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This is BBC World News Today, broadcasting in the UK


The headlines - Russia accuses the US of protecting Syrian rebels


Russia's Foreign Minister tells the BBC that America is failing


to separate their moderate rebel allies from Islamist fighters.


They are either driven by al-Nusra, or some other terrorist


organisation. Mission accomplished -


the space probe Rosetta ends its twelve-year voyage


in a planned crash-landing Donald Trump renews his attack


on a former beauty pageant winner who criticised him


for what she called sexist And what happened to two priceless


Van Gogh masterpieces stolen A year to the day since Russia's


bombing in Syria began, the Russian foreign minister has


defended his country's actions Sergei Lavrov accused America


of trying to protect the Islamist group formerly known


as the Al-Nusra front - in the battle against


President Assad. Monitoring groups say more


than 9,000 civilians have been killed in Syria since Russia started


bombing - but Mr Lavrov said Violence in Syria claimed more lives


in Friday with 12 people killed Here's what Sergei Lavrov said


to the BBC's Stephen Sackur. We take all necessary precautions


not to hit civilians. The term collateral damage was not invented


by others. You know by whom. -- was not invented by us. We are taking


precautions to make sure we do not hit civilians by any chance. If this


happens then we are very sorry but we need to investigate each and


every accusation. So far we have not been given any meaningful proof of


what has been said about the convoy which was formed, or attacked, on


September 19, and we have good reasons to believe it was a


provocation. Earlier this week US Secretary


of State John Kerry threatened to break off cooperation with Russia


over Syria because of the recent But Mr Lavrov says recent problems


were mainly caused by American The entire problem derives from the


fact that the USA and the coalition in


fact that the USA and the coalition -- coalition it leads, cannot


separate al-Nusra, and instead of separation we see more and more


groups coming into alliance with al-Nusra, and deliver we hit


al-Nusra we are told we can do it because there are people in there,


but unless we all agree those who want to be part of the solution, the


cessation of festivities, out of the positions occupied by them but ...


Can Russia American relations be repealed or are they likely to get


worse. Does the Russian Foreign Minister have a point that America


has not done enough, cannot do enough, to separate out the good


rebels from the bad rebels? He has a point. Our interests diverged inside


Syria. I am not optimistic about USA- Russian cooperation and we find


some way to reconcile strategic views. As long as you are trying in


the Syrian context to find out who is aligned with the former al-Nusra


by working closely with them on the battlefield, and debating those kind


of fine point, then you will have fundamental disagreements. But they


all arise from the fact Russia is fighting to keep President Assad in


power, we are fighting, at least in part, to encourage him to leave


power, his overthrow is not a specific background objective but we


are trying to persuade him to step down in favour of a power-sharing


government including Sunni Muslims. That is the basic American goal,


which is in conflict with the Russian goal. So even if we can


cooperate over humanitarian matters, and we're not even doing that right


now, the fundamental strategic visions are in direct conflict and


that must change if we are going to avoid these things in the future.


