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This is BBC World News Today with me Ben Bland.


We are live in the press conference in New Jersey where the governor has


been speaking about the train crash. Let's return to the press


conference. I'd like to thank the team for their outstanding response


to this tragedy, thank the lieutenant governor for being here


and all for first responders. We know what happened, we don't know


why it happened. As Governor Christie said, the train came in at


too high a rate of speed, it didn't stop, it came through the barriers.


When you see the destruction up close, the silver lining is that


there is only one fatality that's far because the destruction really


is significant, and the power of the train coming in is obviously


devastating in its impact. The 100 injured and the fatality and the


critically injured, we remember them in our prayers and we hope that


there is only one fatality and it stops there. The NTSB will do a full


investigation as to what happened exactly and we will let the facts


speak for themselves and if there's something to learn from those facts


after that investigation, then we will be sure to learn and


incorporate that lesson. The Commissioner and chairman Pendergast


are working hand in glove in a seamless approach where New Jersey


transit is working with the NTA, the Port authority to expedite tonight's


commute and tomorrow's commute, because, as the governor said, the


structural damage to the station itself, and we don't yet know how


long that damage will take to repair or what the consequence of that


damages. I'd like to applaud all the first responders, who did a


magnificent job once again. And I'd also like to take this opportunity


to say these are difficult times over these past weeks and months.


Between terrorist attacks, natural disasters, we've had our hands full


in this country. We've had our hands full in the north-east. I want to


thank the police who did an extraordinary job in apprehending


the suspect in connection with the Chelsea bombing. They really did a


fantastic job and I want to thank the coordination and Corporation of


our neighbours and partners in making that happen. Today is another


situation for us to deal with but I also believe as many challenges as


mother nature sends us or our enemies send us, we are up to


handling them. We will handle them one at a time but when we worked


together, there is nothing that we can't accomplish, and nothing we


can't overcome. And we will do that with today's tragedy as well. With


that, I'll turn it back to Governor Christie. The Commissioner for


transportation and the German of New Jersey transit will address some of


the transit issues we will be confronting in the days to come.


