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The headlines: Iraqi forces have taken more ground in the battle


to drive Islamic State militants from Mosul.


As the fight edges closer, the US defence secretary promises


the Iraqi Prime Minister that significant resources will be set


Donald Trump vows to block trade deals if he's elected and root out


We will drain the swamp in Washington, DC.


Also coming up: In the French port of Calais, migrants and police


clash, ahead of the demolition of the camp known as


Just who was behind the massive cyber attack that affected cameras,


The US Defence Secretary has been holding talks


It focussed on the operation to re-take the city


of Mosul from the so called Islamic StateAsh Carter wants Turkey


But Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi - says it will be Iraqis who will


On the ground - the Iraqi military says it has


stormed the town of Qara-kosh - which is southeast of Mosul.


Qara-kosh was the country's largest Christian town - before the war -


that was until IS took control of it in 2014.


The military say dozens of villages on the outskirts of Mosul have


With more, here's Shaimaa Khailil who sent this report


Closing in on Mosul and the so-called Islamic State. But as the


Iraqi and Kurdish forces get closer, the resistance grows fiercer. The


battle for Mosul is in its six day and every day brings more


challenges. This town is 15 kilometres array -- away from Mosul.


It was recaptured from IS biters on Thursday. Today, however, is a


different story. A convoy of Iraqi special forces came under fire from


Iraqi. In the oil-rich city of Kirkuk, Kurdish forces have regained


control, but there are still pockets of resistance by IS. Friday the Mac


attack took everyone by surprise, not least the Iraqi and Kurdish


forces. With most of the resources focused on Mosul. When the Mosul


offensive started, the Major concern was about IS back -- in the city and


the areas around it but if the attack on Kirkuk proves anything, it


is that the so-called Islamic State will fight back not just in Mosul


but in key cities away from the central battle. The US Defence


Secretary is in Iraq at the moment discussing progress on the Mosul


Operation Herne tried to get Iraq to accept Turkish support. Turkey, says


it neighbours the region of Mosul, has an interest in the ultimate


outcome in Mosul. Many other parties do as well, it is a complicated


city. If Turkey does get involved, that is another element that adds to


the mosaic of players that has come together to fight the so-called


Islamic State. The challenge is not only to recapture Mosul but also to


keep those different forces on the same side as they fight a united and


determined enemy. Meanwhile, hundreds of people


are being treated for the effects of toxic gases after a sulphur plant


was set alight south of Mosul. The fire began two days ago,


when IS militants reportedly set Sulphur dioxide can cause vomiting


and lasting damage to airways If you want more on the fight for


Mosul, go to our website when you will find all the latest


developments and background, including analysis on which factions


and groups are involved in the fighting.


To the US now, where the Republican candidate for US President,


Donald Trump, has been giving more details about what he'd do


in his first 100 days if he won the election.


Speaking at a campaign stop in Pennsylvania,


Mr Trump said he would either re-negotiate or withdraw


completely from some international trade deals.


He vowed to halt billions of dollars in payments to United Nations


climate change programmes and Mr Trump said he would make it


easier to produce oil, gas and clean coal in the United States.


The presidential hopeful also said he'd place restrictions on


The rigging of the system is designed for one reason, to keep the


corrupt establishment and special interests in power at your expense


and everybody's expense. I have no special interest but you, the


American voter. I didn't have to do this, believe me. There is nothing


easy about it. But I had to do it, I love our country, I love the people


of our country, and I felt I had to do it.


Let's get more analysis on this. Donald Trump making this speech in


the significant town of Gettysburg, pitting himself to be the man of the


people. This is Donald Trump attempting to press the reset button


when it comes to his campaign. He says he is the man of the little


person, he is the man of the American worker, he is the man to


Hugh are all American division. Gettysburg was the turning point of


the Civil War and it is where Abraham Lincoln made his famous


speech trying to unite Americans after the Civil War. That is what


Donald Trump seems to aspire to do. He has a few problems with that.


First of all, he is seen as a very divisive figure in this campaign,


even within his own party. Within the last few days, Republicans have


put out an advert saying, we didn't want to many Hillarys in Washington.


The indication is that they fear Donald Trump might not winds,


therefore they want the Republicans to keep the house and the Senate.


What Donald Trump is trying very much here to put some clear policy


guidelines down and look forward and say this is what I would do within


the first 100 days of office, and in doing so, there were some clear


points. Immigration, we knew about the wall, but we didn't know about


mandatory risen sentences for those who breach the wall and come over


here illegally. We heard also about the limits on congressional,


Congress women and men serving. That will go down very well with his core


support who believe Washington are too big. It may go down well with


his core supporters but what about those voters who may not be quite


convinced about Donald Trump? We had 17 days to go and today, he has


unveiled his plans for the first 100 days in office. Many people think it


might be too late and he also unveiled it in a state that he


appears to be losing, it is a swing state. There are other states that


may swing towards the Democrats. So, he knows this has to work. Will it


work? He has pitched himself successfully as the


antiestablishment candidate and Hillary Clinton, among some voters,


isn't popular either, mostly because she is an established political. Who


knows, he might be touching a nerve, but it might be too late. A


fascinating campaign. Thank you very much.


