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weather spreading from west to East, later on on Tuesday. An unsubtle


glut of things. Stage and for the forecast.


'S is in the news. In Iraq and apparent chemical attack on East


Mosul has left 12 people including children injured. As many more


remain trapped in the conflict, a trapped commander of so-called


Islamic State says using human shields is justified. As members of


the Northern Ireland assembly are elected it seems Sinn Fein and the


DUP will remain the largest parties. Police search them home of a man


associated with recent threats to a number of Jewish centres. And are we


there yet? This is the scene streamed live from animal adventure


Park in New York State for April the De Graaf to finally give birth. --


April the De Graaf. Welcome to the programme. 12 Iraqi


civilians have been injured in what appears to have been a chemical


weapons attack in the city of Mosul. Two shells were fired into the


Government held east of the city from the Islamic State controlled


West, releasing a fouls then gas. 111-year-old boy suffered severe


burns and blistering. The International Committee of the Red


Cross has condemned the apparent use of chemical weapons but it hasn't


actually identified what type they were. This comes as thousands of


civilians continue to escape the embattled city. In BBC interview, a


senior IAS commander recently captured by a it Iraqi forces, has


justified the practice of using so-called human shields.


Next to the rubble of most will's bombed out university, a new campus


has been built. A refugee camp on the 30,000 people. It was only


opened 2000 -- two days ago, but aid agencies say it will be full within


a week. For these people freedom of sorts, after almost three years


under the rule of so-called Islamic State. There are thought to be


750,000 civilians trapped inside westernmost soul, under siege


without food or water and in fear of their lives, some have managed to


escape. It is one of the worst crises in the last decade. If you


can see around you, if you talk to people, you cannot deny this.


Fighting is still heavy but Government troops say they are


easing Islamic State's grip on most will. Its last major stronghold in


Iraq. With IAS threatening to kill those who leave the city, and


relentless shelling from the Government side, escape is not easy.


This family was inside western part of the city this morning and as they


escaped there was fighting going on inside their house. Two members of


the security forces that feat freedom were killed and according to


the civilians, many more have been kept by so-called Islamic State as


human shields. This man tries to defend the


practice of using human shields. He has admitted sending suicide bombers


including boys to attack cities. He spoke to the BBC in a rare


interview. TRANSLATION: Anyone who was in


danger hides himself behind others. It is like if you'd are drowning you


may drag someone down with you, even a member of your family. In order to


survive people do anything they can even if it means using humans as


shields. That warped logic is rejected by this man. Having escaped


Mosul with his family of six and surviving the now for in a cold


refugee camp. TRANSLATION: Under IIS, having a Sim


card for a phone or a woman refusing to cover her face, could mean


certain death. My kids have not been to school for three years and we


lived in constant fear of upsetting the Islamists. Islamic State may be


facing imminent defeat in most soul, but the scars run imminently deep


for those who suffered at their hands.


Results are being declared in the Northern Ireland Assembly election


with a big increase in turnout. With over 50 seats declared so far, early


results indicate both Sinn Fein and the DUP are polling strongly. The


election was called after Sinn Fein withdrew from the power-sharing


executive in January. Let's cross live to speak to the BBC's Anita


McVeigh who is in Belfast. What's the story so far? Hello. The


four votes for the fall Belfast constituencies are being counted.


The turnout has been one of the big stories of the day so far. Remember


there was an election here in Northern Ireland just ten months


ago, last May. And yet voter turnout is up by 10% this time round. In


some constituencies that turnout was up by as much as 13%, so the


electorate is really invigorated, certainly not put off by the second


election in less than a year. Let me just give you an indication of where


we are. Nudging towards two thirds of the seats being declared. 53 out


of 90s declared. Topping the poll at the moment is Sinn Fein with 23.


That is the Republican party, Sinn Fein, who would like to see a united


Ireland. Then it is the Democratic Unionist Party, they are on 14. The


Ulster Unionist Party have seven, in one of the dramatic turns to this


day so far their leader Mike Nesbitt said he would be standing down


because of his party's performance in these elections. He had appealed


to people to vote across traditional community lines and transfer their


votes to other parties who he said would bring about change in Northern


Ireland politics. But it doesn't look like were going to get change,


is the bottom line, because it looks like Sinn Fein and the DUP will


still be the largest parties and a number of the smaller ones have


collected around nine seats between them. We are seeing an increasingly


polarised electorate. Remind us why these elections are so important.


These elections are so important because they are about the future of


devolved Government in Northern Ireland. In the past, we have had


direct rule from Westminster and that is one of the possible options


on the table if, when the members of the assembly elected this weekend,


when they return to Stormont, the seat of the devolved Government on


Monday, to begin a process of negotiations, they have three weeks


to try to work out a number of long-running and deep-seated issues


in Northern Ireland politics, and at the end of that elects a First


Minister and Deputy First Minister. I don't think anyone would put money


on that happening in such a short time frame. If they don't manage to


do that by the 27th of March, one of the options open to the Northern


Ireland Secretary, James Brokenshire, is to impose rule from


Westminster, though that would require an act of Parliament. He


could also call another election, he could suspend this set the assembly,


or he could try to create some breathing space to give the


politicians more time to work out a deal. Take you back to January when


the assembly collapsed, the final straw as it were was a row over a


renewable heating scheme, a botched renewable heating scheme, but that


was just the final straw made a huge deterioration in the ratio between


the two main parties in Northern Ireland. So it is looking very


tricky as we look ahead to the beginning of the new week, and those


three weeks of negotiations, to see how in three weeks' time of devolved


Government could be up and running again. Thank you very much


forbidding that into context and monitoring those results.