Good afternoon. As Governor Christie mentioned earlier, the train service


is going to be resumed at this station this afternoon. We expect to


run a full rush-hour service. There is a couple of pilot trains that


will run in the next hour or so but all indications are go, safety


inspections have shown is there's no reason we can't run the system at


full rush-hour capacity. For the afternoon, New Jersey transit will


be expanding bus, rail and light rail services as much is possible to


make up for the closure of the rail line at Hoboken. We will increase


services on the bus lines. Customers will be notified where to get their


services. A bus shuttle will run between Hoboken and Secor crustacean


on a load basis. The Hudson Bergen light rail is currently suspended


into and out of Hoboken... That is the press conference taking place


live in Hoboken about the train crash. We heard earlier from


Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie. He emphasised they were


not going to speculate on the causes at this early stage, that an


investigation is in progress. We also heard from the governor of New


York, Andrew Cuomo, who talked about the structural damage to the


station, obviously saying it is impossible to say how long it'll


take for that to be fully repaired. Andrew Cuomo also said the train


obviously came in at two higher rate of speed, he said it was unclear at


this stage why that was. One moment it was a normal commuter


journey, the next, chaos. A train has crashed into a station


in New Jersey in the United States, leaving at least one person dead


and up to 100 injured, These images from the station


at Hoboken show the scene after the train smashed


into the buffer stops causing part Dozens of people are being


treated in hospital. Investigators are trying to work out


the cause of the crash but they say the train appeared to be


travelling at speed. The BBC's Nick Bryant


is at the scene and has A packed train entering a crowded


station at the peak of rush hour. A routine morning commute


changing in an instant Passengers said the train just


didn't slow down as it entered the station,


ploughing through ticket barriers and into the reception area


of Hoboken station. And everything from


the ceiling came down. Jumped a little bit


on to where we were standing, so it crushed that little centre


where people would normally be standing, and threw


them into where we were. Then I saw another, and then I saw


a couple of people... I didn't see many bodies until I ran


over there and then I saw people getting up and getting helped up,


bleeding all over the place. Such was the impact of the crash,


part of the roof caved in, making it all the more difficult


for the emergency services to reach There are reports of people pinned


under collapsed concrete pillars. Hoboken is in New Jersey,


across the Hudson River Many commuters use this busy station


to travel into Manhattan, and many tend to pack the front


carriages of the trains to shave Nearby hospitals were told


to prepare for a mass Orthopaedic injuries


and internal injuries, and some deep lacerations


being treated by our trauma In addition, there are a handful


of other patients who are currently being evaluated for their injuries


in the emergency room. Approximately 40 patients


are being treated as well for walk-in types of injuries, and


they are being evaluated as well. The cause of the crash isn't yet


known but New Jersey Transit hasn't completed installing what's called


positive train control, a safety system designed to prevent


accidents by automatically slowing or stopping trains that


are going too fast. It had been ordered to install


the system by the government, It there have been a spate of train


accidents and often the cause has been locomotives going too fast.


Commuters are inevitably -- inevitably asking, why is it taking


so long to install the safety mechanism, especially when America's


National transport safety board was calling for its introduction over 25


years ago? The BBC's Nada Tawfik


is at the scene. We heard the update on the situation


in the press conference a short while ago but what more you hearing?


The press conference is still ongoing as Andrew Cuomo and Chris


Christie take questions from the press. What we heard is to Governor


is saying they can't rule out what the cause of this train crash was,


that they can't speculate at the same time. They have to wait for


further investigations into that. They confirmed one person has died


and that 108 people have been injured. They said there are still


people in critical condition in hospital 's Barclays pray and hope


that number doesn't go to more. It was also interesting to hear Andrew


Cuomo talk about how there have been several difficult weeks for New York


in Jersey, between the bombings in New Jersey and New York, he


mentioned the natural disasters in this, and he said that they would


get through this just like anything else, they would take anything that


mother nature brought towards them. The governor is still taking


questions here, but I think what you're going to be hearing from the


press are questions about the safety, what caused this. The


conductor of the train is still in hospital with injuries. We don't


know if he's spoken to authorities but it is why there wasn't a


mechanism installed on this train. This is one of the busiest


transportation hubs in New Jersey so why the proper mechanism will want


in place to prevent this type of accident. The governors are still


speaking and we're hoping to get more on that. Give us a sense of


what the station would have been like at that time, at rush hour. Is


it a station you are familiar with and have travelled through?


