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Five years after they were captured off the coast of Somalia, the


captured sailors tell stories. They say, you eat. You say, I don't like


that. No, you eat, you eat, even what you don't like.


Islamic State launch another counter-attack -


this time at Rutbah, near Iraq's western border.


Migrants living at the camp known as The Jungle in northern


France are told it will be demolished within hours.


Chelsea's Pedro scores the fastest goal of the Premiership season


as his team defeat Manchester United.


For nearly five years they were held as hostages


after being captured on their ships off the coast of Somalia.


But their families never gave up hope.


Now 26 Asian sailors have arrived in Nairobi after finally


They have been telling their incredible stories to our


correspondent. This is what freedom feels like.


Relief, joy. Recalling their memories. But for some of the crew,


it was a lot to handle. Four years in captivity is a long time and it


took its toll on these men. They took desperate measures to survive.


It was like the walking dead. How did you survive? Eat anything. Even


if it is something you don't like. But you feel hungry, you eat, you


eat. You don't say, I don't like that. You just eat, you eat


everything. Whatever you are given? Yes. Rat, we cook it in the forest.


After almost two years of negotiations, they are freed and


being received by members of their diplomatic missions in Kenya. It's a


sign of how intense a problem piracy has been off the coast of Somalia,


not just for commercial activity but for general seafarers across the


ocean. Patrols by international navies led to a sharp decline in


piracy in these waters. But it meant little for the hostages already


seized, especially those that are not Westerners. These poor guys,


their ships were not insured. Their ships got racks and then they were


brought ashore. -- got wrecked. The Pirates assumed it would be the same


as the big, highly insured ships. It is not. Getting them to change their


demands, down to what you might term compensation for the local


community, that is the challenge. Is that why it took so long to get


them? I guess so, yes. This video shows the crew while they were still


being held. Their captors, keeping a close watch. Today they are free.


Some of them say they will return to their jobs at sea. A brave move,


after their ordeal. It's almost a week on since


the military offensive to re-take But now the so-called Islamic State


have opened up a new front The group claims it has re-captured


more than half of Rutba, The Mayor of Rutba says IS fighters


gained access through sleeper cells. Well the attack comes just two days


after Islamic State fighters tried to take the city of Kirkuk,


which is just south of Mosul. It's thought as pressure builds


on IS in and around Mosul the group is trying to divert attention


away from the battle. Our correspondent Shaimaa Khalil


is in Irbil in Northern Iraq. The Peshmerga forces have launched


a two pronged offensive towards Mosul today,


from the north-eastern side, They were supported by coalition air


power and we understand that they are now as close as nine


kilometres away from Mosul itself, and have captured


a number of villages. But we're hearing of a separate


attack by so-called Islamic State in the southern


Anbar Province today. The Mayor of the city of Rutbah has


said that the so-called Islamic State fighters have entered


the city from three different directions and that they have


clashed with the police forces He has also urged the Iraqi


leadership for reinforcements. We understand the battle


is still on going there This particular city


was recaptured quite recently from the so-called Islamic State,


four months ago it was recaptured. But now, it seems, it is still quite


heavily contested today. That, plus the Kirkuk attack


that happened on Friday, shows the pattern now by IS that


could want to detract from the fighting in the main


battle, which is Mosul, In another development,


Turkey says ITSforces in Iraq have taken part in the offensive


against so-called Islamic State. That's despite the Iraqi


government's rejection The Turkish Prime Minister,


Binali Yildirim, says that Turkish artillery has helped


Kurdish Peshmerga force He said Turkey had been invited


to assist the Peshmerga. A look at some more


top stories this hour. Several people have been killed


in a crash between a tour bus Firefighters had to use ladders


to pull victims from the windows. It's thought the passengers


were returning from a casino. At least 30 people


were taken to hospital. Spain's Socialist party has ended


ten months of political deadlock by agreeing to allow


the conservative Mariano Rajoy to The country had faced the prospect


of a third general election inside a year.


The chief whip of South Africa's governing political party has called


on its entire leadership - including President Jacob


Jackson Mthembu said fraud charges against the finance minister


He said the current government were worse than the apartheid state.


UN peacekeepers stationed in Haiti are helping the authorities


recapture more than 170 inmates who broke out of jail. A guard and an


inmate were killed in an exchange of fire during the escape. It happened


at a prison north of the capital, Port-au-Prince.


French officials are making final preparations to demolish the migrant


camp in Calais in France, known as the Jungle.


Thousands of leaflets are being handed out telling


migrants to leave before clearance work begins on Monday.


This is information about the eviction.