Human remains of infants and children have been uncovered as a


former home for unwed mothers and babies in Ireland. Forensics


scientists say they have identified significant quantities of human


remains, including those of babies. Excavations have been underway at


the site. Digging began after a Government commission was set up in


response to claims about the deaths of nearly 800 infants between 1925


and 1961. Authorities say the remains found appeared to date from


that time. This news is very disturbing and


will touch everyone's heart. There were of course strong suspicions


about burials of this kind for some time. It was one of the reasons for


setting up the commission in the first place. The information I have


received confirms these suspicions and importantly they trace the


remains specifically to the period of the homes operation rather than


to earlier times in our history, such as during the famine.


Let's turn to the United States where of 31-year-old man has been


arrested and charged with making at least eight bomb threats against


Jewish centres. Prosecutors said he was also charged with cyberstalking


his former girlfriend. Police have been searching his house. Federal


officials are also investigating bomb threats made against daily 100


organisations and three dozen states. Our reporter in New York


reports. Prosecutors allege that once he broke up with his girlfriend


is when he started the con campaign of harassment. He made phone calls


of harassment to several places in her name and in his name, showing


that she was trying to frame him. Some of the e-mails were horrific in


nature, he's ahead she wanted to kill as many Jewish people as soon


as possible. He said she wanted to create another new town. Police have


now arrested him and charged him with cyberstalking in relation to


these incidents. Now a lot more is coming out about who this man was. A


former online left-leaning publication says he was a job


journalist with them and was fired because he fabricated stories and


stores is. If you go to his Twitter feed, there were several times where


he referred to his ex-girlfriend trying to frame him. Again, part of


the story he created that investigators have now said he used


as a campaign of harassment against his ex. They are also trying to work


out 100 threats to Jewish community centres. There is an allegation that


he could be behind these as well. We know for example that police in


Missouri are now questioning him in regards to the secretary there, the


historic cemetery where 200 historic Jewish tombstones were vandalised.


We haven't been told he is necessarily a suspect but we know he


is being questioned. They are seeing if there are any other ties or clues


that would lead came to some of the other incidents. Officials have been


very swift in their condemnation of this. The US Attorney General says


whatever the motivation, this is an American. Jewish groups have been


meeting with the FBI in Washington about this, head of the charges that


this meeting was planned, they said the FBI assured them that all of


these threats would be fully investigated and they would look to


make more arrests. But certainly in this polarised political


environment, these threads that have increased recently, that the Jewish


committee is concerned about. Now some of the day's other news.


The former Haitian President has died at the age of 74. He is the


only democratically lead elected leader in Haiti's history to serve


two full terms. His second term will be remembered for the earthquake.


The American man who was shot while trying to intervene in a deadly gun


attack has been invited to visit India. He has been praised as a hero


by Indians. He was shot in the hand and chest when he intervened.


Turkish president has accused Germany of aiding and harbouring


terror. He claims a German journalist was a German agent and a


member of the Kurdish armed groups the PKK. People have condemned the


arrest of the German journalist as an assault of.


Mr Fields of another blow on Friday with his spokesman resigning and


political party withdrawing its support. This is latest fallout over


allegations that he paid man's of his family for jobs they did not do.


Apparently the turnout at Sunday's Bradley will be critical in the


success of his campaign going forward. It is part of the bigger


thick picture. Is not just him, it's many others. Many others have


deserted the sinking ship is how they would see it in the last couple


of days. We have seen this lament building, a haemorrhaging of


support, to the point where we feel the situation is fluid, it could all


change. He is clamouring clinging by his fingernails to his candidacy. He


has a big meeting on Sunday in Paris. He has called his supporters


to come there from all over the country, to meet him opposite the


Eiffel Tower where he will give a big speech and he hopes prove he has


the bedrock of Cepeda support of right-wing voters across the


country. That may be the crunch. If there is a big turnout and broad


support he may survive. But no one knows what will happen. All you can


say is that the pressure is building against him, and the other option in


the party is taking greater shape. Stay with us on BBC world News. Lots


more to come, including... Russia echoes President Trump in describing


the calls for Jeff Sessions to resign as a witchhunt.