Absolutely, I am a resident of New Jersey and have gone through this


station several times. You have the Path train here in this train


station. Along with New Jersey's transit system. You have to transit


system is going through Hoboken. There's also the ferry people can


transferred to to get to New York. Just to give you a sense, this is


the fifth busiest train station in New Jersey. You have thousands of


people going through here in the mornings. People who are getting off


to go to New York but also other parts of New Jersey, since this is


such a busy transportation hub. When we spoke to eyewitnesses, they talk


about the chaos, the screening, the panic, the injuries they'd seen, and


the governors described how the path station, which was a bit further


removed from weather train crashed, would be able to resume but because


of the structural damage to the station with the roof partially


collapsing the trains for New Jersey transit would be running any time


soon. So it is what we expected but, again, it is such a chaotic... It


was such a chaotic scene here this morning because of the number of


people that go through this station. OK, thank you very much for the


update. Tensions are escalating


between Moscow and Washington over the crisis in the Syrian


city of Aleppo. US Secretary of State John Kerry has


threatened to end existing cooperation with Russia after heavy


bombing continued in The UN has warned of a humanitarian


catastrophe in Aleppo, unlike any witnessed so far


in the five-year civil war. Let's get more from our


correspondent Barbara It seems that patience is running


out, and tempers fraying. All of this isn't going to help the


situation at all, is it? No, it isn't. The Americans are really


scrambling to try to figure out how to respond to the situation because


they had this carefully crafted peace plan which took months and


months to work out with the Russians which was supposed to get a


ceasefire, and then move onto political negotiations to end the


conflict. They were taken by surprise at how quickly that


surprised and by how ferocious the resumption of violence has been with


these air attacks. Both Russian and Syrian planes on Aleppo that is


creating this humanitarian catastrophe of proportions we


haven't seen before. So John Kerry was saying a little while ago the US


was on the verge of cutting off any talks, any attempts to talk with the


Russians about a resumption of the plan. He said it is irrational to


sit here and say were trying to seriously revive this when the


Russians have shown no seriousness in doing so. He didn't close it off


completely. He said they would have to pursue other alternatives for a


period until the warring parties are ready to take a different approach.


The administration is looking at what it could do to respond to this


unprecedented upsurge in violence. I just wonder how serious this threat


is from John Kerry. Is it just sabre rattling to put pressure on Moscow


or do you think they really would walk away from cooperation with


Russia? Well, what he's talking about is closing the diplomatic


channel for the moment that the two pursued on Syria. Of course, they


would still have contacts with Russia on other issues. It is this


effort he's led. He's kept saying, I'm keeping this channel open,


trying to revive the ceasefire, I want to talk to the Russians but he


is saying there's no sense saying that because the Russians, at least


according to how they are behaving in Aleppo, and serious about


reviving peace talks. He's messaging the Russians but it is a message


they are not picking up. Alongside that, we are hearing the White House


has asked the National Security Agency to look at any other options


with which to respond to this crisis, including the possibility of


military options. That has been discussed at staff level, no


recommendations and no suggestions of large-scale military commitment,


in keeping with Mr Obama's long-term resistance to that. But perhaps some


kind of action that would give a stronger mission to -- message to


the Syrians and the Russians. OK, thank you very much.


Now a look at some of the days other news.


The Indian army says it has launched strikes against suspected militants


along the de facto border with Pakistan in Kashmir.


Both India and Pakistan claim Kashmir in its entirety but each


The decades-old dispute has seen an increase


The net worth of the US Republican presidential candidate,


Donald Trump, has slipped by an estimated $800 million over


the past year, according to figures published by Forbes magazine.


It attributes the loss largely to the declining value


But it still reckons Mr Trump is worth $3.7 billion.


New research has found that a small proportion of children with HIV


do not develop Aids, even without treatment.


Tests on 170 HIV-positive South African children revealed


that the immune systems of some were apparently able


Many of Europe's economies are struggling at the moment


and in Italy the frustration is especially acute.


The recovery has stalled and growth was zero


That's led Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to stake all on a referendum


Under the plan, the country's parliamentary system


would be restructured, with the upper house


stripped of its powers, the number of senators would be cut


Mr Renzi has promised to resign if he loses,


and latest polls give the No campaign a narrow lead.


The BBC's Europe Editor Katya Adler asked Mr Renzi if holding


the referendum wasn't too dangerous a political gamble.


I know in 2016 you expressed your referendum in EU, it's a risk.


But jokes apart, I believe this is a great challenge for Italian


people because this constitutional reform reduces the red tape


of bureaucracy, gives stability to the Italian


institutions, and, finally, solves the problem of...


The relationship between central government and


So, for a lot of reasons, this is a great challenge


We wind back a few months and David Cameron wasn't worried.


He must have told you at the EU summit, I'm not worried


He lost and his political career was finished.


But I think this is a very different referendum.


I think this is a very great opportunity for our citizens


to reduce the costs of the politicians.


To reduce the level of bureaucracy in Italy.


Also populists will vote for our position.


Isn't there a risk, though, that the Italian people won't vote


We've seen in so many European countries, we look


over to the Atlantic at the United States, there are more


and more angry people, people who feel they've been left


behind, and who are angry at the establishment,


and even though your name is the Demolition Man,


you want to change it today, but you sitting here,


The risk is Italians may just vote against you as part


But, at the same time, there is a question.