Written in black and white in several different languages,


confirmation that the process to close the camp will begin


Amid the mud and squalor, some defiance.


One migrant from Iraq, who did not want his face shown, said


he will refuse to leave the Calais area.


I will sleep on the street if they remove the camp.


The final hours of the Jungle have been tense, clashes last night


between migrants throwing stones at the police and the police


The authorities say they reserve the right to intervene if people do


The French authorities said they are not just shutting


the Jungle for humanitarian reasons, but also because of law and order.


They have had enough of some migrants night after night trying


to get on lorries bound for Britain and the effect it is having


One top official says things must change.


TRANSLATION: On both sides of the Channel we are on the eve


of an important day, the day of the dismantling


We have worked towards it for two months.


This is where the migrants have been told to report to on Monday morning.


They will be asked for their name, age and nationality and be taken


to reception centres across France, where they will be given the chance


The message is, please follow the process the authorities have


in place, it is their best chance for safety.


200 vulnerable children have been brought to the UK this week.


Many will still be at the Jungle as the bulldozers arrive.


The American telecoms company AT has agreed a deal to buy the media


The deal is worth more than $85 billion, making it the biggest


corporate takeover so far this year. It will give AT control


of Warner Brothers, the news channel But some critics have warned that it


concentrates too much media power. Our business correspondent


Joe Lynam reports. It's the gothic fantasy


which millions of people pay Game of Thrones is made by HBO


and owned by Time Warner. And it's one of the reasons why AT


is paying ?70 billion to own it. Time Warner is big.


Very big. Apart from HBO, it owns CNN


and the Warner Brothers Studios - This is the home of Harry Potter.


The merger allows them to raise their sights a little bit higher. It


brings together two very different companies. AT is the platform, the


means we use to access the internet. Time Warner is the content, the TV


shows and movies we want to watch. Warner Brothers is a huge company,


Harry Potter is a huge franchise. AT is buying a huge media company


with a lot of content, in hand and in the pipeline, to keep people


watching the screen. Merging two media giants could deprive customers


choice and might be resisted by regulators.


The would-be next US president, Donald Trump, has already


As an example of the power structure I'm fighting, AT is buying


A deal we will not approve in my administration


because it is too much concentration of power in the hands of too few.


But if the deal does go ahead, don't expect other giant media


The battle for our eyeballs is merely getting started.


Stay with us on BBC News, still to come:


Another Dutch winner for the title of world's best DJ.


We find out why the Netherlands produces such good party animals.


An historic moment that many of his victims have waited for four


decades. Former dictator in the dock, older, slimmer. As he sat


down, obedient enough. Dawn, as the sun breaks through the piercing


chill of night, it lights up a biblical famine. Now, in the 20th


century. The depression conclusion, in Argentina today it is cheaper to


paper your walls with money. We have had problems in the past with Great


Britain, but as good friends we have always found a good and lasting


solution. Concorde bowels out in style after almost three decades in


service. An aircraft that has enthralled many admirers for so long


taxis home one last time. 26 Asian sailors have been


released from captivity, five years after they were first


captured on ships off Reports


from Iraq say Islamic State militants have attacked the western


town of Rutbah, in their latest apparent attempt to divert attention


away from the battle for Mosul. The minority groups in Iraq have


suffered greatly at the hands of Islamic backroom.


Tens of thousands of Iraqi federal troops and Kurdish peshmerga


are taking part in the assault on the city.


Dr Suha Rassam is a former assistant professor of medicine


Life in Mosul has been hell. The Bishop was kidnapped in 2005. The


other Bishop was murdered. A young priest was murdered in front of his


cathedral. Many priests were killed and many Christians were attacked.


