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This is BBC world News today, broadcasting in the UK and around


the world. The headlines. The White House asks Congress to investigate


whether President Obama ordered wiretaps and the trump campaign. The


former director of national intelligence denies the claim. There


was no such wiretap activity mounted against the President-elect at the


time as a candidate for against his campaign. Francois Fillon insists he


will not pull out of the French presidential race. My campaign goes


on despite the defections. Nobody has the power to force me to


withdraw my candidacy. It is my decision and I have been reassured


by this show of support. Everyone thought it would be a failure and it


was a success. Iraqi forces are trying to retake muscle from Islamic


State reported to be closing in on the main government buildings in the


city. In sport, Harry Kane scores twice as Spurs close the gap with


Chelsea at the top of the Premier League.


The former US director of national intelligence, James Klapper, has


denied there was any wiretap on Donald Trump what this election


campaign. President Trump has alleged that his phones were tapped


by the Obama administration without offering any evidence and has asked


Congress to examine the claims. For North America correspondent, Nick


Bryant, reports. On the Sunday talk shows


this morning one main Trump claiming the Trump campaign


was wiretapped by President Obama. In his extraordinary


twitter tirade Donald Trump accused his predecessor,


Barack Obama, of being a sick wiretaps at Trump Tower


in a Watergate style conspiracy. This morning, the White House issued


a statement asking that as part of their investigation


into Russian activity, the Congressional intelligence


Committee exercise their to determine whether executive


branch investigative powers But the White House has produced no


evidence to back up the President's claims of criminality and seems


to be hoping these congressional Let's get the truth


here, let's find out. I think the bigger story is not


who reported it, but is it true? I think the American people


have a right to know if this happened because if it did,


again this is the largest abuse of power that


I think we have ever seen. Senior Democrats have


labelled Donald Trump trying to distract attention


from the Trump team's To understand this, this


is the deflector in chief, no jobs, no infrastructure


built, no nothing. But America's former Director


of National Intelligence claims At this point you cannot confirm


or deny whether that happened? This weekend has seen pro-Trump


rallies around the country, celebrating his successful speech


to Congress, but the week that began with the presidential reset has


ended once again with Russia. Our correspondent in Washington is


Laura Baker. I asked if James Clapper's categorical would make any


difference. We have had no reaction from the


White House. The statement stands. They want the congressional


committees to investigate whether or not there has been an overreach and


abuse of power, according to the deputy White House spokesperson this


morning. They are saying that if it is true, and they seem to be basing


their claims in part on reports in newspapers, Breitbart News and other


conservative radio shows, but there was wiretapping in Trump Tower


during the presidential campaign and they said that was an abuse of power


and it needs to be investigated and are calling on Congress to do that.


Opponents of President Trump says he sends these tweets to deflect


attention from things he does not want to be discuss. Has he been


successful? When it comes to the discussion in Washington, this is


consuming all news programmes right across the nation. It is the one


topic, it is an astonishing claim by President Trump, that his


predecessor has carried out wiretapping on his own Trump Tower.


When it comes to the presidential rule book, there is an unwritten


rule that when you hand overpowered you do not criticise the


predecessor. He has blown the Rob Webber. When it comes to what was


being discussed in Washington, that is making headlines. Nancy Pelosi,


the Democrat, is calling him the deflector in chief because it is


reflecting from the controversy over whether or not his campaign had


contact with Russian intelligence. Francois Fillon has used a TV


interview to say he will not withdraw from the French


presidential race. The centre-right candidate is under pressure to quit


over corruption allegations. On Monday, the party Braswell meet to


discuss his future. Mr Fillon addressed thousands of supporters in


Paris. If there was only slight doubt at


the end of this rally speech, he never spelt out that he would be a


candidate to the end. People thought he might be sending out a signal. In


this interview he was asked that question directly, are you going to


withdraw her candidacy and he said no. I don't see any reason to and no


one can make me good. That seems pretty clear. Tomorrow is another


day and know there are negotiations going on and phone calls flying all


over the place, but as things stand, he comes out from this reinforced in


his belief that there is a large part of the centre-right electorate


that is behind him and he would be betraying them were she to step


down. He says I am willing to talk to the other leaders, the party


bigwigs, but my position is stronger today than it was before. That is


what Mr Fillon is saying, what about the polling and the general chatter?


We know it has been a rough few weeks for him and we know the rest


of the party are very concerned because the polling shows that if he


runs, he will not make it to the second round, it will be Macron and


Le Pen. That is where the pressure is coming from that is bursting at


the end of asked week with all these defections, people saying this is


hopeless, we were supposed to have this on a plate and now we do not.


It is time to get another candidate going, so let's get Alain Juppe


going. This will give them pause for thought and make them realise this


is more complicated than they realised. If only for the simple


fact, which is inarguable, but Mr Fillon does have the legitimacy of


the primary behind him and if he steps down and Juppe takes his


place, there are a number of people who voted for Fillon who will sit we


did that with four Alain Juppe and we didn't vote for him for a good


reason, which is that he is a soft, centre guy and we don't want that.


