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This is BBC World News Today, broadcasting in the UK


and around the world. I'm Alpa Patel.


The headlines: A quarter of a million Syrians under


siege in rebel-held Aleppo and just six hospitals operational


after the largest is hit by fresh airstrikes.


A doctor films the destruction for the BBC.


One international charity tells us the aim is to destroy healthcare


This is actually the third attack on the hospital within a week.


This is ongoing destruction of the healthcare


Jamaicans stock up, stripping supermarket shelves bare,


as the strongest Atlantic storm in almost a decade heads their way.


The Pope celebrates mass in a largely empty stadium


in Georgia after the local Orthodox Christian church urges


And meet the Trumpettes, supporters of the Republican candidate,


who aim is to improve his following among


Good-looking guy, I have seen pictures of him when he was younger,


he is wealthy. Who are women going to go for? They are going to go for


him. An air raid on the rebel-held


eastern part of the Syrian city of Aleppo, is reported to have hit


the largest hospital in the area - which supports the hospital,


said it had been struck The same facility was hit


on Wednesday in a raid carried out by either the Syrian government


or Russian warplanes. Once again, a place of sanctuary has


been crushed by Syria's war. The largest hospital in East Aleppo


was pounded this morning as Syrian regime and Russian forces closed


in on the rebel-held area. These pictures, filmed for the BBC,


showed the wreckage from what medics Operating rooms have been destroyed,


medical equipment and stocks of drugs rendered useless


by the second attack This doctor, the hospital


manager, says ten people He holds up the remains of a cluster


munition which he says landed A chlorine bomb was


also used, he adds. He shows the camera around the ruins


of the hospital on which 250,000 people living in besieged eastern


Aleppo depended. Only six operational clinics


are left for the whole area. Outside, the force of


the bombing was clear. Parts of building reduced


to rubble and concrete ripped Two people were killed


beside the entrance. More lives reduced to casualty


figures. In a written statement,


the French Foreign Minister But the UN has proved unable to stop


the bloodshed for five and a half years and still it goes on,


this the latest ground offensive towards East Aleppo,


as regime forces advanced The destruction mirrors the collapse


of the Russian/US ceasefire here. Britain's Foreign Secretary Boris


Johnson warning Russia's attacks Rebel forces say they are fighting


back. Syrian state TV says


opposition attacks killed 11 Syria's largest city


is being annihilated the President of Syrian


American Medical Society. He was born and raised in Alabama


himself. Doctors there have been telling him about what happened when


the hospital were hit. This is an ongoing destruction of the health


care system inside Aleppo. We all agree at this time that the aim is


to paralyse the health care structure and to achieve two goals,


the first is to threaten, pushed civil society to collapse and


displaced people out of the city of Aleppo. The second target is to


punish the civilians by abandoning any access to health care at this


time. Do you believe these are targeted attacks because as you say,


this is the third attack on this hospital, and other was attacked


early in the week as well? I think those are deliberate attacks on


those hospitals. And fortunately, as you are well aware, this ongoing


debate right now about who we know that they are hospitals? Were they


there before 2011? Whom are they serving? Let me start by describing


the landscape of what those hospitals do. On a regular day, we


see more children and women more than we see former cases, and those


two major hospitals that were attacked and destroyed last week.


Those services right now are completely paralysed because we


don't have any capacity to provide the children and women already in


basis, including pregnancies and deliveries and so on. The second


fact is those hospitals were registered before the year 2011.


They are known medical facilities. Let's get some other


stories for you. In Egypt - gunmen have killed


at least five police officers The Interior Ministry


said attackers sprayed their police car with bullets -


as they drove through The killings came just days


after three officers and their driver were shot


dead in the same city. Protests have been taking place


in the Polish capital, Warsaw, against government plans


for a near total ban on abortion. The demo comes a week after Poland's


parliament said it plans to only allow abortions -


if the mother's life is at risk. The Council of Europe described


the proposals as serious Months of political deadlock


in Spain could be coming to an end, after the leader of the main


opposition party was ousted. Pedro Sanchez, who leads


to the Socialist party, has blocked attempts by the acting


prime minister to form a government. Spain has had two general elections


since December, but no party has gained enough support


to form a government. The strongest Atlantic hurricane


in almost a decade - is moving across the Caribbean Sea


towards Jamaica. Hurricane Matthew had strengthened


to a rare Category Five - the highest level storm -


but it has now downgraded Our reporter, Nick Davis


is in Kingston. He says people there are getting


ready for the worst. Lots of people are going out, making


sure they've got cooking gas, petrol for their vehicles, making sure they


have everything they need because they know it will take a certain


amount of time for the government to be able to ramp up and be able to


help everybody who needs it everybody is really now aware of how


serious this storm is and what devastation it could cause. Remember


Ivan in 1988 was a category three, and it took years and years to get


the country recovered from that. The countries in a better position now


but even so, people that memory. People are saying, if this is a


category four, we could be in for some very rough days.


With me now is BBC weather presenter, Jay Wynne.


