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This is BBC World News Today, with me, Geeta Guru-Murthy.


French authorities say it's mission accomplished.


They have closed down the so-called migrant camp.


Departing migrants are blamed for setting makeshift shelters


ablaze, so what does it mean for Europe's migrant crisis?


TRANSLATION: It's truly today, the end of the Jungle,


The battle to rid Iraq of so-called Islamic State.


We report from a village near Mosul where the extremists


As Hillary Clinton campaigns in Florida, Donald Trump is hoping


to cut it with the voters, by opening his new hotel in Washington.


He's the the first American to win the Man Booker Prize.


I'll be talking to Paul Beatty about his daring novel The Sellout.


For years, its been a destination for migrants and refugees hoping


to cross the short stretch of water from Continental Europe to England.


Now, according to the French authorities at least,


the camp known as the Jungle is no more.


They appear to have acted on their pledge to remove the shanty


town at Calais, just 25 miles from the English coast.


These were the scenes earlier today as residents set fire


to the tents and shelters before being taken away.


Officially, the migrants are being dispersed to reception


But it's unclear how many have been left behind


Today, the eerie calm that has hung over the Jungle broke.


The ending of the camp telegraphed across the Calais sky.


Shelters set ablaze in protest, perhaps, or resignation


So far there has been very little resistance to this clearance.


But the operation seems to be reaching a tipping point.


Those who are still here have a different point to make.


At the camp's borders, those who still had homes


inside watched and waited, held back by riot police.


Officials say the fires have speeded up the eviction


and that the clearance will be over by tonight.


TRANSLATION: We are seeing that after three days


5,000 have come to this centre so far.


The last fires in the camp have convinced them.


We have seen some Syrians who didn't want to come initially.


They are here now and community leaders, who said they also wanted


to go now that their communities have gone and there was no-one left.


But, in the past few hours, migrants have been filing back


into the Jungle to sleep among the ashes.


His friends, who joined the buses out on Monday,


had told him it was not worth leaving, he said, and they were


I know the Jungle has been finished - nothing -


but it's better to be there until tomorrow.


If the police come, we are ready to go to the detention centre.


Aid workers say the speed of today's operation has left some


of the camp's most vulnerable with nowhere to sleep tonight.


In terms of the children, they are in not all


We have counted so, so many who don't have the response,


cannot get into the containers, cannot go into the Jules


Ferry Centre and have no accommodation whatsoever.


Officials say this is the last chance for migrants to leave before


The story of Calais' migrants is over, they say.


But for those still determined to reach Britain, it


Leonard Doyle is from the International


Do you think that this is the end of people attempting to come to the UK?


Looking at the numbers of opportunities here in the UK, why


are people still wanting to come here rather than claiming asylum in


France? It is far from the end of people wanting to come to the UK.


Why would they not want to? It is our vibrant economy and welcoming


place. In terms of the problems in Calais, it is probably the end of


the Jungle because of the determination of the French and


British governments that this should end. It has deeply affected the


politics of both countries. The question is surely that those


migrants are entitled to claim asylum in France, in a safe country,


not at threat, they should presumably not want to come to the


UK. I have numbers on work and benefits, compared between the UK


and France, and that is not huge difference. Great Britain is great


for many reasons, the culture is extraordinary and people are


attracted to it, and they also have family and language links. They can


hardly be blamed for trying to improve their life. It makes them


economic migrants though, once they have got to safety, trying to


improve their life. If their asylum claims are meant to be assessed in


the country were the first land in Europe, but that system has been in


disarray for a long time. Is the French dispersal system going to


work? Will they be able to quickly and easily claim asylum in France


and will that alleviate the build-up? You also have to remind


people that unaccompanied minors have a different status and they


have to be given special conditions and treatment to avoid things like


trafficking. With dispersal, France has put a lot of effort into this


and it wants the problem to go away. It is treating political problems


between both countries, creating a huge star in the British media,


which is hyped up, if you think of the numbers in Germany last year,


nearly a million, only 7000 in Calais. Thank you.


Italy has been hit by a strong earthquake,


There are no immediate reports of damage.


The earthquake struck the centre of the country, not far


from the southwest village of Visso, but the tremors were felt over 170km


away in the capital Rome and as far as Florence and Naples.


