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Our top stories... Donald Trump's mantra


on the campaign trail: we'll repeal and replace ObamaCare.


Now his plan appears dead in the water -


They are going to come to us and say, how do we fix it? How do we fix


it? How victims of abuse


at a world-famous choir school A report says hundreds of boys


were abused over six decades. On the 200th anniversary


of the novelist's death, Jane Austen is unveiled on the UK's


new ten pound note. Hello and welcome


to World News Today. Repeal and replace -


the phrase became a rallying cry for Republicans as they promised


to scrap President Obama's reforms to the US healthcare system,


which came to be known as Obamacare. But just six months into office


President Trump and his party have Last night, it became clear


the Senate simply doesn't have the votes to push


through a new plan. failing ObamaCare now and work


on a new healthcare plan that The Senate Majority Leader,


Republican Mitch McConnell took up the same cry but the votes simply


don't look as if they are there. And what about the millions


of Americans whose coverage Just a short time ago President


Trump addressed the setback. I am disappointed. For so many years


I have heard repealed and replaced. I am sitting in the Oval Office


right next door. Pen in hand. Waiting to sign something. And I


will be waiting and eventually we will get something done and it is


going to be very good. ObamaCare is a big failure. It has to be changed.


We had to go to a plan that work. We need a much less expensive plan in


terms of premiums and something will happen and it will be very good. It


might not be as quick as we hoped but it is going to happen.


I am joined by Buddy Carter from Georgia. Congressman, thank you for


joining us. Your party promised to repeal and replace ObamaCare and now


it looks like you'll struggle to do either those. I do not think we will


struggle to repeal it and that is what we need to do. We said all


along we would repeal and replace. We now have an opportunity to repeal


it. That is the part we should take at this point. How would repeal work


without a replacement already in place? Well, keep in mind that all


along the way we have said we will have a stable transition period


here. There is going to be a glide path, if you will. We never said we


would turn the switches off and it would go away overnight. That is not


the plan. We always said we would have a transition. Yes, it will take


maybe two, three years to wind down but we will wind down and have


something to replace it when the time comes. But it begs the question


Republicans have been saying for almost eight years that they want to


get rid of ObamaCare. Why was there not already a plan in place? We have


been working on a plan. I was part of the commerce committee that had


27.5 hours of committee meetings where we passed up the American


health care act. I voted for it when it was voted out of the house. I


think it is a good plan. Obviously any plan we come up with is going to


have to be tweaked and mass arched over time. We understand that. At


this point we are not ready to agree. -- mass arched. -- and looked


out over time. We need to repeal this bad failed wall in ObamaCare


and get started with what we want to replace it with. Some of your Senate


colleagues say they do not even want to go ahead with a repeal. The


repeal is the only pathway for us right now. I do not understand how


people who have voted in the past four repeal cannot do so again. We


voted for it last session at the session before. Full repeal. You


pull up the same bill we had in 2015 and vote for it again the way you


did last time. Where does this leave millions of Americans who could be


in limbo for the next two years if this repeal goes ahead? We said all


along we are not going to pull out the rug from under need anybody. We


will have a stable transition. It is not going to happen overnight. It


will take time to wind the programme down, this failed programme of


ObamaCare. It will take a while to wind it down. We will continue to


rip work on a replacement as we have been. We will have it in place by


the time we wind down this failed ObamaCare. You need to get the


Democrats on board but that is unlikely, isn't it? If we repeal


ObamaCare we can start focusing on health care cost. That is going to


be bipartisan. That is going to help with the insurance markets as we


decrease the cost of health care through more competition and


choices. Then we will have insurance companies who are going to be


competing for our business. That is what we want. A robust and vibrant


insurance market competing for business. Not us begging or


subsidising them in order to keep in the market. Congressman, thank you


very much for joining us. And for more on the politics


and fallout for the Trump administration I am joined


now by David Catanese, Senior Politics Writer for US News


and World Report. Thank you very much for joining us.


