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This is BBC World News Today with me, Geeta Guru-Murthy.


The United States has just announced it is suspending


talks with Russia over a Syria peace deal.


As the misery in Aleppo continues, the US accuses Russia of failing


to meet its commitments under a ceasefire agreement.


After Hungary votes against accepting more migrants,


we'll speak live to the country's ambassador to the UK.


Trump's tax details - does it show the man is a genius,


Or could the revelations be a bombshell moment


Kim Kardashian West is robbed at gunpoint in a Paris apartment,


We start with breaking news from America where


the State Department has just announced it's suspending talks


with Russia on trying to end the violence in Syria.


And it is not a shock. It is a recognition of reality. In recent


weeks and months, mainly in the form of US Secretary of State John Kerry


and his Russian counterpart, are trying to say, is there anyway to


get racist nation of hostility, a truce, -- an end to the violence.


There was an attempt to get some kind of ceasefire for if you days --


a number of days after the deal was struck. But this did not continue,


fighting on both sides. Now those talks have broken down, no attempt


to try and reduce the ceasefire. If there were facilities, they said


maybe we could get AIDS into these areas, if they were sustained


hostility is, amazingly, the Russians and Americans -- get a help


to these areas. The Russians and Americans were going to work


together. They have been seeing, now there is no point talking. A


statement today gave confirmation that talks have been suspended.


Russia it is said to have not lived up to their commitments. Unable or


unwilling to ensure that the Syrian regime...


Reports saying the White House spokesman saying that everyone buys


like patients with Russia has run out. We see daily misery they are,


what does that mean? If this is completely run into the ground, what


happens now? Right now, the scale of the violence is such that the


Americans do not believe, it is pointless they are saying. The


intensified attacks against civilian areas, attacks against


infrastructure including hospitals, attack on an aid convoy, in that


context, there is little point having talks. It doesn't mean that


can't happen in the future. You could see talks continuing if things


changed on the ground. The Americans are thinking, look, this needs to


stop. Using German occasions to... The knock on from Syria, apart from


the misery on the ground, is affecting other parts of the ground.


The question about weather Europe should take more people from all the


world us trouble spots, like Syria and other areas, that is causing


political problems. This weekend, the people of fungi have said is now


in a referendum. But the turnout was low -


only 44% of voters took part - The opposition says no,


but the Hungarian Prime minister, Viktor Orban, says he will ask


parliament to change the constitution in order


to accept the result. For the EU, the president


of the parliament has accused Hungary of playing "a dangerous


game" by attacking EU treaties. The AdSense for domestic reasons,


against the European Union, of the legal legislation in the European


Union fails. Overwhelming majority of Hyperion is by other staining


from the vote voted against the attempts of the Government. We are


grateful to the Hungarian people who've refused. The proposal.


Britain is also promising to get tough on immigration.


Is this results going to the balance? Not the full measure of


people voted in this referendum in Hungary. Hungary took an important


historic decision last night. 3.3 million voted for a no answer. It is


important to know that when our country entered the European Union


there was another referendum. Then, there was less vote supporting the


entry to the European Union. It is a very important vote that has taken


place now. It is an overwhelming and strong show of support for the


Government to act. Does it mean that an unfair burden will be placed on


Italy and Greece? You are saying, look, we will not do anything to


help? I couldn't hear the question. Is it not unfair of Hungary to say,


we are going to leave the problem of migrants to Italy and Greece? Well,


we have been a very bold. We have been decisive on putting up


directions on the Balkan countries, Serbia and Croatia, stopping the


legal migrants. It does not mean our borders are closed. Our borders are


ready to accept people through the open gate. Defences are there to


stop the illegal migration. Do you think that Europe ayes hold policy


on migration can keep going as it is? What should happen now?


Concerning the referendum, there will be, what should happen next,


the Government is proposing legal steps. It is continuing its fight


against the not well working quota system. A year ago, we started to


talk about this. Now, more and more countries are adopting this


approach. The referendum result is enough for the Government to act


legally. In terms of the Constitution, this is an important


step to go forward and ensure decisions will be made about


Algerians in the depressed in... And not in Brussels. -- treble.


