two company executives


had their shirts torn off as a meeting on job cuts


Five of them face charges of organised violence,


while the rest are accused of damaging property.


The violent protest took place last October at the airline's


An Islamist militant from Mali who destroyed historic shrines


in the city of Timbuktu has been sentenced to nine years in prison


at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.


Ahmad al-Faqi al-Mahdi led the desecration of a number


of ancient tombs four years ago when an Al Qaeda-linked group took


According to tradition, the door of this city


mosque was supposed to


In this footage played in court, you can see


In this footage played in court, you can see it been broken down by


jihadists, an attempt to destroy the mystery


and with it, centuries of


He was found guilty of running the morality brigade,


a religious vice squad carrying out orders from the sharia courts.


They considered these Sufi shrines to be un-Islamic.


At the start of the trial, the prosecutor explained why the


destruction of cultural heritage is being prosecuted as a war crime for


Attacks on cultural property have become actual weapons


They are being used to eliminate entire communities and


It is done to make it seem as though they never existed.


During the trial all visible signs of the militant


TRANSLATION: I am pinning my hope on the fact that the punishment


that will be meted out to me will be sufficient


enough for the people to


People were also targeted during the rebel occupation


and many of the victims say that this case


fails to cover some of the


Particularly crimes against women, sexual violence, sexual slavery,


And the fact that these charges have not yet been


represented at the ICC is very difficult for people to understand.


The trial is being seen as a rest success for this controversial


It proves that some African nations are willing to cooperate


Ahmad al-Faqi al-Mahdi is unlikely to appeal, which means


that the authorities now have access to someone who may have inside


And it proves that people can be prosecuted for


Timbuktu has now been renovated and for a


local people, this represents a tangible and symbolic victory


Reports from Aleppo is a Syrian Government forces have been making


advances on the ground in the centre of the divided city. Military


sources and rebels say pro-government forces appeared to be


mobilising for a possible ground assault after several days of heavy


air strikes against the rebel held is of Aleppo. The new offensive was


launched with Russian backing after a week-long ceasefire collapsed.


The migrant crisis shows no signs of easing.


The ship which capsized off the Northern coast of Egypt last


week with hundreds on board has been raised from the sea bed.


11 more bodies were found on deck bringing the total number


It's unclear how many more people may be found below deck.


Many of the dead were young Egyptian men.


So what's driving so many of them to risk


From Northern Egypt, Orla Guerin reports.


The sons of this town are coming back home.


This village and others nearbyhave buried 20 men and teenage boys.


They fled the poverty of Egypt's Nile Delta,


He boarded the migrant ship, though he


The women tell those people smugglers should be executed.


Instead, they pay bribes and get released.


The boy's grandmother said he wanted to help get electricity


This man says his friends just wanted jobs and


Among everybody here, if


you are considering taking a boat, raise your hands.


Plenty of Egyptian children already have,


For those who risk of the dangerous voyage across the Mediterranean,


A boat approaches and families rush to the


dock, hoping to at least get bodies to bury.


Some victims phoned home as they struggled


Relatives tell us that in the crucial early hours, they got no


They were in the sea from 5am until 11am.


I come out of the captain, and these


This man lost his brother, who was only 20.


I asked him if he'd seen my brother swimming,


he said he swam for an


Locals say the lack of opportunities he will keep driving young men to


see and they expect this tragedy to be repeated.


Nasa's Hubble Space Telescope has taken new pictures


of one of the moons of Jupiter, called Europa.


They show jets of water spurting from the moon's icy surface.


The images are the first direct evidence that there is a vast


And the discovery increases the possibility of


Here's our Science Correspondent, Pallab Ghosh.


More than 350 million miles away, orbiting Jupiter,


Scientists think that under its surface there


might be a vast ocean - and where there's water,


These new pictures from the Hubble space telescope are the first direct


At the bottom left, jets of water - the largest of which


We've discovered these features here which may be plumes of water


If that's the case, it's exciting because it's depositing material


from the ocean on the surface of Europa and into space,


and that means we can look for organics and even signs of life.


Nasa and the European Space Agency both plan separate missions


The discovery of these jets now means that the search for life


Instead of having to land and drill through metres of ice to see


what's in the ocean, spacecraft can now fly


through the jets, collect the water and analyse it for evidence


I'm almost sure there is life of some kind out


I'd be flabbergasted if there wasn't.


I think the conditions seem to be right in a number of places that I'm


almost certain bacteria of some kind must be able to form in the liquid


water oceans on some of the moons of Jupiter and of Saturn, as well.


There's a new space race between the European Space Agency


and Nasa to get to Europa and the other moons of Jupiter.


Whoever gets there first could answer one of the biggest


questions in science - are we alone in the universe?


You can get in touch with me and some of


But for now from me and the rest of the team, goodbye.


the way for Scotland by Thursday. It is quite windy across the North


right now, quite a few showers as well. Things were, later in the


night. This weather front taking the remaining cloud and drizzle away,




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