And there are so many different rebel militias changing side on a


daily basis. That's right. We cannot inspect otherwise in a situation


where our friends have gotten very limited support from the USA or


other outside players, because we have been so reluctant, partly for


the reasons we are discussing, reluctant to give arms because they


may have an affiliation or a previous battlefield tactical


association with an extremist group. So we don't give them arms, so they


get defeated on the battlefield, which means they need to work with


al-Nusra even more than they did previously, so it becomes a self


reinforcing problem. The only way to do it is to become willing, despite


the objections of Russia, to help some moderate groups, who have


occasionally cooperated with extremists, and then also go for a


federal solution in Syria, a long-term vision of the state that


allows President Assad to stay in power in Christian parts of the


country but his autonomous zones in other parts of the country run by


other indigenous leaders, sort of like a osmium model. If you don't do


that I don't see how you the conflict the American and Russian


objectives. But that runs the risk of turning a proxy war into


something even more serious. I don't think so. I don't think you get the


war much worse than it is now. I think it would reduce the conflict


between the Russian and American approach, not because I'm suggesting


we use American air power to one Russian bases or even shoot Russian


aeroplanes out of the sky, but I think we have to be a little less


reluctant to provide arms to certain groups, with our special forces on


the ground. That is not going to produce, in my judgment, a Russian


counter response any greater than Russia is already carrying out, it


was right now Russia is going after any and all opposition groups, it


considers them all the enemy of present facade. It defines them all


as Russian enemies, even today. Therefore I think we will do better


if we make our military and battlefield efforts a little more


serious. Also, so President Assad can stay in the light and Christian


parts of the country, in a autonomous zone, you just cannot be


president of all Syria anymore. If we can come up with a changing


political strategy to marry with a change in military strategy then I


think US - Russian objectives are no longer in direct conflict. Thank you


for joining us on the programme. For more than 12 years the Rosetta


probe has travelled deep into space. But this afternoon it's mission came


to an end, crash landing - deliberately - on the comet


it's been circling, more The project's been seen as a major


success for the European Space Our Science Editor David Shukman


reports from Darmstadt in Germany. In one of the greatest ventures


in space exploration, the strange landscapes of a comet are revealed


in more detail than ever before. Cliffs and rocks, nearly 500 million


miles away, photographed this morning and beamed back


to us during the day, as the Rosetta spacecraft inched


towards the surface. An animation shows how


the touchdown was planned. Rosetta drifting down


at walking pace. The end of a 12-year journey,


a last chance to Rosetta has achieved more


than anyone expected. We will be listening


for the signal... Many here have devoted decades


to this project, so all eyes were on a signal from a spacecraft


which suddenly switched off. This is the end of


the Rosetta mission. You know that when you do these


things it comes to an end. But, you know, it is the end


of a long, long mission. Emotions were so different


two years ago. Monica Grady was leaping


for joy back then. The tiny lander launched by Rosetta


had made it down onto the comet. It did not anchor itself


but it did deliver What's remarkable is that


all of these manoeuvres in deep space were run from this control


centre, and the mission has proved so successful that the volume


of data flooding back will keep In fact, what they have seen already


has left them amazed. They found that dust


blasting off the comet contains many of the chemical


ingredients needed for life. And this really matters,


because one theory is that comets crashing into the early Earth helped


to kick-start life here. It seems a bit crazy to fly


hundreds of millions of kilometres through


space to what looks like a cold, dead body,


but it's actually full of complex


molecules that we know if you were to bring them to the planet Earth


when it was young, add water and sunlight, you could


make life out of. sunlight, you could


make life out of that. That's a huge discovery


for us from Rosetta. We have all of the


ingredients in place. So for understanding our own


origins, this mission is turning out


some key evidence. It's caught the


imagination of people Donald Trump has used Twitter


to attack a former beauty queen who accused him of making sexist


remarks, and who is supporting his In a series of early morning tweets,


Mr Trump urged his followers to check out an alleged sex


tape of Alicia Machado - Ms Machado's case was raised


by Mrs Clinton in the first presidential debate earlier this


week as an example of Mr Trump's One of the worst things that he said


was about a woman in a beauty contest, he loves beauty contests,


supporting them, and hanging around them, and he called this woman


missed birdie. Then he called her miss housekeeper. Because she is a


Latina. She has a name. Her name is Alicia Machado and she is a US


citizen. And you can bet she is going to vote this November. Our US


correspondent joins me. Just bring us up to speed. Within the last hour


he has treated saying, to those people mocking me for tweeting at


3am in the morning, at least I am awake to answer the call. The


message is, look, I am ready for the White House. But with the case of


Alicia Machado it seems to have got under his skin and he acknowledged


that in a Fox News interview just after the debate, when he said that


she was a terrible contestant and she put on a tonne of weight, his


words. He said then that, he admitted, that the whole case had


gotten under his skin. A few days later in the early hours of the


morning he unleashes a series of tweets, starting with, any time you


see a story about me or my campaign, do not believe it, there are most


sources, just made up lies. He then went on to Alicia Machado, saying,


Crooked Hillary was duped by the worst Miss universe, he quoted her


as an angel without checking out her past. He is trying to insinuate she


has a past sex tape and is asking Americans to go and check it out. So


that is the insinuation. Hillary Clinton, for her part, tweeted that


Donald Trump was unhinged. The 3am tweet actually picks up on what


Hillary Clinton used against Barack Obama in her campaign when she was


standing for President of them. In terms of the polling, I know we


cannot read too much into this, but Clinton has pulled away a bit since


the debate. Is it the trend that will perhaps be worrying Donald


Trump and his campaign, that this is perhaps the beginning of a momentum,


as they might see it? They are trying to stave this off at the


moment. His campaign had been urging him to stick to the point, try to


just criticise elegant, emphasise her e-mail scandal, emphasise her


political establishment credentials, try to appear as the


antiestablishment candidate who can stand for change, not more of simply


President Obama's regime, there are words. So what they are trying to do


is show that side of Mr Trump, and stop the kind of continued personal


attacks that he has unleashed on his Twitter account. They have been


doing a lot of damage control when it comes to that. And we are seeing


Hillary Clinton beginning to pull away again. The polling and narrowed


prior to the debate, it looked very close, now she seems to be rolling


ahead again. It is very early days, still 39 days to go before the


election. Still to come... Bidding farewell to


the former Israeli president. Leaders from all over the world


gather to pay respects. In all of Russia's tomorrow it has never come


to this. The president said it would decide the destiny of the nation.


The night and many feared for so long is playing out its final act,


Russians killing Russians in front of a grandstand audience. It was


humility which produced affection from Catholics throughout the world


but his departure is a tragedy for the Catholic Church. The Israeli


right visited the religious compound and that started the trouble. He


wants Israel alone to have sovereignty over the holy sites, an


idea that is unthinkable to Palestinians.


After 45 years of division Germany isn't one. In Berlin the 1 million


Germans celebrate the rebirth of Europe's big a richest nation.