We were hearing about the impact on people in Jamaica but where is this


storm headed? It's been moving west on the south coast of America -- on


the coast of South America. It is heading towards the Jamaica Channel,


an area of water between Jamaica and Haiti. It looks like it will go


through the Jamaica Channel, then northwards into southern Cuba, and


then northwards into the Bahamas. You can see it on the satellite


sequence. It is going to start turning northwards. It is a very


powerful storm, category four, top end of what you can achieve.


Category four or five, only a few miles of difference in the wind


speed. It was the fourth class track, heading towards Jamaica,


Haiti, there will be numerous multiple hazards associated with


this. Gusts of wind, huge rainfall, up to two feet of wine over a very


large area. -- two feet of rain. Dangerous seas with the huge storm


surge. People are already taking action to get out of the worst of


the conditions. This storm has grown quickly, hazards court forecasters


aware? A little bit, it was a category two yesterday and this


afternoon it had gone back to a category five, and now just below


five. It did almost develop exclusively overnight so it was a


little bit unexpected but it was always going to turn into a major


storm, but I didn't think it would be a category five. What is the


difference between a category five and a category for? Category five,


100 60 mph, even if category four is 155 mph, there is not much


difference. Pope Francis, who's on a visit


to Georgia, has celebrated mass in a largely empty sports stadium


after the local Orthodox Christian church advised its followers not


to take part in Roman Catholic The vast majority of population


in Georgia are Orthodox Christians, and some Orthodox priests have been


protesting against the Papal visit. Earlier, the BBC's Rayhan Demytrie


sent this report from Outside the football stadium where


Pope Francis is delivering an open mass, there is a heavy police


presence and a protest by Orthodox priests and their supporters. The


reasons why these Orthodox priests are protesting our manyfold and data


back to the 11th century split between the Orthodox and Catholic


churches. But to put it simply, what they are unhappy about in particular


today, they consider that the Pope here is to convert Orthodox into


cost policies. -- into Catholicism. Inside the stadium, the Pope has


spoken about peace and love. He delivered this open-air Mass for


Georgia's small Catholic community. The vast population here are


Orthodox Christians but there are also religious minorities. It is


important that the Pope sees this in a small country. There is not such a


big Paris. I think it is a blessing for Georgia as well to have the Pope


here for the second time in 16 years. It is exciting and this mass


was wonderful and now we are going to take holy Communion from the


Pope. South Korea's President,


Park Geun-hye, has called on North Koreans to abandon


their country and defect. Speaking at an event


to mark Armed Forces day, she said she was well aware


of the gruesome realities of everyday life north


of the border, and told North Koreans they could make


a fresh start in the free South. A North Korean soldier defected


by walking across the two countries' heavily fortified


border on Thursday. Ms Park also warned Pyongyang


about its nuclear tests, saying Stay with us on BBC


World News, still to come: Rory McIlroy leads the European


fightback at the Ryder Cup. We will bring you the latest from Hazeltine.


One man has died after a coach taking Rangers football fans


to a match at Ibrox crashed near Kilmarnock in East Ayshire.


Some of the details are still a virgin about this crash. It happened


at around 1:15pm this afternoon. -- still emerging. 31 people were on


board, they were on their way to the Rangers and Partick Thistle match at


the Ibrox. We have a statement from Scotland Fire and Rescue Service who


said when they arrived on the scene, there were an umber of people still


inside the coach and a number of people walking wounded. The BBC


colleagues reported metal cutters were being used on the bus this


afternoon. 18 people were taken to hospital, three of whom were in a


serious condition. This includes seven men under the age of 20 years


old, three men and three women aged between 30 and 59 and five men over


the age of 60. Police collar and have also confirmed -- police


Scotland have also confirmed... This is BBC World News. The latest


headlines. An air raid on the rebel-held eastern part of the city


of Aleppo is reported to have had the largest hospital in the area for


the third time in a week. Hurricane Matthew, the strongest Atlantic


storm in almost a decade is heading towards Jamaica and Cuba with winds


reaching 230: that is an hour. Latest figures seen by the BBC show


that at least 1000 refugees and migrants each week are still


attempting to reach the EU through Serbia and the Balkans.


That's despite claims by the President of the European


Council Donald Tusk that migrant flows along the route had come


For this special report, our Europe Correspondent Damian


Grammaticas travelled to Serbia and Greece.


He found that most of the refugees reaching Serbia now,


are coming with the help of people smugglers.


This is how they are getting into Europe now.


Afghan refugees clinging to the bottom of the train,


20 hours they spent there, among them this man.


Caught by police, he's now in Serbia.


He had spent months trapped in Greece, passing the time teaching


Englsh to other refugees, determined not to go


back to Afghanistan, too afraid after the Taliban


The Taliban took one of my friends, they searched his pockets,


they found evidence that he was a translator for the Americans.


Europe's refugee crisis has not gone away.


So Serbia, along with Greece, has become the new staging


The army has been sent to try to secure Serbia's borders


but up to 200 refugees a day are being discovered.


Smuggling is now so lucrative, we were told, other forms of crime


TRANSLATION: Our information is refugees pay from 800


In Greece, thousands are stuck in grim conditions,


Several hundred refugees had disappeared from this camp


These children and their mother were from Damascus.


