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An apparent chemical attack on east Mosul has left 12 people,


And as many more remain trapped in the conflict in Mosul,


a captured commander of so-called Islamic State tells us using human


US police search the home of a man arrested in connection with recent


threats made to eight Jewish organisations.


Another blow for the French presidential candidate,


Francois Fillon, as his spokesman resigns, adding to a slew of


This is the scene, being streamed live


from an Animal Adventure Park in New York State,


as millions of followers wait and wait for April the giraffe


Thousands of civilians are fleeing from the besieged city of Mosul


as Iraqi and coalition forces try to defeat so called


Islamic State, which has occupied the city for almost three years.


Hundreds of thousands of people are still trapped in Mosul and,


in a BBC interview, a senior IS commander, who was recently


captured by Iraqi forces, has justified the group's practice


111-year-old boy suffered severe burns and blistering. The Red Cross


has condemned this use of chemical weapons, but haven't identified what


kind they were. Hundreds of thousands of people


are still trapped in Mosul and, in a BBC interview, a senior


IS commander, who was recently captured by Iraqi forces,


has justified the group's practice Next to the rubble of Mosul's


bombed-out university, a new campus It was only opened two days ago,


but aid agencies say it For these people, freedom of sorts


after almost three years under There are thought to be


750,000 civilians trapped Under siege without food or water


and in fear of their lives, It is one of the worst


crises in the last decade. So, yes, if you can see around


and you talk to people, Fighting is still heavy


but government troops say they are easing Islamic State's


grip on Mosul, its last With IS threatening to kill those


who leave the city and relentless shelling from the government side,


escape is not easy. This family was inside the western


part of the city this morning. As they escaped, there was fighting


going on inside their house. Two members of the security forces


that freed them were killed. According to these civilians,


many more are being kept by so-called Islamic State


as human shields. This man tries to defend


the practice of using A senior Islamic State


commander, he has admitted to sending suicide bombers,


including boys, At a detention centre


where he is being held in northern Iraq, he spoke to the BBC


in a rare interview. TRANSLATION: Anyone who is in danger


hides himself behind the others. It is like if you're


drowning, you might drag In order to survive,


people do everything they can, even if it means using


humans as shields. That warped logic is


rejected by this man, having escaped Mosul with his family


of six and surviving for now Under IS, having a simple Sim card


for a phone, or a woman refusing to cover her face,


can mean certain death. TRANSLATION: My kids have not been


to school for three years and we lived in constant fear


of upsetting the Islamists. IS might be facing imminent defeat


in Mosul, but the scars run unimaginably deep for those


who suffered at their hands. In the US, a 31-year-old man has


been arrested and charged with making at least eight bomb


threats against Jewish centers. Police have been searching the home


of Juan Thompson in Missouri. Federal officials have been


investigating bomb threats made against nearly 100 organisations


in three dozen states. Prosecutors said he was also charged


with stalking his ex-girlfriend. Our reporter Nada Tawfik


in New York updated us For more let us go to


Nada Tawfik in New York. In theory, this was revenge for an


ex-girlfriend and it caused so much anguish and damage. Absolutely, once


he broke up with his girlfriend is when he started this campaign of


harassment. He sent e-mails and made phone calls to several Jewish


community centres, childcare centres and schools in her name and in his


name, showing that she was trying to frame him. Some of the e-mails were


horrific in nature. He said that she wanted to kill as many Jewish people


as soon as and he said that she wanted to create another new town,


of course referring to the case in December 2012 when 26th of June were


shot. Police have now arrested Mr Thompson and charged him with


cyberstalking in relation to these incidents. Narine a lot more is


coming about about this man and one he was. A former online left leaning


publication said she was a journalist with them and was fired


because he fabricated stories and saucers. If you look at his Twitter


feed, on that feed there were several times when he referred to


his ex-girlfriend is trying to frame him. Again, part of this story he


created that investigators have now said he'd used as a campaign of


harassment against his ex-girlfriend. Investigators are


also trying to work out these 100 threats to various Jewish community


centres. There is a chance that is an allegation that he could be


behind those as well, is that correct? We know for example that


police in misery are now questioning him in regard to the cemetery there.