The question of referendum is do you want to reduce the establishment?


I think the real decision for anti establishment will be to vote yes.


Will be to vote as government propose.


Obviously, there are a lot of risks, but it's impossible to manage


a political experience without a risk.


It's impossible to have a great challenge in the Italian


The Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.


Elderly people who regularly take common painkillers, such


as ibuprofen, are at increased risk of heart failure.


New research analysed the effects of anti-inflammatory drugs given


But younger patients are unlikely to be affected, as our


Medical Correspondent Fergus Walsh explains.


For 40 years, Ann Nutt has struggled with rheumatoid arthritis.


She needs medication to help her control chronic joint pain.


She is prescribed diclofenac but research says these


and similar painkillers, like ibuprofen and naproxen,


Do I stop taking them and lose part of my independence or do I carry


on taking them and, perhaps, put myself at a greater risk?


That's the decision most of us out there are going to have to make


The research has examined 27 non-steroidal anti-inflammatory


drugs being taken on prescription by 10 million people in Europe.


Overall, the drugs increased the risk of being admitted


to hospital with heart failure by 19% compared to


But the study didn't show the underlying or absolute risk.


All medicines have potential side-effects, but the warnings


from this research really only apply to the elderly.


The average age of the people in this study was 77.


For them, doctors need to be careful when prescribing painkillers.


As always, it's a balance between risk and benefit.


A leading pharmacist sought to reassure the public.


Younger patients occasionally take these drugs, short courses,


and there's no evidence this is a problem.


Older patients are generally getting these drugs prescribed


by their doctor and their being monitored closely anyway.


If people do have concerns, they should speak to their


Ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatories


But for the elderly and those at risk of heart disease,


Let's return to our top story, the train crash in Hoboken in New


Jersey. These are the pictures immediately after the crash.


Witnesses will play a vital role in piecing together what went wrong. A


number of the survivors and shocked onlookers spoke to the media in the


immediate aftermath. Here is what they told us.


When it comes into the station normally, it slows down, and it


lightly rolls in. And it didn't do that today. And I felt the train


car, it was off the track. And then the impact occurred. I had no idea


what the front of the train could look like. I mean, I'd never seen


anything like this in my life. And I saw the ceiling coming down, and it


crumpled, and the passengers on the first car with the glass broken


trying to get out, I knew that this was... More serious than New Jersey


transit has ever had. The minute we turned around,


we were approaching the station, I was thinking, the train


is going to slow down. At first, I thought


something exploded or... Because, typically,


there is warning, and I just heard people screaming,


and then I saw a big train coming. And the trend is basically


came straight into me, came off the tracks,


and straight towards where So, at that moment, when I saw that,


I panicked, I turned around and ran. All I could see was the ceiling


collapsing, the pipes coming down, and then, when it all calm down,


I walked back towards fair. You see people coming off the train


that were injured. Some people ringing their loved


ones, telling them that I don't know how I survived, I'm lucky to be


alive, there's people dead on the. I'm assuming it must


have been coming fast. And I walked into Dunkin' Donuts


to get a coffee. As soon as I got in line, you heard


like a bomb. Everybody froze and I said, oh,


my God, I heard water, So I ran outside and I just saw


people jumping out of the train, You don't really believe it's


happening in front of your face. I walked past that area where it


happened 100 times a day. And I could never imagine that


happening. I just couldn't believe


what I was seeing. There certainly were some major


injuries from things falling. People bleeding from


the head or wherever. And, basically, running


away from the area. They were coming through the


windows, you know? People helping, people bleeding. I think the people


who got hurt other people in the station. These are the images of the


aftermath of that train crash, that's our top story that we've been


following, as it developed. That trend that crashed in New Jersey


during the morning rush hour at Hoboken station. We have had the


latest from the governor of the state who said the numbers are one


dead and 108 injured, some of them critically, including the train


engineer. That is all from the programme. Next is the weather.


The first widespread gales of the autumns swept into day. Another


rather weaker system beginning to take shape further west, coming into


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