Everybody had to pay money. Everybody has to pay monthly


protection money. I have a friend in Japan, she told me how hard it was


and how many times she has been threatened to convert to Islam, or


to leave Mosul. In the end, she had to leave. Life in Mosul has been


very difficult, until they were completely kicked out after IS took


control. What are Christians saying now as towns and villages are being


taken back by the coalition forces? Are they hopeful they might


be able to go home? That is a very difficult question


to answer, because we are still in the very beginning


of the Battle of Mosul. The first town or village to be


completely controlled is Bartella. Qaraqosh, they have entered


Qaraqosh, but the battle hasn't yet finished, and there


are still pockets of fighting. They have reached from the north


area of the Nineveh Plain, It's very near,


once they have taken that area, I think going into Mosul


becomes easy. so we are still a way away before


entering the city of Mosul. But even after the complete control


of Mosul, there are many,


many problems to be solved before the Christians ever think


of going back to Mosul. You know, Iraq has to get rid,


or the Iraqi government, whether the central government


in Baghdad or the new government in Mosul, has to get


rid of sectarianism, has to get rid of the terrorist


group to persecute minorities, has to produce a constitution


that is completely, you know, gives equal rights to all, which


the present constitution does not. And you have to change


the minds of people, from the way they thought


when I lived there. If you want more on that story, you


can go to the website and you will find all the latest of elements,


including why other regional powers like turkey are so interested in the


conflict. There are only 16 days until the US


presidential election, and much of the recent focus has


been on controversies On Saturday, he again promised


to sue every woman who had accused him of sexual assault


as soon as the presidential Meanwhile his rival,


Hillary Clinton, says she no longer cares what her Republican opponent


says and will focus There is a lot that we invented in


America and we need to get the jobs, products and exports from doing it.


As your President, I will work with business, labour, colleges and


universities to make that happen. And we are also going to do more to


support small business, because it will create two thirds of the new


jobs in America. Right now, we're not doing enough. Lets get some


sport. Manchester United manager


Jose Mourinho experienced a torrid time on his return


to Stamford Bridge to face his old team Chelsea as his


side were beaten 4-0 Strong words between the managers


at the end of the match, as Mourinho was left frustrated


on his return. His opposite number Antonio Conte


had been whipping up the crowd inside the stadium as he watched


goals from Ngolo Kante, Eden Hazard Gary Cahill and Pedro


secure a comfortable win which moves Despite the defeat, Mourinho was


trying to find positives. The team played well, if you can delete the


defensive mistakes that we made. Courtois had more work than David De


Gea. Their central defenders have more work than my central defenders.


We were in control for long periods, we put the ball in the box many


times, we had chances and half chances. I told the players at


half-time, if we score and it is 2-1, the game is different. But it


was not for is to score 2-1, it was for them to score another on the


counterattack. I am pleased that it increases the confidence, I am


pleased for the players. Every day, I see the commitment. They deserve


this. Mourinho is not the Chelsea manager, ignore that caption. You


know what we're talking about. Manchester City on top of the


Premier League, only just. It's now five games without a win


for Pep Guardiola's side. The difference between the first


half and the second half, it depends on the play and the manager. So


credit to the players, the way they upped the tempo? Of course. They


changed the game, I didn't. When we are playing that well, we are able


to do whatever we want. When you equalised, did you think you had


foundation to win it? Yes, but it is not easy. Southampton defender well,


they have good players, good central defenders.


Chicago Cubs are into the World Series for


They beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-0 in game 6 to take the National


League Championship Series by four games to two.


They'll now face Cleveland Indians in the World Series,


which the Cubs haven't won since 1908.


Standing on the platform afterwards, looking at the ballpark, fans with


the W flags everywhere. I think about the fans, their parents,


grandparents, great-grandparents, everything that has been going on


for. The coaching staff, they get to get to go to the World Series, from


a financial perspective, that is great. Baseball coaches do not make


much money and people don't think about that. I think about them and


their families. Tomorrow's final day of the first


Test between England and Bangladesh Bangladesh need just 33 more runs


to record their first test Bangladesh were 253 for 8


at the close of play on day four, so England need just two more


wickets if they are to win it. I am not sure many players will get


a lot of sleep, with 30 needed and two wickets. Although the wicket


will be turned more than we would expect from day one, it been a very


exciting game and both sides have played very skilfully. The way


Bangladesh have played to get up to needing 30 tomorrow morning, they


have shown a huge amount of skill. We have shown a lot of character to


stay in this game and we will come back fresh. There in the closing


stages of the United States Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton is currently


leading. Championship leader Nico Rosberg is second at the moment.


That is all of your sport for now. Now a DJ from the Netherlands has


been named the best in the world. Martin Garrix was given the title


by DJ Magazine, with more Dutch DJs dominate the dance music


industry. The BBC went along to a dance music


festival in Amsterdam to pick up Definitely need to be


a geek a little bit. You need to know about the equipment


you use, producing music, I have been playing


piano for ten years. By the age of 12,


I discovered dance music. I actually started to mess around


on my computer, making At the age of 14, I signed my


first record deal. Let's leave you with these pictures


now from Mexico City where the streets have been


overrun with zombies. Thousands got dressed up


for the zombie walk. The tradition started in the US


but has since spread to Europe All you need is some face paint and


a bit of imagination. Pretty cool. That's it from me and the team.


Goodbye for now. Hello, good evening. We are going to


see some changes over the week ahead. It starts fairly quiet, a


little chilly, patchy frost and fog with


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