The historic cemetery where 200 Jewish tombstones were vandalised


and turned over. We don't know why he is a suspect in that yet, but we


know he is being questioned. We are seeing if there are any other ties


or clues that would link him to the other incidents. Officials had been


very swift in their condemnation of this. The US Attorney General says


whatever the condemnation, the said it was un-American. They have said


it strikes at US democracy. Jewish groups have been meeting with the


FBI in Washington about this. Ahead of the charges. The FBI gave


assurances that all of these threats would be fully investigated and it


would look to make more arrests. In this polarised political


environment, he saw threats that have increased recently, that the


Jewish community is very concerned about. Gas, understandably so. Thank


you very much for clarifying all of those details. Our correspondence


reporting from New York. Staying in the US and Donald Trump


is calling it a witch hunt. But the pressure on America's top


law officer continues to build. Jeff Sessions say's he'll step down


from an FBI investigation into alleged Russian interference


in the US elections. Democrats say the Attorney General


lied under oath in failing to declare he met Russia's


ambassador twice during At the centre of the latest


allegations of contact between the Trump administration


and Russia, the Attorney At his confirmation hearing,


he'd failed to tell the Senate about two meetings


with the Russian ambassador. Senior Democrats accuse him


of lying under oath. President Trump says


he still has his full confidence. Jeff Sessions has resisted pressure


to resign, but he has now removed himself from any investigations


looking into the election campaign, including allegations


of Russian interference. The reason I believed


I should recuse myself is because I was involved


in the campaign. To a degree, I think it would have


been perceived but I wouldn't have been objective in participating


in an investigation that might I did not confirm or deny


any investigation. I just felt like I


should clear the air. But he's denied he did anything


wrong, and describes what's been said about his meeting


with the ambassador as unfair President Trump has come


to his defence, tweeting: The real story is all the illegal


leaks of classified and other information.


It is a total witch-hunt. This is Russia's ambassador


to the US, Sergey Kislyak. It's a post he is held


for almost a decade. There has been a furious response


from Russia to allegations in some US news reports that he is a spy.


The Foreign Ministry describing it as a media provocation


and a stunning charge. And when Russia's Foreign Minister


was asked today about the continuing controversy over his ambassador


meeting Jeff Sessions, his reply echoed words


President Trump had used earlier. TRANSLATION: I can only


quote the phrase that has Saying that all this closely


resembles a witch-hunt. Or times of McCarthyism,


which we thought had long passed Mr Trump's son-in-law and senior


adviser, Jared Kushner, was with Michael Flynn,


who has since been sacked as national security adviser,


when he met Ambassador Kislyak after the election.


Daniel Boettcher, BBC News. For more on Russia's reaction


to this story here's the latest from our correspondent


Steve Rosenberg in Moscow. I think there is a recognition here


that not only is Jeff Sessions under pressure, but also Donald Trump is.


That we've have optimism that the state media was pumping out,


building up Donald Trump of the night in shining armour is going to


rescue Russian relations. That may have been misplaced. I want to show


you some Russian newspapers from today, do you get a flavour of what


the media is thinking here. This is from a popular tabloid which is


pro-Kremlin. One of its headline is Trump should get his teeth stuck in


and not give up his own guys. This is advice from the papers with


regards to Jeff Sessions. The paper says that he should actively fight


for Jeff Sessions because he is loyal to him. The paper says if


Donald Trump is weak, he will give him up, but if he is a fighter, he


should get his teeth stuck in and not give him up, otherwise, they, in


other words, Trump's opponents will find more links with Russia and


tried to paint the US administration as a team of cheats. The headline


here is Donald Trump is repeating the mistakes of Richard Nixon. What


does it mean by that? It says that Donald Trump has committed a


colossal mistake in getting rid of Michael Flynn, his national security


adviser, because that created an opening for his opponents to exploit


and make their opening bigger. They will increase tax on the president.