Who do you blame for all of this? You have to blame Republicans in


Congress. Even before President Trump was on the scene they had


campaigned on a repeal for seven years. They control the house and


Senate. They finally got it through. But the Senate could not deliver. I


think part of it is they were never really prepared for this moment. A


lot of people did not think President Trump would have the


Presidency. It was easy to be in opposition and campaign against


ObamaCare rather than craft a new plan that they could get around. Now


we have conservatives on one side of the issue and moderates on the


other. And they could not agree. This looks dead in the water. How


damaging is this for President Trump? Many people who voted for him


did so because they wanted ObamaCare repealed and replaced. I think it is


tremendously damaging to him in Washington. This guy campaigned on


being a deal-maker, who could go to Capitol Hill and put people in a


room and have them come together. He has failed on that. Congressman from


the Republican Party said they health care is tied to the other


parts of his agenda, tax cuts which they had to get the revenue savings


from health care to produce tax cuts and reform. That may be in peril. I


was out country and the Republicans on the ground still support


President Trump. They blame Congress, that they could not get


their act together and get on the same page. I think Trump supporters


will stick with him on this and put the finger up at Congress. What do


you think the president must be thinking right now? We have seen him


on Twitter. The statement coming out earlier today was a bit baffling. He


was going to blame the Democrats even though it was a Republican


Party problem. Republicans have majority and could not get it


together but he said the Democrats are obstructing, he is going to try


and blame them. I do not know if that works short-term or long-term.


What I think will be interesting is if there are some moderate Democrats


to put forward plans to want to try and fix ObamaCare, rising premiums


are a problem and in a lot of state we have Democrats in difficult


re-elections next year tried to play ball and say we have to do something


to compromise but it does not look like anybody is in a compromising


mood right now. Both sides are frustrated at what happened.


Democrats are happy and see it as a victory. Where does it leave the


rest of President Trump's agenda? You mentioned tax reform and he


needs to work with Congress on these things. And he needs to get his


party together. He has to decide as well as the Senate Majority Leader


if they are going to move away from ObamaCare, just say that we could


not get it done and move on to tax reform or infrastructure reform.


They are the other big priority is the president has put forward. I


think there are worries about tax reform, being able to do that


without ObamaCare but maybe you go ahead with a simple tax-cut,


something popular on both sides, or you do something bipartisan on


infrastructure reform, something important to a big state senators


with crumbling roads and bridges. But that is going to be TBD. I give


very much for joining us. -- thank you very much.


The father of an Australian woman fatally shot by a US police officer


has called for justice, hours after her death


Justine Damond was shot in Minneapolis, Minnesota


after calling police to report a possible sexual assault


Authorities are now questioning why the officer's body cameras weren't


turned on and an investigation is currently underway.


A cry for help that went horribly wrong. Shortly before midnight on


Saturday, police in Minneapolis got a report about a possible sexual


assault. 40-year-old just Dean Damond made the call, explaining a


crime was under way in an alleyway near her home in a quiet suburb of


the city. Two officers arrived and shortly after one of them drew their


weapon, fired, hit and killed just Dean. How and why she was shot


remains a mystery. Police have said little other than it was tragic and


they are investigating. She was supposed to be married in August.


She is an Australian who moved away from family in Sydney to be with her


fiance in Minnesota. They are all grieving their sudden loss. Justine


Damond was a beacon for all of us. We only ask the wider justice shines


down on the circumstances of her death. The death is a loss for


everyone who knew her. She touched so many people. With a loving and


generous heart. She was the teaching of so many and living a life of


openness, love and kindness. As her loved ones mourned her death they


also pressed the police to reveal more information about wide-body


cameras worn by the officers were not switched on during the incident.


The call was echoed by the city authority. I have questions that I


hope and anticipate will be answered in the next few days and I share


those questions with the community. The two officers who responded to


the emergency call have been placed on leave. In a message on Twitter


the chief police said she has asked for an accelerated investigation so


answers can be provided quickly to help many come to terms with a


heartbreaking tragedy. More than 500 members


of a world-famous boy's choir in Germany were subjected


to physical and sometimes That's according to a new report


published into six decades of abuse at the Regensburger Domspatzen


boarding school. 49 members of the Catholic Church


are accused of carrying out the abuse, and many more


of maintaining a culture of silence. The lawyer behind the report said


pre-school and high-school Preschool victims in the towns


described the institution as a prison, hell and a concentration


camp. Many of them called their time they're the worst of their life,


marked by violence, fear and helplessness. TRANSLATION: These are


not 547 cases where an individual was affected once, rather it was an


ongoing practice over decades. With 547 children tormented, abused, ill


treated and socially harm. They are severely traumatised to this day.