Budapest. As Europe tries to work out


what to do, the migrant crisis continues even as the weather starts


to get colder. This year, 3500 people have died


or been reported missing. More than 600 children have drowned


- that's about two Reeta Chakrabarti joined one rescue


mission, led by the charity Scanning the horizon in the early


morning, when the sea The migrant boat set out at night


so the owners won't be caught. A vessel comes into view with around


100 on board. There is no orange to be seen,


meaning no life jackets. The team scrambles to


get the small rescue They're given life jackets


to make them safe. Over 300,000 people reached Europe


across this sea, this year. Over 3000 have died doing so,


or been reported missing. The people have been


quite calm until now, but they are quite clearly getting


a bit agitated and the rescuers are having to tell them to sit down,


stay calm and they These people will have been


travelling for several hours now, they have left the Libyan


coast in the darkness, unclear if they're ever


going to reach their destination. There are smiles, relief,


but no celebration. The group is entirely male


and mostly from West Africa. This young man is among them,


he didn't want to be identified. He's come from the Ivory Coast,


which he left four years He says he's experienced kidnap


and forced labour and hopes TRANSLATION: We are all human


beings, what ever the colour We don't do this because we really


want to, we do this If only people would welcome


us because we're not The conditions in which we find


ourselves are really unfavourable. And now there is effectively


a second rescue going on. There is another humanitarian


mission ship over there. It's already transporting migrants,


and about 100 of them are being transferred from that ship


to this one. There are women this time,


some of them looking shattered The majority of these


people are from Somalia. One is this 16-year-old girl,


escaping a forced marriage. She's been travelling for ten months


and wants to study medicine Italy, where the boat is heading


will let her stay in till she's 18. If you don't like me,


maybe you will have I may be different from others,


or I may be the same. The flimsy vessels that deliver


people here are destroyed by the rescuers so it


can't be reused. As for their occupants,


they face an uncertain future in a Europe uncertain


that it wants them. Reeta Chakrabarti, BBC News off


the Libyan coast. Colombia's Government is in damage


control after voters unexpectedly rejected a peace deal it had struck


with the FARC rebel group. 50.2% of the people that took part


in the referendum chose More concerning for the Government


though was the fact that only 38% of eligible voters


actually turned out. And take a look at this map put out


by Kings College London researcher It shows areas in green that voted


yes, and orange that voted no. Many of the areas affected


by the conflict voted Based in the countryside, it was a


rebellion against the country. FARC has come against serious opposition


by the military. After four years of negotiations, the Colombian


president and rebel leaders signed a peace deal a week a goal.


Celebrations have been shot lived. A referendum has been cold to ratify


the agreement. By the narrowest of margins, the peace agreement has


been rejected. TRANSLATION: That these we want is


possible and can be strengthened from this situation -- this piece


that we want. I want to leave a better country for our children. Now


the Government must address concerns of those who voted no. Because of


concerns at this terms of the ceasefire were too lenient.


The drugs test and hostagetaking is believed to have brought them large


amounts of cash. If the peace deal is invalid, for many the fear is


that the rebels with the powerful players in future elections.


US TV reality star Kim Kardashian has been robbed at gun point


of jewellery worth over $10 million dollars while staying


It included a ring worth more than $4 million.


Our correspondent Amy Cole has this report.


Her mega-rich lifestyle and famous family make her a target.


In the early hours of this morning Kim Kardashian was robbed


at gunpoint at this luxury residence in Paris.


It's understood a nightwatchman was handcuffed and five men dressed


as police wearing masks stormed her apartment


and held her at gunpoint before ransacking it and fleeing.


She was left tied up in the bathroom.


Kim's husband, rapper Kanye West, was on stage in New York at the time


This was actress Salma Hayek's reaction.


The thieves are said to have stolen mostly jewellery worth


Lee Turner has been a close protection security guard


to the rich and famous for more than ten years.