The paper notes that Richard Nixon tried the same tactic in 1973 by


getting rid of his vice president to save himself, but the paper says


that did not work. This paper it talks about surrogate if they act,


the Russian ambassador in Washington. It says he is in the


spotlight which is grating altars are problems with the ambassador and


the embassy. The paper says the Americans will be running away from


Russian diplomats in fear, because any contacts will be seen as


espionage. That was the reaction from Moscow.


Germany accuses the journalists are being a German agent and hurrying


terror. The US man who was shot while trying


to intervene in a deadly gun attack on two Indian men at a Kansas bar


has been invited to visit India. Ian Grillot has been praised


as a hero by Indians. Mr Grillot was shot in the hand


and chest when he tried to stop Malaysia has issued an arrest


warrant for a second North Korean man in connection with the murder


of Kim Jong Nam, the estranged half-brother


of North Korea's leader. The man, who works for North Korea's


national airline, is thought to have got to Malaysia two weeks before


the killing at Kuala Lumpur airport. Two journalists in Zimbabwe


have been arrested over a newspaper report describing


President Robert Mugabe as being in bad shape when flew


to Singapore for a medical check-up The editor of the newspaper


and the journalist were charged with undermining and insulting


the office of the President. Another campaign blow


for Francois Fillon, the main centre-right candidate


in the French presidential race. His spokesman has resigned


in the latest fallout over allegations he paid member


of his family for The former Prime Minister will speak


at a major rally on Sunday, where's he's called for supporters


to attend in large numbers The BBC's Hugh Schofield said it


will no doubt be a critical point for the future of his campaign


after todays resignation. The spokesman was


a public face for the campaign, so obviously that


in itself is very embarrassing, but it's not just him,


it's many, many others, sinking ship is how they would see


it in the last couple of days. What's happened is that


we've just seen at this momentum building up,


kind of haemorrhaging now of support, to the point where we


really feel that the situation is fluid.


He is really clinging on by his fingernails


He has a big meeting on Sunday in Paris.


He has called for his supporters to come there from all


over the country to meet him at the Trocadero opposite the


Eiffel Tower, where he is going to give a big


speech and he hopes prove that


he has the bedrock of support of right-wing voters across


If it turns out there is a very big turn-out there, broad-based


support, then he can survive, but you know, no one knows


All one can say is that the pressure is building and


building and building against him, and this other option in the party


of Alain Juppe candidacy is taking greater shape as we speak.


Early results in Northern Ireland's election suggest the main


pro-Irish nationalist party, Sinn Fein, will win more seats


Support for the main party that advocates staying part of Britain,


the Democratic Unionists, has fallen, but it's expected


Our Ireland Correspondent Chris Buckler is at a count in Belfast.


The Belfast reputation has long been linked to divisive politics. The


latest announcement from Stormont has been linked to that. People


return to the ballot box to make their choice. After the collapse of


Northern Ireland's power-sharing Government and that is anything but


a laughing matter. For those who find themselves voting against just


ten months after the last election. Think there is too much bickering


and fighting and instead of what they were elected for, instead of


looking after the people and trying to do something for the people,


there is too much in-house fighting. I think they are trying to blame


each other for what is happening in the country. It is a stalemate.


Nothing is happening. The results of these votes look unlikely to make


much difference to that stand-off at Stormont.