This upsets me. I thought I had got over it after a battle of 17 years


but in fact it greatly upsets me today.


Stefanie Bolzen, a journalist from Germany's Die Welt newspaper


The report proves that in the early 1990s, there were more than 500


victims of sexual and physical abuse. Daily beatings, fear and


intimidation, daily intimidation of very young kids. A shocking result.


It happened over decades. How did this emerge? It has gone on for a


long time. Like in Britain, Ireland and other places. People's spoke up.


It took a long time but since 2010 there has been more evidence of


abuse of children in institutions, particularly of the Catholic Church


in why is, in schools especially and this was one of them. It also came


out, the first people speaking out also went public in 2010. Now seven


years later the report is out. Shocking findings in this report.


Some of the victims have been speaking out. Yes, some victims have


been courageous enough to speak out. And also the church, some


representatives, have been very active, they have been meeting


victims, they have encouraged victims but not all representatives


of the Church have been so supportive. What kind of things have


the victims said? Very upsetting things. Especially the very young


ones in primary school. The Regensburger Domspatzen is a quiet,


more than 1000 years old. Still has about 350 students today. It is a


boarding school. Primary and secondary school. Half of the school


is a boarding and the others live at home. Especially in the old days in


the primary school, the kids were intimidated on a daily basis. They


were beaten, sexually abused and there was, they said, an atmosphere


of fear and helplessness. Because the institution was so strict they


did not know how to articulate their fears. And senior officials in the


Catholic Church turned a blind eye to what was going on, some of what


was going on, including the brother of Pope Benedict. Yes, he was


actually leading the choir for a long time. He said today how sorry


he felt about it. He is very engaged in helping to find out what was the


truce will stop but he has also been -- the truth. But they have been


slow in actively engaging with victims and helping the process to


be quicker. Let's take a look at some of


the other stories making the news. German prosecutors are trying


to verify reports that a 16 year old German girl has been arrested


in the Iraqi city of Mosul. The German newspaper Die Welt has


reported that the teenager, known only as 'Linda W',


was arrested along with four other women, on suspicion of being a part


of so-called Islamic State. Iraqi forces declared


victory over the militant group in Mosul last week,


but clashes are continuing Prosecutors are investigating


whether she is the same teenager who was suspected of


running away to join IS The head of the Spanish Football


federation has been arrested as part Angel Maria Villar and his son


were among five people The investigation focuses partly


on how international games involving Spain's national


team were organised. Mr Villar has headed the federation


for nearly thirty years. The Venezuelan government says it


will go ahead with plans to elect a new assembly which will rewrite


the constitution, despite threats by President Trump to impose


economic sanctions if the vote goes The Foreign Minister,


Samuel Moncada, said Venezuela wouldn't be intimidated by a threat


from what he called The city of Los Angeles is usually


associated with movie stars, But behind the glamour


is another side we rarely see. In the past year alone,


the number of homeless It's a staggering increase


which is being blamed on high rents and a lack of affordable homes -


with Hollywood particularly Hollywood Boulevard,


home to the Oscars and It's also an epicentre


for the homeless where the haves When you get off the freeway


and you see tents all along My kids are kind of afraid to come


down on the off-chance that somebody will come up to us and try to talk


to us or ask us for money. Many of Hollywood's homeless came


here in search of fame and fortune. But more often than not, the city


of stars delivers shattered dreams. The cost of living here is sky-high.


Affordable housing even for those in work is scarce.


This is an increasingly common scene, a makeshift


In this case, it's right next to a recreation centre.


It's a far cry from the image of Tinseltown.


Across LA County, an estimated 58,000 people are homeless.


It's a problem that extends far beyond Hollywood


Kitty and her daughter thought they could build a better life here.