It comes just two months after an earthquake destroyed


the hilltop village of Amatrice and a number of other towns,


What more details than we have at the moment? We know that local


authorities are trying to assess if the latest earthquake has caused any


damage. It is 5.4 on the Richter scale, not as strong as the one in


late August which left 300 people dead. They are trying to assess


whether some buildings which are already damaged in August have now


collapsed. I just heard an interview in local media with the deputy mayor


of one of the towns affected, and their attention is on those


buildings which had been badly damaged by the previous earthquake


and could have collapsed with the previous one. So far, no indication


of major collapses, but it was also very strongly felt in the capital.


Iraqi special forces say they've moved over 1,000 civilians


from areas around the city of Mosul, the last bastion of IS


As Iraqi troops and Kurdish fighters continue their push


towards the city, the militants are fighting back with scores


Our correspondent Orla Guerin reports from the front


line village of Fazliya, not far from Mosul itself.


In the skies near Mosul, Apache helicopters armed


The call to prayer echoes deep in the valley below


The black flag of IS still flying here.


Look at the other flags on the rooftops.


Kurdish forces believe innocent civilians are indicating


their locations but they are also a human shield for IS.


They have gathered families in a few houses, says Captain Ali Hassan.


That's why we can't open fire or bomb with jets.


Otherwise we would have taken this village quickly.


When it comes to taking Mosul, there are lessons to be learned


Time has already run out for IS here but they have left


Drums of oil, which they used to create a smoke screen.


The whole world is fighting for this, says this Kurdish colonel,


We didn't lift the rocks to find out.


Inside the mosque, bags of earth, hidden from view.


We descended to the depths of an underground lair.


In this elaborate warren, IS fighters could live and move


around, safe from air strikes and surveillance drones.


This was the sleeping area for one of the fighters.


There are strong beams here and there was an electricity supply.


There were also some creature comforts.


There is a fan here with Koranic verses written on it.


It's a list of rules and regulations.


There are rules for how you should pray on a Friday,


how to pray when you travel, and how to pray before


And the jihadis are emerging from tunnels like this


This is just one tunnel in one village.


Imagine what lies waiting under the streets of Mosul.


The US Presidential election is just 13 days away and we're


used to Donald Trump doing the unconventional.


On Friday he took a break from campaigning to officially


open his new hotel, close to the White House, no less.


Mr Trump cut the ribbon with family members on Pennsylvania


He didn't miss the opportunity to urge voters to dream big and bold.


I'm tired of the excuses from our politicians.


I'm tired of being told what cannot be done.


I'm tired of people asking Americans to defer their dreams to another


day, but really what they mean is to another decade.


We can achieve our goals for this country and we can do


so more quickly than anyone ever thought possible.


There is nothing we cannot accomplish.


Donald Trump will later resume campaigning in North Carolina.


His Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, is spending her


69th birthday rallying support in the important election


Polls suggest the results could be very tight. She attacked the


negativity of her opponent. It's about a common vision we share,


of a hopeful, dynamic, unified America where everyone


counts and everyone has a place. So I really believe,


it may be my name on the ballot, Every issue you care about,


every concern you have about our country or the world, just


imagine that being on this ballot. It really does come down


to who we are as a country. The BBC's Kim Ghattas is in Tampa,


Florida, where Hillary Clinton is about to take to the stage


for the second rally of the day. Quite a way to spend your birthday.


Florida is a key state and everybody is watching. Why is Donald Trump not


their? He has been criticised for this decision to open his luxury


hotel in Washington, DC today, with the media and pundits here


commenting on the fact it is more important for him to talk about his


brand rather than America. Perhaps for Donald Trump, both blend


together, when he talks about making America great again, he talks about


his record as a businessman, which has also come under scrutiny, and he


had a billboard outside one of the rooms of his hotel, which said under


budget and ahead of schedule. Talking about how he managed to open


and build the hotel under budget and ahead of schedule. That is his


message. That he can do the same for America. But it is all about


campaigning at the end of the day. Hillary Clinton is taking this very


seriously, not leaving anything to chance. The polling is tight, she is


ahead in some in Florida. She will be here today, here since yesterday,


and back on Saturday. It is a key state for Clinton, but crucial for


Donald Trump. He will not be able to win without Florida. Hillary Clinton


has many more pass to the White House than Donald Trump at this


stage. What the Clinton campaign is doing is trying to get as many early


votes as possible. That is something you can do in the US. Voting early.


