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BBC world News today. President Trump accuses Barack Obama of


tapping his phone during the election campaign. The Obama camp


denies it. Francois Fillon tries to keep his campaign alive after


another of his homes is raided. Another low in the relationship


between Malaysia and North Korea, the North Korean ambassador is told


to leave Kuala Lumpur. We have all the sport including a fractious


showdown between Manchester United and Bournemouth.


Welcome to the programme. There is never a dull moment in Washington


politics. Donald Trump took to Twitter claiming the Obama had


tapped his phones at Trump Tower during the election campaign. The


president offered no evidence for the claims and a spokesman for


Barack Obama has strongly denied the allegations, saying neither


President Obama or any White House official ever ordered surveillance


of any US citizen and any suggestion otherwise is simply false. It comes


after a rocky few weeks for the Trump administration which has seen


the sacking of the national security adviser Mike Flynn and questions


hanging over the Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Both over alleged


contacts with the Russians. From Washington, this is for Rebecca. --


this is Laura Bicker. There is a protocol


between Presidents, even across the political divide -


a peaceful handover of power even In a tirade of tweets Donald Trump


has trashed this tradition. He accused Barack Obama


of ordering a wire tap on his Trump Tower phone,


not in one, but in four tweets. What a contrast to his


tone during this week's It appears this was not the pivot


to a different kind of president So were the Trump


Towers phones tapped? The conservative news organisation


Breitbart seems to think so, Did this article start


the Twitter cascade? But no president has


the power to order a wiretap, only the FBI can do that,


with a warrant from court. President Trump is now facing calls


to produce proof of his claims. We can speak to Laura who is in our


Washington bureau. You said that President Trump has been asked to


produce evidence, has he? No, he hasn't. We know he went off to play


golf at 930, after he sent those messages and we have heard nothing


more from him, not even since the former president Barack Obama issued


his denial. Saying he had no involvement in this. Why is it


important for him to say this? Because the White House has always


tried to be seen as separate from an independent investigation when it


comes to the FBI. But look at the evidence for maybe the fact that the


phones were tapped. We know from some media reports that back in the


summer the FBI went to court asking for a warrant to tap phones, and


that warrant was initially denied and then later in October it was


allowed. These reports but out in January, but that what was said


then. It was denied, but never confirmed. President Trump seems to


be suggesting that by the way, that was true all along. Something he has


always dismissed as fake news. That is one issue for President Trump.


The next issue, if he doesn't produce proof, is this just a simple


distraction technique, because as you have mentioned it has been


another rocky week. He had a great cheese day night by many standards,


he was presidential, many people said, but a few hours later there


was controversy surrounding his Attorney General Jeff Sessions -- he


had a great Tuesday night. So this cloud that is Russia that hangs over


the White House, this controversy does not seem to be going away. He


can't shake it. Is this a distraction technique? What do you


make of the response from barrack Obano, it was fairly swift? --


Barack Obama. It was swift and robust because this is a serious


charge and when it comes to President Obama's time in office


they were keen to be seen as separate from any independent


investigation so that was important for him to do. Under the


circumstances and under these very serious charges. Laura, thanks for


joining us. We can go to France. It has had an eventful week for the


centre-right political candidate Francois Fillon. Police have been


searching his country home in relation to a scandal over payments


to family members, that is after his Paris home was searched on Thursday.