The United States says the Russian foreign minister's assertion that


Washington is trying to protect jihadist rebels in Syria is absurd.


The space probe Rosetta has ended its 12 year voyage by crash landing


deliberately on the comic it had been studying.


The funeral has taken place in Jerusalem,


of the former Israeli President, and Nobel Peace Prize


Dozens of current and former world leaders attended


They included Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian


National Authority, who exchanged a rare handshake


with the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.


Our correspondent Orla Guerin, watched the ceremony.


A poignant final prayer for Shimon Peres.


Mourned today by his family and by world leaders who viewed him


We gather here in the knowledge that Shimon never saw his dream


The region is going through a chaotic time.


And yet he did not stop dreaming and he did not stop working.


In death he brought Palestinian and Israeli leaders


Mahmoud Abbas was warmly welcomed to the funeral, though the peace


Israel's hawkish Prime Minister said Shimon Peres spent every minute


But we find hope in his legacy, as does the world.


As the tributes are being paid here now there is a real sense


Shimon Peres was part of the fabric of Israel right from its birth.


He is the last of the generation that helped to build the state,


he occupied virtually every major post.


Israelis are saying goodbye today, not just to an elder


statesman but to a key part of their own history.


Decades ago it was Peres who helped buy weapons for the Israeli


army and who founded the countries's nuclear programme.


In the 1970s he supported the building of Jewish settlements


Many Palestinians will remember him as a man of war, not peace.


Shimon Peres was taken for burial in the soil


Orla Guerin, BBC News, Mount Herzl Cemetery, Jerusalem.


Time to catch up with the sport. It has been the USA's day at the


Ryder Cup so far, they lead Europe 4-0 after winning a whitewash in the


opening foursomes, there is to start in 41 years. They are midway through


the four balls now. That looks like things are picking up for you this


afternoon. -- for Europe. It sure is. A blue sky has come out after a


foggy start. There was a sea of red but there are 24 more points to be


won and there is now some blue on the board. Let's bring you up to


date. In the first match, Jordan Spieth and Patrick Reid versus


Justin Rose and Henrik Stenson. The Europeans our two up in that one.


You're also having a great bit of progress in the match with Garcia


and Cabrera-Bello, they are three up. It is going the American way in


the next clash, four up after eight holes. Rory McIlroy and Thomas


Peters, they are turning around and morning loss and are four up after


Dustin Johnson and Matt Kuchar really struggled in the afternoon


sessions. Where did it go wrong this morning? How much it was the USA


being brilliant and how much of it was being poor? -- was Europe being


poor? You could also put it down to the American crowd. As I walked out


for the first nine holes with most of the players and I really got a


sense of the red, white, and blue, just losing through Hazeltine. --


the really fired up to win it. When you look at the foursomes you


realise that they are onto it. Let's get you quickly up to date if you


missed the results, here they are, a sea of red for America. Jordan


Spieth and Patrick Reid, brilliant in Gleneagles, they finished two up.


And it was... Three and two, I should say, for that one. Dustin


Johnson and Matt Kuchar, five and four over Lee Westwood and the


debutant, Thomas Peters. Thank you very much. The Friday


night Premier League match between Everton and Crystal Palace is tied


1-1 at the moment at Goodison Park. 65 minutes on the clock. There is


also a match going on in Scotland, Heart of Midlothian will move up to


second place if the score stays like this, they lead Motherwell 2-0.


England arrived in Bangladesh for the tour with a heavy security


presence and armed guards lining virtually from the airport. They


play their only warm up game on Monday ahead of the one-day


internationals and two test hatches. More updates and the Ryder Cup and


BBC News later on. Back to you. The Italian police have recovered


two Van Gogh paintings which were stolen nearly


fourteen years ago. The works were recovered


from a criminal group in Naples. Thieves took the two works,


"Congregation Leaving the Reformed Church in Nuenen"


and "View of the Sea at Scheveningen" by smashing


a window in the roof Our Italy Correspondent James


Reynolds reports from Rome. The police in Naples showed off


their recovery of the paintings by Vincent van Gogh of. One is an early


seascape. The other is a depiction of his father's church. Each has


lost its frame. But they are both in fairly good condition. It is a great


day for us to see these works and know that they are safe. Of course


we hope that they will be able to return to our museum as soon as


possible. That is our great hope. The works were stolen in December


2002 from the Vincent van Gogh of Museum in Amsterdam. Two men broke


in through the building's roof and got away with the paintings. The


suspected thieves were tracked down and convicted two years later but


the works themselves remained missing. In January this year the


Italian police arrested suspected members of a criminal network near


Naples. Officers had been looking into allegations of drug


trafficking. But reports say that one detainee confessed that the


network was hiding the stolen works by Van Gough. Organised crime units


like this, the will probably using the art, saving it, possibly for


negotiation if somebody was arrested, need to plea bargain down


a case. The Italian police will continue their investigations. The


museum now looks forward to the return of its lost works.


That is all from the programme. From me and the rest of the team in


London, good night. Good evening. There will be plenty


more of the


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