Anyone who can afford it uses a smuggler, she says.


If you have money, you go in with the Mafia.


This is the route the refugees have been taking, from Greece


through Macedonia, over the mountains, eventually


Governments say closing the borders has stopped the flows,


but it seems that refugees are still making it through,


Further north in Serbia, they're starting to back up.


Borders may be tightening, but the dream of Europe isn't


fading, just turning into an organised, underground racket.


Europe have continued their fight back on the second day


of the Ryder Cup at the Hazeltine golf club in Minnesota.


You'll remember that the Europeans lost the first four foursomes


matches at the start of the first day but they have trimmed


the United Staes lead to just one point.


into the afternoon fourballs and we can go live to our reporter


Nick Marshall McCormack at the Hazeltine golf club,


All this for a little gold cup. It is all about national pride. There


is such further out behind me. You can hear the brawls and the groans


of the US crowd. They started 4-1 up and Europe has launched an almighty


comeback. There is only one point in it. Rory McIlroy and Peter's are


doing so well in their first match. They are full up. Danny Willett and


Lee Westwood are one up against JB Holmes and Ryan Moore. USA, two reds


on the ball, Mickelson and Kuchar are up. Patrick Reed and Jordan


Speith, one up against Rose and Stenson. There was an enormous roar


when read holding from the fairway. A brilliant shot. I've got the great


map here of the pin positions. They are also tough this afternoon. They


are really making the players work for every point. It has been a big


turnaround so far. How did things go in the morning foursomes? The


morning foursomes were level and what I wanted to bring your


attention to was we bring a scorecard up from the morning


sessions, the last match on your screen there, at half four Sergio


Garcia and Cabrera-Bello. This was enormous void Europe because Jordan


Speith and hat-trick read were 4-0 up and Cabrera-Bello and Garcia


stuck together, the Spanish Armada we are calling it, they did so well


to pull it back. In the early matches, Acle Roy and Thomas


Pieters, what a match. Henrik Stenson and Matt Fitzpatrick went


down three and two. And Justin Rose Chris Wood would also a debutante,


one up against Jimmy Walker and Zach Johnson. United States could be


increasing their lead. We moved to football now.


The pressure has increased on the manager of Swansea City


after his side lost 2-1 at home to Liverpool in the Premier


Francesco Gudolin's men took the lead through Leroy Fer


The pressure has increased on the manager of Swansea City


after his side lost 2-1 at home to Liverpool in the Premier


My position is clear for me. I work with my players. Week by week, day


by day, it is not my problem. My problem is our table, it is not


good. We deserve to have some points more in our table. But I think if


our team play in this way, we have the possibility to turn the


situation. Elsewhere Willian and Diego Costa


scored as Chelsea won at Hull. Sunderland rescued a point after


trailing at home to West Brom.. Dimitri Payet was on target


as West Ham also came from behind to salvage a draw


at home to Middlesbrough, and Watford drew 2-2


at home to Bournemouth. The Formula One season


continues in Malaysia and it's Lewis Hamilton,


the World Champion, who will start from pole position in Sunday's race


after dominating qualifying. Donald Trump is doing


poorly in the polls The Trumpettes, a group of Trump


supporters in Beverly Hills, The self-described "support group"


for female Trump voters have spoken to the BBC about why


they are voting for Trump. Lord, let us be a voice


for the women of God, and women to speak forth today,


and blessings be on us today in I'm Linda and I'm a Trumpette


because I'm going to spread the good I say the Trumpette


is the sounding of truth. I wasn't a Trumpette


in the beginning, because I thought But, you know, he had that show,


The Apprentice, and, with that, He had to say outlandish things


to be popular. So, I think right now,


we're starting to see the real Trump I think he is looking at cleaning


the United States up as far as behaviour,


as far as criminal activity, even as far as committing crimes


against other people My name is Gemma


and I am a Trumpette. I look that it as kind


of like a Trump support group. I can see Donald Trump,


good-looking guy, I look at pictures of him when he was younger


on the covers of various magazines. Those poofy lips and he is wealthy,


and he's rich. I think there are people


who are afraid to say they are for Trump, both


men and women. If we don't follow the basics,


what this country was founded on, we are going to become


just a socialist... country, that is not


going to be successful. We don't want to be Venezuela,


we don't want to have anarchy. We don't want people


on the streets rioting. I believe that is


what it will come to. Hillary is a woman, a lot of women


are going to vote for I know that even with


President Obama, a lot of people voted for him, he was African,


people vote ethnic sometimes. But I vote by what I feel conviction


in my heart for, from God. Every educated woman I know


is for Trump. We don't want to lose


freedom and liberty. We want to be free, like we have


always been, from To think that I have to think


about things like this now, And that is who I'm voting for,


and that is why I'm a Trumpette, and that's why am voting for Donald


Trump. The women on why they are voting for


Donald Trump. You can find more on our website. From me and the team,


good night. Good even Inc. A real mixed bag of


weather across the UK to start the weekend. Some of us saw some pretty


wet weather. This is the view in Solihull earlier


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