We originally came from north eastern Nevada.


Lost our jobs there, went down to Arizona to family.


Became homeless and then came out here to start over.


We're going to go out and actually try to engage.


Outreach workers from the city funded LA Homeless


Services Authority head to the streets every day.


They hand out water and blankets and provide information


In March, residents of LA County voted for a tax increase to find


rent subsidies and services for the homeless -


At the same time we have this population rising so dramatically,


the voters have given us the resources to attack it.


That's where the optimism comes from.


Optimism to a point but La La Land looks different from the inside.


You wouldn't expect people on every corner, clothes


People come here to make their dreams come true,


I don't think they do that so much any more.


The underbelly of a city in dire need of a reality check.


Now, if you're interested in the search for extra-terrestrial


life, South Africa should now be on your radar.


The first stage of a giant new radio telescope is nearing completion.


It is so powerful that its makers say it will be able to see


three quarters of the way across the universe.


Andrew Harding has been to visit to see what it might find.


The most empty corner of South Africa. Some of the most sensitive


information on the planet. The array of radio telescopes. Nearly complete


now and already probing the far reaches of the universe. The radio


waves come from space and hits the primary... The head scientist takes


us closer but for filming here we have to take precautions. These


receivers are so delicate that any electronic interference could


destroy them. The dishes might pick up a mobile phone signal on Jupiter.


With this South African astronomy has become a world beater. Some


people had the vision and know-how, the guts and support of the whole


country fundamentally to do this and here we are. It is in Africa. It


will be world-class science no matter where it is, it happens to be


in South Africa, which is exciting. Soon they will be 64 individual


receivers which will join up with an international array which will be


10,000 times better than today's models. Better at space exploration,


exploring black holes and the images of our own galaxy. What you have


here are incredibly sophisticated buckets, designed to capture radio


waves travelling for so many billions of years across the


universe that they have within them secrets about what was going on not


long after the big bang and the more buckets you have and the more widely


spread they are, the clearer the picture. At the headquarters in Cape


Town, the biggest challenge now is to work out how to cope with an


impending tsunami of intergalactic data. We think we can probe the


deepest recesses of the universe. Who knows what we might find? Maybe


a never planet. Other colleagues in other parts of the world would think


focus on poverty problem. -- another planet. We say this is part of the


answer to poverty. You cannot neglect signs and believe you can


address your deepest problems. -- science. The distant radio waves


reaching the African continent. Who knows what secrets they might hold?


Among the first to use these telescopes are astronomers searching


for alien life, convinced this network could be their best chance


yet. It's taken 200 years to put


the "ten" into Austen, but today this became


Britain's newest banknote. One of our greatest


authors now adorns It will go into circulation this


September. It's taken 200 years to put


the "ten" into Austen, but today this became


Britain's newest banknote. One of our greatest


authors now adorns this latest addition


to our currency, and all of it unveiled exactly two


centuries after her death, We really need to look


at it in the round in order to capture it


and obviously, Jane Austen -


it's certainly not based on my opinion -


but the opinion of the British people, but also leading scholars,


really, at the top of the pantheon The new tenner is made


of polymer and has multiple It's also the first Bank


of England note to have raised dots, to help blind


and visually impaired people. For Jane Austen's army


of devotees at today's ceremony, the note is


a moment to cherish. I like all the little


touches that they've got going on of Winchester


Cathedral and the quill. So overall, marks out


of ten for the ?10? Some people have needed a bit


of "persuasion" over the Jane Austen Compare it to the original


portrait it was taken from, it's had critics talking


of an Austen airbrush. However Jane Austen looked,


when she died, 200 years ago today, ?10 would have been


worth around ?1,000. The new Jane Austen tenner


comes into circulation A stylish addition to a catalogue


of work universally


acknowledged to be priceless. Duncan Kennedy, BBC


News, in Winchester. That is it for now. You can get in


touch with me and most of the team on Twitter. Thank you very much for


watching and please stay with us on BBC World News.


It has been a hot and sunny day. Temperatures up to 28 degrees but


also we have had thunderstorms across


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