On top of that it has been announced the Conservative Republican party


will meet to discuss his candidacy. Under fire but the fight, Francois


Fillon takes to the stage at a rally outside Paris. He enjoyed the


backing of supporters, but within his own party that support appears


to be fading. TRANSLATION: My friends this campaign is a strange


fight, you are courageous, and they want to intimidate you, I'm being


attacked but what they are looking for is to defeat the recovery of the


nation. And the Wylfa change that you are representing. I'm asking


you, do not abdicate, never renounce, your commitment must


continue. Fighting allegations he used taxpayer money to pay his wife


and family members for work they did not do, senior members of his


campaign are heading for the exit. In the past days his campaign


manager and a spokesperson have quit and there are calls for him to step


aside. TRANSLATION: This is a countdown, it is like to explode our


political family and I don't want it. On Monday the Republican party


were made to discuss his failing campaign, and many believe the door


could now be open for ex-Prime Minister Alain Juppe to step in, he


was convincingly defeated by Francois Fillon in the party primary


in the vendor, but a recent poll suggests he is now the party's best


chance in the presidential election -- in November. Marine Le Pen faces


her own legal troubles. Also accused of misusing funds. But while her


numbers hold, Francois Fillon's continue to fall as he goes about


trying to salvage a presidential election, he was once favourite to


win. We can get other news now. The Polish government have confirmed it


will not back the current president of the European Council Donald Tusk.


For his second term. The country's Foreign Minister said a Polish


member of the European Parliament will be put forward instead. The


governing Law and justice party has long opposed Donald Tusk, and a


member of a rival party who was formerly the Prime Minister. Sinn


Fein are celebrating their best ever showing in elections to the Northern


Ireland assembly. With all the votes counted they have won 20 76, just


one behind the pro-British Democratic Unionists. -- 20 six.


Gerry Adams described it as a watershed election and the two


parties now have three weeks to agree a new power-sharing coalition.


Malaysia says the North Korean ambassador must leave the country in


the next 48 hours. The two nations have fallen out after the death of


the estranged half brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un am. A


North Korean held in Malaysia says he is the victim of a conspiracy by


the Malaysia authorities. He was accused the lead actor -- he accused


the police of threatening his family. This is our Pacific editor


with her assessment. It has been a spectacular deterioration of ties


between these countries and we would never have predicted this a month


ago. But right from the starting point, when we first heard about the


death of King John Mann, the North Koreans took a strong stance, saying


the ambassador was out in front -- Kim Jong-un am. Questioning the


Malaysia authorities investigation and the identity of the person who


died at Kuala Lumpur airport, demanding the body to be returned.


It was almost every day. There are more accusations and more questions.


You never would have guessed that they are relatively friendly


countries by watching the way he spoke about Malaysia in his


discussions with the media. It is no surprise the Malaysians demanded an


apology and no apology was given, and so that led to his expulsion


today. Staying in the region, the families of passengers on board the


missing Malaysia aeroplane MH370 have launched a campaign to raise


funds for a private search, they won $50 million to Sweden area north of


the previous search zone, -- they want $15 million. It disappeared


nearly three years ago en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The Prime


Minister of Somalia says more than 100 people from a drought hit region


in the country have died of hunger. In the past two days. A drought was


declared a national disaster on Tuesday and the United Nations


estimates that five meeting people are in need of aid. UN agencies say


100,000 people are facing starvation. Stephen O'Brien is the


emergency relief coordinator for the United Nations and he is visiting


the South Sudanese capital. This is the first time we have potentially


been faced with this drought. We need to meet these needs across the


area. I've spent the day here and I could see thousands of people who


have had to wade through marshes. I met with a grandmother who is


nursing a ten-month-old grandchild who was malnourished and his parents


had gone missing after an attack on their village. The challenge is so


difficult was we have to say for the potential for the famine to spread,


is something. What we need from the local


government, and I've had discussions with the Prime Minister,


we need access. Access when you have terrible


security conditions over the country One worker has died here,


bravely delivering aid. They need to be able to get


to deliver and we need Stay with us here. Still to come,


first look inside the ancient Syrian city after being retaken from


so-called Islamic State for the second time.


Suddenly the plates and tables crashed and it was just a matter of


seconds as the ferry lurched onto her side. The hydrogen bomb, the


Americans have successfully tested a weapon whose explosive force dwarfed


that of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. I heard the news earlier.