Well, there are just 17 days to go until election day.


If you want more analysis, background - go to our website.


There, you'll find a dedicated election page.


The telecoms giant AT is set to announce a deal to buy


Time Warner for more than $80 billion.


It would give the company control of the cable TV


channels HBO and CNN, film studio Warner Brothers,


The President of the European Parliament says he is optimistic


that the free trade deal between the EU and Canada


That's despite last-minute obstacles.


Martin Schulz has held talks with leaders of the Belgian region


of Wallonia, who are attempting to block the deal.


Heavy fighting has erupted in the Syrian city of Aleppo.


It comes shortly after the end of a 72-hour ceasefire.


The United Nations said it had been unable to evacuate anyone


from the besieged rebel-held district during the truce


because the safety of its staff had not been guaranteed.


Migrants have clashed with French police at the Calais Jungle camp


It comes as the authorities prepared to demolish the camp. The home is


home -- the camp is home to around 5000 people, including children.


The preparations are well under way. The mad, things are tense.


Throughout the last hour or so, we have had a group of migrants who


have been throwing stones up towards that road which leads towards the


port and also towards Eurontunnel. Some have been rushing towards the


fence and the police have been responding by firing smoke grenades


into the cloud of migrants, there is still smoke behind me, there is


still a situation ongoing this evening. For many people here, the


realisation has dawned that this camp, known as the jungle, will be


shut down. Just hearing some more smoke grenades being fired now. From


Monday, the migrants will have to report to a hangar just down the


road from here, they will have to register and then they will be


bussed into different parts of France, two reception centres. I


have been speaking to charities today who tell me the population of


the jungle is thought to be around 10,000 or so, and they reckon about


2000 people here will not go voluntarily. They may decide to


leave the camp beforehand and try and live rough in other parts of


Calais or in the area or they may decide to resist. Showing you the


situation around here once again. We have the police here monitoring the


situation as we speak. I think they are about to go in and try and bring


some calm to this situation which has been going on for the past hour


or so. They are armed with tear gas. We haven't seen any firing of tear


gas but we have seen smoke grenades being fired. They are heading


towards a large group of migrants in the distance there who have been


throwing objects and I've been shouting towards the police who are


up on the road there, the blue lights behind, they are the lights


of the police. They are currently stationed there, that is the road


leading to the board they are trying to keep the situation under control.


Still to come, a new world record for the New Zealand all Blacks.


Dawn, and a biblical famine is lit up. Now, in the 20th-century. The


depressing conclusion, in Argentina, it is cheaper to paper your walls


with money. As good friends, we have always found a good and lasting


solution. Concorde Bowers out in style.


The US Defence Secretary has promised significant resources or


the reconstructed of Mosul. The US Defense Secretary has


promised significant resources for the reconstruction of Mosul,


once an Iraqi-led coalition has recaptured the city


from the Islamic State group. Donald Trump has outlined a raft


of drastic measures aimed at renewing the United States,


amid signs that his presidential As the fighting escalates around


Mosul, some Iraqi families have made their way to the south of the city,


using different tactics to escape IS fighters. They paint a growing


picture of life in the city which has been under IS control for more


than two years. Just some people's stories as they


escaped IS fighters in Mozilla. Security agencies in


the United States are investigating a series of cyber attacks


which stopped people around the world accessing sites


like Twitter, Amazon The attack focussed on an American


company which provides a connection to the affected sites -


in one of the largest Some of our most popular brands went


a bit quiet yesterday. That is because net flicks, Twitter and


Spotify, amongst others, were affected by one of the biggest cyber


attacks ever. Under normal circumstances, when we type of


internet address into our computer, it gets translated by companies like


Dyn in the US into a language that computers understand. Dyn then


talked to the requested website but yesterday, it was different, hackers


ordered millions of devices and computers to unwittingly send


instructions simultaneously to Dyn. It became overwhelmed and couldn't


translate them all into code. It was -- this cyber attack has shown how


dependent we are on supercomputing just like this. It also showed the


vulnerability of some of our biggest companies and even the vulnerability


of ordinary objects in our homes. That is because ordinarily household


objects like baby monitors, webcams and printers were and wit in actors


in yesterday's cyber attack. Some of them are connected to the Wi-Fi in


our homes and were ordered by the hackers to bombard the Dyn servers.