Democrats traditionally have a problem with turnout on election


day. So the Clinton campaign is trying to make sure as many people


vote early as possible, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, where turnout


will be crucial. They expect that 60% of registered voters in a state


like Florida will have already cast their ballots before election day.


It will be a tight race in Florida but overall Hillary Clinton is ahead


in the polls in key battle ground states. A sense of how nervous


Donald Trump's campaign might be is the fact that his running mate is


today in a Utah, a traditional red state.


And you can find everything about the US elections,


including the latest polls, on our website.


Over the past few months the BBC has been investigating


a disturbing new phenomenon - the use of private or sexually


explicit images to threaten, blackmail, or shame young people.


So-called revenge porn happens everywhere.


But across parts of Africa, the Middle East and South Asia,


photos shared on smartphones have collided head on with traditional


As part of this series, we spoke to a young Egyptian woman


who sent a private dancing video to her boyfriend.


That was Ghadeer Ahmed from Egypt, talking about standing up


for the rights of women and girls in her country.


Now a look at some of the day's other news.


Russia has denied it formally requested a fleet of its warships be


refuelled in the Spanish port of Ceuta.


The ships are travelling near Spanish waters


There had been concern from Nato countries that the ships would be


Activists say air strikes on the rebel-held village of Haas


in north-western Syria have killed more than 20 people.


A school complex was reportedly among several locations targeted.


It is not yet known if the raids were carried out by Syrian


Thousands of white-clad protesters have taken to the streets of Caracas


in a major opposition rally against Venezuela's


It is the latest in the escalating political crisis that


sees opposition leaders accuse President Maduro


The novelist Paul Beatty has become the first American to win


It's one of the most prestigious awards in the literary world.


He picked up the $60,000 prize at a ceremony at London's Guildhall


His novel, The Sellout, takes a satirical look at race


and racism in the United States, telling the story of a young black


man who tries to reinstate slavery and racial segregation in a suburb


I am delighted to say he joins us now. Congratulations. How did it


feel when your name was read out? It was a shock. It felt good, of


course. It is such an honour. It is a difficult book and it is so nice


that people appreciate it. Surprised? Definitely. Could you


read the first few sentences? This may be hard to believe coming from a


black man but I've never stolen anything, never cheated on my taxes


or at cards, never snuck into the movies or failed to give back the


extra change to a drug store cashier indifferent to the ways of


mercantilism and minimum wage expectations. I've never burgled


house or held up a liquor store. We will stop there because it becomes


slightly rude! Give us a flavour of the book. A little bit like what you


said, and you have heard the phrase fight fire with fire, he is trying


to fight racism with racism. Using these really classical historical


methods of American racism to kind of empower and reinvigorate his


community and put it back on the map, the town has been raised and he


is trying to find out how to put it back on the map. It is very


satirical and I wonder if people will read it in a different way,


whether you have to be non-whites to get it in a different way. Did you


write it with the election in mind? I wish I was that depression and --


that pressure and... -- prescient. It is a book about absurdity and


this election is absurd, the American sense of decorum and least


things increasingly falling apart. I read a chapter which said how


everyone blames Mexicans for everything and how ridiculous it is,


and given Donald John noes-mac language about building a wall, was


that going on when you were writing it? It has been going on ever since


Latinos and white Americans have been in the same space. There have


been many attempts... Donald Trump is the latest in a long line of


people tried to push people over the border. As a novelist, how much of a


difference does this prize make to you? I don't know yet. I can't


really answer that. It feels good. Tomorrow is another day and one year


from now there will be another winner. Does it give you a sense of


security? No. The security comes from that I worked really hard and


that people have acknowledged that I worked really hard, that is great.


It makes the next few contracts of it easier to sign, and that more


people will read it. That is what I am hoping. In terms of having a


voice, we have had a black president, all going now, do you


think he has brought about the change that able hoped for, that he


probably opt for himself, on the race front was mac we have seen


police -- front? That stuff has been going on forever. The is hopefully a


spotlight on that stuff now. For a lot of people this is nothing new.


There is attention on that, something merited attention long


ago. In 20 seconds, how are you going to celebrate? I haven't yet. I


had three quarters of a bear yesterday. -- drink of beer.


Well, it certainly was quite mild day across most parts


of the United Kingdom, and it's is a fairly mild


over the next few days, with high pressure in charge


Remember, wind's going round clockwise, so we are dragging


our air in from the Atlantic, and that mild air is spread


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