The constitutional rights of these marches and their rights of citizens


of the United States and they should be protected so they don't get their


heads broken and are sent to hospital. Religious controversy.


Does it worry you? It worries me but I hope very thing will be all right


in the end, as they say. -- every ring. Every thing.


President Trump accuses Barack Obama of


tapping his phone during the election campaign.


Francois Fillon tries to keep his campaign alive after


The H in Syrian city of Palmyra appears to have escaped its second


occupation by so-called Islamic State with less damage than


previously feared -- the ancient Syrian city. Recent drone imagery


released last month showed further destruction to the ruins, but today


as the government invited media to inspect the UNESCO site it was clear


that the ancient ruins survived and some experts fears were not


realised. It was built as a temple venerating Mesopotamian gods, and it


survived occupation by the Romans, conversions from temple to church to


mosque and recently to a gruesome stage for executions by militants of


the so-called Islamic State. But the UNESCO site of Palmyra is now back


in Syrian government hands and there is less damage to the site and was


buried. -- than was feared. Government forces drove out IS


forces from the ruins, the jihadists first took control of the area in


2015 and after being pushed out they came back again late last year.


While Syrian forces were focused on fighting rebels in the northern city


of Aleppo. This is the second time the government has cleared Palmyra


of the militants. Speaking today a Russian military officers said the


effort was being supported by the Russian air. TRANSLATION: Over one


point five monthly Syrian troops overcame substantial resistance from


the terrorists stashed over one and a half months. On the 2nd of March


they took control of Palmyra. It was feared that the ruins had suffered


further destruction after drones and satellite imagery seems to show


further damage whilst it was under the militants control. But today


Syria's antiquities chief said there was less damage than archaeologists


have feared. Palmyra had already lost its famed triumphant arch, its


central temple of Bell, and dozens of antiquities in the museum. Should


the militants retake the ruins once more, it is not certain it gives a


vine. -- it is not certain it could survive or stop it is the evil of


China's biggest political event of the year, the People's Congress --


it is the eve of. Beijing has said they will raise the defence budget


by 7%, which is the lowest rise in military spending in the country and


around a decade and it comes against the backdrop of growing tensions in


the South China Sea and Donald Trump's call for a big rise in US


defence spending. China has announced an increase in military


spending of around 7% for this year, and it comes days after the United


States president Donald Trump said America's defence budget should go


up by 10%. Tensions increasing between the superpowers, especially


in the South China Sea, and there are fears of a regional arms race


developing. It has become tradition for the Chinese government to


announce its military spending increase in percentage terms at


least, the day before the start of the annual National People's


Congress. TRANSLATION: Fundamentally speaking the United States is


probably still worried that China's capabilities might be catching up or


exceeding that of the United States and in fact China still has a great


gap with the United States in its capability as a developing country


but China's military development and construction is to continue. This is


the second year in a row for China to post a single digit increase in


East events spending. This followed increments over 10% for two decades


or more. Some countries have said the official military budget is not


reliable and be real figure could be much higher. Either way China is


looking to follow the US pivot to Asia. Washington is winding back


seen as what is -- is winding back what is seen as Chinese expansion.