CHEERING If walking out of Government was a


gamble for Sinn Fein, it has paid off. They have increased their share


of the vote, narrowing the gap between them and their old partnered


the DUP. A personal success for the only reader and potential Deputy


First Minister Michelle O'Neill. The Deputy First Minister need to do a


lot more than anyone else who is elected. They need to step out of


their comfort zone, make sure they are true to the principles of


power-sharing and work on the basis of equality. Those words will be


seen as a direct message to Arlene Foster on the leader who was forced


out of the office when Sinn Fein brought down power-sharing. The


ordinary man and woman of Northern Ireland once an assembly up and


running and working for them. They want all the parties playing the


role. We are up for that, we have proved we are calling on the other


parties to follow through with that. Stop messing about the devolution


and work for the entire community. The DUP and Sinn Fein have three


weeks to do a deal. Otherwise, people face the prospect of a


Westminster Government taking over the running of Northern Ireland and


beast for a period. To avoid that, Irish nationalists and British


Unionists must come together again and what might matter is how much


they value power. BBC News, Belfast. Farmers use them to optimise crop


yields, delivery companies hope they'll soon play a large part


in their operations. In Ukraine, campaigners


are using them to fight corruption. But drones are a controversial


tactic, as Tom Burridge We want to show people


that corruption kills. So, they film properties belonging


to officials which they believe are disproportionate in size


and value to the salary officials And in this case they say the judge


who lives here hasn't declared This house that costs


about half a million dollars, we don't believe that she made it


in lawful way, that is why we film We have come to meet the judge that


campaigners are investigating. Ever since pro-European protesters


forced a president who was friends with Russia from power,


there has been a massive push And there is a consensus here that


many of the decisions taken in the past by judges


were often swayed by money Judge Malvina Danilova says she has


never been involved in corruption and she claims all of her


wealth is legitimate. And she argues she didn't need


to declare the house filmed by campaigners because it


belongs to her boyfriend. TRANSLATION: Being


rich isn't a crime. I declared everything I had


according to the law and I think the activists were intruding


into my personal life. Do you at least think


that it is good that civil society is scrutinising the wealth


of public officials like you? They have branded the entire


judicial system with a black mark There are a lot of clever


and experienced judges. Simply dismissing everyone


just wouldn't be right. So in Ukraine the judges


are being judged. So is this degree of scrutiny needed


to clean this country up? A pregnant giraffe,


who's due to give birth at a zoo in New York State,


has become an internet sensation. Managers at the Animal Adventure


Park at Harpursville have set up a livestream,


which we can see now, so members of the public


can watch the giraffe, One problem - April doesn't


seem anywhere close Her plight has attracted


nearly 20 million views Let's speak to Jordan Patch


the owner of the Animal Adventure How is able doing? We are doing good


and she is doing well. She is doing very well. She seems to be standing


around a lot, what can we expect as she starts to give birth? Bushby


lying down, I have no idea. Juhasz give birth whilst standing up. A


good thing about the labour process is they hide all signs of labour


because the knee while they would not want predators waiting for her


to become vulnerable. She's going to Mass clues labour resigns from us


pretty well. In the end, what we are looking for is the baby who is


starting to appear. When we see those, it will be anywhere from 30


up and told 60 minutes. It is a very quick process. We are watching all


of the flies. With the idea to stream this come from? We came up


with the idea because many of her supporters knew she was expecting


and people had been checking in to see whether or not she had given


birth. We thought we would put a webcam up and allow guests to check


in on her on their own. We did that and now we're receiving a lot more


interest than we ever expected. You have 20 million viewers. It is just


so staggering that there is that much interest. Who doesn't like


giraffes? Look like that is a fair point. She is 15 years old and this


is her fourth baby. She is pretty experienced. Very much so. She is an


experienced mother. We are not concerned that she is taking a


little bit longer than we anticipated. She knows what she is


doing. We're letting nature take its course. She has never had... She has


never lost a baby or had a stillborn baby, so you're pretty confident


this is something that everybody can enjoy watching? Yes, absolutely. We


do not anticipate any intervention needed by us or any bets. We are


prepared for any offence. I will advise that in the event is an


issue, we may to cut the feed to give it a relatively safe learning


environment for all ages. 94 specifying that. We wish all of you


the best of luck. That is fantastic. The anonymous street-artist, Banksy,


has released his latest But it's completely different


to anything we've seen before. This time, Banksy has designed


a hotel, built along the wall that separates the Palestinians


and Israelis in Bethlehem. An apparent chemical attack on east


Mosul has left 12 people, Shells were fired into the east of


the city. This comes as thousands of civilians continue to escape the


embattled city. A recent capture by Iraqi forces has justified the group


pot practice of using so-called human shields. You're watching BBC


News. Good evening. The weather will be


flip-flopping between sunshine and


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