The real danger is that there will be a big loss of votes on the road,


maybe the Marine Le Pen, if Francois Fillon is hosted by Juppe. Police


are hunting for an attacker who shot a signal and doesn't leave the


country Seattle. The victim was approached outside his house before


he was shot in the arm. The attackers led to a fresh outcry in


India following a deadly gun attack on two Indians in Kansas last month.


Police in New York investigating the damage to two stones at a Jewish


cemetery in Brooklyn set no evidence of vandalism has been found. They


said they had since have come down as a result of long-term neglect and


environmental factors such as soil erosion. There has been a series of


vandalism is at Jewish cemeteries this year. On a visit to Israel, the


New York governor described as an as reprehensible. It is disgusting, it


is reprehensible, it violates every ten at the New York State tradition.


New York state, five it's definition, is a celebration of


diversity. We believe in the spirit of inclusion and we live by


discrimination of no one. The principles of Europe are built on


Iraq, they will not change and the political winds will not change


them. In your state governor speaking there. China faces major


challenges in its attempt to overhaul its economy, the world's


second-largest force of the premier told the opening session of


Parliament in Beijing that he is targeting and half percent in the


coming year, lower than last year. Among other commitments there was a


pledge to pollution. He made a pledge to make the skies again.


Chairman Mao would still recognise the Chinese parliament, rigid,


authoritarian and unapologetically Communist. Every year, the delegates


to hear their leader 's warn of the increasingly complex challenges


faced by a modern capitalist economy. Potential risks cannot be


overlooked, he says. Warning that reforming the Chinese economy is the


process is filled with promise, but also accompanied by great pain. He


spoke of the need to combat industrial overcapacity and to


reform what he called zombie enterprises, the bloated state own


stacker producing far more coal and steel than the market needs. Similar


pledges in the past have proved hard to fulfil. Had he pledged to make


the Chinese sky is blue again, outlining further targets for


emissions cuts, once again these promises have been made before. The


Chinese parliament has very little control over the weighty issues of


state, the big political and economic decisions that have been


made weeks in advance by the Communist Party leaders behind


closed doors. The Premier also warned against growing


protectionism, a thinly veiled reference to the policies of the new


US president, and a reminder that as well as the economic risks at home,


China is facing challenges on the international stage.


Iraqi forces have intensified their push into Mosul. They are now


reportedly with 80 minutes -- a few miles of government buildings. The


operation to move into the West which started a few weeks ago has


445,000 people to flee the city. The refugee camp just south of the city


is approaching maximum capacity. The people of Mosul endure yet


another round of fighting between Iraqi Government forces


and so-called Islamic State. In just over two hours we saw more


than five buses arriving here. Many children here are too


young to understand. We were all just running


and running, the mortars raining on our heads,


till we got to the Army. Some were grateful for


the Army's help, but these men said their homes


were hit by army shelling. The refugees from western Mosul


arrived here. They have escaped with their lives, but their misery is not


over. They keep coming, thousands each day. Too many for the


authorities to cope with. Close by, in another temporary camp, more


people are seeking refuge. With such an unrelenting flow, authorities can


hardly keep up. Still to come, taking the message to


the people. One man's quest to raise awareness of mental health issues


most people in South Africa. Suddenly, the tables, the chairs,


the people crashed sideways and downwards and it was just a matter


of seconds as the fairy lurched on her side. The hydrogen bomb on a


remote Pacific island. The Americans successfully tested a weapon whose


explosive force dwarf that of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. My Hart


went back and back. The constitutional rights of these


marchers have their rights as citizens of the United States and


they should be protected, even in the right to test them out so they


don't get their heads broken and sent to hospital. I know you don't


want to say too much, but will this religious controversy boarded up


when you get to the states? Everything will be all right. This


is BBC world News today. The latest headlines, the White House asks


Congress to investigate whether President Obama ordered wiretaps on


the trump campaign. The former director of National intelligence


denies that took place. After tens of thousands of people support him


in Paris, the embattled candidate Francois Fillon insists he will not


pull out of the French presidential race. The United Nations says for


the first time for countries are at risk of extreme hunger and famine at


the same time. South Sudan, but on the jury, Somalia and Yemen are all


under threat. The worst affected is war-torn Yemen. Over 14 million


people need life-saving food aid. It is reported that in Nigeria, nearly


2 million people risk my nutrition. In south Sudan, nearly 5 million


people need the life-saving food aid and in Somalia, nearly 3 million


people are going hungry. This is what a national disaster looks like.


Mile after mile of arid, barren land. The worst drought in Somalia


in decades. Parts of the country have not seen rain for two years.


For successful crop harvests have been hit, making the scale of the


looming crisis almost unprecedented. I suppose this is the worst drought


I have ever witnessed, because before, only if you've regions used


to be affected, but not the country. This drug is brought people from


across the country to this region. This is the worst job in Somalia


that I know of. This region faces some of the biggest challenges.