Comparisons are being made between China and America, but only on the


military front, but also when it comes to issues like free trade, and


renewable energy. -- not only. We can get some sport. We will start


with football. Liverpool have moved up to third


in the Premier League, with a 3-1 victory over


Arsenal at Anfield. Firmino and Mane gave


Liverpool a 2-0 lead, before Danny Welbeck


pulled one back. Wijnaldum then popped up a minute


into injury time to ensure Jurgen Klopp's side took


all three points. A lot of focus will be


on Arsene Wenger's decision to leave Alexi Sanchez on the bench -


he said it was tactical. I'm strong enough and lucid enough


to analyse the impact. And I don't deny that


Alexis Sanchez is a great player. I bought him and I have always


played him and I think he has done very well for us,


but the decision like One of the best games we have played


so far because of the strength We all know what we did in the last


week and how we played. It's really not usual or whatever


that you come back like this. So we know what we have to work


on and we will work, but today everyone can enjoy this


game and this result. Ten man Bournemouth held on to draw


1-1 with Manchester United It was a match packed with


incidents. Ibrahimovic and Tyrone Mings


could be in trouble Mings appeared to land his studs


on the back of the head of the United forward as he lay


on the ground, and then from Zlatan Ibrahimovic missed a penalty


late in the second half, that would have seen them win


all three points. We played a phenomenal first half


and we should be winning three - zero but we ended 1-1, as simple as


that. Who can I blame? Ourselves. Nobody else. We missed big chances,


but as I told them at half-time in the second half we played against a


difference in, with one man less and that gave up to play.


Leicester City have had back-to-back victories since the sacking of


Claudio Ranieri. They moved to 15th place after beating Hull.


Andy Murray has chalked up his first tournament win of the year


After a shaky start, the world number one saw off


Fernando Verdasco in straight sets - it's the first time he's


won this tournament, and means he extends his lead over


Novak Djokovic at the top of the world rankings.


He reeled off five successive games to take the first set and he


continued in the same vein in the second set and clinched victory with


a powerful serve. Rafael Nadal continues to display the kind of


tennis which has taken him to 14 major titles as he reached the final


at the Mexico open, producing a straight sets victory over Marin


Cilic. His 14th consecutive victory at this tournament which is last won


in 2013 and he will now play Sam Querrey in the final.


What a Test series it's turning out to be between India and Australia,


with the visitors again springing a surprise.


As Nathan Lyon produced the best haul by a visiting bowler to India.


He racked up a career best eight wickets for 50 runs


as Australia dominated the opening day of the second Test


Only Rahul offered any kind of sustained resistance,


with an innings of 90 as India were bowled out for 189.


In reply, Australia closed on 40 without loss -


they already lead in the four Test series.


After all the trash-talk Tony Bellew and David Haye will go


Bellew, the world cruiserweight champion,


is fighting for the first time as a heavyweight.


And he starts tonight nearly a stone lighter than Haye -


I was hoping he would look a little more physically impressive, I was


hoping I would see some remnants of abdominal muscles of some sort, but


he looked very smooth and he did not look good in my opinion. It doesn't


bode well for him. I've knocked out guys who are bigger and stronger and


more athletic than him so I don't see what he can do other than get


smashed pretty quick. But short of confidence, David Haye. That is all


the sport for now -- not short. Cycling on ice is not normally a


good idea, but I spiking is becoming a booming sport all over the world.


It is now arrived in the UK and our sports correspondent has been giving


it a go. -- ice fighting for stop the sum of us, ice-skating can be a


challenge. -- for some of us. There can be quite a lot of pain and


humiliation, but now there is a new sport for all of us to get up to


speed on the ice. Under starters orders and ready to go, one of


Scandinavia's popular new sports has arrived in the UK. On the Zeiss


bikes back wheels have been placed -- ice bikes. Some people are afraid


of ice-skating and falling over and giving it a try but this is more


inclusive and you don't have to worry about falling over and anyone


can do it. I've been overtaken again, it takes getting used to,


especially the way you glide around the corners. There can be contacted


on these fancy wheel to wheel tussles, and the slightest of nudges


we'll send you into a spin, even more so in the 400 metre races held


across Scandinavia and the Netherlands in which riders rich


fast paces. This sport is changing perceptions of ice and has spread as


far as Mexico as well as the UK -- reach fast paces was the you are


pedalling furiously and then you glide around the corner, but what a


work-out. It is very fast, you can lose it quite hard on the corners,


but so much fun. Looks like a lot of fun. That is it from me and the


team. Goodbye for now. Good evening, the weather fronts are


swinging back across the UK, and it means no two days are the same which


is welcome news if you lived in Scotland, which was pretty miserable


today. Hardly worth stepping


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