First the plates slid gently off the tables. Then the tables crashed


downwards. Then the ferry lurched onto its side. The Americans had


successfully tested a weapon whose explosive force dwarf that of a bomb


dropped on Hiroshima. The constitutional rights of these


marchers are their rights as citizens of the US and they should


be protected even in the right to test them out so they don't get


their heads broken and sent to hospital. This will just construe


controversy, I know you don't want to talk about it, but don't you


worry about it boiling up? I think anything will be all right in the


end. Welcome to BBC world News today. Our


latest headlines... As the battle for Mosul continues thousands of


civilians escape as Iraqi coalition forces try to defeat so-called


Islamic State. And results are coming in as the first members of


the Northern Ireland Assembly are elected. It seems the DUP and Sinn


Fein will remain the largest parties. Let's turn to the United


States. Donald Trump is calling this a witchhunt but the pressure on


America's top law officer continues to build. He says he will step down


from an FBI investigation from an alleged FBI into. It is said he lied


under oath in failing to declare he met Russia's ambassador twice during


the campaign. At the centre of the latest


allegations of contact between the Trump administration


and Russia, the Attorney At his confirmation hearing,


he'd failed to tell the Senate about two meetings


with the Russian ambassador. Senior Democrats accuse him


of lying under oath. President Trump says


he still has his full confidence. Jeff Sessions has resisted pressure


to resign, but he has now removed himself from any investigations


looking into the election campaign, including allegations


of Russian interference. The reason I believed


I should recuse myself is because I was involved


in the campaign. To a degree, I think it would have


been perceived but I wouldn't have been objective in participating


in an investigation that might I did not confirm or deny


any investigation. I just felt like I


should clear the air. But he's denied he did anything


wrong, and describes what's been said about his meeting


with the ambassador as unfair President Trump has come


to his defence, tweeting: The real story is all the illegal


leaks of classified and other information.


It is a total witch-hunt. This is Russia's ambassador


to the US, Sergey Kislyak. It's a post he is held


for almost a decade. There has been a furious response


from Russia to allegations in some US news reports that he is a spy.


The Foreign Ministry describing it as a media provocation


and a stunning charge. And when Russia's Foreign Minister


was asked today about the continuing controversy over his ambassador


meeting Jeff Sessions, his reply echoed words


President Trump had used earlier. TRANSLATION: I can only


quote the phrase that has Saying that all this closely


resembles a witch-hunt. Or times of McCarthyism,


which we thought had long passed Mr Trump's son-in-law and senior


adviser, Jared Kushner, was with Michael Flynn,


who has since been sacked as national security adviser,


when he met Ambassador Kislyak after the election.


Daniel Boettcher, BBC News. Let's get a full update of all the


sports news with Lizzie. England set West Indies a target of 297 to win


the first one-day and international in Antigua. After a shaky start the


captain hit an impressive century. Ben Stokes also showed why is he is


so expensive. In reply the West Indies started badly. They steadied


things but have had a terrible last couple of overs. They are now two to


4-8. Baby 73 from six overs. Andy Murray is through to the final of


the Dubai championship. The Scot beat Lucas Pouille in straight sets.


He will play a Spaniard in the final. Murray has a superb record


over Vasco winning 12 of their previous 13 meetings. British boxers


David Hay and Tony Bell you have weighed in ahead of their fight.


They have had aggressive verbal clashes in the build-up. Earlier


they were warned about their conduct. Tony is stepping up from


cruiserweight to heavyweight the first time. His opponent is almost a


stone heavier than him. He is prepared and ready to perform for a


two-hour flight. He should never be that weight. He isn't really a


heavyweight. Not in a million years. Athletically he looks fantastic.


When you get close to him he is trembling. He doesn't... He's not as


confident and he doesn't believe the things he's saying. Look at him,


he's actually trembling. I was hoping he would look more physically


impressive. I was hoping I would see some residents of some abdominal


muscles, but he looked very smooth. He did not look good in my opinion.


I've knocked out guys who are bigger, stronger, more athletic. I


don't see what he can do other than get smashed pretty quick. It is the


opening day of the indoor athletics Championships in Serbia. Britain


took gold in the 60 metres hurdles, in seven point point something


seconds. I knew it was tight. I thought I'd got it but I wasn't


sure. I was over the moon. I had to work hard to get back after a slow


start. A win is a win. I'm really happy. The second round of the world


golf championship in Mexico is underway. It is one of two events


now played outside the United States. Here is the leaderboard.


England lose leads the way on eight under. One man had to change his


caddie because his long-standing caddie had food poisoning. He's


doing well in the second round. That is all the sport.


The British graffiti artist bank C has opened a hotel in the world of


hotel is metres from the West Bank. It has been described as the hotel


with the worst view in the world. That is obviously a statement from


bank C. We are still waiting for April the De Graaf to give birth.


I'm sure you want is an update! The pregnant giraffe who is true any


minute but isn't giving birth just yet is in New York State. April has


become an Internet sensation. These are live images from animal


adventure Park zoo. The managers there decided to set up this live


stream which we can see now. I think that is Oliver, the dad, in the


background, because they wanted this to be an educational experience.


They feel confident that April will be fine and well as and when she


finally decides to give birth, in front of around 20 million viewers.


Good luck, April! If you are heading over to New York this weekend it is


set to be cold, temperatures just above freezing by day and by night


it will be widespread frost. At least there


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