As we get more and more devices attached to the internet, these


smart devices, unless we stop them being very easily accessed with


default username and passwords, they will be caught it into more and more


of these attacks. As for those who did it, we still don't know. One


group called New World hacking contacted me claiming it was a test


and they would target Russia, if it messed with the US. The internet is


very powerful but that power can be turned on itself, affecting all of


us. Liverpool have moved level on points


with Arsenal at the top of the Premier League after a 2-1


victory at home to It was another impressive


performance by Liverpool, who were only denied top spot


on goal difference because of Sadio Mane and Philippe Coutinho


were Liverpool's scorers. We did really well. We created


unbelievable chances, enough for scoring much more, especially in the


second half. Of course you wish, but, yeah, so it was exciting, until


the last second, and then created a kind of an atmosphere I have never


had in a Premier League game where we don't play United, Everton or


Arsenal with a draw in the last second.


Arsenal are top despite only managing a goalless draw


Arsenal thought they had scored in injury time but Mesut Ozil's


One point though was enough on Arsene Wenger's 67th birthday


The point for Middlesbrough keeps them out of the relegation zone.


Wenger would have preferred all three points but he still


promised to celebrate his birthday


and the point could go top with a draw.


At least you can have a drink on your birthday. When you win, you


deserve it. When you don't win, you needed. In any case, it can't


escape. Here are the day's other


Premier League results. Everton lost just their second


league game of the season, Great goals in the wins for Stoke


and Leicester - worth watching Sunderland are still bottom,


they conceded a 94th In rugby union, thoughts


were with the Irish side Munster's former captain and head coach


Anthony Foley today. He died less than a week ago


and tributes were paid at Munster's match against Glasgow


in the European Champions Cup. The players wanted to make him


proud, and they did just that, Elsewhere in the Champions Cup,


Saracens beat Scarlets, and Exeter are playing


Ulster right now. -- it is 13-12 to Ulster in the


second half. In the Challenge Cup,


Gloucester beat Treviso, but both Newport Gwent Dragons


and Worcester lost in Pool 3. Edinburgh held on to beat


Harlequins by a single point. And Ospreys are playing Lyon


in the evening game - it's Ospreys who are leading


10-0 at the moment. England's cricketers finished


the third day of the opening test and it's all thanks


to all-rounder Ben Stokes. By first helping remove the last


five Bangladesh wickets for just That meant the tourists led by 45


runs, going into the second innings. But they were soon in real


trouble at 62-5, But then Stokes added to his four


wickets by scoring a brilliant 85 with the bat, and by the close


of play, England were 228-8, It wasn't the greatest start, we


were a bit shocked by how many wickets we lost. There was still


time left in the game and it was a matter of occupying the crease,


rotating the strike and put the bad balls away. We have all worked very


hard on making sure that the defensive part of our game is tight


because we all know we can hit the boundaries. If we can get through


the tough periods, the more time we spend out in the middle, the easier


it will get. That is all the sports and now.


It's one of President Xi's goals for China that the country should


But so far, progress has been limited to say the least.


Qualification for the World Cup looks as far away as ever -


with embarrassing defeats to Syria and Uzbekistan.


all that, China has hired one of the most decorated


coaches of all time - Marcello Lippi who guided


If China wants to become a major nation in terms of competing in the


World Cup, they have a long way to go, they haven't participated in the


last world cups and the national team has a poor record so there is a


long way to go there. Beyond that, in order for China to become a major


player in global football, they need to develop their national league and


that also represents a major challenge since they are not great


bridge uses of national talent and it has not traditionally been a


place where the top players around the world want to go to play. China


has hired this big-name manager, can he make a difference? Yes, I think


he can. The most important thing that has changed in the last couple


of years is the arrival of the new Chinese President Hu is a huge


football fan and clearly has decided from the top that China should make


a big push to become a load -- global player. We know China has a


lot of money at its disposal and money can buy you access to the


world's top players in football. However, in addition, what you need


is access to the global football network and getting a high profile


manager like Marcello Lippi who has experience across the world and


fabulous contacts is a great step forward for the country's football


programme, if you will. China has a huge selection of people to choose


from, more than a billion, what do you think it's problem is in finding


talent? Is it a grassroots problem? Well, it is in parts. One of the


things is kids have not traditionally been the deeply


motivated to play football in China and that is something that the


government is trying to encourage. For example, by training up 50,000


new coaches to work in schools. But I think there is a deeper problem as


well which is we know that China has been very successful in developing


Olympic athletes and that party is, as you say, because they have a


billion people to select from, you can find a lot of talent there. But


the development of talented that ball is much more talent thing --


but more challenging. It is more being able to select the right


physique or even engaging in illegal doping, rather than really


developing individuality and forms of expression which is more


difficult for a centralised economy to do. Thank you. That is all from


me and the team. Thank you for being with us here on World News Today.




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