Workers at save the children supported health clinics report a


significant increase in severe malnutrition cases among infants


coming through their doors. The United Nations warns over a quarter


of a million children will face severe, acute malnutrition in the


next few months. In all, half of Somalia faces food insecurity. The


new president already has the threat from Islamic extremist group


al-Shabab to take on, but hunger is his pressing priority. I want to


take this opportunity to call for all Somalis and the donor community


to help families affected by the current drought. It is imperative


for us to help each other as the magnitude of this drug is very


alarming. The Somali drought has been partly caused by the El Nino


weather phenomenon from last year, which impacted east and Southern


Africa. As appeals for aid go out to the international community, one


sign of good news for the region is a year-end forecast that may stocks


are on their way to recovery. Here is well parried with all the sport.


Tottenham closed the gap at the top of the Premier League with a 3-2 win


over Everton. A record club ninth consecutive home win for Spurs.


Harry Kane scored twice, Dele Alli got the third. Romelu Lukaku was


also on the scoresheet. Mauricio Pochettino is now seven points


behind the leaders, Chelsea, who face West Ham on Monday. Another


fantastic achievement for that group. We feel very proud about


that. They broke the club record. I think it has made history, it is


starting to make history, that group. They young players. This is


only the start of the good things coming in the future. We know they


are strong, but they have two or three years in a row, two or three


seasons in a row with the same players and they bought some better


players and that is all about timing and that is what we need to have in


Everton. If we get the time, if we get to improve, that is the next


step for the club and, OK, in some aspects we saw that difference today


on the pitch. Manchester City move back up to third, one point behind


Tottenham for the game in hand after a 2-0 win at Sunderland. Sergio


Aguero and Leroy San Mames with the goals. The first minute was tough


because we knew, we expected how aggressive they would play, but


afterwards we controlled the game and we were lucky. We made a good


first goal, but forgot to have time with 1-0 so that is completely


different to drawing or losing and in the second half we played really


good. I don't think you can fault the players for and if that. I just


think they give everything they can. We lacked quality at times. When we


did get the ball back and we back quite a lot we give it away and had


to wait back again. The energy, everything they did, they tried to


do what we could to get something out of the game. The England


cricketers have been the West Indies in the second one-day international.


Then when the three match series with an unassailable 2-0 lead. Then


plug it took three for 32. Jason Roy hit 54 England. It was a


half-century for Chris Woakes who, along with Joe group the mid-90, the


infant with ten to spare. Dustin Johnson has a three shot lead at the


golf championship events in Mexico. Tommy Fleetwood is the best placed


British player, four shots back. Rory McIlroy is a shot behind him


with Ross Fisher ten under par. Great Britain finished second


overall at the European indoor athletics Championships with seven


medals and the final day in Belgrade. Boroughmuir in the second


goal after taking the 1500 metres title, she won the 3000 metres, both


with victories in chav of record times. Britain won ten medals in


total, finishing behind Poland with Germany finishing third. I didn't


know what my legs would do and I tried to hang in there. I was tired


but I am glad I could do that today. What was the plan at the outset? It


went well. I just typed on and used my speed at the event and crashed


the line in protest. As this what Franco. Senior Russian MP has


proposed that football hooliganism should be recognised as a spectator


sport ahead of the World Cup in Russia. The unorthodox proposal is


designed to suck a repeat of the trouble seeing at the Rose last year


when organised groups of Russian fans, many with martial arts


training, for the English fans on the streets of Marseille. One South


African township, close to Cape Town, erasing college graduate is


taking the fight against mental illness to streets. Andreas believes


young people have undiagnosed mental issues and the chance of benefiting


from counselling. He is using a brightly coloured van to spread


awareness of the problem. Young kids as young as eight or nine, they grew


up seeing terrible stuff, whether it is someone being mugged or being


stabbed, violence taking place in their own household. This is my


mobile consultation van. This van brings services to kids in the


township who come from a family who cannot afford services from a


psychologist or a registered counsellor like myself. The kids


come when the vehicle passes by, they see this funky looking van,


then they realise it is a psychology clinic. It is an innovative way of


providing the service, it is more attractive to them than having to go


and sit in my office and talk to me. I have got this young guy who just


jumped in, you would like to top -- talk but you cannot come in due to


confidentiality. My fear is for the young people grow up in any township


is exposure to substance abuse, peer pressure and other traumas that the


experience and see and observe each and every day. That might set them


back from achieving some of their dreams that they would love to


achieve for the betterment of the community. What keeps me going and


providing this service for free is that I would love to see a young


person from the townships succeed and go on against all odds and


become a role model for the next coming generation. The matter what


happens, we will keep this mobile unit going through the dusty streets


of Cape Town. The crude attempt from one month to


battle mental illness in South Africa. The biggest Gay pride


festival in Australia has come to an end the fingerprints of glitter in


its workforce of hundreds of thousands of people gathered on


Oxford Street in Sydney on Saturday night to survey the 39th annual


Mardi Gras Parade, one of the most famous and best defence in


Australia. The parade began as a protest in the 1970s but is almost


200 foods and there are thousands of marchers who take place. A reminder


of our top story, the White House has asked Congress to examine claims


from President Trump that Barack Obama ordered his films to be tapped


during the election. That is all for now. Thank you for


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