He says attacks like this make his job harder.


We end up, you know, employing a lot more staff these


days, especially for people like herself.


We are always on the lookout for potential risks.


Kim stayed quiet on social media but TV host James Corden has berated


It's not known whether the star's two children


A spokesperson said Kim was left badly shaken


That's how some of his Republican allies have described him,


defending the Presidential nominee against claims he hasn't paid


An article in the New York Times suggested that, by declaring huge


business losses in the 1990s, Donald Trump avoided paying taxes.


His campaign team are refusing to confirm or deny the report,


While millions of American families where are working hard and playing


our fair share, it seems he was contributing nothing to our nation.


Imagine that. Not fair, no grants for helping gates go to college.


Nothing for veterans are a military -- children to go to college. He has


been talking down America. He makes disparaging comments. He calls our


military a disaster. It is not, but it might have been if everyone else


failed to pay taxes to support our brave men and women in uniform. I


saw a newspaper article, a gentleman named Steve who owns the Class City


cafe. He said, it is flat out cheating the Government. Bernie


Sanders, my friend, he said Donald Trump reflects a distorted view


about this country and what it is about. Former Mayor of New York has


also been speaking about the tax question. He is a genius. He took


advantage of something that could have saved his enterprise. He came


back. When's the Church and Steve jobs talk about that also. Great men


have big failures, they take those areas and turn them into good


results -- Steve Jobs. One of the most powerful hurricanes


for a decade is moving Hurricane Matthew may bring winds


of more than 240 kilometres per hour Haiti is expected to bear


the brunt of the storm. Parts of Jamaica have already been


hit. The worst of the weather is yet to come. Hurricane Matthew is moving


at five miles per hour. The rain and flooding is going to get worse. Dark


ominous storm clouds. Matthew was a category five storm. It has weakened


a little, but it is one of the most powerful hurricanes to hit the


Caribbean in years, winds over 45 miles an hour. Cuba lies in its


path. Tourists are trying to make the most of their holidays despite


the choppy water. I am on vacation. Unfortunately, her again has spoiled


application. -- the hurricane has spoiled the vacation. Local people


will be taking to more primitive storm shelters than the tourists.


For this man and family it will be a cave. TRANSLATION: We think we will


be saved. If they want to get to hike the whole city will be


swallowed up. A judge how the most important and we are trying to keep


them safe. -- our children. There have already been deaths in the


waters. Even so, it is being hard to persuade people to leave their


homes. It is a challenge from one of the poorest nations in the Americas.


We have been hearing from Hillary Clinton. This is a big New York


Times story. How is it playing at there? It has been cold a


blockbuster. It is what political journalists are talking about all


the time. A window into Donald Trump's taxes. Sheds light on his


finances at the time. Almost $1 billion loss in that one year. That


allows him to stretch out, not paying any kind of federal income


taxes. His perception that he is a great businessmen is dented because


all of a sudden people are saying, well, he lost all that money, how


can he be great? The also criticised Barack Obama for paying too little


taxes. Americans like to see rich people pay taxes. They know there


are loopholes. It is annoying to them for him not paying taxes for an


extended length of time. The emphasis is that he has earned a lot


of money. At the same time, they have been a lot of facts and


misappropriation of the truth. Donald Trump us support has held up.


When his key in the polls with a couple of debates to go? He has a


solid base of supporters, high 30s and low 40s sticking with him.


Daylight opening up. I don't think the tax story has really had an


impact yet. But a week of Donald Trump stumbling over himself on the


issue of his past criticism of the beauty pageant contestants. And his


early morning tweaked attacking that woman. -- tweet. Hillary Clinton has


been very strong of late. America has suspended cooperation on the


Syria ceasefire talks. Russia regrets the American decision to


suspend cooperation on the ceasefire. The Russian Foreign


Ministry have been cited with that. A breakdown of talks, we will bring


you developments in the next few hours. Thanks for watching.


The weather story for the rest of the week is a fairly dry one.


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